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  1. gdgross

    USB vs SPDIF observations

    Morning all - On the ax8 we didn't have USB audio, so I got used to using SPDIF only for getting sound into my DAW, and that's how I've been operating for years. Now with the FM3, we have the option of USB audio, so I figured I'd give it a try this morning. I have a few observations: 1...
  2. gdgross

    Different controllers per channel?

    HI all, is it possible to have different controllers set up for different channels of the same block? my main application would be using a wah block as a traditional expression pedal controlled device on channel 1, and a envelope controlled Mu-tron kind of device on channel two. it seems that...
  3. gdgross

    recording acoustic IRs

    Anyone ever done this? I have a couple acoustics that I love the sound of, and if it's possible, i'd rather use an IR that's truer to the actual guitar than one for a guitar I've never seen nor played. How does one record an IR for an acoustic guitar? I know how to sweep a speaker input and...
  4. gdgross

    how to assign fsw to control switch?

    i don't know why I can't figure this out. The manual and FSW guide seem to talk about control switches and MIDI a lot, but not about how to assign an external footswitch (FS2 ring in my case) to a control switch. Where the heck do I do this? did i miss the pages in the manual/fsw guide that...
  5. gdgross

    Wah bypass help

    I'm struggling to get this wah bypass behavior working properly with my mission sp1 (? - had the mission for so long i've forgotten the model, but i believe it's a NO momentary toe switch) I fsw2 set to two switches. Controller "External 1" is assigned to the fsw2 tip; virtual toggle, with...
  6. gdgross

    Spring Reverb types

    Hey all trying to pare down the CPU use on some patches - I notice that the spring reverb types don't have a "quality" setting like the other types. I'm normally using "economy" just to save CPU, but it seems I'm not able to do this with the springs? Is this by design, or am i missing a...
  7. gdgross

    Multiple Block Puzzle - can this be done?

    Hi all, I'm planning out a (second) FM3 pedalboard, and starting to think about some preset changes. I will be using a new MX-5 5 button midi controller from voes, instead of the morningstar MC-3 I have had thus far. (which will be for sale soon if anyone is interested!) Here's the puzzle I'd...
  8. gdgross

    Not a Bug Stand in Switch bug?

    I have a stand in switch on all layouts that don't normally use switch #10. (FM3 only layouts). It's on FSW2 - ring. It's set up to bypass/engage the pitch block on a short press and bypass/engage a PEQ block on a long press. But I'm getting what looks like unpredictable bypassing and...
  9. gdgross

    Wish Looper slave to Metronome (or maybe MIDI Clock)

    Currently if you stop and restart the loop with the metronome running, it plays from wherever you stomp the button. Would it be possible to have a setting where the start time was slaved to the nearest, or next, metronome click? Assuming quantize is on of course and you recorded the loop to...
  10. gdgross

    Different footswitch setup on per preset basis

    I'm going to try and get into more detailed footswitch setups on the fm3, given that i've got fewer footswitches than the ax8 - in those days I just had a dedicated switch for every effect I wanted to toggle. I have an expression pedal and 1 switch set up already to control wah expression and...
  11. gdgross

    Not a Bug Looper question

    Hi guys, some strange behavior on the looper. Got a metronone out of out2, and have the looper quantize ON. However, when i stop the loop, and restart it later, as close as I can press the button, it doesn't seem to be in sync with the metronome. Is this because the quantize function pushes...
  12. gdgross

    footswitch lengtheners

    Hi all I've got my pedalboard laid out pretty nicely i think, but the new Morningstar MC3 came in taller than i had anticipated, and I accidentally hit its rear footswitch yesterday at a gig. I know some people here use those big plastic footswitch cover things. Do they make the switches any...
  13. gdgross

    Metronome not nearly loud enough

    hi guys. looking to get into some looping with a band, but I'll need to use the metronome and quantize functions to make it practical. I have the metronome assigned to output 2, but plugging a pair of headphones straight in, it's not nearly loud enough for me. Even at 20dB and output 2 set...
  14. gdgross

    Flattest/smallest DIN connector

    as usual, I'm trying to cram as much stuff on my pedalboard as possible in the smallest space. That being said, who makes very small/flat right angle DIN/MIDI connectors? I have a RA already from switchcraft, but I'm going step up to a midibaby3 rather than a single button midibaby, and I...
  15. gdgross

    Why cant i figure this out??

    I want to control a volume block with MIDI CC messages. I've assigned the External 7 modifier to the block's volume setting. How the heck do I get midi CC messages into external 7? My memory says this was more straightforward on the AX8. Also, sorry if this has been asked before - i didn't...
  16. gdgross

    smallest exp pedal to MIDI with full sized DIN connector?

    I don't think I'm quite ready to give up my volume pedal yet, so that means I need to find a exp pedal to midi CC converter. I know about audiofront already, but I need to use the 4x input version to get full sized midi connectors and not just midi over usb. I'd prefer something with just...
  17. gdgross

    Stealing power from the FASLINK port

    On the FASLINK xlr connector, I measure ~50ohms from pin 1 to case ground (chassis pin on power input terminal), and about 12V between pin 2 and pin 1. (Strangely, the USB and SPDIF connectors don't measure a short to chassis ground....perhaps there's a fully isolated power supply inside or...
  18. gdgross

    No Quantize setting in Looper block?

    Am I missing it? Can't find in FM3 or FM3 edit, and I don't see mention of it in the manual... I recall that the AX8 had this function.
  19. gdgross

    Hard Mounting to Pedalboard

    So, i notice that there are four screws on the bottom of the FM3 that hold the endcaps in place... (maybe they do more than that) Anyone have an idea what thread size (and length) these are? I'd love to get slightly longer versions so i can hard mount my FM3 to a pedalboard. Thanks
  20. gdgross

    Closed Tuner engage when a volume block is at minimum

    It would be super useful to be able to engage the tuner when a volume block is set to minimum (or within 5% of minimum or something). It would also save a footswitch for a lot of people who use volume pedals!
  21. gdgross

    Fixed FM3 freezes when changing amp channels

    FM3 connected to mac running high sierra through a USB3 hub and a USB2 cable, and an apogee ensemble thunderbolt interface via spdif copying amp channels and/or navigating through amp channels in the first preset, 59 bassguy, sometimes freezes FM3 edit and the FM3 itself. FM3 does not respond...
  22. gdgross

    Bug reporting?

    Is there a thread on here for bug reporting? (or though official fractal channels?)
  23. gdgross

    performance mode

    seems cool and useful, but how the heck do I exit it?? Seems like there's no built in return to the master layout?
  24. gdgross

    Changing Channels on all blocks?

    Possible? I conceive of the channel select feature as different mainly different amp channels, or amp/cab combinations or amp/cab drive combos. etc. With that in mind, how would I set up my FM3 footswitches to change channels on all blocks at once, rather than one block at a time? (or at...
  25. gdgross

    Looking for a device that can...

    In lieu of the wait for my FM3, I'm looking for a small pedalboard sized device that can: 1. play one or more midi files I load into it. this midi info would need to come out on wither 5 pin MIDI or USB (as long as this device is a USB host). It will be feeding this MIDI info to my AX8 2...
  26. gdgross


    can I set up my tuner so that it automatically engages when a volume controller pedal is at the bottom of its travel? (ie off or almost off) I never got on with autoengage on the wah, prefer to use a traditional toe switch, but this use of autoengage, if possible, might be pretty useful!
  27. gdgross

    Axe-Fx III routing question

    Hi all - However, I was perusing the AxeIII manual and couldn't find the following information: I understand the headphone output is always connected to output 1/2. What I couldn't find in the manual was how the metronome could be routed. I'd like to be able to create a preset that uses a...
  28. gdgross

    John Mayer on modelers

    Thoughts on this? He's certainly had many more hours in front of real amps than me. https://www.guitarworld.com/news/john-mayer-these-are-the-three-things-amp-modelers-havent-got-right-yet
  29. gdgross

    Who lifts weights here?

    I've been trying to research this topic for a while and haven't been able to find any good scientific answers. I try to keep in shape, partially by lifting weights a couple times a week. I'm interested in adding some meatier lifts to my routine, like deadlifts, as well as increasing my...
  30. gdgross

    Pops even when using SPDIF as clock source

    Hi all. I'm demoing studio one and considering switching DAWs from PT, and i noticed last night that I seemed to get a LOT more pops when recording my AX8 direct via SPDIF in studio one compared to protools. Same interface (apogee ensemble) same cables, same computer, same everything except...
  31. gdgross

    Any way to separate metronome?

    I think the answer is no, but I wanted to ask the group - Is there any way to isolate the metronome from the rest of your signal path? manual says it's just mixed in at output 1. And there's no pan control, unfortunately. (I'd be ok with a mono signal if it meant I could get an isolated...
  32. gdgross

    Metronome out....

    Had a thought today. I've never made a preset that used a metronome, but I know it's there. would be useful to pipe out a separate click to other band members when using the looper block. Anyone done this, perhaps by just hard L/R panning, or the FX loop send? ie, click out of one output...
  33. gdgross

    FASLINK Pinout

    Hi all - I'm not an axIII user (AX8 until the FM3 drops), but i have a question about the FASlink. I know it provides power to the FC6/12, but does anyone know the power specs and the pinouts? I'm planning to update my Ax8 with an FM3 and an external MIDI controller (FC is too big IMO), and I...
  34. gdgross

    Looper and MIDI Clock

    Hi all - I've never experimented with MIDI clock and time syncing effects before, so I'm diving in over my head for sure with this question, but if the answer is "yes" i'm gonna be super pumped. Can I input an external MIDI clock to the AX8 and slave the looper to the MIDI clock? Ideally I'd...
  35. gdgross

    Can I do this? (footswitch question)

    In my never-ending quest to simplify my presets and switches, I'd like to set up a footswitch in the following manner: normal function controls amp input gain via a control switch secondary function (0.5sec hold) changes the amp state from x to y and vise versa. Here's the catch - I'd like...
  36. gdgross

    lowest profile right angle iec power cable?

    Hi all, In my never-ending quest to have the smallest, lightest, and baddest-ass pedalboard ever, I'm on the hunt for a low profile right angle IEC cable. You know, the usual thing: Just hopefully a little shorter than normal...anyone know of an IEC entry that has a shorter back end?
  37. gdgross

    Mini expression pedal with switch

    Hi guys, I'm in the process of shrinking my pedalboard. I'm changing my EBJr volume pedal to a DOD mini expression pedal. Now I'm looking for something like a mini cry baby for expression. I like the feel of the mini crybaby as a wah, and I do use my expression with my Ax8 to control wah...
  38. gdgross

    FX Loop silent

    Ok, this is strangely my first time using the effects loop block. As I understand it i just insert it in chain and then can patch effects in using the out 2/in2 jacks right? So i set up a patch that sounds fine without the block. Insert the block and run a straight cable from out 2 to in 2...
  39. gdgross

    IR vs parametric EQ

    guys i did some eq matching (in protools) on my acoustic instruments, using an eq match feature to make the DI signal sound as close to the mic'd signal as possible. I know some people bake these into an IR. Is there any advantage to doing that, compared to just adding a parametric eq block...
  40. gdgross

    96kHz sampling?

    i normally clock all my sessions at 48kHz, which fits perfectly with the ax8. When i need to record electric, I do it direct from the SPDIF out, with the ax8 acting as the clock source. Works perfectly, and I can use my audio interfaces internal clock for recording everything else. This may be...
  41. gdgross

    Capturing Acoustic Body IRs

    Hey guys - Is there a good method for capturing Impulse responses for acoustic instrument bodies? At one point in my history I used Logics' IR capture to take impulse responses of the D-Tar Mama Bear, but hw would one go about it with a real acoustic instrument? Bang on the body and record...
  42. gdgross

    Expression pedal only travels 0-40%

    hi all - I'm using an external expression pedal as my volume control / it's assigned to a vol/pan block that I have after the amp in every patch. I noticed tonight that when I went to calibrate it, the ax8 only moved from 0 to about 40% of the way up. That's ok, I just assume the pot isn't...
  43. gdgross

    Footswitch controlling multiple blocks

    Can a footswitch be set up to control multiple blocks at the same time? I'd like to use a single switch to turn on, say both a filter block and a drive block. (While I'm at it, i'd like the push and hold feature of the same footswitch to switch x/y on both blocks...)
  44. gdgross

    Making the wah block sound like a filter block?

    Hi all - I had a thought this morning. Is there a way to make the wah block sound like the filter block set to low pass? Specifically like the envelope filter in John Mayer's I don't trust myself with loving you? I've got a filter block setting that gets me pretty close, but I thought I...
  45. gdgross

    Leaving the AX8 on for a long time...

    Any danger in doing this? Maybe up to a week continuously powered? Doesn't seem like there should be a problem to me, but thought I'd ask before I keep doing it! I use the SPDIF out as a clock source for my interface when recording direct, but it's convenient for me to just leave the ax8...
  46. gdgross

    SPDIF Volume

    So I've been doing some new recording via the spdif output on my ax8 and noticed that the output level is controlled by the main output knob. Was this the case in the ax-II as well? I don't remember this behavior before. It's moderately inconvenient, for a couple of reasons. 1. It'd be...
  47. gdgross

    Some Americana stomp for your morning

    I realized i never posted a link to my bands record which came out last august. Shame on my lack of shameless self promotion. I was pretty happy with the the whole thing, but the electric guitar sounds also. All electrics were recorded DI through either the AXII or the AX8. Interestingly...
  48. gdgross

    Ax8 pops

    Hey all- I noticed the occasional audio pop tonight when I was recording through the spdif output of my ax8. I occasionally got these when I had an axii, but it was always a clock mismatch issue. In this case I have my interface set to accept the spdif clock from the ax8, so I don't believe...
  49. gdgross

    12" x 24" pedalboard ideas

    got my ax8 yesterday, yeah! Plan on making a new pedalboard with the ax8 and two exp pedals. My old pedalboard was an LF+JR+ with the same two exp pedals and it was great. I had it all screwed into a piece of plywood that *just* fit inside my rack. Id like to do the same with the ax8, but as...
  50. gdgross

    Merry Xmas: The Holly and the Ivy

    Merry Christmas fractal community - here'a track my wife and I did for a christmas music collective we're a part of. Not a huge amount of guitar shreddage compared to some of the guys on here, but all the electrics were of course done through the axefx2, slide was the p90s tele though the...
  51. gdgross

    Multiple functions from one footswitch

    In hot anticipation of my invite email, I've been perusing the manual... I noted that there are a few functions that each footswitch can be programmed to perform: effect on/off, looper on/off, scene 1-8 etc. My question is, can you program a single footwitch to toggle the x/y state on multiple...
  52. gdgross

    "Producer" Cab Packs

    Guys sorry if I'm rehashing an old idea here, haven'e been on the forum much lately... A couple of years ago there was a "Producer" cab pack or two that had a bunch of great IRs, before Cliff came out with the Ultrares. At the time many of the IRs in that pack were my main go-to IRs...
  53. gdgross

    Latency consistent?

    Is there a difference in latency depending on the processing, and specifically, depending on the blocks and path utilized? I recently recorded a bunch of bass tracks with the SVT sim on the left and the DI on the right. I assume that both L and R were hitting my audio interface at the exact...
  54. gdgross

    older versions?

    Hey guys, upgraded my computer last week, and installed the latest axe-edit from the website. my axe-fx 2 has FW 18.something, and I'd like to stay there until I finish a project I'm working on. However, the newest axe edit tells me I need to upgrade the FW in my axe fx to be able to use...
  55. gdgross

    Recording in PT vs Logic

    I've been a long time Logic user, recording often with the axe-II over usb without many issues. Recently installed Pro Tools 11 on my machine and, while I was able to record the AXE-II over USB without too much hassle, the audio sounds pretty lousy - lots of noise and pops and clicks when I...
  56. gdgross

    USB recording settings

    Hey all, I recently refreshed my computer, not new, but a new HD and I decided to reinstall everything from scratch, since the old system seemed to be running pretty slowly. Everything's working fine, except recoding the axe-II in Logic 9. Before the refresh, I was simply able to plug in and...
  57. gdgross

    Popping Noise?

    I've noticed a slight popping/staticky noise that occurs occasionally when I'm playing through the Axe. Have noticed it on two separate monitor systems, one fed from the 1/4" output and the other fed from the XLR output. I'm not sure if it would appear on the USB outputs as well; I haven't...
  58. gdgross

    reducing the "wah" in between notes on synth leads

    Hi guys - have a cover gig next month in which I'll be playing some of the lead lines from a few tunes; I'd like to try and use the synth block(s) in the axe-2 to try and nail the tones as closely as possible. I've got some sounds that are workable, but not quite there yet. In...
  59. gdgross

    Bay Area Stolen Gear: Yellow Strat, Amber Burst Les Paul

    Just hoping to put the alert out - I'm sure there not much of a chance of recovery, but I'm putting this out there on my usual gear sites: Had my car broken into in downtown San Francisco yesterday. Among other small things they stole my gig bag which contained toe guitars. Les Paul: Amber...
  60. gdgross

    Small Niggle - can't move axe- edit window

    Not sure if this is an axe edit issue or a mac issue or my issue, but axe- edit is stuck "below" the menu bar on my macbook pro. Looks like the attachment. It's the same regardless of screen resolution, or whether I have an external monitor connected or not. (in my studio I use one of the...
  61. gdgross

    Ultra res/Producer pack live?

    So I bit the bullet and purchased the OH Ultra Res producer pack the other day. Played around with them in the studio through my FBT monitors at a good volume and generally was pretty impressed. As others have mentioned, there was something more, alive, more 3d, more chewy to the new cabs...
  62. gdgross

    envelope/damping fall time

    Sometimes I'll use the envelope controller combined with a hundred or so ms of the damping parameter to achieve a sort of no attack/swell sound, like the boss slow gear pedal. I've noticed that the damping works both ways though. if you aren't making sound on the guitar, it takes time to...
  63. gdgross

    New USB Recording Problem

    Have been useing the axe-II to record over USB fine with no problems for a year or two now. Using logic 9 on a macbook pro running mountain lion. I've always recorded at 44.1 even though the axe is 48. Logic seemed to have no issues with it, it must have been resampling or something. Just...
  64. gdgross

    Rolling Rack Rig

    Wow look at that alliteration... I've been flying a bit with my axe-II rig, which is really just the axe-II. I have it mounted in a Gator shallow rack, with the axe on the bottom and a power strip mounted on the top rear rail. when travelling, I also stuff my Liquid Foot JR+ pedalboard and...
  65. gdgross

    iPad Sheet Music Reader Apps?

    So I just got an iPad the other day, and I'm exploring the possibility of going paperless with the sheet music. My wife already has an iPad and she uses mainly the goodreader app for this purpose, but I've discovered a few drawbacks with it. For one, it doesn't support the bluetooth page...
  66. gdgross

    Strat Pickups

    So I've got two HSS strats. One is a partscaster with kinman Avn-69s in the neck and middle and a semi-traditional tremolo (actually a trem-king if anyone's familiar with it). It's been my main guitar for several years now. I'd say the avn-69s are hot for strat pickups and have plenty of bass...
  67. gdgross

    Drive for AC30 models preferences?

    What do ya'll like as a drive to go with the AC30TB model? I've tried a few and so far I'm leaning towards the boosts and maybe the OCD. Don't like the tube screamers too much here. Maybe because my AC30 patch is a little mid heavy and/or quacky. I used to have a hom-built...
  68. gdgross

    Synth block: reducing portamento

    Hey guys, have been slowly experimenting with the synth block. I'd like to learn how to create synth sounds from scratch, so I'm starting simple: OD into a synth block (OD just to boost the level mainly I suppose to keep the synth sound consistent.) One thing I notice right off the bat is...
  69. gdgross

    Small single footswitch?

    Does any know a manufacturer who makes a single footswitch like the Boss FS-5U, but smaller? I've got one spare exp port on my LF+JR board, and I'd like to move the tap tempo off board and gain one more switch back. Frankly I'm not opposed to chopping up my FS-5U to make it smaller, but...
  70. gdgross

    strange scenes issue

    Finally setting up scenes (I know, took me a while... :-) Having a strange issue on my top boost preset. I've attached it for reference. Scene 1 is basic, most everything bypassed except amp, cap, reverb and delay. I was starting to set up scene 2 the same way, but there's a strange...
  71. gdgross

    overwriting presets

    In the past I've been hesitant to import the factory banks, but I think with FW10 it's time to start from scratch again. Just to doublecheck, importing the factory banks into my AXE-II won't overwrite any global blocks, right? I have a global PEQ that I use with my all-in-one axe/amp...
  72. gdgross

    pizzicato strings

    Does anyone have a good patch for mimicking pizz strings? I could try doing it in guitar-land but I was thinking of trying the synth. I've heard some moog sounds before that definitely got in the ballpark...
  73. gdgross

    Fralins on newegg.com?

    Wild.... http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100006521%2050062047%2040002939&IsNodeId=1&SubCategory=2939&Manufactory=62047&SpeTabStoreType=10 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  74. gdgross

    Fly Rigs

    So my usual rig is a modified Xitone 2x10 active cab with a 2U slot built in for the axe. That makes three pieces of gear: "amp", pedalboard and gig bag w guitars. Great for local stuff, I can get in and out in one trip: amp and pedalboard in each hand and guitars on the back. I've got a...
  75. gdgross

    Funny axe behavior last night

    Last night at rehearsal my axe just froze up. I was in the middle of playing a tune; I don't even think I was changing patches or sending MIDI commands or anything. The screen went blank and it sounded like either my patch was set back to clean, or else the axe was in bypass mode...
  76. gdgross

    Merry Christmas!

    Hey guys - Finished our annual Christmas record a couple of days ago - quick and dirty mixes and "mastering," but there are some solid arrangements there. And every electric guitar on there was recorded through the Axe-II. There's some acoustic guitars and banjos and other stuff...
  77. gdgross

    Display Flickering?

    I've noticed on occasion a very slight flickering in the LCD display on my II. Doesn't bother me too much, and as far as I'm concerned I can live with it indefinitely, unless it's a sign of impending doom to the LCD. Anyone else notice this? Thanks!
  78. gdgross

    Swap Block Settings?

    Is there a way to swap settings between two blocks? Fort example, I have vol/pan 1 and vol/pan 2 in a preset, but I want to move the parameters from vol/pan 1 to vol/pan 2 and vise versa. Short of doing it manually, I mean. I want to do this because I use a certain CC number for...
  79. gdgross

    How does one actually capture an acoustic IR?

    It's easy enough to get IRs of the fishman aura or the D-tar mama bear (which I've done using some of Logic's utilities) as they are completely electronic devices. It's also straightforward, although a little more work, to get IRs of a guitar cabinet: power amp in/mic out. However...
  80. gdgross

    Digital distortion and CPU usage

    Was messing with some patches tonight via the editor, and getting a nasty digital distortion, that seemed like it was related to how many blocks were present. No red clip LEDs, and CPU usage was at 87% according to the editor. Seemed like the nastiness was in the reverb; when I bypass...
  81. gdgross

    Plexi in v5

    Has anyone noticed a weird volume thing on the Plexi normal amp in v5? I was fooling around w my patches last night and it seems that under certain conditions I got a weird tremolo or compressor pumping kind of sound/feeling. It seemed to happen when I would really dig into notes higher on the...
  82. gdgross

    Autoengage on opposite side?

    Is it possible to use the autoengage feature so that the toe down position is off rather than the toe up? I suppose I could get into reversed modifier curves but I was wondering if there is a simpler way to do it... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  83. gdgross

    Tuner Slow??

    I've noticed something funny with the tuner. Live, I use a liquid foot jr midi controller, which I have set up to call up the tuner with cc 63. (or maybe 64, I can't remember now) When I do, it seems that the response of the tuner on te axe-II screen is very slow. Doesn't react quickly to me...
  84. gdgross

    Global Blocks in axe-edit

    maybe this is a stupid question - is there a way to access/save/recall/use the global block feature in axe-edit? It'd really save me some editing time! Also, it there a way to copy your settings from, say, Delay 1 over to Delay 2? Thanks!
  85. gdgross

    Convenience volume question

    So all of my patches are set up with external 7 controlling volume by means of a volume block, typically right after the cab block. This way my delays, etc still ring out at the same level even if I change the volume. External 7 come from my liquid ft jr. When the midi controller is not plugged...
  86. gdgross

    Another problem: external controllers very slow/jumpy

    Ran into another problem with my II tonight - Both my external controller pedals are very very jumpy and slow to respond. I have ext 7 set up for volume and ext 8 set up for controlling effects, wah, etc. Ext 7 comes in on CC 17, and ext 8 comes in on CC16. I've monitored the MIDI messages...
  87. gdgross

    USB Audio?

    Plugged in my II this weekend - man it sounds fantastic! Great bit of kit here. I'm trying to figure out how to record over USB. Using os10.5 and logic. Plugged in the Axe II via USB and my audio interface over firewire. Seems like the firewire interface is detected as usual, no...
  88. gdgross

    Another Northern45 song up: Everything You Say

    Everything You Say is up on our website now. Rhythm guitars are a 335 into the buttery model; Lead guitars are a tele into the AC30TB model. There's a Les Paul/JCM800 in there somewhere too. As always, comments or criticism is welcome. :D Link above or...
  89. gdgross

    Another Northern45 Tune

    Everything You Say is up on our website now. Rhythm guitars are a 335 into the buttery model; Lead guitars are a tele into the AC30TB model. There's a Les Paul/JCM800 in there somewhere too. As always, comments or criticism is welcome. :D Link above or...
  90. gdgross

    new song, Dizzy, with all guitars done w axe-fx

    The title says it all Point your browser to www.northern45.com and either click on the link to download the tune or just choose it on the flash player over to the right. Rhythm guitars were done with a PRS hollowbody ii and the "buttery" model. Lead guitars were a tele with the ac30tb model...
  91. gdgross

    "Forever" - all axe-fx, all the time

    My band, Northern45, has a new song up on our site, Forever. www.northern45.com It will play automatically when you visit the site. All guitars were recorded through my axe-fx into logic. (forgive the mix - I'm just learning how do do this... Sounds decent, but it pales to the rest of the...
  92. gdgross

    Dumb question

    I tried a search for this, but apparently I don't know how to pick good words... Is there a way to load only one IR at a time in axe edit? I'm going through my redwirez irs and have all ten slots filled, but whenever I hit save, it looks like it saves all ten... Thanks, and forgive my ignorance!
  93. gdgross

    Jingle Boys 2009

    Hey peeps, I don't get on the forum too much anymore - new job and a lot less internet surfing time... Anyway, this posting is a month late or so, but there's a TON of Axe-Fx ULTRA guitar sounds on the Christmas record I worked on. Every electric guitar except for one track is all axe...
  94. gdgross

    Output 2 disabled when using input2?

    In electric land, I run normally - front side input, output 1 to FOH, output 2 to poweramp/monitor. (I use the copy output1 to output2 function.) In acoustic land, I run a TRS cord into input 2 (L and R, two pickups in my acoustic, this way they can be eq'd and compressed independently in the...
  95. gdgross

    Is there a program that lets me send CCs from a mac?

    Exactly that. Is there a program available that will allow my to send PC and CC messages from my mac? Sysex librarian will play the files fine via my USB UNO, but I need the files to play first if I want to use it. I can set up my LF jr to send what I want no problem, but then I need to go...
  96. gdgross

    Tremolo phase

    Last night I laid down some simple parts the verses of a tune. Tremolo set to eighth note triplets at 130bpm. I double tracked the parts, and panned a bit to get some separation. Good God, what a gorgeous sound it was. The trem was always in tempo, but the peaks and the valleys were at...
  97. gdgross

    Northern45 on YouTube - axe-fx direct

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXSbHpczIks Check it out peeps - lead guitar (me) is straight out of the axe-fx into the board. I think I was using something akin to scotts old XTC patch, but probably modified. If I remember that used the euro 2 model, right?? The other guitar is a real...
  98. gdgross

    "synth pipe" changes since 7.0?

    So i was playing around last night and I ended up on the 'synth pipe' patch that I downloaded from axechange a while back. Now there's this weird extra note. It's like the synthesizer block is adding another tone that's not dependant on the pitch of what I'm playing. I'm guessing there was...
  99. gdgross

    Cab sims on only one output?

    Haven't seen this come up yet, apologies if it has. (I did do a cursory search...) I have mostly been running the axe-fx direct through output 1 through the house systems. Recently I've started using it with the rock band, so I use a power amp and guitar cabinet. I use output 2 routed to the...
  100. gdgross

    LP into top boost model

    Here's the latest from my rock band, northern 45. Lead guitar (panned a little to the right) is my LP straight into the axe, then right to the firepod. The amp model was top boost; and I believe the cab I used was the 2x12 blue. There's also a drive on in the latter half of the song. I'd...
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