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  1. henryrobinett

    Ring Modulator won't bypass

    I haven't been using the FM3 much. It's my love rig. I have my first gig Saturday. I've been playing a lot of studio gigs and studio live streaming gigs but this is the first gig all year. I have the Axe Fx III installed in my rack at home. I imported some III presets I use to the FM3. I'm...
  2. henryrobinett

    Distant Hills - Me playing Ralph Towner's jazz piece

    Distant Hills - Acoustic guitarist and composer Ralph Towner has been a big influence for me. He plays 12 string, classical guitar, piano, trumpet, french horn . . But he's always been a visionary and an amazing composer. I'm playing Axe Fx III. The amp is Carr Roamer. Kudos to my band. These...
  3. henryrobinett

    I have a brand new website!!

    https://henryrobinett.com/ I'm just excited. We've been working on it for a couple of months. I've been told for a few years I needed to update my old site. That's all. Sorry for appearing like spam. I don't intend it to.
  4. henryrobinett

    Live Streaming Tribute to Chick Corea April 3 7 PM PST

    https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-henry-robinett-group-tribute-to-chick-corea-tickets-148394807865 If you're on facebook - https://fb.me/e/MwaaVtoC My biggest musical inspiration is Chick Corea, a brilliant pianist, composer. Of course I'm using Axe Fx III. It's jazz with a big J. You'll see...
  5. henryrobinett

    Anyone have a live streaming set up?

    I'm putting together a live stream set up for my studio and I feel I'm just walking out of the fog. Anyone do this? We'd been getting our feet wet with iPhone cameras and Switcher Studio. That's fine, but I have these really great cameras that output HDMI. It makes sense to use them since...
  6. henryrobinett

    Dumb problem - Bank up or down changes preset. What did I do?

    Dumb question. Scrolling up or down banks in the FC-12 changes presets rather than just let me look and maintin the curret preset. This didn't used to do that. What did I change? Obviously I did something worng. One big change is Im chaining a FC6 to the 12. Thanks.
  7. henryrobinett

    How do I distinguish two FM3's in FM3-Edit?

    I have two FM3s. The other one is for backup and a bass rig. But I want to load a bunch of bass presets in one and not the other. Is there some place I name them differently or are they distinguished by serial number? I plugged in #2 and it shows the presets in #1.
  8. henryrobinett

    Frustrated setting up FC-12 with FC-6 and expression pedals

    OK, I've been trying to not to bother y'all with my stupid questions, but maybe the manual hasn't been updated or more likely I'm just missing something. Currently I haven't been able to get two expression pedals to work. Long ago I set up volume globally for pedal 1 with an EV-1. That's all...
  9. henryrobinett

    Chaining FC-12 and FC-6 and the AC adaptor?

    OK, I just took possession of the FC-6 to go along with my FC-12. It didn't come with an AC adapter, which is standard I guess. But I have a LOT of 9v adaptors and none of them seem to work. Just a reality check here. I plug it in and I the display lights up with a grey pale color but none of...
  10. henryrobinett

    Who uses FC-12 AND FC-6 together?

    I'm considering getting a FC-6 for scenes and the FC-12 just presets, or something. I know with a little more organization I won't need that much. I'm just wondering for those of you who do how are you organizing it? Another stupid question coming: Is there a way to chain the FC-12 and the...
  11. henryrobinett

    Should I keep my AX8 for live bass rig?

    I've been considering this. Interested in opinions. I have the Axe Fx III (racked in studio), FM3 (live gigs and rehearsals) and an AX8 I haven't put up for sale yet. I have a studio that serves as a rehearsal room for my band. For now we're in separate spaces due to covid but when things...
  12. henryrobinett

    Original funky jazz song - Mulgrew's Fashion

    Bored with lock-down yesterday (Ok, I'm never really bored) I found an old midi file and played the guitar parts guitar. I dig the tone I'm getting. As you know guitars are key. I tried two other guitars and came back to my old trusty fusion strat. The amp is Super Tweed. One of my favs. The...
  13. henryrobinett

    Hiss reamping analog

    I've mentioned this before since way long ago - back when I had an Ultra and since that was the flagship model. I record most exclusively at 96k. I'm not going to argue about that. I record at 96k as well as most of my clients. I get files and projects at 96k most of the time. This makes...
  14. henryrobinett

    My Tribute to Diego Maradona RIP

    I reworked the guitars yesterday after I found out he had died. An old song I wrote. Solo and main melodies are on Axe Fx III. Earlier electric ones are Ultra.
  15. henryrobinett

    What could make the volume pedal change polarity out of the blue?

    So I'm here getting ready to track some guitar in the studio. No volume. I checked the pedal and about a dozen things. The EV-1 pedal is my main volume. Totally depressed, toe down is full on volume. But suddenly it changed to heel down. WTF? I just had a rehearsal earlier today and it was...
  16. henryrobinett

    Someone throw me a bone - I can't get analog outputs to work

    FM3 - I haven't had time to mess with it yet. I had a gig two weeks ago. I was going to use it. I loaded a few presets from my Axe III. But I couldn't get any sound. I thought it might have been something I did because I was trying to set up a pair of 1/4" outs. But then I went back to a...
  17. henryrobinett

    My presets got hosed

    I don't know whether it was 12.13 or 12.14 but some of my previous or imported presets got hosed. I THINK the effects got reset. Levels seem entirely different and everything seems dry. I should read more carefully. I'm sure it was warned. Most are backed up, some are not. Nothing too critical.
  18. henryrobinett

    Voodoo In The Time of Pandemic

    So I'm goofing around. I came up with a sideways groove. I used Axe Fx III. Recto2 Orange Vintage. Metric Halo ULN-8 3d interface. DP 10.11. Very bent jazz fusion.
  19. henryrobinett

    Change- jazzy instrumental- video

    I've been messing with FCPX. This is my first video. I did it a couple of weeks ago. All the elecctric guitars are through Axe Fx III. You can see it in the rack to the right. Lately I've been recording my bands rehearsal in the studio. Those are fun.
  20. henryrobinett

    My new release - Jazz Standards vol 1

    I reamped this using Axe Fx III. It's actually an older recording, remixed. I hope you like it! http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1492765014?ls=1&app=itunes
  21. henryrobinett

    Was there a problem with any Fractal firmware updates that broke the internet?

    Random question mostly for Cliff: was there an update in April that broke the internet? I've been trying to track down some ridiculous internet issues I've been having. Something apparently broke in April. I've tracked it down to the real possibility that it came from some application updates...
  22. henryrobinett

    I need SMALL and LIGHT PA speakers & monitors for my jazz band

    I need suggestions. I have a Prius. I know. Leave me alone. LOL. So I need speakers that don't take up too much room. I already have two guitars. maybe three, to bring, bag with AX8 and 2 ex-pedals, two Xitone cabs, stool, guitar stands, music stand. I've been using two old Peavy 115H...
  23. henryrobinett

    Can someone tell me where the "Send Real-Time sysex" command is in AFIII?

    I should probably post this in the other controllers section as it's something I'm supposed to do for the FAMC LF+12+. I can't find this. Supposedly in the midi I/O section? I'm supposed to change that to "ALL."
  24. henryrobinett

    Smooth jazz tune - House Rules

    New band. New home recording studio. New song. Live drums, real bass player, real keyboard player. Everything's played. LOL. Except for an acoustic Taylor guitar in the back all the guitars are through Axe Fx III. Guitar melody and solo are Jazz 120. Pretty minimal. 10 mics on the drums...
  25. henryrobinett

    Donna Lee - some jazz @ Henry's Place

    I just built a new studio in my home. Last week I had some good friends over to play. I'm digging the way my drums sound. I don't play drums btw. Darius Babazadeh on tenor sax, Jeff Minnieweather on drums, Rob Lemas on upright bass and yours truly on guitar. Axe Fx III. I used the '63 Tube...
  26. henryrobinett

    How do I move an entire row of blocks to a new preset?

    How do I copy an entire block row and move it to another preset? I have IN-2 row going to Out-2 I'd like to move to another preset. Can I do this? This is for two guitar players using the same preset.
  27. henryrobinett

    Carvin V4?

    When I teach private lessons I use the III. I have a student owns the Carvin V3. I was trying to quickly dial in something he's used to but the closest we have is the Cali Leggy based on the Legacy VL100, right? How close is that to the V3? He said the real ones are not that close. But I don't...
  28. henryrobinett

    [Solved] Recording XLR while playing live

    This is way premature. Except that it happens repeatedly, so I must be doing something wrong. I’m rehearsing in my studio. Full band. Drums, bass and keyboards. I’m leading the rehearsal and playing through my AX8 and a pair of XiTone wedges. I’m not using humbusters but I guess I should. I...
  29. henryrobinett

    Need clarity on analog re-amping and multi ins and outs

    I have a real basic question that can be answered easily if I only studied the manual. LOL. I've had the III for some time now. But at the time I got it I was building my recording studio, so I set the control room up and the III like I used to set up my XL II+. Now I'm going back and getting...
  30. henryrobinett

    Rear input combo stereo jacks

    I'm racking my III so I never have to climb in the back of that rack again, until I sell it! Well maybe not, but you know. So I have a few questions about the rear panel. Inputs 2-4 are combo stereo. I'm hooking these up to a patch bay. If I'm just using a mono input, like another guitar, is...
  31. henryrobinett

    Two different simultaneous rigs, 2 guitars, one III?

    Dumb question that as a III owner I should know. Let's pretend I'm just a Axe Fx II owner. Is it possible to have two different guitar inputs running two different rigs, different outputs? IOW can I have a basic rig and my student plugging into the same Axe Fx III, different amp, effects tone...
  32. henryrobinett

    Effects Loop in III?

    I know this has got to be very easy now with all of the outputs and inputs variabilities and possibilities. I reamp, or have with the Ultra and II, analog because I record at higher sampling rates, like 96k and above. Obviously the only way of getting this to work is analog. I placed an FXL...
  33. henryrobinett

    Liquid Foot compatible with III?

    Any word on foot pedal controllers? I have a LF+12+ gathering dust I’d like to put back to good use. Anyone used a Liquid Foot with the III?
  34. henryrobinett

    Mr. Benson

    OK. This is really silly. My goto jazz tone is built, very often, from this preset. Mr. Benson. It WAS in my XL+. It was, even though I go to the wiki and it's no longer listed. I unwrapped the III yesterday and looked or my prized preset so I can tweak it. Gone. Not there. Weird because...
  35. henryrobinett

    Will presets be backwards compatible?

    Question says it all. Or will there be a conversion system? I'm hoping there will be a painless way to bring IIXL+ and even AX8 presets into the III. Aso, when again? March when? I know there's a ridiculous waiting list though . . .
  36. henryrobinett

    Levels change and distorts randomly?

    OK, so this question is premature, but I'm just going to throw it out there. I have two Fractal rigs - one Axe Fx IIXL+ and a AX8 that I gig with. It's all packed away in its mono bag. I don't feel like, and don't have the time for pulling it out right now. I've seen this thing happen a few...
  37. henryrobinett

    Is anyone still using FAMC Liquid Foot models?

    The questions says everything. I haven't used mine in a while. But that's more to do with the fact that I have an AX8 and my Axe Fx XL_ is in a rack. I haven't needed the LF+12+. But it was a pain for me to program and the support was dreadful. I mean when I GOT it, it was great. But way...
  38. henryrobinett

    Any tips for organizing the footswitches?

    I did a fish out of water gig for me last night. I played in a Steely Dan Tribute band, for the first time. Helping out a friend who needed the time off. Normally I do my jazz-ish gigs so I don't need super elaborate changes. There were some challenges. For example, I had a cool preset for...
  39. henryrobinett

    Axe8-Edit is not importing preset

    Has anyone experienced this? I must be doing something wrong. I just saved a preset, then altered it using a different amp and adjusting the Drive block. I went back to the previous preset, hit import and nothing. I quit and launched Axe8-Edit again and no difference. I rebooted the Axe-8...
  40. henryrobinett

    Jazz Tune - Mr. PC

    I did this, this morning. I'm supposed to be learning a ton of Steely Dan tunes for a Dan Tribute band. I'm subbing for the guitarist. But instead, someone challenged me that I couldn't play a jazz improv at 320 BPM. So this is the second one. Not much to say about the sound. Axe Fx II...
  41. henryrobinett

    Anybody confused with two different Fractal rigs?

    So yeah. I haven't quite figured this one out yet. I started with an Ultra. Then went to a Axe Fx II. Then I sold those and purchased a XL+. I used this in the studio and live. I got the Liquid Foot LF+12+ and three Expression on a pedaltrain board. Then I got 2 XiTone powered wedges. But it...
  42. henryrobinett

    Lost a scene

    This is weird. I'm CERTAIN it's an easy thing I've overlooked. I'm setting up a basic preset. Last night and this morning was working fine. Scenes 1-5. I decided to check out another amp so I copied X to Y and set up another amp to check it out. I went back to X and found a bunch of blocks X or...
  43. henryrobinett

    Ernie Ball Volume Pedal as Expression

    It's been asked before here. Even by me, I think. I have too many pedals. Two different Fractal rigs. For my AX8 I have two EV-1s. I have two Boss 500s and a Mission, for the other rig. But I also have a floater pedal I've used: The EB Volume pedal. Older one. Not the jr. I've set it up as an...
  44. henryrobinett

    Cab settings for a live room?

    Help me here. It's always seemed a little strange all of theses FRFR cab settings for live playing. It seems ideal for direct recording. But all the air and proximity and eq for live playing -- and I do it too, just seems strange to me. Am I missing something in the logic here? We're adjusting...
  45. henryrobinett

    Basic dumb humbuster question

    So where exactly and how exactly is this applicable? TRS on one side, unbalanced on the other. So from the AF2/AX8 to something else? NOT guitar (unbalanced) to Fractal (TRS?). NOT Fractal to FR Powered monitor? Is this mainly for attaching other external devices? Thanks. I'm already feeling...
  46. henryrobinett

    AX8 CPU limitation amount

    I know, I'm sure this has been gone over and over. What is the safe CPU amount? I had a high reverb and it had always been good. CPU was 79-80. Suddenly I looked back at AX8 Edit and the reverb block was disabled with an exclamation point. Hm. So I changed it to a normal reverb. I futzed around...
  47. henryrobinett

    Tracking down ground loop issues Axe Fx II and Ax8

    I've got some ground loop problems. I should problem solve more before I post this, but. First the house isn't grounded. I'm going to build a studio here and will ground. And it doesn't appear to be the dimmer. Maybe someone can answer a couple of questions. It might curtail a lot of chasing...
  48. henryrobinett

    Setting up expression pedals. I'm missing something.

    I bought the XL+. I used to use three pedals with the II. I'm also using the LF+12+ which I haven't used in a very long time. When you don't use it you can lose it. So I'm forgetting I think. And unfortunately the documentation and manuals are severely lacking for the LF+. And they have been...
  49. henryrobinett

    Is there such a thing as Cabinet switcher?

    I have a Axe Fx XL+ and a AX8. I have two XiTone wedges. Ideally I'd like to set up, for home and setting up tones, a switcher so I can have the both set up. The AFII is racked. Getting behind it is a real pain. It'd be cool, though admittedly a tiny corner market case, to hit a foot switch that...
  50. henryrobinett

    New Axe Fx IIXL+ but no sound.

    I just got the XL+. I'm still selling my II/mkII and I have an AX8. I guess I'm looking for tips in case I missed something. You know, I started with the Ultra. Just saying I'm not a newbie. But I can't get the outputs to work. No sound. Before I fired it up I loaded firmware 6.0. Maybe...
  51. henryrobinett

    Craigslist - Is this a thing?

    I bought a new Axe Fx XL+. Should arrive tomorrow. Yay! So I'm selling my II/MkII. I posted it here and on CL. I had a couple of bites pretty quick. But here's the deal. The first came from a man who said his wife was interested in it. Please write her at this email address. She's on vacation...
  52. henryrobinett

    Jazz track - Donna Lee

    I've been playing this tune for some time. Thought I record it today. It's an Abersold backing track. I really don't like the backing track, but oh well. Jazz, you know. Axe Fx II. Carr Roamer. Added a little hi end gain at 2k after I recorded it.
  53. henryrobinett

    Digital grungy noise.

    Ok - I have yet to do my due diligence but I got noise. There's a background digital grunge low level noise. I plugged in my new XiTone actives. That's where I heard it. Too busy and lazy to try and track it down. I plugged the XiTones into my Axe Fx II and nothing. But different presets. I...
  54. henryrobinett

    Which pedaltrain or other for AX8 and 2 pedals?

    Subject it all. I got the AX8 to be small and transportable on planes and car etc. My Axe Fx II had a power amp and a LF+12+ with three pedals and two 12" cabs. Now after replacing those with 2 12" active XiTones I figured I'm on my way. But you guys have got me thinking of a pedal board. Didn't...
  55. henryrobinett

    Basic stupid question re collecting IRs

    I haven't jumped deep into the IR cab pool yet. What do you guys/gals (if there are any - another good question) use to collect and index all of your cab IRs? Cab-Lab? Is there a single place you can place ALL of your IR cabs to audition and Load and organize in multiple ways? I mean click a...
  56. henryrobinett

    Jazz standard Axe Fx II

    The other day I did a track for some guitar students.
  57. henryrobinett

    AX8 First run through at rehearsal

    Its not fair. I didn't really take the time to set things up, or even figure out how the pedal switches work. AND my XiTone wedges aren't here. I had to use my cheap, old, but very light Randall 2-80 solid state power amp and a single 12 Mesa/Boogie cab. I ported some presets from my Axe FxII...
  58. henryrobinett

    AX8 edit or - can I switch locations of presets?

    First off I'd like to announce that I'm the prod new owner of the beautiful floor unit! Yay. I'm digging it. I don't want to bother the forum with a bunch of tired and oft repeated questions. That said here I go. I'd like to stream line my banks. Using the AX8 Edit or the actual AX8, can I...
  59. henryrobinett

    looking for an active FRFR Wedge.

    Not another thread about FRFR active cabs! I'm planning to start playing a lot more and need a compact powerful rig. Powerful is debatable. I'm a jazz guitarist who also plays fusion, funk, and a bit if everything. Although some band mates might argue, I don't play THAT loud, certainly not like...
  60. henryrobinett

    I have a very stupid question re AX8

    I'm considering getting this thing. I'm thinking small travel rig. I haven't paid any attention to it though. Does it require a power amp? Are folks just using it with a powered speaker?? Thanks.
  61. henryrobinett

    My brand new CD "I Have Known Mountains" has just been released.

    https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/i-have-known-mountains/id1064542735 Axe Fx II content. Pre Quantum. Instrumental jazz. Myself on guitar, Joe Giman piano, legendary Tom Brechtlein on drums. Check it out, please.
  62. henryrobinett

    Is tapatalk working since website upgrade?

    I have been so busy I missed the last few upgrades. I hadn't realized how much I have depended upon Tapatalk on my iPhone. It hasn't worked since October. Has it been updated to tapatalk or is it expired or do I need to log out and back in or something?
  63. henryrobinett

    Any tips for traveling with the Axe Fx II and assorted rig

    It's been asked before. I've asked it before on a couple of occasions. Now that about a year has past I'll ask again. Maybe some more experienced Axe Fx users have found good solutions and or systems for this. I want to do the journeyman thing. I want to be able to jump on a plane and go with a...
  64. henryrobinett

    More jazz - The Way You Look Tonight

    This is an old session never released. I reamped, re-recorded the guitar with The Axe Fx II. I used the Citrus AC30 Cln. Although I recorded it just now with the latest FW I didn't alter the reverb or other settings.
  65. henryrobinett

    Jazz tone on a Thelonious Monk tune

    This is kind of reminiscent of John Scofield, although I was not trying to copy his sound. I mean I didn't put on any of his recordings and try to tone match. This is using a Citrus A30 Dirty amp. That amp setting just made me think of him on this tune.
  66. henryrobinett

    None of my expression pedals work

    None of my expression pedals work. It's been so long since I've set them up I don't remember. Is there a global setting that I may have inadvertently hit that turn it off/on? I mean, I set them up a couple of years ago and they just ran. I've been having a lot of problems with my LF+12+. It...
  67. henryrobinett

    American Rivers - preview of my CD

    Here's a preview song, if it makes the cut. I used the Axe Fx II for all the electric guitars of course. There are a lot of guitars. Two or three acoustics I recorded with mics and no Fractal. But everything else was either my Gibson ES-355 on the melodies and first solo and a Strat on...
  68. henryrobinett

    Nashville Axes?

    I wish there was a network of Axe Fx users. My best friend just died and there are a series of memorials set up for him. I'm going to Nashville May 4th to play for the first. Are there any Axe Fx II users who would be willing to let me borrow their box? Long shot, but I figured I'd ask. Nothing...
  69. henryrobinett

    Sprung - Original Jazz tune preview of new CD.

    Here's an original jazz tune I wrote and performed for my new CD. I have so much music it might not make the cut. Straight Ahead jazz. Most of the album isn't like this, but these are my roots. My long time cohort Joe Gilman on piano, Tommy Brechtlein drums and Joshua Thurston-Milgrom on...
  70. henryrobinett

    Threnody - and original jazz tune preview

    This is another tune I'll have up for a little while. It might not make my CD. But it's a strange hybrid of jazz and Axe Fx II. Joe Gilman on piano, Tommy Brechtlein drums and Josh Thurston-Milgrom on acoustic bass. Add me and that's all. Oh and I wrote and arranged it of course. And mixed it...
  71. henryrobinett

    The Other Cliff - B.J. at Metric Halo

    I have another company that reminds me so much of Fractal Audio. It's a small audio company called Metric Halo. Their genius is B.J. Buchalter. People here often get excited about Cliff offering free updates and say there's no other company that gives so much. Yeah, except for Metric Halo. Not...
  72. henryrobinett

    Preview of upcoming CD

    I'm sharing a tune from my upcoming CD. I'll only leave it up for a couple of more days. Jazzy instrumental. All guitars except acoustic of course were done with Axe Fx II. Otherwise all real instruments - real piano, real drums.
  73. henryrobinett

    I need help with recreating Yamaha SPX-90 Pitch Change C

    Hm. I was doing a google search for finding parameters for SPX-90 Pitch Change C. And I found this thread - http://forum.fractalaudio.com/ultra-std-wish-list/27761-2-effects-i-want-roland-modulation-spx90-pitch-change.html - I started 3 and a half years ago. Some people insisted this effect was...
  74. henryrobinett

    question about gain staging with blocks

    Now of course just when I put wah blocks in I started clipping. So I dropped the level in the amp. I used to drop the level in effect blocks (reverb, delays, etc), which had varying levels of success. BUT when I dropped the level in the amps I, of course, dropped the level going to the other...
  75. henryrobinett

    Wish - Utility for indicating what cabs are being used and what slots are open

    Forgive me if it's already there, but I wish there was an option in Axe-Edit that showed what cabs were being used and what were not. That way I'd know what I'd be replacing. I might have forgotten that the slot I'm replacing might be being used for some other preset.
  76. henryrobinett

    CabLabs - I don't Get It

    I just bought the OW Fractal pack 3 and CabLab. I don't get it. Bone head here. First time I installed it the installation failed. I tried it again and it worked. But every time I try to send something to the scratchpad it fails. Does this work on a Mac? 10.7.5? Do I really have to manually...
  77. henryrobinett

    Recording without reverb and timed effects but monitroing

    Dumb question. I just did a recording session as a hired gun, and I realized I didn't know how to do something. I wanted to monitor with my effects but not record them. Not record just a clean DI track for later reamping, but a track with the distortion, overdrive, compression etc, but no...
  78. henryrobinett

    Axe Fx II no longer likes to be on overnight

    I've noticed something a little different since the last fw. I tend to have the bad habit of leaving the A2 on over night. It's never been a problem, however lately it's seems I have to reboot to get the signal going. If it's on overnight it tends to not pass the guitar signal without a reboot...
  79. henryrobinett

    Is it possible to use 2 different foot controllers simultaneously?

    I posed the question at the end my my other thread - "Does Anyone Use a 2nd controller?" but I got no answers. I figured that thread ran its course. So I want to know now whether it's possible to use 2 DIFFERENT foot controllers? I'm wondering whether I can use my LF+12+ and another different...
  80. henryrobinett

    Does anyone use a 2nd foot controller?

    I'm thinking of getting smaller, cheap foot controller for smaller gigs. There are some jazz gigs where I only need 2-4 patches and rarely need any of my three expression pedals. I'm thinking of leaving my LF+12+ and 4 pedals and pedal board at home and getting a small, cheap 4 or more channel...
  81. henryrobinett

    How are you guys traveling with the AX FX II?

    I'm thinking of doing a little bit of traveling in the coming couple of years. At least to the east coast and back a few times to play. Maybe Europe too. I'd like to take a three or four unit rack. I have a very light Randall 1 unit power amp. But what ATA type cases are you guys who travel...
  82. henryrobinett

    Wish Notes section

    It would be very cool if there were a little place where you could take notes in Axe-Edit. Maybe with which pedal is hooked to which controller, or the differences between this patch and previous versions. Just so I can see it at a glance. I some times keep notes in Word, but most often I don't...
  83. henryrobinett

    Diana Nyad jazz tribute song

    Someone recently was asking for examples other than death metal. I just posted this one yesterday. It's a tribute Diana Nyad. I wrote it in 1978, before most of you guys were born. I put the guitar on last year when she attempted it then. Just a scratch track, but when she did it yesterday I...
  84. henryrobinett

    I had a fun gig tonight

    Most of my gigs are jazz ones. There are only a few presets I use for that. But I still go crazy with some nutty sounds - ring modulator, pitch shifting, multi delays, soft overdrive pedals and or amps. But tonight I got to play a bunch of old rock 'n roll tunes. Joe Walsh, Chicago, Joe Cocker...
  85. henryrobinett

    Something's definitly screwed up

    When using the front panel to set my controllers the page keeps moving after about 5 seconds to some other page in the same preset. THEN when I go to Fractal Bot to save the preset it keeps saving 59 Bass Guy. I seem to recall this problem in a previous version of AE. 1.9? AFAIK I deleted...
  86. henryrobinett

    After all that I'm still just using the front panel

    After all that I'm still just using the front panel. I'm digging fx 11. I'm having to adjust my input levels all over again and the delay amounts. Reducing bass a little too. That was still from before I believe. Just quick. No real surgery for now. I've had three gigs since the update. I'm...
  87. henryrobinett

    I need a new amp stand for the Axe Fx II

    I know there have been several threads about this but I can't find them. I guess I'm not using the right search words. I left my stand at a gig and need a replacement. I thought I might try something different. And I need to order one today, soon, because I have a gig this weekend! I am not...
  88. henryrobinett

    Any presets for electric nylon acoustic?

    I have a gig coming up where I'm playing nylon string on a bunch of tunes. I have a Chet Atkins nylon electric. Any ideas for presets or tips on building one for nylon acoustic? I've never really used any of the acoustic patches I've seen floating around.
  89. henryrobinett

    Is there a switch controller that triggers by tap rather than a button?

    Is there a switch controller out there that triggers on tap rather than having to depress a button? Doing accurate tap tempos is hard, at least for me, if I have to press a button. I'm also thinking of its use with Ableton Live, to keep it locked or correct tempos. I'm using LF+12+ and have an...
  90. henryrobinett

    Suddenly all my inputs and outputs are too loud

    I know I'm missing something. I've been recording. I haven't done too much tracking in a few days but a LOT for the past several weeks. Mainly mixing the last week or so with sporadic tracking. I get back to it today and all my levels are in the red - input and output. Nothing has changed that I...
  91. henryrobinett

    Dumb question - has anyone ever re-amped an effected track?

    This is a really, really dumb question, but I thought I'd ask. Has anyone ever tried to take an effected, over driven track and either somehow convert it to a kind of dry signal or use it successfully to re-amp it? I have a solo I recorded a while ago. I really like a lot if things about the...
  92. henryrobinett

    Cool unintended pedal effect at my last gig

    Last Saturday I had a great gig. On one patch with my LF+12+ and a Mission SP-1 pedal - I had drive amount set to the SP-1. It was a fairly intense solo I was taking, - jazz so I could take some time to develop it. I kept pounding my foot close to the pedal, to the beat I guess. As I did it...
  93. henryrobinett

    Feedback IN the DI?

    I was having a discussion on another forum, for audio engineers, where they were insisting it's impossible to create feedback from a DI and be able to reamp it to get feedback or sustain. Now I know it's not impossible because I've done it many times. But I want to know how. A dry signal - how...
  94. henryrobinett

    OT - Who plays a Les Paul, and what do you use it for?

    I'm doing some guitar tracking and have a few guitars. I haven't played my LP for years. I have a chunk-a-chunka part I think it'll sound great on. This is one of my best instruments I have that I just don't play any more. Other than the fact that it's way too heavy, I don't know why. I have a...
  95. henryrobinett

    OT - Axon AX-50 Anyone use it or know anything about it?

    Any of yooz guitar dudes ever use a midi controller? I hate them but they come in handy every once in a while producing keyboard tracks or writing music in the studio. I have an Terratec Axon Ax-50. It was discontinued a while ago, but I always got it to work. It looks like with OS 10.7.5 on a...
  96. henryrobinett

    Presets for earlier versions without loading an entire bank?

    Is there a place (Axe-Exchange?) where the presets for previous v9 or before can be found? I know I can upload banks and take it form there, but I'd love it if there was place where I could just access prior presets, like say Super Chunk or Studio Lead. I don't see them in v10. It's no biggie, I...
  97. henryrobinett

    Obvious question about loading presets

    I know this has been covered before, probably very well documented. Probably in the wiki. I'm not used to using the sysex librarian - I'm on a Mac. I have backed up all 3 banks. Now I'm interested in loading up the v10 presets/banks, but I'd like to load up my specific presets on top of the new...
  98. henryrobinett

    Giant Steps goes overdrive

    http://soundcloud.com/henry-robinett/giant-steps-nuke http://soundcloud.com/henry-robinett/giant-steps-less-dirtortion Here are two versions of a VERY HARD jazz tune called Giant Steps. It's all improvised. I re-amped the solo. The first version, "Nuke" uses the Nuclear Tone amp, with Empire...
  99. henryrobinett

    I need to know how to back up or DUMP on a Mac with sysex librarian.

    I can't find the thread - someone did one on sysex data dumping/backing up to the Mac utility. Iy's not working for me. And after all this time I've barely used it, but I have apparently because there are three old files in there. Now when I launch the utility I make sure the AxFxII midi in...
  100. henryrobinett

    Reamping I got hiss

    I haven't reamped in awhile. Now something is wrong. I'm getting a lot of hiss. I recorded the guitar, like I always of, with a clean DI. When I route it back, coming through an analog output to my interface to the AxeII. I'm just wondering whether I've forgotten something. I've tried coming...
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