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  1. kmanick

    Looking for the best most transparent clean boost in the FX8 with no mid hump

    I recently picked up a Splawn Super Sport el-34 version and I'm looking for a boost that will not give me a mid hump , I just want a hotter signal with some hi/low cut. thoughts?
  2. kmanick

    Guitars: how many and brands?

    My wife is generally pretty good about it but my daughter just started college and the cost almost caused me to stroke out . I have to be responsible for the next 4 years after that , i don't think she gives a sh*t. I used to have quite a collection and she didn't seem to care back then . Now...
  3. kmanick

    Guitars: how many and brands?

    ya sadly if you're married .... and want to stay married one in one out is a very real thing :( current line up 2002 Jackson USA SL2H 2001 Jackson USA Sl-1 2010 MIJ Charvel WildCard #4 2010 Charvel MIJ SoCal 2001 GMW CS Strat 2010 Les Paul Traditional Pro Exclusive 2018 Ibanez 752AHM at one...
  4. kmanick

    Anyone know how to set the Rotary block for a Badfinger song?

    this sounds great thank you!!!!
  5. kmanick

    Anyone know how to set the Rotary block for a Badfinger song?

    thanks I'll give this a try (I actually should've posted this in the Fx8 section as that is what I'm using with my JVM ) but I figured I'd bet more activity on it over here. I found a couple of older threads and tried their settings but it's almost "over kill" if you know what I mean. Can you...
  6. kmanick

    Anyone know how to set the Rotary block for a Badfinger song?

    No matter what has appeared on my list of songs to learn for this band I've joined, anyone know how to get this sound just right? it's a Leslie simulation thanks Nick
  7. kmanick

    Can anyone tell me how to set up the pitch block to cover the harmonies in the Scorpions tune

    there's no One like you? I will play the mattias part but I've never been clear how to set this thing up. I know the Song is in "A" and t's a natural Minor progression (F to G to A Minor) so how do I set the pitch block?
  8. kmanick

    Andy Wood teaches EJ / Bonnamasa style

    Andy is so good
  9. kmanick

    I've always been a v30 guy. Let's talk about Greenbacks.

    try mixing v30's with creamback m65's I have that mix in my jcm 800 cab and I wish I had done it years ago
  10. kmanick

    Friedman BE 4x12 speaker replacement

    if you've got the V30's on the bottom try 2 G12-m65's. I have a 2x12 with that mix and they sound killer together
  11. kmanick

    Axe III + Matrix GT800 + Marshall SV212

    clips? nice looking rig, I've sold my AxeFx II and am using a JVM210H with the FX-8 at the moment, but I may go to an Axe III at some point using a similar rig like you have going here. At the moment we're looking at the Suhr PT-15 which would gives us the best of both worlds (real cab/IR)...
  12. kmanick

    Tinnitus sufferers: ever find anything that helps?

    I've been dealing with this for about 10 years now. I always wear ear plugs now at rehearsals or gig (our own or watching) I saw some specialists at Mass Eye and Ear and one of the doctors gave me a prescription for Clonapin/Clorazapan. just 0.5 tablets. He says it's the only known drug that...
  13. kmanick

    never mind

  14. kmanick

    [I thought I didn't like FX8... but now I do!]

    I recently switched from using the Axe Fx II in 4cm to the FX8. I never change my effect settings from room to room but I do have a 'real" MXR 10 band EQ as the last thing in my chain in the loop. That is the only thing I ever tweak. You may wonder why I have an external EQ when the Fractal...
  15. kmanick

    Has FX8 Been Discontinued?

    Arrived yesterday Axe II rig for sale shortly (I figure if I decide to go back to using modeling the III will find it's way into my house :) )
  16. kmanick

    Has FX8 Been Discontinued?

    just snagged one off of Reverb for not much more than the blow out price :) going to sell my Axe FX II and the MFC as soon as the F8 checks out, if anyone local in Boston needs one at a great price for the set, I don't use the modeling at all anymore I'll post in the classifieds in a few days
  17. kmanick

    Has FX8 Been Discontinued?

    crap I wish I had known that I would've snagged one myself as well
  18. kmanick

    Seymour Duncan or Matrix power amp?

    I've used both, much prefer the Duncan (which I still have) I no longer have the Matrix
  19. kmanick

    Fryette LXII

    anxiously awaiting a review of this thing
  20. kmanick

    New FX8?

    the FX8 is no longer available for purchase off of the Fractal website :( looks like it's either dead or a new version is on it's way?
  21. kmanick

    Fryette LXII

    I don't see a switch for it in the new pictures on their website
  22. kmanick

    Fryette LXII

    no more "Flat/enhanced mode" ?
  23. kmanick

    I always lose a lot of volume when using my Axe II in 4CM mode how come??

    I thought it was the serial loop in my JVM but I recently used it with another head (Landry LS30) and had the same results anyone else experience this or have any insight to it? I don't lose any volume using pedals so I know it's something to do with the unit. My other guitarist has an FX8 and I...
  24. kmanick

    Your favorite traditional 2x12 guitar cab

    where in Mass are you? if you're anywhere near walpole check out the Axe palace, Nick (the owner) ususally has a bunch of cabs that guitar centers wouldn't have
  25. kmanick

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    wow ...well this was unexpected you guys rock thank you :)
  26. kmanick

    Fryette LXII New Poweramp...Any update about launching date??

    I think he abandoned the whole endeavor and just focused on making a very similar power amp for Synergy http://synergyamps.com/shop/syn5050 that's a few hundred more than the LXII was originally advertised for an d no switch to go flat or enhanced like the original design. :(
  27. kmanick

    Matrix GT1000FX

    I had one for a while, I like what I'm getting from the Duncan Power stage 170 better. the feel is better, but that may also be in part due to the modeling improvements cliff has made along the way as well, tough call, I would like to A/B them with the new Ares firmware installed and see how...
  28. kmanick

    Why did you sell your CLR?

    I sold my Neo a couple of years ago. I thought FRFR was the bomb until one of my guitarist friends who only uses real amps came by and said WTF is this. I went to his place and plugged into a real Friedman and a Friedman cab and I have not used FRFR since. Axe into power amp into Real guitar...
  29. kmanick

    The Darkness Tone

    if you look closely at their onstage rigs the singer actually plays through a Mesa Recto of some sort, the other guy is the one playing through Marshalls. I've watched several live videos of them and the singer always has that Recto up there
  30. kmanick

    The Darkness Tone

    looks like a plexi of some sort to me
  31. kmanick

    Fryette LXII

    isn't the synergy 50/50 basically the LXII ? without the flat/enhanced switch (or whatever he called it way back when)?
  32. kmanick

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    the JCM800 #34 is sounding really good after this update :) thanks again Cliff
  33. kmanick

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    thanks cliff , updated last night , no issues, sounds great :)
  34. kmanick

    Power Amp Head for Mesa Boogie Rectifier 2x12 CAB

    I also use the duncan 170 and I use it with a mesa 2x12. Speaker low res at 115 and ooomph!! sounds great. I've been having issues with getting swallowed up by my rhythm guitarist during rehearsals as he uses an Egnator open back 1X12 combo that throws sound all over the place and it just...
  35. kmanick

    How do you power your real guitar cabs?

    ^ this, I've had pretty good luck with one of these myself , powering a mesa 2X12 cab.
  36. kmanick

    Power amp recommendations

    the 170
  37. kmanick

    Power amp recommendations

    both, the B/M/T controls on the unit really help to fine tune your sound. Duncan made this power amp specifically to be used with Modelers (if I'm not mistaken) so it has a 'bouncier" feel to it than the Matrix does (IMO) buy one off of Amazon, that was if you don't like it just return it
  38. kmanick

    Power amp recommendations

    ^ this , I've gotten much better results using the Power Stage than I ever did using the matrix
  39. kmanick

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    just went straight to Ares, no problems so far, my jvm patches sounds damn good. Nice to see such great product support ! thanks Cliff :)
  40. kmanick

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    I just checked my system and I have been using the 9.0 quantum LOL! I never even installed 10 .0. the 9.0 has been giving ear to ear grins for the last 8 months. should I skip the 10.0 and go directly to ares?
  41. kmanick

    Guitar sound doesn't cut through with band

    So I had my 3rd rehearsal using the Axe Fx II into the duncan powerstage into my Mesa 2X12 cab. I experienced the same thing , when my other guitarist is not playing (he plays through a Bogner into a 2X12, it sounds killer (I dialed in my patches at band volume), when the 2nd guitarist comes in...
  42. kmanick


    you watching the same game as everyone else? that last drive that gave the Chiefs the lead was ridiculous. they didn't call the obvious pick that even Patriots hater Romo caught and was talking about. Don't hate us cause you aint us :)
  43. kmanick

    Going from FRFR to poweramp/cab

    I only use power amp/rel cab with my band. everything "FreeMind" stated above is a required. Once I found my low res "number' for my cab(s) and shut off speaker compression , life got a lot easier. plus I lower the hi res to around 5, it kills any shrill top end and gets me a smoother sound. the...
  44. kmanick

    How many patches do you all use?

    I use around 5/6 all of which have 5 scenes each with my cover band. At home I probably use around 15
  45. kmanick

    1u Tube Power Amps

    I used to be a tube power amp disciple but ever since I got the Duncan Power stage, I've changed my tune on this. Matching the lower res to my cab and tweaking the depth/dynamic depth and sag, I've got my sound and more importantly my "feel" to almost exactly match what I was getting using my...
  46. kmanick

    I need a Cream "Crossroads" Patch anyone know which amp?

    so I just stumbled across "A simple Plexi" rig" preset in the "B" section of factory presets, I lowered the gain a little bit and tweaked slightly for low res etc and it's good, it gets me close enough. thanks for the suggestions
  47. kmanick

    I need a Cream "Crossroads" Patch anyone know which amp?

    thanks, this is going into a duncan powerstage out to a either an early jcm 800 2X12 or a Mesa 2X12 so the greenback cabs for frfr are not really relevant in my scenario
  48. kmanick

    I need a Cream "Crossroads" Patch anyone know which amp?

    a H/H strat (GMW) with a duncan custom/59 combo I'll try the JTM45, I was watching some old live footage of cream and it looked like Fendrs on stage not Marshalls ??
  49. kmanick

    I need a Cream "Crossroads" Patch anyone know which amp?

    the cover band I've been working with is thinking of covering this and I'd like to get somewhat close to the sound he had live at winterland during that now famous recording. I played it the other night through one of my Plexi patches and it didn't sound quite right (sounded good but different)...
  50. kmanick

    Bird's eye view (Greg Howe) improvisation

    that's pretty awesome! Greg is by far my favorite guitarist and you did that some serious justice
  51. kmanick

    My favourite new power amp! Seymour Duncan Power Stage 170

    2 rehearsals later and this thing has been performing above expectations. I have my low res set to my cabs and I've got to say, I was going to try to find a fryette Powerstation but this thing may just be enough.
  52. kmanick

    Which Power Amp? Tube or SS?

    I used to run one with my Aex II, the Marshall models sounded great with it, the Mesa models sounded horrible. I'm using a duncan Power stage now and having really good results with that. I'd love to to try a Fryette Power Station P2
  53. kmanick

    Yngwie Malmsteen - 'Vivace'

    god damn................................. that was pretty awesome I love Yngwie, and watching others nail his playing
  54. kmanick

    what power amp do you use?

    Well I just got back from rehearsal and the Powerstage performed great. I rotated between the JS JVM, the JCM 800, the SuperTweed, and the Brit Pre, for amp models . I ran into my JCM 800 cab and the band thought it sounded great. I liked it well enough, still missing a little bit of juicyness...
  55. kmanick

    what power amp do you use?

    I too have been running my axe into the return of my JVM head and it sounded great. But I got sick of lugging it around , so I decided to try a Seymour Duncan Power stage 170. At moderate volumes?so far so good , I had to match the low res to my cab(s) and add some dynamic depth, tweak negative...
  56. kmanick

    My favourite new power amp! Seymour Duncan Power Stage 170

    So I picked one of these up recently and I must say I'm pretty surprised by this little thing. first off , it's freaking loud. I'm running it into a very early JCM 800 2X12 and the Jcm800 and BritPre amp models sound killer through this setup. I'm playing in a cover band right now that is...
  57. kmanick

    what do you guys use for a lead/solo boost?

    never mind x/y does the trick
  58. kmanick

    what do you guys use for a lead/solo boost?

    is there a way to turn on/off the "boost" that's on the amp page between scenes? on the JMP-1 that boost sounds really good, but I don't see a way to save it just for that scene?
  59. kmanick

    what do you guys use for a lead/solo boost?

    actually the scene boost works Perfectly. I never knew that was there, I bumped it up 5db's ....sounds just about right. Thanks for the heads up . The other guitarist I'm playing with was not overwhelmed with my tone (although the rest of the band thought is sounded killer) so I am tweaking...
  60. kmanick

    what do you guys use for a lead/solo boost?

    thanks I do use scenes, I actually have a "lead scene" that I've been using with the 2nd master from the JVM I've never heard of a "scene controller", is that available on the Axe FX II?
  61. kmanick

    what do you guys use for a lead/solo boost?

    I've been running my Marshall JVM 210H for a few years now and and finally I feel that the modeling through a power amp into a real cab is where it should be. I've been running my Axe II into the return of the JVM loop and using it for power and it sounds spot on. I just ordered a duncan Power...
  62. kmanick

    I don't know what Cliff did but "holy crap"

    I had been using my axe II in 4CM with my JVM head. Unfortunately the loop on this thing does not work very well with the axe II so I had to keep my channel volume down and it seems like I was always getting drowned out. updated to latest firmware last month really haven't toyed around with it...
  63. kmanick

    Megadeth “Hangar 18”

    killer job! definitely one of my favorite Megadeth tunes
  64. kmanick

    Van Halen Vibes

    god damn boy!!! you're smoking!!!
  65. kmanick

    New JS lead amp experimentation

    Damn....that sounds awsome
  66. kmanick

    7 string metal with the Boden OS7

    Man the level of talent on this forum is mindblowing :)
  67. kmanick

    Van Halen - "I'm The One" (New OwnHammer IRs)

    Cool! good job, nice to see someone actually play the lick in the 2nd solo correctly for a change. I always thought the solo to "Atomic Punk" was the most difficult on the first album. I did this take 5 years ago (I don't even remember which amp model I used) his rhythmic playing is what I...
  68. kmanick

    Get The Funk Out Solo Cover

    Nice!! Nuno is a bear to learn
  69. kmanick

    Flying In A Blue Dream

    wow great job on this! I covered this one too a few years back (also on a 7 string :) ) and you did it more justice than I did that's for sure LOL!
  70. kmanick

    Anyone know how to simulate a clean 12 string

    thanks guys I'll take a look at these and try the 2 Pitch blocks as mentioned above. this is for an electric in 4CM mode so o amp models or IRs, I think the 2 pitch blocks may be plenty good enough, I'll let you know :)
  71. kmanick

    Anyone know how to simulate a clean 12 string

    I unfortunately do not have a 12 string of my own and I am using the Axe in 4CM mode so no IR's, no modeling
  72. kmanick

    Anyone know how to simulate a clean 12 string

    the cover band I recently joined is doing "ticket to ride" and I would love to be able to emulate the 12 string part of this. anyone?
  73. kmanick

    My initial experiences with the Seismic SAX-12M-PW 12" powered coaxial monitor

    I still have mine and lately have started it using it quite a bit again. I was playing with a couple of cover bands and I used my Jvm 210H with the Axe in 4CM. Well 2 years later, the bands are both dead so back to playing in the house. I've started going FRFR again so I can keep the volume...
  74. kmanick

    Merry Xmas Everyone !

    Merry christmas , Happy Hanukkah!!
  75. kmanick

    So what is the FRFR "DUJour" these days

    I have been away from using the modeling in my Axe II for almost 2 years and just updated last night to 5.02. Is the Atomic CLR still the considered the "cream of the crop" or has the Friedman come in as the new front runner?
  76. kmanick

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 5.02 Firmware Released

    so I have been using my Axe FXII in 4CM for the last year and 1/2. No modeling. I tried going FRFR with the last band I was just in and it just didn't work for me. Well that band has imploded so last night I updated to 5.02 and plugged back into my Rokit 8 g2's to see how the firmware. I must...
  77. kmanick

    MK1 & MK2 owners: How many FW upgrades have U done?

    all majors since 3.0 . I routinely skip the Beta's
  78. kmanick

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 4.01 Public Beta

    Hmmm I wonder if it's feasible to swap out the boot rom and provide a download with whatever is necessary for it to run but not include any of the older amps? (Just thinking out loud here) so the users could swap them in and out and load whatever they need. Personally there are a lot of amps I...
  79. kmanick

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Brit JVM (Marshall JVM410H)

    I've been running a "real" Jvm 210H for a little over a year now. with minimal mods (I did 4) this amp is a monster 1.Gain reduction 2. Plexi cap mod 3.negative feedback mod (on a pot so I can adjust it) EQ shift (only need this on the 210H) total $80.00 done by an amp tech. turns this...
  80. kmanick

    Megadeth - Skin O' My Teeth (full band cover)

    Hell Yeahhhhhh!!!!!!!
  81. kmanick

    Very reluctantly posting my first clip here...

    sounds plenty kick ass to me ,can't wait to hear the lead tracks laid down
  82. kmanick

    Yngwie Malmsteen early era sound - Quantum 4.0

    Cool! ...................you know you're going to have to share that preset right ? LOL!
  83. kmanick

    Post Your Rig!

    been using this rig with the cover band I've been playing with . JVM 210H. Very early JCM 800 2X12/Mesa 2X12..........I must say it sounds pretty bad ass. I have modded the JVM a bit, it's got almost zero hiss and it's not congested sounding at all (negative feedback mod/gain reduction...
  84. kmanick

    Running my Axe in front of my JVM instead of in the loop

    And that's wonderful for you. I've had my Jvm modded and it sounds as bad ass as any Marshall I've ever played though, the Axe modeling for me just doesn't do it so that ain't gonna happen. and I think I figured out why I was losing so much volume. I had the boost pad on Output 1 at 12 and the...
  85. kmanick

    Running my Axe in front of my JVM instead of in the loop

    well I tried that...no better :(
  86. kmanick

    Running my Axe in front of my JVM instead of in the loop

    Hmmm, I 'll give this a try. Right now I have it set up like the manual says, guitar into Axe FX, output 2 left into front of amp. I did have output 2 maxed on the front of my axe fx , I'll try bringing it down, or should I lower the output from the FX loop block in the patch?
  87. kmanick

    Running my Axe in front of my JVM instead of in the loop

    I've decided to try running my Axe in front of my JVM instead of in 4CM. I lose a lot of volume from my amp using 4CM (it's the loop) so I decided to give this a try. Every effect sounds fine except for my delays (no surprise there), they sound distorted and way overdone. I've begun fooling...
  88. kmanick

    Just bought a Fryette Power Station

    if I could actually find one :(
  89. kmanick

    Just bought a Fryette Power Station

    I would love to get my hands on one of these and ditch the JVM I'm using in 4CM mode with my Axe. This would just be so much simpler................and quieter LOL! I love my JVM but the loop sucks for 4CM (I lose about 30% of my volume, it's really easy to overload the Axe.) and it's hissy.
  90. kmanick

    Do we have anything in the box to emulate a piano?

    yes I'm actually looking for a 'regular piano" sound
  91. kmanick

    Do we have anything in the box to emulate a piano?

    thanks I'll check that out
  92. kmanick

    Do we have anything in the box to emulate a piano?

    I am in a cover band and it would be great if I could emulate some simple piano lines that are going on in the back gound of some of the songs we do.
  93. kmanick

    Axe-Fx II Quantum 3.02 Firmware Release (3.01 We Hardly New Ye)

    just updated from 1.02 (which I really liked) I'm only using this in 4CM mode right now so I can't comment on the amp modeling , but the effects still sound killer and my unit didn't brick updating so...........Win! :)
  94. kmanick

    Axe-Fx II Quantum Rev 3.00 Public Beta

    hahaha...I'm still on 1.02 was going to update but I think I'll wait for 3 to drop BTW I think 1.02 sounds freaking killer
  95. kmanick

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.04 Firmware Release

    wow I'm still on 1.04 LOL! this ship never stops moving
  96. kmanick

    My initial experiences with the Seismic SAX-12M-PW 12" powered coaxial monitor

    I don't really use mine anymore (gave up on the FRFR thing) so if anyone local to me wants to pick one of these up for cheap in really brand new condition PM me. (I will not ship it, don't have the box anymore and ....honestly wouldn't feel secure shipping one of these without bombproof packing.)
  97. kmanick

    Who reckons their s.state power amp gives the same 'punch' as..

    Hmm....I went down this road 2 years ago and didn't like the matrix, but I was playing shred and modern Metal. Now I am in a cover band and I find I live on the orange crunch channel of my JVM. Doing more stuff like 90's "rock" and and dancy stuff so I actually play a lot more clean funky lines...
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