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  1. honeypat

    Pls tell me how to RTA always on

    It is my understanding that RTA is useful to detect frequency band causing feedback in acoustics. It is awesome to see on display. So I'm wonder how to make it on always albeit scenes and/or presets changed and, to make it assign on a switch on and off back to normal state of display as usual...
  2. honeypat

    Dual function Tap & Hold on 1+2 in FC-6 for AxeFx-3

    In FM3-Edit, go to Setup -> Onboard switches -> Stand-In switches, then for FM3 SW2 Tip & Ring, I have set it up as “8 Layout Select and 7 Layout Select” under ‘MstrLayout. These settings work well on my FM3 in changing display into respective view 1 of both Layout within AB Live Gold. However...
  3. honeypat

    Help me...

    My FC6 served couple of months for my FM3 and, now back to my Axe3. Updated fw14.5 and connected properly to port, but Fractal Bot does not recognise FC6,as seen in the picture in which small six display are all blank. How can I help me?....
  4. honeypat

    Any IR recomendatios suite for my use?

    Hi FM3 users, would you kind enough to please recomand IRs for my particular use for both acoustic (steel and nylon) guitars, a diatonic ten hole blues harmonica and cajon auto beat player ( acoustic drum stomp). These are fed to a mixer and then go to PA and/or frfr powered cab. Need some IRs...
  5. honeypat

    Stand-in SW failure with FM3 only Layout

    Austin Buddy Live Gold Layout FM3 only..... Wish to use a stand-in switch to pop up 'Amp Contro' assigned on CS2 in Live Gold,on mini displays in FM3 only layout. So did it using my dual switch connected to FM3 through fm3-edit by assigning Master Layout 8 and 7 thereto respectively. Layout 8...
  6. honeypat

    Closed MP3 Playback Capacity

    FM3 has two types of hardware USB input. One is useful for connection with computer. Wish another one for connection with USB stick containing MP3 backing tracks. That is, FM3 is eligible for the role of audio player in conjunction with looper functions.
  7. honeypat

    OMG9 with FC6 SW1+2

    In setting up my FM3 + FC6 using OMG9, please help me how to do setup and/or global I/Os. A 2-button MOSKY switch is connected via TRS cable to 1+2 SW of FC6 for selection of scene 7 and scene 8 in respective preset. How to set up menus on FM3 front pannel or in FM3-EDIT? Please help me.
  8. honeypat

    Axe-Fx III to FC-12 vs. FC-6

    What merits and demerit when Axe-Fx3 is paired with FC12 vs. FC6 pedal Just burnt my FC6 inadverdant connecting to +48v phantom mic power, I'm comtemplating to buy one of FC12 or FC6,which one best suit to my Axe-Fx III. Please drop me a line for those FCs respective upside and downs.
  9. honeypat

    FC6 burn watch out!

    FC6 for my Fx-3 & FM3 is inadvently connected to phantom power jack +48 of mic preamp. A little smell resides around xlr male connector inside FM3 as shown left top of back pannel. At a loss what to do if to see local tech herein Korea since back and forth for repair to the States causes time...
  10. honeypat


  11. honeypat

    How to default OMG9

    How to default layout setting to LayOut 8 OMG9?
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