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  1. ecalcagnino

    Wish Cab Mute and Solo buttons like a console

    I immediately found myself wishing for a quicker way to A/B my cabs when mixing. I think it would be really helpful if instead of the drop-down, there were two small buttons that take up the same width: (S) (M) Maybe rather than a grayed out/non-grayed out on/off designation, they could be...
  2. ecalcagnino

    Bug? 7.02b - Choosing menu item Reset Block or Reset Current Effect Type activates inactive block

    7.02b - Choosing menu item Reset Block or Reset Current Effect Type activates inactive block, but the block still SHOWS that it's inactive. Can replicate every time. I tried this on a few different block types with the same results as well. I am using This is an XL with 7.02b and Axe Edit...
  3. ecalcagnino

    Please help - signal routing with AFX and Studio One for monitoring

    Hey all. The answer to my issue is likely somewhere, but I haven't found it. That's probably due more to the fact that I am not 100% how to ask, so please bear with me. This is all using the AFX as the only interface connected to studio monitors at OUTPUT 1. I’m using Windows 10 with Studio One...
  4. ecalcagnino

    Could someone with a 90's Ibanez RG offer a wee bit of help re: back plates?

    Hey there, I picked up an old J Custom model I have wanted for a long time. The problem is that the three plates in the back are all missing. I would like to get them replaced with new custom made aluminum ones, but my tracings are not very useable and won't yield a nice outcome. SO, I wanted...
  5. ecalcagnino

    NGD - PRS Tremonti Sig in Angry Larry

    Hey there, I'm actually a little late with this one, but wanted to share. Angry Larry has to be one of the best colors PRS has ever offered. And I was told by the guys at PRS that it is no longer offered even on CS builds. Great guitar, not sure if I am down with the 22 frets, I have been a...
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