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  1. alcyppa


    Sadly I'm selling my Axe FX II MKI due to needing money. I'm Italy based but if needed I'll ship anywhere in the UE (at buyer expense). Asking 950€ + shipping (the price includes the Proel 2U rack case).
  2. alcyppa

    FS Ibanez AZ 2204 ICM [EU]

    I'm selling my new Ibanez AZ 2204 ICM. Bought it a couple of weeks ago but I've found that I'm too used to wizard necks so I'm considering selling it. I'd really prefer non to ship it so someone from Italy in the Veneto/Treviso area would be perfect. If needed I'll ship it within the EU...
  3. alcyppa

    Slightly less gain on Axe-Fx II USB reamped tracks

    Hi guys I'm currently digging into reamping with the Axe Fx II in preparation for some recording I'll have to do in a couple of months. While doing some tests I've found out that reamped tracks besides being a little bit delayed (which is expected I believe) have slightly less gain than the...
  4. alcyppa

    Learning how to approach guitar wirings and schematics

    As the title says I'm looking for resources to learn how pickup wiring works. I have basically no real skill in that regard besides having changed pickups on a guitar following a schematic (and REALLY hoping for the best). I don't want to do that anymore... I would like to do conscious actions...
  5. alcyppa

    S/pdif with Axe Fx as slave issue [no input clock]

    Hey guys, I need a little help from you today. I've recently purchased a 2nd generation Scarlett 6i6 and I was thinking to setup mi rig to be able to record and reamp using s/pdif connection. So far I got it working with the Axe as master and the Focusrite as slave and I've succesfully...
  6. alcyppa

    Test FW 18.08 IIc+ [Yep, JP inside. How original...]

    When a new FW comes up I generally do some test clips for myself (as I tend to be more objective when I listen than when I play). Sometimes I upload these clips as I'm going to do now. Nothing unheard or special, just trying the new G3'd IIc+ and creating a quite heavy patch that let me go...
  7. alcyppa

    FW 18 Friedman HBE [Metal?]

    Feeling metal (???) lately so I decided to do one more clip with an amp that I generally overlook. I features a piece from a pretty fun to play song which I haven't played for years. So sorry for sloppiness, double tracking timing errors and harmonies not remebered correctly. Also, I...
  8. alcyppa

    FW18 6160 II

    I've done the quickest clip: random first take riff, doubled it (sadly non perfectly) and uploaded to soundcloud. Not a metal player here (to be fair not since I was 16) and "that's not quite my tempo" but I gave it a shot.
  9. alcyppa

    FW 18beta Plexi

    So far i've tried only the Plexi and I'm stunned. I don't have the time (and will) to switch back and forth between Fw 17.04 and 18 so MAYBE it's me hearing things that were there before (placebo effect and seeing things different because you know they are different). But I hear a new...
  10. alcyppa

    Using Axe Fx to play backing track live

    Hi guys I have a question for you. Can I use the mighty Axe (acting as a souncard) to simultaneusly play a stereo backing track (sent to the PA), play the same backing plus click (sent to the drummer) and process my guitar? Sadly I suspect the answer will be "No you can't, fool" but I really...
  11. alcyppa

    FW17 Plexi 50W Jump

    FW17 Plexi 50W Jump [New Pre & CK IRs] These mic pre are very cool! Just did a quick test with the FET I pre added to my main Plexi patch and I like how it sounds. I've also used the sm57 B1 IR from Cab Pack 7. Thanks so much Cliff and FAS crew, next days will be a lot of fun...
  12. alcyppa

    Dream Theater The Looking Glass Tone Match

    This afternoon I came across this song and I really liked the guitar riff...So I had to learn it. I just wanted to share with you guys the tonematched clip I've just registered. BTW not the tightest playing ever....
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