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  1. gelati


    yo! i know this has probably been asked a thousand times, but hey 1001 can't hurt! so I'm looking for a pair of reasonably priced monitors to use with my axe, they will be mainly used for my axe fx, listening to music, and mixing and mastering my recordings! (not sure what else you could use...
  2. gelati

    AXE FX 2 mkII OR XL!!!

    ok in my last post i explained why i left the fractal family! but now I'm returning! i have the opportunity to get either a axe fx 2 mk II, or an axe fx 2 XL, the only thing is there is a $900 difference between these two (used price) so basically which one should i go? is there a big benefit...
  3. gelati

    I'm returning to the axe fx :D

    so i originally had a axe fx 2 mkII, and at the time i had no idea what i had gotten myself into! i was gigging at the time and also couldn't afford the mfc! so i made the VERY FOOLISH decision and sold her! (yes i regret it every day!) that was almost 2 years ago! and since then i do not play...
  4. gelati

    clear sounding big chords???

    ok so recently i got my axe fx 2 mk2 and ive been messing around with it quite a bit, but one thing that is frustrating me to no end is the rhythm stuff! lead is amazing, cleans are unreal, ambient stuff if absolutely unrivalled, but i just cant seem to nail a decent rhythm tone. now im using a...
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