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  1. alcyppa

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 12 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Release Candidate

    Here's the preset. I've replaced the user cab with a stock one.
  2. alcyppa

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 12 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Release Candidate

    Hey mate, my metal chops are pretty much vanished and I don't have a detuned guitar to match the sound but I think the 5150 fuzzy character you're after is pretty much achievable with the Axe Fx. I don't like this sound to be honest but it seems to fit (I think we're also both Italian)
  3. alcyppa

    Vendor York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: PRNC 110 OX Lite

    @York Audio Wouldn't be cool to give a "suggested" Speaker Impedance Curve in the cab pack description? Some are kinda self explanatory but others might not be (for example the MES 412 TRAD a Recto Slant or a Recto Small?). I think this is one of the best settings for get an authentic...
  4. alcyppa

    Persnally, the Analog vs Digital battle is over!! (JCM800 A/B clip)

    Can't tell which is which but I prefer B just because haring it I feel it might be an easier tone to play with.
  5. alcyppa


  6. alcyppa

    Wish I/O Routing Matrix

  7. alcyppa

    Implemented Bypass for Global Graphic EQ(s)

    This is not yet implemented to the Axe Fx III, am I right? It will be on the next Cygnus release I suppose. PEQ option is awesome BTW I think that the presets thing is regarding having some "presets eq setting" to swap when needed. This would be very handy when playing in different...
  8. alcyppa

    Wish Global EQ presets

    +1 Getting an Axe Fx III in the near future an this feature would be a blessing. Also something similar for a global input EQ.
  9. alcyppa


    Bump with updated price
  10. alcyppa

    You Big Tease...

    Well, I suppose we all misheard and was "Rosechug" and not "Rosebud"
  11. alcyppa


    Bump with updated price
  12. alcyppa


    Sadly I'm selling my Axe FX II MKI due to needing money. I'm Italy based but if needed I'll ship anywhere in the UE (at buyer expense). Asking 950€ + shipping (the price includes the Proel 2U rack case).
  13. alcyppa

    Next big thing for Fractal

    That's my bet too (or at least my hope). IRs are a great solution (and business) but frankly are the most tedious process of creating tones IMHO. Having a PROPER virtual cabinet that you could mic like in real life would be awesome. Right now we have some gimmicky solutions that do something...
  14. alcyppa

    New Lari Basilio Signature Ibanez

    I have an Ibanez AZ 2204 (that I wanted to sell but I've deply fallen in love with) that has the same switching options. It is a cool feature and you can get a lot of usable tones but TO ME it tends a bit towards the gimmicky aspects of the spectrum rather than the totally useful one. I'd...
  15. alcyppa

    Moved house.. patches sound bassy/boomy.. how did you address this? (Yamaha HS7’s)

    Room modes, reflection, etc... As an example I have a HUGE 12db spike around 100hz in my room (measured with Sonarworks). Sooner or later I'll have to address it with treatment but for now I'll get by using the aforementioned Sonarworks and the Axe Fx II global eq. As suggested by other people...
  16. alcyppa

    FS Ibanez AZ 2204 ICM [EU]

    Thanks! They are amazing guitars and the switching system is actually pretty cool. The neck isn't THAT fat to be honest but it feels too weird to me. I thought it would have grown on me but I still find more enjoyable to play my cheaper RG premium (even though the AZ sounds WAY better).
  17. alcyppa

    FS Ibanez AZ 2204 ICM [EU]

    I'm selling my new Ibanez AZ 2204 ICM. Bought it a couple of weeks ago but I've found that I'm too used to wizard necks so I'm considering selling it. I'd really prefer non to ship it so someone from Italy in the Veneto/Treviso area would be perfect. If needed I'll ship it within the EU...
  18. alcyppa

    PC program/app that will help isolate guitar tracks?

    Online version of Spleeter: http://www.splitter.ai/ Have fun!
  19. alcyppa

    Slightly less gain on Axe-Fx II USB reamped tracks

    I've found out the culprit: I was sending the mono DI track to a stereo output. Switching to a mono out did the trick obviously. It is always the most stupid stuff that gets overlooked.
  20. alcyppa

    Slightly less gain on Axe-Fx II USB reamped tracks

    Hi guys I'm currently digging into reamping with the Axe Fx II in preparation for some recording I'll have to do in a couple of months. While doing some tests I've found out that reamped tracks besides being a little bit delayed (which is expected I believe) have slightly less gain than the...
  21. alcyppa

    Axe-Fx in Italiano

    Ragazzi, il prezzo di 2.699€ dell' Axe Fx III su G66 è già in relazione all'abbassamento del prezzo applicato direttamente da Fractal?
  22. alcyppa

    Resist the GAS, or succumb to it? To upgrade or not to upgrade? Help a guy out!

    Aren't you Europe based? I remember your higain amps video series and I thought you were. Here the price drop is yet to be seen so probably would cost you more than 1k to take the leap.
  23. alcyppa

    Learning how to approach guitar wirings and schematics

    Thanks guys, really appreciated.
  24. alcyppa

    Learning how to approach guitar wirings and schematics

    As the title says I'm looking for resources to learn how pickup wiring works. I have basically no real skill in that regard besides having changed pickups on a guitar following a schematic (and REALLY hoping for the best). I don't want to do that anymore... I would like to do conscious actions...
  25. alcyppa

    Vendor "MIKKO" - Next Gen Cab Sim | Shoot your own IR's [ML Sound Lab]

    Mikko I just downloaded the free version and it really looks like this is gonna become an industry standard. You really outdid yourself this time. "Picking" an IR with this thing is much more enjoyable. Is there any way to set each individual mic level?
  26. alcyppa

    Axe Edit v 3.14.4 has bug in "Axe-Manage Presets" tool

    Woah, that sucks. It almost happened to me too 'cause of the new axe edit. Luckily I always do backup and I was able to roll back to the previous version and import my patches back.
  27. alcyppa

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    Freezes mine too.
  28. alcyppa

    Fixed NEW Friedman amp named differently in Axe-Edit and Axe-Fx LCD

    Thanks FAS ! Never actually expected to get yet another fw update to be honest... You guys have spoiled us again! P.S. I checked the porta bass and, as someone else mentioned before, it froze up the Axe (MKI here).
  29. alcyppa

    Axe-Fx III Friedman BE + Stratocaster + "ML Greatest Hits" Mikko's Cab... THE TONE!!

    I need a Strat in my life. And probably these IRs also.
  30. alcyppa

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    Thanks. I think I might go for them.
  31. alcyppa

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    How do you like those Eris 8? I'm thinking about trying those but I keep hearing about hiss and annoying woofer hum on the Eris line from Presonus.
  32. alcyppa

    EVERY Axe-Fx III Amp in 263 Famous Riffs (and gear giveaway contest!)

    Great as always Cooper. I'm terrible at remembering song names so I hope you'll give us a spreadsheet as you did years ago alongside the Axe Fx II videos (Did you? I kinda remember you gave the songs list in a excel format but I might be wrong).
  33. alcyppa

    I desperately want something pretty close to 'The Devils Blood' Tone, heeelp

    Briefly listened to them on Youtube (never heard of this band before). Sounds like a guitar with single coil going in front of a Marshall amp. Try maybe a jumpered plexi with the basketweave tv mix IR (#103) and don't be afrait to dime the eq controls on the amp if needed.
  34. alcyppa

    New Guitar and a Tune that wrote itself...

    I have the same guitar and it sounds cool indeed. But it hardly stays in tune.
  35. alcyppa

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.01 Firmware Release

    Really cool. The only thing I'm missing now on the II is global eq presets. That would be the tits.
  36. alcyppa

    AX8 vs Axe-Fx 2 vs Axe-Fx 3

    Actually to me there's difference even between the AX8 and the II (a little more high mids/top end).
  37. alcyppa

    Win all Fractal Audio ML Sound Lab Cab Packs (6000 IR's worth over $300)

    Kinda an old clip (back when ML was CK) but hey, it's worth a shot!
  38. alcyppa

    Modeler Stress Test

    1 and 2 are quite similar but not indistinguishable (a little bit more of upper mids in the second one?). 3 is just bad and a lot quieter than the other two (but I assume you've normalized it for the sake of this comparison). A comparison with reamped tracks would have been better IMHO but this...
  39. alcyppa

    Wish Search Tags for Patches

    Great idea.
  40. alcyppa

    How are the cabs organized?

    Is there a system of "favorites"?
  41. alcyppa

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Any words on how much will it cost in EU?
  42. alcyppa

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Thanks for clarifying that out. Bummer, I really like the all anodized aluminium look but I'm sure you guys have chosen that for a very good reason. Can't wait to see (and hear) some videos about this new awesome beast.
  43. alcyppa

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Is the front panel all metal? Most of it seems covered in some pastic material.
  44. alcyppa

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Will there be video and audio clips out in the near future?
  45. alcyppa

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Well it does to me. I'm not talking about features, durability, power and quality related stuff but only about sheer look. And to me the Axe Fx II looks more "serious and professional" than this new iteration of our beloved machine. Cant' wait to see it in person though.
  46. alcyppa

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    It looks a bit toyish TBH but congrats guys, I'm sure il will kick some serious ass.
  47. alcyppa

    Axe-Fx II Quantum 8.02 presets

    Thanks Matt!
  48. alcyppa

    How did you create your "core" tones? How much time you have to invest??

    The Axe has gotten so ridicously good that what I do most of the times is: -Pick an amp which is in the ballpark of the gain structure I need -Find a suitable IR and tweak cab block filters -Change amp sim to find the right response/tone -Profit We have so much options that I usually just...
  49. alcyppa

    S/pdif with Axe Fx as slave issue [no input clock]

    Buying xlr adapters is exactly what I did. Couldn't get it to work otherwise.
  50. alcyppa

    Axechange needs a revamp and some TLC!

    That's not just you.
  51. alcyppa

    Plini - Handmade Cities

    So no news? Those tones sound amazing indeed. The whole mix sounds very goog to be honest.
  52. alcyppa

    Adele - Hello (guitar cover)

    Come al solito lavoro fantastico Rocco. Ti ricordi che plugin hai usato per il riverbero?
  53. alcyppa

    The Ultimate Amp Tweak Guide: "ML Method"

    If I'm not mistaken you've already shared this method before (or maybe I've seen someone else using a similar approach elsewhere). Next time I'm going to rehearsal I'll try to create a quick patch this way to see how it goes. And of course thanks for sharing these kind of tips.
  54. alcyppa

    Question for Cliff about headphones

    Seems like a nice feature though.
  55. alcyppa

    Need your opinion! Comparing three different 4x12 cabs.

    Honestly I don't particularly like any of these guitar sound. If I had to pick one I'd probably go with #3
  56. alcyppa

    Recording Question - High Gain Brain Pain

    Could be a lot of things. Are you playing at a moderate low volume? The guitar itself has an unplugged sound that get mixed with the amplified one while you're playing it.
  57. alcyppa

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Firmware Released

    Thanks Cliff. You're the Man.
  58. alcyppa

    Auto Wah In "What I am"

    It's not that terrible. The trick to enjoy playing it is to basically sleep for the most part (or maybe check the audience for pretty ladies) until the solo comes in.
  59. alcyppa

    Axe-Fx Q3.03 vs real Mesa Mark IV + **Free Preset-Cab Bundle**

    I've just tried it. On my rig sounds quite good right away with no tweakings but I think it's better suited for downtuned guitar stuff. The IR is excellent BTW.
  60. alcyppa

    S/pdif with Axe Fx as slave issue [no input clock]

    When I tried to connect the two devices throught spdif I did set SPDIF/AES to SPDIF. I switched to AES when I tried the AES ports. Probably there is some hardware problem with the spdif in connector. In the end I haven't solved my problem, I've only bypassed it. Since I'm a little ocd this...
  61. alcyppa

    S/pdif with Axe Fx as slave issue [no input clock]

    I made a rca-xlr cable hybrid using some old stuff that was lying around. It works! I still wonder why spdif isn't working but aes is.
  62. alcyppa

    S/pdif with Axe Fx as slave issue [no input clock]

    So I have to connect something a dvd player digital coaxial output to the Axe input? Then I should switch input source and word clock to spdif right? So, after I do this what will happen? The Axe should sync with the player? EDIT: I think I got what you meant. I connected the scarlett to a...
  63. alcyppa

    S/pdif with Axe Fx as slave issue [no input clock]

    It isn't the cable. Got a 75ohm klotz one and the problem persist. Any ideas guys? Could this be a faulty spdif input on the axe fx? Is there any way I could test if the hardware works? Also, I'm using a 2nd generation 6i6 which has different drivers and mixcontrol than the previous gen...
  64. alcyppa

    S/pdif with Axe Fx as slave issue [no input clock]

    Tomorrow I'll go to a music store to buy a 75ohm rca cable. I'll let you guys know if that will solve the problem.
  65. alcyppa

    S/pdif with Axe Fx as slave issue [no input clock]

    I'm using Studio One 3. My problem is that the Axe doesn't synch and doesn't get any signal from the Scarlett through the spdif out. The aren't any crack o pops because there is no signal. And for testing purposes I connected the same spdif out to a hi-fi poweramp and it gets audio signal...
  66. alcyppa

    S/pdif with Axe Fx as slave issue [no input clock]

    Yeah, I did find your thread prior to opening my own. Very informative stuff. I'll be getting a proper rca cable to see if that really is the problem. Thanks guys
  67. alcyppa

    S/pdif with Axe Fx as slave issue [no input clock]

    Connections are right otherwise I couldn't get signal going from the Axe to the Scarlett, which I do. And I've tried both auto and spdif under the word clock setting.
  68. alcyppa

    S/pdif with Axe Fx as slave issue [no input clock]

    Yes, it was the same cable. I've tried another one (also cheap ass) and the problem persist. I also think it might be the cable but I don't understand why it works in one way and not in the other. If I set the Axe as master the device will sync.
  69. alcyppa

    S/pdif with Axe Fx as slave issue [no input clock]

    Hey guys, I need a little help from you today. I've recently purchased a 2nd generation Scarlett 6i6 and I was thinking to setup mi rig to be able to record and reamp using s/pdif connection. So far I got it working with the Axe as master and the Focusrite as slave and I've succesfully...
  70. alcyppa

    Vai's Delay Settings in New Video Lesson?

    Me too. It's unbeareable. I wonder how he didn't noticed that. And that's a shame because this lesson thingy seems interesting but I can't bring myself to not focus on the tuning.
  71. alcyppa

    It's been an interesting run

    If you're happier with the 5150III then you have made the right choice no matter what.
  72. alcyppa

    Some Hi-Gain Rhythm Guitar Tips!

    I really liked the low end too, expecially that bass tone. I'm looking forward to see a video where you explain how you tweaked and mixed that (if there will be one).
  73. alcyppa

    Cab block proximity control Q3.0b [NOT A BUG]

    Axe Fx II Mk I (FW 3.00b) here. I've just done a quick recording test: the first example of each riff is with proximity set to 0 and the second one with prioximity set to 10. Mic set to NONE. Amp, cab and all the other parameters are exactly the same.
  74. alcyppa

    Quantum 3.0 HBE V2 and Ultimate V30 4x12 Comparison

    The Dizzy one sounds like a bunch of tigers trying to rip apart each other's throats. I like it.
  75. alcyppa

    Marshall type tones in the Axe FX -- How Good ??

    I use mainly Marshallesque tones and I'm very happy with them. Here's some samples I recorder several firmwares ago. Hope this helps.
  76. alcyppa

    JTC Jam of the Month February - Stel Andre

    A lil' bit of Marco Sfogli vibe in there. Very nice.
  77. alcyppa

    Tone Matched my Taylor 914ce

    I highly doubt so. That sounds amazing though.
  78. alcyppa

    G3 Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ John Petrucci:s tone clips where are those?

    Glad to hear that it works fine for you;)
  79. alcyppa

    Quantum - BRIT 800 - 2 demo Songs

    Cool potato chips crunch you have there! Nice sounding bass track too and good blending with guitars. Is that Axe Fx also?
  80. alcyppa

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    Haha:lol, how long the "melt faces" with gain at 10 thing has been there?
  81. alcyppa

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    Listen at 0.12 and 0.41 and compare them. The difference in bass response should be very audible.
  82. alcyppa

    Mikko's Mesa Boogie Mark IV Preset-Cab Bundle Test

    Yeah, sadly. Feels quite alive with great dynamic responsiveness and like a carefully miced cabinet. Really polished. I like to giggle with the mark series sims (hard to tweak=challenge) and this amp+ir combo works very well. But I'm more of a british feel lover so maybe I'm not the best guy...
  83. alcyppa

    Mikko's Mesa Boogie Mark IV Preset-Cab Bundle Test

    Here it is some random riffs done in a rush so sorry for sloppines and bad tuning. Hope it helps, nevertheless. Guitar is an Ibanez Rg with SSh+ and SSv PUs and VERY old strings.
  84. alcyppa

    G3 Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ John Petrucci:s tone clips where are those?

    Haha thanks man! For anyone interested I'm posting my patch. I'm using an Ibanez Rg with a SSH+ hb on the bridge and an IR from Cab Pack 7: CK (or ML or whatever that guy likes to call himself nowadays:lol) USA Trad SM57 B2. Stock cabs 73 and 130 are pretty good too. FW19.01b
  85. alcyppa

    G3 Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ John Petrucci:s tone clips where are those?

    It's not that good but maybe someone is interested.
  86. alcyppa

    Doesnt sound or feel right

    I know this is not the kind of sound you're looking for, I'm gonna try that later. I wanna know if it's this that you mean for soft and no pointy attack.
  87. alcyppa

    Clark Kent: Yerr!

    I think that I need a strat. Anyway, good job as always Clark! It's good to see (or hear) your old self back:D
  88. alcyppa

    Inspired by factory preset 'The Planets'

    Cool. Great production too. It's always nice to hear something different from what is usually posted on the forum.
  89. alcyppa

    Andy Timmons?

    Well, that was me:D here's some samples I did back then. I'll search for the patches but they are based on FW 16 and cab pack 7.
  90. alcyppa

    Cab Pack 13: USA Bulb VS Cab Pack 7: USA Trad

    Cab Pack 13 seems to sound really good but in that comparison clip I still prefer the 7th one. This is mainly because it has the right amount of sizzle exactly where I like it to be.
  91. alcyppa

    White Lion's Hungry Intro and Rhythm 5153 FW19

    Awesome! Your older Hungry video made me buy the Ultra.
  92. alcyppa

    My (very frustrating) IR shootout for my Matchless DC30 Patches....

    I'd probably pick #6 or #10 depending on what I'll have to play. But I'd dial back some mids from the Amp block.
  93. alcyppa

    NO EASY WAY OUT | Rocky IV | full cover w/ vocals

    No vabbè, sono appena tornato dal cinema dopo aver visto Mad Max, sono pieno di adrenalina e mi becco 'sta cover. Ho tanta di quell'energia addosso da potermi fare 40 km di corsa scalzo.
  94. alcyppa

    Rock Solo with LoneStar

    Wonderful playing and tone. Thanks for the preset!
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