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  1. slinky005

    Dirty Strat pot

    Do I need to replace it or is there a sure fire way to clean it?
  2. slinky005

    Got my first exp pedal

    EHX dual expression. Would have gone Fractal but my needs and cost dictated the EHX. Seems ok for the price but have a concern: I can feel the zipper effect during a sweep. It doesn’t have an audible effect but feels a bit cheap. I know you get what you pay for and have no doubt an Ev-1 must...
  3. slinky005

    Axe III and Midi

    I have my Axe connected to a Win 10 machine via USB. Running Reaper. Can I plug my midi keyboard into the Axe midi in and control Reaper thru the Axe?
  4. slinky005

    Reaper to Axe-Fx III

    Trying to feed audio thru USB to Axe III. All working if I send audio to USB 1-2 Set it up in Reaper to go to UBS 3-4 Showing up on the meters in the Axe but no audio, Something need to be setup on the grid? What I'm trying to do is get the USB audio to go to outputs 3-4 while guitar is going...
  5. slinky005

    JVM 410H value

    Bought mine (stock) in 2010 for around $1600 CDN Considering selling and looked on Sweetwater. $2600 US Are the newer ones any different or have they just increased in value? https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/JVM410H--marshall-jvm410h-100-watt-4-channel-tube-head
  6. slinky005

    PRS SE Custom

    I am a PRS virgin. Played around with a few SE's but never owned one. Looking at the SE Custom 22. Are the SE's known to to have tuning issues or is it because of the floating bridge? I've played a couple of SE's and both would not stay in tune for long.
  7. slinky005

    Any Headrush FRFR 112 Users?

    Wondering how a low cost unit is faring. Will it complete with live drums? Sound decent ? Looking at getting a pair for my Axe III but local store does not have them in stock.
  8. slinky005

    Mac newbie with Cubase 9.5

    I am coming from over 20 years of working with Cubase on a PC. Recently bought a 2018 Mac mini. I have my Axe setup in Asio setup as my device - all good with Axe edit so I know the connection is good. Recording via USB. Input levels are showing in Cubase on the transport bar. Nothing showing on...
  9. slinky005

    Resetting Amp blocks

    Having updated to 5.07 from 3.xx I am in the process of resetting amp blocks, Is it only the BMT page settings that initialize?
  10. slinky005

    Block Library - Cabs

    Created a mix of two cabs, levels etc. Saved to the block library. Tried to load into another preset and it defaults to the pig cabs when I load the block. Doing something wrong?
  11. slinky005

    Per Preset Placeholder Layout

    Does anyone use this layout? Not a complaint, just curious. Obviously I can re-program this layout to do anything. I don't get its application or purpose.
  12. slinky005

    The elusive Pitch Block

    My band is doing Hotel California. I'm the only electric player. For me to be able to do some (if not all) of the harmony parts, (verses and solo), would this require constant switching of scenes to accommodate different scales etc? I've played around with the learn function and it just won't...
  13. slinky005

    [solved] New Mac mini - Axe Edit not working

    Just updated my Axe to 3.1 Installed Axe Edit on my new Mac - OS Mojave. Confirmed on the Axe that 3.1 is indeed installed. Who I launch AE it is not "connected" - I need to select the Axe III "This connected Device is not compatible with Axe Edit 3.14.03" Just to be sure I updated on my Win...
  14. slinky005

    Control Switch Assignment (Video)

    I was a bit confused at first when trying to do this so I thought I would take a crack at posting a vid and maybe help someone else. I have a new respect for the members here that post videos - they're ALOT of work and this one is really short and basic.
  15. slinky005

    Per-Preset Override Help

    Followed the manual but I'm missing something. I have a layout - Layout 2 which is Scenes. Right now 5 of the 8 scenes are visible on my switches. I want to override one of the switches to go to a preset. It is not clear to me how I do this. There are 24 Per Preset slots. I am using #1. In the...
  16. slinky005

    Changing presets on FC-6

    Will be getting my FC-6 today. As the FC-6 has very few physical switches I'm curious about how people are incorporating having access to changing presets in their layouts and using the switches for other things at the same time. I'm coming from an FC-300 where I have two switches to scroll...
  17. slinky005

    Footswitch question

    Is it possible to use a boss FS-6 plugged into both expression jacks and use them for preset up / down functionality? I seem to recall using a one button switch to preset up on the Axe II but can't figure out how to do it on the III. Since there are 2 jacks I thought maybe I could assign each one.
  18. slinky005

    Mac Mini for Music

    Just found out about these. They look friggin' amazing and reasonably priced considering what you can get. Anyone using them with Cubase? Over on their forum I'm not seeing a lot of positive reviews. Apparently Mojave is not 100% for musicians yet.
  19. slinky005

    UAD question

    Been pondering UAD since hearing of how good they are (mostly in this forum). I have no experience at all with the system. I currently have a fairly high end audio interface (Hammerfall Multiface II). If I were to purchase one of the Apollo units, would that essentially make my Hammerfall...
  20. slinky005

    Need a miracle - help!

    Working as a music editor on a tv show with deadline. Somehow I deleted 6-8 hours of cues from my hard drive within Cubase. Searched their locations on my drive and they are indeed gone. My understanding of deleting is that the drive is marked as free space and the data is not technically...
  21. slinky005

    If you didn't know about this...

    and you're a fan, you're welcome. The Gospel According to Luke. I was hooked at the forward. http://www.stevelukather.com/music/discography/2018/the-gospel-according-to-luke.aspx
  22. slinky005

    Surface Pro

    Looking at getting an older version (Suface Pro 3) to incorporate into my setup. Currently I use an Asus Transformer Book. I trigger samples from my foot pedal and the audio goes through my Axe all using the Axe as my audio / midi interface. I'm pretty good at troubleshooting but I'm totally...
  23. slinky005

    Looking for a setting...

    Saw it in a new firmware video Chris posted months ago. Never accessed the parameter. It is to turn an effect on or off regardless of it's status (sort of). Normally with my MC6 when I use a toggle for an effect, often I need to hit the switch twice for it to engage. With this setting on the...
  24. slinky005


    I don't get why this is so popular. I own one and when I tune with it, I need to fine tune using the Axe tuner. The digital display does not have the resolution needed for an accurate tuner.
  25. slinky005

    Using Channels and Block Presets

    What am I doing wrong? Patch A: Using Atomic High amp block on scene 1. I want to set Supremo Trem to Scene 2 I have an amp setting I like on the Supremo on another patch. I saved this in the block presets in Axe edit. I go back to patch A, go to scene 2 and set the amp to channel B. I then load...
  26. slinky005

    Never SCENE this before

    No idea when this happened. Went to rehearsal a few weeks ago and this patch was working fine. Now I turn on the Axe, go to this patch and scene one is blisteringly loud. All blocks are on channel A. Originally it was setup with Sc1 as main part of song and Sc2 was my boost for lead. I've now...
  27. slinky005

    Trouble Updating Cubase

    Just upgraded to Cubase 9.5 from V5. Trying to get some insight in the Cubase forum but only hearing crickets. Can't seem to get anything Cubase installed without going through major back door tactics. When I tried to install the program, it would not extract the zip package. I can unzip...
  28. slinky005


    Was at rehearsal last night. Made some changes to a patch, saved and all was good. Brought Axe home, re-plugged and turned it on. The patch in question was last one used so it was the patch the Axe booted with. Tried to use knob to go to another patch but it was frozen. Re-booted Axe, now that...
  29. slinky005

    Momentary - Latch

    I use a Roland FC-300 controller. Everything worked as expected with the Axe II. I went ahead and setup a couple of switches for scenes. With the III in order for the switch to function as momentary, I had to set it to latch. Couldn't find anything in the manual about possible user error.
  30. slinky005

    Synth Block

    Anyone have any presets they are trying to re-create using the synth block? Parameters are not identical in the modifier, Having a hard time getting what i'm going for. Actually trying to re-create Yek's Moog SuperLead
  31. slinky005

    Cab Discovery

    Mute the unused cabs and your CPU usage will decrease.
  32. slinky005

    Recreating Presets

    Recently started to port over the presets from my II using Fractool. App is a huge timesaver. The daunting part of this is trying to get the imported version to sound as close as possible to the original version as possible. I am comparing the different pages for the amp block from the II to the...
  33. slinky005

    Love The New UI

    Just got my III. I purposely did not setup my PC with Axe Edit so as to force myself to learn the front panel. Really appreciate the design that went into this. Very intuitive and I find it faster than edit when bouncing around from screen to screen trying stuff out. This is not to say I won't...
  34. slinky005

    Digitech Freqout?

    Since getting my Axe II Mk2 I have never gassed for a pedal. This looks like a must have for those of us who don't use a cab onstage. Sounds very convincing on youtube. Anyone who owns one going to talk me off the edge?
  35. slinky005

    Guitar Setup Help Needed

    Always sent my guitar to a luthier for my setups, I'm trying to do a simple adjustment on my Les Paul and it ain't happening. - New Strings. - Using analog tuner - Harmonic at 12th fret compared to note on 12th fret - adjusting saddle so both are the same All are working except the G string...
  36. slinky005

    Pitch Block - Intel Harm

    Had the Axe for almost 5 years. I have occasionally attempted to use this feature for particular songs my band is covering. I have messed around with it to no success. I'm tying to do the harmony part of Run to You by Bryan Adams. Is it possible to set this up using the custom note section of...
  37. slinky005

    Hans Zimmer on Netflix

    Live in concert with a zillion people onstage. Really brilliant stuff in my opinion. This guy has done so much dating back many years. Quite the catalogue. Very nicely shot and so much to look at - musicians , gear etc. I wish the sound quality was a bit better but that could my system. Worth...
  38. slinky005

    Selling JVM - Need live rig for Axe

    Thinking of selling my JVM 410h. Haven't used it in years and frankly when I plug in on occasion, I actually prefer the Axe sound in general. My first purchase with the cash would be a Matrix type wedge (I'm in Canada and they do not ship here) or rackmount amp with suitable speaker. I have...
  39. slinky005

    Hired Gun

    Great music doc about "guns for hire" on iTunes. Very well done and I could really relate.
  40. slinky005

    Axe Live

    Just discovered this but can't get it to work. I have it hooked up exactly as I do for Axe edit. Mini USB from Windows tablet to USB in Axe. I use midi all the time this way for the Axe, no issues. I assigned Axe midi in and out in the app but not sure if I need a midi interface or what...
  41. slinky005

    Anyone ever had a sinking saddle?

    My US Tele has an issue withe the B string saddle. Over time it gets lower to the point that when I bend up high on the neck, i'm picking at silence. Also goes out of tune when it does this. Do I just need to replace the saddle? Would prefer not to send it to luthier.
  42. slinky005

    Suggestions for a PRS SE

    Looking to purchase. Too many to choose from. Really don't know where to start. From Steely Dan to Beatles, Billy Idol to Michael Jackson. No head explode high gain stuff.
  43. slinky005

    Does anyone do this?

    Access banks beyond patch 127? Particularly those who don't have an MFC? Using the helpful info from people here who instructed me how to do it, I am not having success. Using a Morningstar MC6 - I am sending CC 0 value 1, and then PC msg, but it still brings me to Bank A. According to the...
  44. slinky005

    Toggling Fx

    Using a Morningstar MC6 and toggling fx on and off for the first time. I use scenes as well but sometimes this way is more handy. My issue is that when I first go to a patch and hit the effect toggle, I need to hit it twice the first time I arrive at the patch. Every other time it works...
  45. slinky005

    What am I doing wrong?

    Trying to use my Gmajor in the Axe fx loop. Hardware: Axe Fx Fx send > Gmajor Input Gmajor Output > Axe Fx return Software: Fx loop after Amp block Nothing going into the Gmajor. Obviously I'm missing something.
  46. slinky005

    Midi Phantom Power

    Just bought a Morningstar MC6. I'm looking at my powering options. It can accept midi phantom power. Looking at the back of the Axe, do I have to use a screwdriver to turn it on? Is it on by default? It's not obvious.
  47. slinky005

    Anyone try this?

    https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/MV50Rock Sounds great in the vids and cheap.
  48. slinky005

    Saw Toto this weekend

    In Montreal at Place des Arts. Top to bottom one of my best shows ever. First show where I was totally into the songs that I didn't know. Luke is possibly one of the coolest cats I've seen onstage. Goes without saying how insanely good he is. 7 piece - all top notch musicans - 3 original members...
  49. slinky005

    ODS-Ford 1

    I've seen some mention lately of this model. Never spent much time with it as it didn't crank my chain. Now with 7.02 - holy CRAP this thing is soooo gritty in the best possible way. No need for a drive up front as I'm getting tons of gain and adding motor drive around 4.5 Been a Marshall guy...
  50. slinky005

    How to choose IEMs

    I currently have Shure 535s from 3 years or so ago. They sound decent and I would still use them if my wire didn't cut out regularly. So it's now time to change them. I like the idea of the new Shure's that have replaceable wires. All this aside, when buying new how do you know what you're...
  51. slinky005

    Anybody use pedal input for PC?

    I use a Roland FC-300 for my controller. In general the FC300 is used for program changes in it's most basic mode. I am starting to use many different functions on the Roland to access all different types of controls on the Axe. My problem is that there is so much tap dancing needed to get in...
  52. slinky005

    New Axe Tablet / Phone Setup

    iPhone for my personal mix (Presonus Live) iPad for my lyrics and patches (Onsong) Windows tab (Axe Edit and Kontakt to trigger samples with foot pedal) Axe is great as a sound device since audio and midi all go thru one USB cable.
  53. slinky005

    Axe Fx as a midi interface

    Is it possible to send midi data from my foot pedal (note on info) to the Axe, and go from the Axe via USB to my PC? I looked at the manual regarding USB adapter mode but really can't wrap my head around it. I've used my FC-300 to send note data to an iPad (not using USB) and now trying to do it...
  54. slinky005

    Win 10 tablet for Axe Edit

    Anyone using a windows tab for AE?
  55. slinky005

    Ear Molds for IEMs

    All other members in my band ditched the molds for their IEMs. I have kept mine for 3 years or so but now find that it doesn't sit in my ear consistently and I tend to lose bottom end when this happens. Happens many times during a song actually. Do any of you who use the molds get new ones made...
  56. slinky005

    Presonus Qmix woes

    I think this is a long shot but I'll give it a go: My band uses the Presonus 24 Live. We all run IEMs and use Qmix (iOS) to balance our own stereo mixes. Recently we all got together, launched the app and bam.....all of us got the spinning wheel - Qmix not connecting. We couldn't understand...
  57. slinky005

    New Spectrasonics Plug

    Sounds killer. https://www.spectrasonics.net/products/keyscape/index.php#sysreq
  58. slinky005

    Marshall Code 50 - Ugggggg....

    Not sure if it's the ugly ass guitar but the first riffs sound like puke. http://www.iguitarmag.com/magazine-editions/guitar-interactive-issue-43/edition-videos/tq_marshall_code_50_review/
  59. slinky005

    Restoring from Fractal Bot

    I have never needed to do this before but is it possible to restore my backup of everything in one shot rather than each bank and cab individually?
  60. slinky005

    Pedals Cliff has to model

  61. slinky005

    Using Pitch Block

    Was wondering how people are doing this: My band is doing Beatles Come Together. Guitar solo is harmonized but it switches from being a -4 to -5. Played around with the different options. As far as I can tell the intelligent mode can not do this unless I'm missing something. Trying to avoid...
  62. slinky005

    Tom Petty Doc on Netflix

    My exposure to him has been radio play over the last 30 odd years. Never really thought much about his stuff as it is not really what I'm into. After watching the 4 hour documentary (over a couple of days) I really have to say that the guy is a songwriting machine. So many hits I forgot about...
  63. slinky005

    Input 2 puzzle

    I'm completely baffled as to why I am having this problem: I have setup a grid where I can plug my iPad into the axe and play along. Works perfectly. I also need to use another patch where I am plugging my guitar into input 2 using the same fxloop block at the beginning of the chain. Doesn't...
  64. slinky005

    2.02 and Axe Edit

    Just noticed that you I can't select different amp blocks in Axe Edit - The effect type pulldown, she's broke. I assume this just means AE needs an update?
  65. slinky005

    Tele neck

    I have never setup my guitar's neck, always bring it to the luthier. My tele was setup about 6 months ago and now bending the high E and B strings around the 12th fret is creating the "bending into silence" issue. As I bend the string stops sounding. Like those strings are way too low. The E has...
  66. slinky005

    Vintage Gear Appraisal

    A friend of mine is trying to sell two old Marshall 15" cabs (2065 & 2065B) only made between1973 and 1975. How would he go about finding the value of them?
  67. slinky005

    Anyone use a Marshall 1936?

    I've had the Axe for 2 years and have used it exclusively with IEMs or headphones. I know a lot of people don't like using it this way but I love it. I plugged in stereo with the band so I'm basically like a pig in shit. Now I'm in another band that does not use IEMs. My main monitoring is a...
  68. slinky005

    Power Amp Bridging

    I just got one of these: http://www.crownaudio.com/en-US/products/xls-1500 I'm trying to get more power out of it by bridging it. I know next to nothing about these amps and how they work Can anyone tell me if using the Speakon outs make it "bridgeable"? I've followed the manual , and the LCD...
  69. slinky005

    USB hub and the Axe

    I have Cablab on one machine and Axe Edit on another (if I could have both on the same machine I would) Is there any reason not to use a hub to make my life easier patching whichever machine I need to be using?
  70. slinky005

    Cablab activation

    I know there is a section for cablab but the last time I went there there were so many tumbleweeds and cobwebs I couldn't see anything (no activity). My laptop for cablab is Win Vista machine. The ilok manager does not support vista. Does that mean I can not run CL on this machine? How does...
  71. slinky005

    iLok Question

    Just Purchased CL. Waiting for the license email. I am using a Win Vista machine for my Axe. According to the specs, it will work in Vista. What about my iLok? Do I need the license manager for any reason? This will not run on a vista machine. Is this only relevant if I want to move my...
  72. slinky005

    Direct Scene Select

    Looked at the manual but I must be doing something wrong. I have a Roland FC-300 controller and trying to send CC messages to recall specific scenes as opposed to inc and dec which is how I do it now. So essentially if I'm on scene 1, I want to be able to jump directly to scene 4 for example...
  73. slinky005

    Best Practices for live?

    Out 1: XLR to FOH Out 1 : 1/4" to wedge Out 2: To Power Amp and cab Generally I turn the Axe full up for best S/N ratio when at a gig. Monitor I'm using is self powered but can barely turn it up to 1 without blowing my head off since my feed to FOH is same as monitor. Just curious if...
  74. slinky005

    Want to replace JVM - less expensive option?

    Using a 410H into my 1936 cab - Axe into serial loop (Band A) Axe direct to FOH using IEMs (Band B) I know some have had success with the JVM as a power amp but not happening for me. Maybe because I've been using IRs (with IEMs) for two years. If I was going to change my Band A amp - what...
  75. slinky005

    Gear Dead - To Replace or not, that is the question

    For stage my Axe will be going into my JVM power section into a 1936 cab. I had been planning on using my Mackie Thump 12 monitor as well as the Marshall onstage (to avoid the "turn down your amp" from the FOH). The tweeter on the Mackie just died on me. I can not afford a CLR (and getting it...
  76. slinky005

    Pitch Block

    I have read the manual and I really can't figure out how to setup the intel harmony. I am using the Ionian Maj scale and have set the correct key. Certain notes will work within the part but others won't. I'm assuming because any given part will not stay in the same key throughout. Is the...
  77. slinky005

    Grid Question

    I will be sending out1 to my JVM head and out2 to FOH (or vice-versa). Since I need to remove the cab block for the JVM, what is the correct way to setup the grid for having a cab on 1 out and no cab on the other?
  78. slinky005

    Need Another Monitor Mix

    We're using a Presonus live 24 board (that the band owns) and it has 5 stereo mixes. Everyone is IEM and everything sounds pristine. Now we are adding a sixth member to the band so we're short a monitor mix. We tried splitting one of the stereo feeds into two mono feeds and it's ok but not...
  79. slinky005

    4CM What's the advantage?

    If your power amp has a serial and/or parallel loop, is there any reason to use the 4 cable method? I am about to do my first show with the Axe going thru a cab and trying to find the best method. Using a JVM head into my 1936 cab -want to only use the power amp section of the amp.
  80. slinky005

    Using JVM as Power Amp

    My first crack at doing this and I'm quite confused. I have the 410H going into a 1936 cab. The Axe out is going into the serial loop return. Turning supply sag off and have the cab off. It sounds like fizz - basically like listening thru IEMs with the cab off. If leave the patch exactly as...
  81. slinky005

    Accessories on stage

    Not a common topic on this forum but important to me nonetheless. My corporate band is going for the "clean" stage look and wants next to nothing onstage other than the instruments (musicians are optional). I have a bunch of stuff that I need access to - my Ebow, Capo, picks etc. Where do y'all...
  82. slinky005

    Using Axe-Fx thru Mackie Thump

    I've had the Axe going on 2 years and I've always used IEMs. Just joined a band where I need to have the Axe blowing into the room and finances are really tight so I tried using my Mackie Thump (12"). Testing it out it at home sounded ok, had to EQ my main patch for this band a lot and I...
  83. slinky005

    SAT switch

    How do I assign a CC# to turn it on? Don't see it in the IO list.
  84. slinky005

    Annoying overtone

    Just noticed on my Strat that I am getting an overtone on my C on the 1st, 3rd and 8th position Basically if I play a C chord and mute I hear it. Doesn't really matter where I play it. Anyone know what the cause of this is? Or remedy?
  85. slinky005

    Is this true?

    This is something I have heard over the years and would love to know Cliff's opinion: "Every time you turn your electronic device on and off, you're slowly shortening it's life." Have I been mis-informed?
  86. slinky005

    Holy Grail of VI's now even better

    Introducing Omnisphere 2 on Vimeo
  87. slinky005

    Looper Block in 17.04

    I just recently started using the looper. As a matter of fact I was using it today while I still had 17.00 loaded. After updating to 17.04 I noticed that with the looper block engaged the level drops by a few db. I have it last in the grid. Now I have not been using it very long but I don't...
  88. slinky005

    If you're looking for a backup option

    tq_bluguitar_amp1_review.mp4 | iGuitar The way this guy plays he could make just about anything sound good.
  89. slinky005

    FAS Amps

    I tended to overlook these because they weren't "the actual models of a particular amp". Well I really don't care if they're the "Karadashian" amp models because I'm really digging some of these. Particularly the Brootalz and today I just discovered the FAS Wreck. Using a couple of Lerxst cabs...
  90. slinky005

    Has anyone managed to crack this sound?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNOti4BDRA4 I don't expect to nail it exactly as I am not Dweezil but my band is doing Live and Let Die and would love to get a cello-ish sound that happens right after the song comes down from the big orchestral part. To me Dweezils' is about as close as you can...
  91. slinky005

    v.17 Are all my chorus and flanger settings lost?

    I have updated to every firmware since I got the Axe a year and a bit ago. This is the first time I have heard a big difference in my patches in a "that's not right" kind of way. I believe the chorus and flanger (both which I use in many patches) are what is throwing me off. Do I basically...
  92. slinky005

    New affordable PRS line coming

    PRS unveils entry-level SE Standard guitars | PRS SE Standard electrics | Guitar News | MusicRadar As a lot of folks here use PRS (I do not...yet) can anyone speak to the biggest differences between the budget and deluxe models?
  93. slinky005

    Potential Backup Option

    BLUGuitar ~ 100W Guitar Power Amp from John Hornby Skewes An actual 100w head in a pedal. Very different animal than the Axe but interesting. Haven't heard alot of demos but could be interesting as a backup (albeit expensive) to the Axe. About halfway down is a review in Guitarist magazine. 5...
  94. slinky005

    I'm a bigger idiot

    As we age we get wiser. Says who?? So i'm playing my new Strat at a gig and the plastic nob on the pickup switcher pops off. So I look around frantically and by sheer luck I find it. Same thing had happened at rehearsal. So I decide to take matters into my own hands. I'm going to...
  95. slinky005

    Battle Scar - Repair advice

    My 3 week old beautiful Olympic white Strat just got a nice chip taken out of it a gig. Only noticed it after the fact. Is this something that can be fixed without re-painting the entire body?
  96. slinky005

    Stereo Inputs - Two Guitars?

    If I plug 2 guitars into the rear and use a mixer block and pan L and R, could this be used to plug 2 guitars in the rear? I would ultimately want 3 plugged in total, two in back, one in front. The two in back would only be used alternately.
  97. slinky005

    Multiple Guitar Inputs for the Axe

    I want to have 3 guitars plugged into the Axe for live performing. Right now I've got an Electric in front and Acoustic into the rear inputs. What I need now is a way to have two Electrics plugged in front so when I switch from my Les Paul to my Strat there's no plugging/unplugging involved...
  98. slinky005

    Axe Edit 3.01.00 Anyone using the new function?

    Looking at the release notes for the new browser for Axe Manage Cabs / Presets. I'm trying to make sense of it but not succeeding. Anyone?
  99. slinky005

    Proof the the Axe is not only for Metal

    As we all know there are a lot of high gain / drop D, head banging , light your ass on fire demos out there with the Axe. This is for those who are interested to hear what the Axe has to offer on the lighter side. This was inspired by my brand spankin' new Jeff Beck Sig Strat. Really digging...
  100. slinky005

    Bought a new Strat - Some observations regarding Axe-Fx II

    This is my second Strat (A sig Jeff beck in Olympic White). My first I bought new in '78 - always found the trebley tone too harsh for my taste so I eventually put in Seymour Duncan Rails. This gave me what I was looking for in overall tone but I lost the classic strat brightness that is so...
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