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    Best External Hard Drive for late 2013 Macbook Pro

    Lots of knowledgeable folks here. I'm looking to transfer some of my sample libraries, omnisphere, etc. off my internal hard drive to free up some space. My macbook has 2 thunderbolt 2 ports, and 2 USB 3 ports. I'm currently using both USB ports, one for my keys and the other for the external...
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    WTB Looking for a license for Superior Drummer 3

    Hit me up!
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    Guitars with similar necks to EBMM Luke III

    I'm really loving the neck on the Luke III that I just traded an amp for. So much so, that I'm considering purchasing a HSS Cutlass. Before I buy something I'm thinking that I should consider some other manufactures too. Thinking maybe Suhr. Does Suhr make any necks similar in shape, size and...
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    Copying the intro riff tone in Roxette's "The Look"

    Hey Fractal World, I don't know why this bothers me, but we cover this song in my band and I can't seem to get anywhere near the tone on the opening riff of the studio version. It honestly is irrelevant, because no one knows but me, but it still bothers me. In all fairness Roxette's band...
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    FS FC-6 for sale or trade for FC-12 plus cash on my end. In Canada but will ship.

    Hi There, The title says it all. I have an FC-6 that I would like to either sell or trade for a FC-12. I would kick in cash on my end. All values to be based on market values. Thinking $700 Canadian is about right for the FC-6. Hit me up with offers! Thanks, Neil
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    FS Fractal Axe Fx II Mk I and MFC 101 Mk I......Located in Canada.

    Hey There Folks, I have a Axe Fx II MkI and the MFC 101 MkI footswitch with the magnetic kicktags for sale. Both units have been gigged, but they are in good cosmetic condition and 100% functional. I'll also include the XA-1 and XA-2 faslink adapters. I am asking $1400 USD plus shipping for...
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    Reconfiguring the jam space/studio area. Studio desk recommendations please.

    Hey Guys, I'm using this down time to catch up on a couple of projects I've been putting off. I want to reconfigure my music room into a proper jam space with the ability to do some decent home recordings. Recording will be secondary to rehearsals and I have an idea of the layout I want, but I...
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    FS Fractal Audio AxeFx II Mark I and MFC-101 Mark I for sale in Canada.

    Hi Guys and in particular my fellow Canadians. I am considering selling my AxeFX rig to fund an Axe III setup. Since all my gigs are cancelled for the foreseeable future now is a good time to do the transition. The AxeFX in in good shape having lived its life in a rack. The MFC is in average...
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    Way, Way, Way off topic.....App/Online form development ?

    I know there are some smart cookies on this site when it comes to computers. I want to setup either an app or an system of online forms assist with my business. Any help that could point me in the right direction would be appreciated. Our budget is somewhat tight. I run a food processing...
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    Drummers and programs....Help with a sample/sound.

    I going to try to tap into the collective wisdom on here and see if I can get a bit of guidance with regards to a particular drum sound. I have an Alesis Strike Pro kit that I bought for rehearsals, etc. I should also say I'm not a drummer. I dabble a bit on the kit, but I wanted it for the...
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    Axe Fx Standard as a MultiFx processor vs ????

    This might be in the wrong sub forum, if so mods please feel free to move it. Long time Axe Fx user here. My main live rig is still an Axe FX-II, although I will be grabbing a III in the near future. I've always kept my original Standard as a backup rig just incase. Recently, I thinned out my...
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    Audiologists - Hearing Aid help.

    Hi There Folks, I know that there are a few audiologists on this forum. I also imagine that there are a few others with hearing loss as well so if you have any experience or advice you are welcome to join the discussion. I am a 44 year old male who was born with hearing loss. I was diagnosed...
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    Can someone help me find these picks.....

    Hi There Folks, Looking for some George Dennis 1.05 mm Orange Sharp picks. http://www.georgedennis.eu/pages/picks.htm I have been playing these picks for the last 15+ years and they have become an integral part of my style. Unfortunately it appears that no one in North America carries them...
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    Why is the AxeFX so sensitive to cabs?

    I know, it sounds like a silly question, but..... I have a few of my real amps setup in my rehearsal space so I can a/b them with the Axe as I am trying to make the switch to FRFR. Experimenting with different real amps through different real cabs I found that while some combinations sounded...
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    Axe FX II plus a tube amp(VHT 2502) and cab. What are your goto models?

    Hi Guys, Long time standard user here. I run use my Axe exclusively for live cover work. I have been using the standard with a VHT 2502 and a Bogner oversized cab with the power amp and cab modelling tuned off in the axe. I just upgraded to the AxeII and configured it the same way after...
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