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  1. GuttaLaser

    TNX Eddie! TNX! RIP Man and play your guitar for the angels now!

    I'm an old T-Rex... and while Jimi Hendrix convinced me to pick up in my hands an electric guitar... Eddie showed me what that guitar can do! One of the first patch i posted on the Axe Exchange was a rendition of the Eddie tone made with my Axe Fx II. Ther are tons of patches bettern than...
  2. GuttaLaser

    Is this normal? (AE fx mix knob)

    For the 1st time I was playing with the mix knob (in Axe Edit) of the reverb block going over the 50% just for fun and to ear the texture of each kind of reverb in the magic box. I landend in the metal area and after some power chords my idea was to shut down the eavy verb for a total "dry and...
  3. GuttaLaser

    Win 7 x64 + iLock License Manager + Cab-Lab 3

    Ok ppl, maybe this can help someone. Flash story: the iLock License Manager software needed to update and CabLab stopped working. BUT iLock can't update if some Win 7's KBxxxxxxx update are missed. The solution for me was the Win 7 cumulative update KB3125574...
  4. GuttaLaser

    Need help for a "Satisfaction" tone

    I want that spitty/buzzy chainsaw distortion! Sound like an "8bit" but "8bit" doesn't help! Any advice about amp model and settings ando/or fxs? Please put me in the right direction! Tnx
  5. GuttaLaser

    To Cliff + FAS + All of You

    Happy New Year Beautiful People!
  6. GuttaLaser

    Need help for acoustic guitar

    Hi ppl, need some help for a take with my acoustic Takamine TAN16C. The guitar has a preamp with a little "cold valve" and the graphic eq and a piezo under the bridge. What I need is: - a good (tested) preset for acoustic for a starting point (i.e. with a pre-amp or what else) - know if I must...
  7. GuttaLaser

    Need help with a DIY 4 external switches box

    Think something like this is jet posted somewhere... but anyway... Want to add an affordable DIY 4 external switches box to my MFC101 MkII. Need an "OK" to this shopping chart: a) 1 box 250mm long (will be vertical on the pedalboard side by side with the MFC101) b) 2x stereo female jacks 1/4"...
  8. GuttaLaser

    What i need for...

    Hi ppl, I'm talking here to the recording studio pros. I want to build a little recording/mixing and rehearsal studio with a personal mix/monitoring system. All the istruments will be direct to board (like Roland V-Drum, guitar and bass amp/cab modelers, keyboards etc... only the...
  9. GuttaLaser

    MFC 101 Mk II + Mission SP-1 on the way

    Plz My Friends... stay tuned for a GODZILLION of questions!!! :p:D
  10. GuttaLaser

    Thinking to a new toy

    Hi ppl, I'm thinking to get a new toy: the Digitech TRIO+ Band Creator & Looper. http://digitech.com/en/products/trio-plus It's a kind of intelligent arranger in the form factor of a guitar pedal fx that can learn a run of chords and the rhythm you play with your guitar and instantly create a...
  11. GuttaLaser

    Are the presets too old now?

    The last factory presets file (A-B-C) is exactly 1 year old now! Isn't time to refresh something after all the news in the firmware?
  12. GuttaLaser

    Just an idea: off-line AxeEdit

    The 3.5.1 release is a little step into the compatibility of the Axe eco-system, with the option of export blocks from Axe XL to Axe II format. But the real goal is a full patch converter from the XL to the II machines (dropping the unsupported features just like done now for the blocks!) Can...
  13. GuttaLaser

    Help on "Satisfaction" tone

    can't find a way for the early chainsaw distortion for the Stones "Satisfaction". On YT there is some videos of a pedal that nails that tone perfectly. But i want do it with the Axe!Any suggestion?
  14. GuttaLaser

    Hard panned or not?

    Running the Axe direct to board (left in one mono channel and right in another mono channel) what is the best: a) hard panning the two channels all the way left and right b) just a bit panned left and right c) centered
  15. GuttaLaser


    https://youtu.be/Ym0Xcyb46eA :fatigue:
  16. GuttaLaser

    Thrill is gone... Mr.BB - GoodBye King!

    In memory of the King of The Blues! :cry https://youtu.be/4fk2prKnYnI
  17. GuttaLaser

    Question for the IRs makers Gurus

    Some IRs add some drive to the sound! I mean ... you have an amp setting with low drive with a cab IR... and much more drive changin the cab IR. And for my ruined ears... the drive added is much more than simply the frequencies EQing because the different cab used! Is just like driving and...
  18. GuttaLaser

    PLZ... need help with the scratchpads!!

    Something changed! Once with a doubleclick in a folder with the IRS files I was able to try a lot of IRs very fast! Now nothing appens... only silent!!! Someone can help me with a step by step for fast auditioning IRs files? TnX
  19. GuttaLaser

    Any prob with scratchpads?

    I set scratchpad 1 on cab block, then browsing and doubleclicking from a directory of IRs... only silent! whathafuk?
  20. GuttaLaser

    Preset 007: my name is Boost ... Top Boost

    Well... nu presets sounds killer. Period! As I was thinking... the G3 at his best! BUT to me the 007 is really really bad. Where is the classic brightness of the AC30??? The sound seems to came out from the a** of a wooly sheep!!! What you think about it guys?
  21. GuttaLaser

    The real tryout...

    ... will start with the nu presets! Well... I mean... that's how the G3 is supposed to sound! And I can't wait to start this journey into the Cliff brain!!! :lol
  22. GuttaLaser

    Fw18... news?

    ... about the official final release?
  23. GuttaLaser

    200 Likes Today

    Where is my Axe XL gift? :lol
  24. GuttaLaser

    Comfortably NOW!

  25. GuttaLaser

    Merry Xmas to...

    I wish a Merry Xmas to all of you ppl to Cliff and M@t and to all the wanderfull ppl @ FAS to the 2 best prophets of the Axe philosophy Mark and Cooper and to all you ppl in this great forum
  26. GuttaLaser

    NU presets?

    Ok... I'm not the kind of person who ask and aks for more and more. I'm only just thinking that from Fw.15 to the last 17 the Axe is now better and better with many features added to the tonal palette. So, why not a general refresh of the presets, made from the ppl who knows every single...
  27. GuttaLaser

    Message for FAS

    HEY PEOPLE... IT'S FRIDAY!!! :lol
  28. GuttaLaser

    DAW - USB 3 vs USB 2 direct recording

    Hi ppl... I'm getting crazy with a prob in my recording sessions with my DAW. DAW is Nuendo 4.3 running on a Win 7 64bit mobile workstation (HP 8770w CORE i7 proc - 4 physics cores and 8 logic cores - with 16Gb ram and a 7200rpm HD). Axe FW is the latest 16.04 The prob is that...
  29. GuttaLaser

    Just my curiosity

    This is for Cliff The Axe is powered by a powerfull processor (or maybe 2... dunno!) ... i think the best in the market now.... and you put in stuff and algorithms and any kind of magic you do! What if... the power of the processor was x2 or in a multiprocessors system? say x4? I...
  30. GuttaLaser

    Aerosmith - Joe Perry - Walk This Way

    RUN-DMC version... try and let me know! ;-) http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=2796 much much better now!!! Take a snippet of the drum loop... and play along!!! :encouragement: Axe II mk 2 patch (not XL)
  31. GuttaLaser


    The Magic Box is now a teen-ager with FW 16.xx ... and sounds amazing!!! How will sounds... when became a MILF????? :o :lol
  32. GuttaLaser

    PLZ HELP! Volume issue!

    In my little and disfunctional brain i can't understand this Axe beheaviour: say you have a simply patch (pre fx + amp + cab + post fx) in a single row of the layout grid now you want add say a chorus after the cab but in parallel not in series coz you want the original sound uneffected and...
  33. GuttaLaser

    Again: Line6 long FBV

    Hi ppl, like many other ppl here I'm an ex-L6er now converted to the wanderfull Axe. I've used the HD500 as a midi-pedalboard in a gig to control the Axe. All Ok. But my old Vetta HD+long FBV floorboard rig is in a corner covered of dust. I've read about some projects of converters for...
  34. GuttaLaser


    https://soundcloud.com/guttalaser/funkup funking on a YT backingTRK :pirate:
  35. GuttaLaser

    Ok I'm lost! HELP! Autoengage/Disengage Wha

    Ok... i'm in with the first step! I know how engage! BUT... HOW DISENGAGE???? (Expression pedal into the pedal in oh The AxeFX MkII) Plz help
  36. GuttaLaser

    The Ultimate Tips Compilation for LIVE direct to the board

    Well... the title say enough. No matter what kind of amp or cab and setting for the tone... Just... say... better mono or stereo... or pan hard/not so hard left/right... or push some mids... or no more of the X% wet reverb... and everything of your knowledge and experiences playing LIVE direct...
  37. GuttaLaser

    Need help with my pedalboard project

    Hi ppl, can someone help me please checking this project?First of all I'm an AxeFx II owner I need 4 Mission pedals: 1 with switch for WHA 1 no switch but spring loaded for WHAMMY (using the autoengage feature) 1 no switch no spring for VOLUME 1 no switch no spring for other expression...
  38. GuttaLaser

    Just... WOW!!! FW15

    Dunno... maybe the fw15... maybe the new presets... maybe a mix of both... all sounds are.... a guitar's paradise! God bless you Cliff and all you ppl @ FAS! and a big TNX for the passion you put in the constant evolution of the project called AXE FX!!! all we owners are absolutely and...
  39. GuttaLaser

    Any news about the official FW15?

    waiting for... new factory presets... maybe ultrares factory cabs... and the new Axe Edit...
  40. GuttaLaser

    Led Zep drum loop: Just an "arena rock" test... but i like it!

    https://soundcloud.com/guttalaser/kachemir2norm Based on the drum-loop ripped from Kachemir by Led Zep! Only drum loop from the song... 2 guitars panned 50% left and right using FAS modern and vintage Crap (I know!) solo slightly off center with a Marshallish amp + drive (a Rat if I remeber...
  41. GuttaLaser

    Parallel FXs... but too much volume gain

    Dunno why... but If I place an fx block in an another row of the grid connecting both the "direct" signal and the parallel Fx to the output... the volume increase too much! How must I connect the direct row and the parallel row... without increasing the overall volume? TNX
  42. GuttaLaser

    How to rip off the nasal honkyness from the bridge puppyes

    don't misunderstand me... not a issue with the Axe! At all! just a more "mature" and advanced approach to THE BEAST carving out the tone i want! And... don't go with the easy way (PEQ and EQ block or General EQ) 'coz in my philosophy... I tend to use equalization to correct the monitoring...
  43. GuttaLaser

    Power section: AC Line Freq

    Just a question about the AC Line freq in the power section of the amp block. How this parametre affect the sound?... and there is any relation with the actual ac freq in the electric line I use (here in Italy the AC freq is 50Hz!!!) TNX in adv.
  44. GuttaLaser

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

    To Cliff and FAS PPL and tNX for all the beautiful goodies of 2013 ... and to all the Axelized ppl of this great forum!!! and an happy new year full of new FWs... and amps models... and fxs... and all that magic for the BEST GUITAR TONES EVER!!!
  45. GuttaLaser

    Totally confused!!! I/O settings for DAW

    Hi ppl... need the I/O page settings (and other settings if necessary) for the easyest thing on Heart: recording a guitar track while listening a backing track!!! Going CRAZY!!! No audio input... no audio output!!! First of all: The correct AXE FX ASIO driver il correctly selected in the DAW...
  46. GuttaLaser

    Rolling Stones patches: need help!!!

    Hi AXElized PPL need 2 kickass patches for "Honky Tonk Woman" and "Start Me Up" (direct to the mixer) Any help.. suggestion... patches... are welcome!!! TNX
  47. GuttaLaser

    Waiting for MEMO:

    - UltraRes (TM) cabs technology - Long sample version of OH cabs IRs - Long sample version of FAS collections cabs IRs (hope!) - Axe Manage - 1x12 and 2x12 OH cabs IRs ... forget something?
  48. GuttaLaser

    Under the Xmas Tree: Axe Manage?

    Dear Santa Cliff, this year for my Xmas gift... I want an Axe Manage inside my laptop! Tnx sooo much! :lol
  49. GuttaLaser

    Need HELP: 2 instruments setup

    PPL... I'm lost!!! Need a step-by-step (or a patch + I/O settings) guide to a 2 instruments at once setup! My need is a setup with one chain for the guitar (front input) and one chain for another instrument: another guitar chain... or bass... or -to be more specific- a Green Bullet mic for a...
  50. GuttaLaser

    Are just my ears?

    I noticed that in the recorded tracks the reverb and the delay fxs are much more "wet" than the direct sound from the Axe (I use the Axe usb for recording and the Axe outs for direct monitoring when i play and then a firewire audio card for auditioning and postprod the daw tracks). The prob is...
  51. GuttaLaser

    DRIVER 1.6.8 or 1.6.7??? HELP... NEW LAPTOP!!!

    Hi ppl... I'm installing all the AFII software stuff in my new BEAST (HP 8770W 16gb ram, nVidia QUADRO, i7 proc. quad core... running Win7 64bit) and I won't go wrong! Some weeks ago I've read something about some issues with the 1.6.8 usb driver. This probs are still there? Any news? TNX
  52. GuttaLaser

    WEM cabs + vintage FANE Crescendo IRs?

    Ya know... the Gilmour cabs way! Any resource?!?
  53. GuttaLaser

    EVH The Flying Dutchman

    Ok new FW11 new AxeEdit 3... and here is my first tryout. Starting from the stock EVH Circa 1982 preset... tweacked at my taste auditioning direct from AXEFXII out 1 through KRK V8 (80W near/mid field mixing monitors). There are CHO FLG PHA options and the idea is to get that fx post AMP/CAB...
  54. GuttaLaser

    Need HELP: 2 instruments preset

    Ok now we have FW11 and AxeEdit 3.0! I need to set up a preset for a 2 instruments at once like this 1) front input guitar... and a row with COMP+DRV+AMP+CAB+[SOME OTHER STUFF LIKE CHO/FLG/PHA]+DLY+REV => OUT 1 2) rear input GREEN BULLET MIC FOR HARP (jack cable, same impedance like...
  55. GuttaLaser

    Why some IRs are so much loud?

    D/loaded the Orange cabs IRs from here (think all of you know what I'm talking about) and yes... great cab and great IR... but... I think that the thing about it's wow-effect is that that damn IR sound f**ing louder of the average of ALL the other IRs (inside and outside the AxEFx). Is the...
  56. GuttaLaser

    Bug? Selecting user cab location >1 system restart!!! [solved]

    :o WOOOAAA!! (Fw 10.10 here) I was tweaking with IRs cabs... and dialing over n.1 user cab... the AfxII perform a system restart (Christmas tree leds run!). Stable issue... Where are my other user cabs locations?????!!!!!
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