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  1. seclusion

    MacOS Big Sur

    So after making backups of my OS on 2017 iMac, I installed Bur Sur Beta 1. I let the OS load, has some security approvals to load. But after 15 minutes testing safari etc, I started Fractal Ax8Edit, no problem. Loaded Logic Pro 10.5.1 and surprise there was no plugin revalidating. Everything...
  2. seclusion

    Mac OS Catalina: no 32-bit apps

    Just curious if Ax8 Edit might be updated to support Mac OS in 64 bit? With the next OS Catalina coming out in a month or so all 32 bit apps will not work, this includes Ax8 edit.
  3. seclusion

    Expensive Equipment at smaller gigs

    I know we all laugh at the saying $5000+ worth of gear, traveling 2 hrs to gig for $100. But just curious if any of you use less expensive equipment for gigs that either don't justify all the lugging around, less damage risk or just for simplicity. For me my current system is for all my gigs...
  4. seclusion

    Logic Pro not see AX8 midi?

    Hi guys. Is it possible to set Logic up to not see the AX8 as a midi device? I look through the preferences and don't see the AX8. Since incorporating my new Yamaha CP4 if I just touch a note, midi commands goto the AX8 and send note off. I know I could make a template with midi channels set for...
  5. seclusion

    Oh No (Out of Stock)

    So someone is coming to pick up my Axe Fx II and you guys are out of stock. Not sure I could even consider reprogramming the HD500. :p Come on next Shipment :D:)
  6. seclusion

    Quantum awesome, zero edge question?

    So chugging along with the Quantum update, where I notice I can really hear every nuance of playing. Finger picking, strums, chugging, and lead. So much so that I find I get my head swinging and boom. Break a string, right on the bridge right where the string kinks from the zero edge trem...
  7. seclusion

    Parrot Zik Bluetooth phones, almost

    So we get the new 13 week old puppy, within an hr or so, chews through my Apple Buds. Grr, no biggy, I have a few pairs of studio phones no problems. She runs through the studio and goes straight for my good phones, she doesn't chew the cable, she chews through both wires from headstrap to...
  8. seclusion

    No Output signal?

    Hi There Hmm Just doing a quick search and check around the forum. I updated Fri night to 11.0.5 no problems, used the Ax all night. Not sure whats up, but when I flip through presets I see guitar signal in, but no signal on the output? Looking at the I/O page, everything looks right...
  9. seclusion

    Pod hd 500 as controller?

    Anyone using the 500 as a controller for the axeFx II?
  10. seclusion

    Boost enable with stomp?

    Sorry, was just trying out some options with my FCB 1010 finally running. I've assigned a bunch of things that relate to each pedal. Just wondered if I could control the boost function via a stomp pedal? I don't see it show up in the list to pick... Thanks B
  11. seclusion

    Recording Amp/Cab and Fx's separate?

    Afternoon everyone A newb AxeFx Standard user, x-Line 6 guy as of Sat, Thanks Mike for waiting! Just a question, I'd like to do some recording and have found that once I start adding instruments that some of the fx's are too loud (making it muddy) and really just need to boost the direct...
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