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  1. wknight2

    Atomic CLR Neo lost high end?

    Played a show tonight (Axe8), and suddenly my treble was gone. A typical Marshall patch that sounds mean and nasty suddenly sounded like a jazz guitar on the neck pickup. Switched to my backup guitar thinking the bridge pickup went out, but sound was the same. Has anyone experienced this? I...
  2. wknight2

    Great tone from CLR sounds like a blanket over a PRX712?

    Hi folks, I could use some advice: For years I've used a CLR Neo as a backline or personal monitor. We've been getting more requests for private events where there is no sound system, so instead of using the rehearsal PA , I bought a new setup, Behringer XR18 with JBL PRX712s. I was testing...
  3. wknight2

    Anyone have squeal on some patches but not others?

    Decided to try some new lead patches. Normally, I can control squeal by keeping my hand on the strings. With these 2 patches, TDR Cornford and So Many Roads, nothing I do keeps it in check. I tried changing settings on the gate, but eventually the gate is so strong I lose dynamics and bloom. I...
  4. wknight2

    Anyone have a phone number for Atomic? No response in a week to 3 emails to support

    deleted deleted, email just received.
  5. wknight2

    What PA speakers would be better than EON15s for the AXE?

    A question for those of you who sometimes play smaller gigs with your own PA: - Larger gigs, we go FOH. So, there are usually higher end PA speakers - Smaller gigs, like benefit concerts or smaller clubs we use our own PA, a Mackie 808s. The speakers are JBL EON15s. Some of the monitors being...
  6. wknight2

    emergency...at.gig.and.axe.ii has no output

    Latest.firmware on.axe.ii. worked.fine.Tuesday. input.light.works. bypass.gives me.clean sound . No.sound.from either output.one.or.two.on either left.or.right. disconnected.mfc.no.change. I.can't check.forum response.since.at.gig. if.u can call me.if.you know what problem is. I...
  7. wknight2

    Problem after upgrade: boost volume not lowered by hitting another preset switch

    Worked fine before upgrade. I have IA5 configured as a boost switch. I also went through all my presets and changed Alternate Preset to GBL from I01. I play preset 3 for example, need to solo, so hit BOOST (switch 5). Works fine. Hitting Boost again correctly lowers volume to previous level...
  8. wknight2

    Question on routing OUT1 to FOH w/cab sim, OUT2 to Matrix/EVM12L without Cab sim

    I'm hoping someone can provide some thoughts: For years I've been using OUT1. At first, with an FBT Verve with cab sims on. For the last 9 months or so, to a Matrix and EVM12L with cab sims turned globally off. Things have changed where I need to route some sound to the PA, and also record...
  9. wknight2

    Flying international with 2 bass guitars - any recomendations?

    First time flying with 2 bass guitars, and flying international. Do the airlines have a limit on liability? If one or both basses get damaged in transit (they are vintage), up to what amount do they cover? How do you folks who fly travel with your basses/guitars? Do you put them in a guitar box...
  10. wknight2

    Looking for opinion on cabs to use with Matrix

    Looking for opinion on cabs/speakers to use with poweramp Hi folks: After reading threads, I decided to order the Matrix and give a poweramp/cab option a try. I've been using a Verve 12ma for 2+ years with my Ultra, and have been reasonably happy, but to quote others, it seems to lack some...
  11. wknight2

    Question on hooking up 2 guitars, electric and acoustic

    Can someone help me understand how to make this scenario work? At free shows we do, there is no sound guy. I run my electric into the front input of the Axe. One output goes to my Verve, which I use as a backline. The R output goes to the PA, with that channel on the PA turned down, so just a...
  12. wknight2

    Wiki is down, anyone have the picture of soldering the Midi Solutions Midi Merger?

    The Midi Merger arrives, I have the soldering gun out, and.... no wiki! Can anyone please post the pictures of the underside of the Midi Solutions Midi Merger that shows where to solder what to what? It was on the wiki... Thanks in advance!
  13. wknight2

    Problem getting Wah and Whammy assigned to a switch

    OK, a few hours have gone by and I'm stumped. I read the wiki on setting up an IA to toggle an expression pedal between a wah and whammy, but can't get it to work. I'm running an Ultra and MFC-101, latest firmware, and Axe-Edit latest version. On the MFC101, I'd like IA13 (the switch between...
  14. wknight2

    Any NJ/NY users interested in a meetup?

    Might be useful to compare rigs, patches, tips, etc. For example, I currently run through a verve but would be interested in hearing live what rigs through power amps and cabs sound/feel like. Any interest? I'm exit 40 off of Route 78 (NJ insiders joke) ;)
  15. wknight2

    Problem setting up Solo Boost (volume boost) on MFC101

    I apologize in advance for my confusion...I want to set up a volume boost on the MFC101, to be used for solos and other things. I came across the following: =========== Hi guys. I set up a GLOBAL boost which works for all presets. Here's how: Set an IA SWITCH to "NONE" Set its CC# to that of...
  16. wknight2

    Is there a link somewhere to the latest version of Scott's presets?

    The version I have is from early 2010, and they're awesome! Wondering if a newer version has been posted somewhere? Thanks!
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