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  1. GBM

    Which 80's style hard rock and metal super strats should I consider?

    Try out a Jackson PC-1 https://www.jacksonguitars.com/gear/shape/pc1/usa-signature-phil-collen-pc1-satin-stain/2803152873
  2. GBM

    FS SOLD FS: Axe FX 2 XL, MFC MK3, RAC-12, 14U Rack w/ drawers, Furman, Gator 2U bag, Atomic CLR

    Also interested in the CLR if you still have it
  3. GBM

    Tribute to Eddie Van Halen (w/ free patch)

    Absolutely FANTASTIC!
  4. GBM

    Rack Delays Preset

    Fantastic Leon!!!
  5. GBM

    Burg's Dumbles V2

  6. GBM

    Preset for FINAL COUNTDOWN high pitch opening riff?

    Will this convert properly for a III?
  7. GBM

    Triumph Live - much kickassery

    Phenomenal......always were
  8. GBM

    1978 - Cygnus

    NICE!!!! Great job!!! Will we always miss the man; always. but will never forget him.....Things like this make it easier.....keep on rockin!
  9. GBM

    What's up with this, is it for real? :(

    If he spent this much time playing or learning something on guitar, he'd be much more ahead in life than this senseless drivel.......can't make up for talent with this crap. It's so stupid it's comical.
  10. GBM

    Let’s see those guitars

    Bunch of Fenders for Country - but these two keep me happy the most!
  11. GBM

    Trevor Rabin presets?

    Any set up/patch recommendations or other information? - Thanks!
  12. GBM

    How to handle Views - Santana Style sound

    Very Very Nice Marco! Thanks for the music and advice my friend!
  13. GBM

    Styx - "Blue Collar Man"

  14. GBM

    Bon Jovi - "It's My Life" Video

    late to the party; but just wanted to say thanks for sharing and you guys sound great!!
  15. GBM

    Guitar Center woes

    probably the best ending you could wish for even though it was a pia!! AND after you plug them both in for at least a 'few' minutes?!?!? or hours?!?! or a couple of days?!?
  16. GBM

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

    another vote for NYC Pedalboards; still have a custom one from the ultra days; nice sturdy hard covers are good to have
  17. GBM

    Guitar Center woes

    Yep - just like in everything.....worth a shot
  18. GBM

    Guitar Center woes

    just keep calling, as you usually will get a different rep each time (at fedex); some are good; some are not...see if they have a change in status. I'd also ask to speak with the store manager at the GC you ordered in and get him/her involved and see what you get.....they don't want to ever lose...
  19. GBM

    Is there a decent weather app for iOS?

    no - I just use the free version on my iphone; its more accurate than anything else I've found so far; like the hour by hour vs days forecasting a tap away
  20. GBM

    Is there a decent weather app for iOS?

  21. GBM

    I’m no good - I will never ever be any good

    amazing.....kind of deflating yet super inspiring at the same time! - wish I had fingers like that :cool: love seeing kids so talented
  22. GBM

    Rack Suggestions for Axe-Fx III

    2nd this; I can't recall how many I've replaced; the good news though is they will send you new ones if you ask for them; great customer support; so they've kept me as a client.....
  23. GBM

    Axe-Fx 3, HS8 Studio Monitors and a Sonic Epiphany

    "slapped dizzy" just made my day!!!!
  24. GBM

    Midlife Crisis Car

    If its a 2016'sh car that still fits the bill, your best bang for your buck is going to be a 2016 or even a '14 and '15 C7 Corvette; I have a 2015 3LT Z51 in the garage and love it....its a rocket also...it may lose to a Tesla off the line, but then it doesn't sound or feel like a Tesla...
  25. GBM

    Sustainiac simulation?

    Freq out pedal will probably be the cheapest solution as mentioned; just thought I'd throw out the PC1 and agree about the price being up there, but they are truly great super strats with their own version of a sustainer (believe it morphed from the technology in an early Floyd Rose-design that...
  26. GBM

    Sustainiac simulation?

    Try a Jackson PC1 - great guitar; playing wise and sonically https://www.jacksonguitars.com/gear/artist-platform/pc1
  27. GBM

    Anyone using an RJM Mastermind?

    Thank you!!!
  28. GBM

    Bitcoin - Use it or No?

    If you have to ask a question like that, (about anything) it's not mainstream enough to take a risk like that. Ian's words of advice are perfect.
  29. GBM

    Axe-Fx II in Action: Yes - Live at the Apollo

    Just saw this again last night on AXS-TV; great tones;....anyone know what Trevor used as his pedal board? pretty elaborate whatever it was
  30. GBM

    Matrix FR10 or FR12 alternative?

    Thanks! Appreciate the feedback; always reassuring to hear from someone with experience with a product like this.
  31. GBM

    Steve Vai "For the Love of God"

    Agreed! please share! thanks!!! great playing!
  32. GBM

    Matrix Amplification FR10

    Still happy with it?
  33. GBM

    Are there any FRFR solutions out there that can compete with a 2x12 + power amp?

    folks with the new ASM-12, have you had the experience of playing with a CLR? If so, please let me know your experience between the two. Thanks!
  34. GBM

    Considering a CLR after reading this glowing detailed review

    very cool; happy to hear. play and enjoy and stay cool out there!!!
  35. GBM

    Managing Stage Volume without a Sound Engineer

    and another; great technology as long as everyone agrees to leave their FOH levels alone once scenes are set and you've got your mix that you are happy with. anyone needs more 'me' crank it up on your on individual iphone, wifi capable ipod, or ipad. wireless and double checking things are...
  36. GBM

    TOO many guitars not enough strings..the ANSWER- BULK

    I've had great success and saved a lot of money with D'addario sets of 25 over the years... price has gone up a bit as of late, but it's still a good deal: Amazon.com: D'Addario EXL120-B25 Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings, Super Light, 9-42, 25 Sets: Musical Instruments
  37. GBM

    Line 6 G90 transmitter connection

    Line 6 G90 female transmitter connection how did this turn out? Thanks all for the info and glad to see they switched to metal. Just ordered a couple myself.
  38. GBM

    Where did this shimmer preset go ?

    I believe so - I remember grabbing it when I heard it so it may have been someone's creation - just looking to see if someone recreated it for the II
  39. GBM

    Where did this shimmer preset go ?

    Did anyone find it? or have this?
  40. GBM

    Lesson learned

    Isn't that true; we've all learned the hard way
  41. GBM

    My first live gig with Version 10.05 firmware

    This is great to hear. Anxiously awaiting my II after great success with my Ultra. Tinkering is not an issue when you get fellow musicians coming up to you after a gig asking "what is that? I heard a flute for the beginning of Can't You See and then you ripped the solo" - ....all that from an...
  42. GBM

    An upgraders diary

    That's my advice as well; I've got a II on the way finally after debating for some time whether or not to upgrade as my Ultra has been a happy addition since early 2011........the final push: we had a near fiasco at a private gig last week: We lost a main speaker cab the week before that was due...
  43. GBM

    Matching headphones to 'live'?

    Terry - really interesting; I've heard the same from a friend as well....may I ask what IEM's did you decide on and can you recommend the best setup/config for them? Thanks
  44. GBM


    +2 = huge difference. Have tone control for all pu's. - especially the bridge
  45. GBM

    Best wireless system to work with the Axe2?

    G90 is the best around for the money. Upgrade the cable to a neutrik silent jack and you can get by with one tranmitter and silent switching between guitars; I've used one for over 100 shows; multiple guitars and one transmitter.
  46. GBM

    What do you think about the news of VH "taking a break"?

    Listen to the new album if you haven't; they are as good as ever; it aint 1978, but Eddie will always have it. awesome playing
  47. GBM

    Jump or not to jump... That is the question

    you guys don't make it easy!! How can you be completely happy and then the II takes it to the next level..... seems that saying 'life is short' is ringing in my head more and more.....time to do it
  48. GBM

    Bought AxeFX II, just sold my Ultra last night via Ebay. Is the buyer here?

    and so far the review is? are you happy you took the plunge?
  49. GBM

    Jump or not to jump... That is the question

    How are you doing with it after a couple more weeks?? (same boat as you!)
  50. GBM

    Keith Urban 'Til Summer Comes Along Preset

    Please post when you get your Ultra patch set. Much appreciated!!!!!!!!
  51. GBM

    MFC101 Randomly effects volume of Ultra when using foot controller for WAH

    random volume changes/drop after using wah This drove me crazy for quite awhile.....frustrating as hell Same here; upgrade solved issue. Thanks!
  52. GBM

    Axe FX II - First Impressions - Part 1

    thanks for writing; great to hear.
  53. GBM

    Mission pedals output level lower than normal output? (without pedal)

    Scott/gents - I screwed up; recalibrated (and paid more attention this time) and all is well. Both my new missions started at 0 and topped out at 116 which explains the issue; after calibrated for the 3rd and 4th time (just to be sure), I'm good to go! Looking forward to using the new rig...
  54. GBM

    Mission pedals output level lower than normal output? (without pedal)

    Thanks Yek; did that first and that's why I'm a bit confused. Maybe I didn't do it properly, but did it twice
  55. GBM

    Mission pedals output level lower than normal output? (without pedal)

    Has anyone had an issue with the output level being slightly less than your normal output level with a mission pedal in line as a volume pedal? I just received both and EP-1 and an SP-1 and while setting them up, (EP-1 as volume & SP-1 as expression) I noticed that my volume was slightly...
  56. GBM

    Got My Ultra Today

    Welcome to the ride of your life
  57. GBM


  58. GBM

    $650 for the new one and I'll pay the shipping that was up on ebay call at 415 971 6772 or...

    $650 for the new one and I'll pay the shipping that was up on ebay call at 415 971 6772 or write back
  59. GBM

    Tonight: first gig with Atomic FRFR

    Hey Phil, Glad to hear again and thanks for the info! GBM
  60. GBM

    Dweezil on Leno

    That boy can play!! YES!!!!!! ; Cooper always puts on a hell of a show!!!! Hope they come around the SF Bay area this tour
  61. GBM

    Tonight: first gig with Atomic FRFR

    atomic cab or wedge?
  62. GBM

    Atomic Wedge on Cab ??

    Cool; that would be interesting to see!!
  63. GBM

    Styx guitar sound from Pieces of Eight album

    Nice job!! Great album and era......if you get the chance to see Styx in their latest line up, (still awesome due to JY and Tommy) do so!!!
  64. GBM

    QSC KW 12'S or QSC K12's

    nice to know; that's what I would have expected with the wood; glad to hear that it was a big improvement in the right direction!
  65. GBM

    Anybody else do gigs without miking or going direct to FOH?

    Slightly differing opinion; if you have any instruments going through FOH/PA and not the others, you will have an uneven sound quality in any venue. - most importantly with keys and guitars. Bass will carry and isn't necessary to go direct or mic up unless you are in a large venue; drums follow...
  66. GBM

    QSC KW 12'S or QSC K12's

    Good question - I think I read somewhere that the birch helped with the lows. Be nice to hear some comments.....
  67. GBM

    Any regrets in purchasing from anyone??

    God I know what you mean. at least we are here now....I can't recall how many times I thought I had it nailed going through my vetta rig to only hear a recording or walking out to hear the FOH and being extremely disappointed....I wish I kept my JCM 800 even just for "sentimental reasons"! Sold...
  68. GBM

    Any regrets in purchasing from anyone??

    Awesome; keep rocking it!!!
  69. GBM

    Ultra editing question - copying of effects/layout from one patch to another

    Thanks; I new it was a lot more simple than what I was doing........5 hours with my head into it, I was starting to go nuts as I was having some midi issues again that was complicating matters.... asking much easier. appreciate it!!
  70. GBM

    Ultra editing question - copying of effects/layout from one patch to another

    Many thanks; can it be done with several all at the same time or is it necessary to do it individually?
  71. GBM

    Ultra editing question - copying of effects/layout from one patch to another

    What is the easiest way to copy an effects grid/layout from one preset to any others so that I can have the same effects at my disposal without having to add them manually?
  72. GBM

    A new guy saying hi.

    You will not be disappointed; welcome to the ride of your musical life!!!
  73. GBM

    Any regrets in purchasing from anyone??

    I'm with you all.... Turning on my Vetta II combo after playing around with this new marvel of engineering as stated after a couple of weeks was like turning on a blender that had a spoon stuck in it....
  74. GBM

    Suggestions for compact PA-System

    If you want something ultra portable, take a look at Carvin's RX1200 powered mixer; the new model is the RX1200L - it used to come with an Anvil-style road case which you can buy separately. Good bang for the buck and 4 powered channels, so you can have two separate monitor mixes if you so...
  75. GBM

    Road cases/covers for Atomics

    agreed; thanks. The wedges are the ones I would like to get protected when I get them in hand. Have two road cases that will fit the cabs as it turns out.
  76. GBM

    Road cases/covers for Atomics

    Has anyone found a good road case or other protective cover for the Atomic cabs and Atomic wedges?
  77. GBM

    Any regrets in purchasing from anyone??

    How true....thanks. Life is short. agreed.... So I got my ultra earlier this week and all I can say is holy SH*T; finally the tone and dynamics in one package I've been searching for; 5 minutes after I got it hooked up to a PA head - monitor combo (powered Carvin RX1200 and two JBL JRX112's)...
  78. GBM

    Any regrets in purchasing from anyone??

    Thanks!! Sold. Can't get much more of a recommedation that that! And thanks to everyone; A pleasure to meet you and I really appreciate all the advice, support and guidance throughout. End of GAS, end of a long never-ending search is my dream that sure feels like it's going to be reality. I...
  79. GBM

    Any regrets in purchasing from anyone??

    Very cool!! sounds like you've got it covered! I see what you mean about the portability. I have a couple of road cases for my vetta combo and and extension cab. I need what ever I get to fit in there if possible. looking at the dimensions of the Atomics, it doesn't look like it will work. The...
  80. GBM

    Any regrets in purchasing from anyone??

    Funny, i was about to buy one last month and go back to a tube amp setup; For the money of the G-System, seems that either of the Axe's make a lot more sense. Glad you are happy now and thank for the comments; Your rig is where I want to be. What did you decide on for cab/s & amp if I may ask...
  81. GBM

    Any regrets in purchasing from anyone??

    You just made my day; thanks a ton for all the info, advice and guidance; Using the term "no regrets" hit home as that's the name of my band.... Excited as hell to get my new Ultra, GM P.S. - did you go with active atomic wedges or cabs? Looking at gettng two myself; Was going to run the...
  82. GBM

    Any regrets in purchasing from anyone??

    Thanks!! - how did you settle on the FBT Verves? do you play with them facing you as monitors or behind you? Looks like Im on the the train now as I bought my ultra last night...
  83. GBM

    Any regrets in purchasing from anyone??

    Now you've got me beyond excited; thanks again everyone chiming in; Played a new year's gig with my vetta rig last night went out to the FOH with my wireless and had that shrill go down the back of my spine listening to one of my patches just thinking, eeek!!!! how tinny my tone was. Believe it...
  84. GBM

    Any regrets in purchasing from anyone??

    Cool; what do you play through? wondering if I should go all in and try the active atomics
  85. GBM

    Any regrets in purchasing from anyone??

    Appreciate the replies gents! Seems homework isn't such a bad thing, if the results are worth the efforts. I am a tinkerer, love technology, so it seems that its dumb not to....by the way as if the god's were telling me to get on with it, my lcd panel on my vetta just went out..... question for...
  86. GBM

    Any regrets in purchasing from anyone??

    Been on the fence for awhile now, but am so close in putting the funds together.....anyone have problems pulling the trigger then be completely satisfied that it was the right move?? Thinking of retiring my old Vetta II rig which as served me well but never had everything I wanted nor the...
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