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  1. GBM

    Mission pedals output level lower than normal output? (without pedal)

    Has anyone had an issue with the output level being slightly less than your normal output level with a mission pedal in line as a volume pedal? I just received both and EP-1 and an SP-1 and while setting them up, (EP-1 as volume & SP-1 as expression) I noticed that my volume was slightly...
  2. GBM

    Ultra editing question - copying of effects/layout from one patch to another

    What is the easiest way to copy an effects grid/layout from one preset to any others so that I can have the same effects at my disposal without having to add them manually?
  3. GBM

    Road cases/covers for Atomics

    Has anyone found a good road case or other protective cover for the Atomic cabs and Atomic wedges?
  4. GBM

    Any regrets in purchasing from anyone??

    Been on the fence for awhile now, but am so close in putting the funds together.....anyone have problems pulling the trigger then be completely satisfied that it was the right move?? Thinking of retiring my old Vetta II rig which as served me well but never had everything I wanted nor the...
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