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  1. honeypat

    FM3 with Kemper Kabinet??

    If someone stands on a limited budget, then followings are an option for stereo application. Actually I have tried Kemper cone through Matrix NL112 cabinet and it sounds really good with my FM3 as well as Axe-Fx3. https://www.thomann.de/intl/kr/harley_benton_gpa_100.htm...
  2. honeypat

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Just looped to FM3 with StompMix4, Stereo L and R from FM3 Out2 -> MicroPitch -> GFI Tempus and another Stereo from StageBro 2000 for Guitar Backing Track MP3 files( 16Gb ).... 8 Scenes and preset UP/DOWN controlled by MIDI Commander...So FM3's CPU has much rooms...
  3. honeypat

    Ozzy's "No More Tears" Live

    What a great performance.. Stellar sounds FM3 and awesome guitar play too!
  4. honeypat

    Vendor Fremen Presets masterthread (releases, updates etc.)

    The Pink Floyd pack for Axe-Fx III is applicable to FM3 with some tweaks including using a loop dedicated for reverb fx so as to reduce cpu limits?... In addition, please tell us prospective next sales date.
  5. honeypat

    FM3, JP2c and L3

    Awesome tunes.. emotionally touching !
  6. honeypat

    Why Don't People Talk More About the FAS Amps?

    Agreed.. BTW a pull-down paper on the wall back to you reads Chinese characters, saying.." If you do your best sincerely, then gold stone will open" Maybe it means a stone will be changed in to gold should you push yourself to the limit. I'm wonder who wrote that old saying, Chinese, Korean or...
  7. honeypat

    Just some goofing off with the FM3

    Awesome tone and vibe...pls share your preset..thanks!
  8. honeypat

    JTM 45 custom preset - Jimi Hendrix Manic Depression

    Awesome tone... share your preset please!
  9. honeypat

    I've been quiet... as I'm about to release my debut album. FREE PRESETS FROM THE ALBUM!!

    Hi Sukh, do you plan to devise a cover protector for Quad Cortex in near future?...I'm awaiting.
  10. honeypat

    Other hobbies!

    Me too diving... This is in Philippines Borneo
  11. honeypat

    FM3-Edit 1.03.03

    Great and thanks~!
  12. honeypat

    Two-minute BE100 melodic shred

    Awesome sound and tunes... Is this single coil?
  13. honeypat

    Burg's HIPOWER FW:16 - video demo and download

    Thank you very much Burgs!...Fantastic and great tunes...Actually I've tried to get the tones for years in my old days with Kemper, Helix,GT-1000,POD and etc. even with all those paid presets, but in vain. Now finally get the tones... duly appreciate awesome vibes and thank you for your kindness...
  14. honeypat

    Hideaway with the Super Reverb

    Awesome and nice tunes...would you please post hand script scores as seen in the video and preset?
  15. honeypat

    Burg's HIPOWER FW:16 - video demo and download

    Awesome sound and great tunes... Singlecoil strat sounds really good.. Still awaiting your promise to upload SRV and Jimi Hendrix's tones.
  16. honeypat

    A Blues crunchy intro with FM3

    Remind me of SRV...Awesome bluesy tunes...preset available,please?
  17. honeypat

    Volumes - Erased Guitar Cover (Cygnus Mark IIC+)

    Awesome and great sound and tune...BTW how to display RTA on III's window?..
  18. honeypat

    Super clean Strat tones. Just lose the cab and... zzzing! Video and preset download

    Great and awesome tunes.. next time I'd like to ask you to post strat cleans like SRV and Jimi Hendrix styles.
  19. honeypat

    Cygnus vs. FW15 chuggz

    A comparison test of my experience with III and FM3 leads me to clip1 be Cygnus. You would clearly distinguish the differences when tried A/B in a room environment.
  20. honeypat

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    Thanks for your endeavor...FAS team and Chris. will do the job a comparison with my III and FM3!
  21. honeypat

    FM3 (Soldano) - Luke III 2020 HH - Elevated Jam Tracks 06 (Blues & Funk Collection, Vol. 2) 🎸

    Awesome tune as always...touching me emotionally...where to download?
  22. honeypat

    Purple Haze Patch and Riff

    Awsome and great... Wish you post this kind of video regularly. By the way, do you love Chinese characters?...
  23. honeypat

    13 year Fractal user and loving this new FM3!

    Yeah, H9 will surely do well enough.
  24. honeypat

    Van Halen - “Runnin' With The Devil” Preset

    Awesome tune and great play...IRs be loaded into respective USER's slots? How they should be deal with? Thank you again!
  25. honeypat

    Yek's presets for covers

    Deeply appreciate Yek's presets, awesome tune ... real gems. Wish I have an opportunity to download presets for covering Gary Moore, SRV and Jimi Hendrix type signature sounds.....
  26. honeypat

    "Sweet Child O' Mine" Live Cover

    Really fantastic and awesome tune...Is that FC12?...
  27. honeypat

    Not a guitarist but I do compose :D

    Great job done...Awesome tune...cheers up!
  28. honeypat

    Guns N’ Roses “you’re crazy”

    Awesome and great play...wonder single coil makes such a thick tone! Kindly share your preset.
  29. honeypat

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    How to access the supplier via website, by not facebook route?... Looks cool!
  30. honeypat

    Favorite "pedal platform" amps?

    In my humble opinion, every tube amps color the tone to some degree whatsoever. Especially British favor power tubes lines suck well. In addition, what does it makes sense if you use pedals just hit the front of tube amps which sound good dirty tones. Mine is 50 Watt tube amps designed dedicate...
  31. honeypat

    FM3 thru small stereo Bluetooth speaker

    Which model is it? JBL FLIP 5 looks no 3.5mm.
  32. honeypat

    FM3 (Friedman BE C45) - Luke III 2020 HH - Elevated Jam Tracks 47 😉

    Really emotionally touching...great tune.. BTW, Luke III 2020 HH has piezo PU too?
  33. honeypat

    Pls tell me how to RTA always on

    It is my understanding that RTA is useful to detect frequency band causing feedback in acoustics. It is awesome to see on display. So I'm wonder how to make it on always albeit scenes and/or presets changed and, to make it assign on a switch on and off back to normal state of display as usual...
  34. honeypat

    Vendor The Complete FM3 Master Class with Cooper Carter - NOW STREAMING!

    [QUOTE="Jarick, post: 2030304, member: .... I have enrolled to both masterclasses...very useful, really informative and applicable on the spot for preset buildings on my FM3 and Axe3
  35. honeypat

    Dual function Tap & Hold on 1+2 in FC-6 for AxeFx-3

    In FM3-Edit, go to Setup -> Onboard switches -> Stand-In switches, then for FM3 SW2 Tip & Ring, I have set it up as “8 Layout Select and 7 Layout Select” under ‘MstrLayout. These settings work well on my FM3 in changing display into respective view 1 of both Layout within AB Live Gold. However...
  36. honeypat

    "LIFE" - by Stel Andre

    Share your patch please....Awesome tune...
  37. honeypat

    Selecting presets and scenes via external midi controller

    Don't know HB MP-100 has same firmware as MIDI Comamader of MeloAudio,but mine has no problem in changing scenes in any preset. Far right up/down switches do preset up and/or down functioning. Now,if you go website https://tonics.co.kr/untitled-1 and (10) listing under VST section far right...
  38. honeypat

    FM3 at my outdoor Concert Gig was INCREDIBLE!

    Please post a video of your show on the vessel..love to see any of those performances.
  39. honeypat

    NE Iowa COVID Jam Band #5 - Chicago, "25 or 6 to 4"

    Great and awesome...pls post "Make me smile"..if available.
  40. honeypat

    Steve Vai "For the Love of God"

    It works on FM3,too?....Awesome and great tone as well as nice play!
  41. honeypat

    Already thinking add an H9 to FM3... Anyone have or other good options?

    H9 would do much depending on which genre of music you do, I think. For those kind of rythms just for power cords 'CHUGGing' only needs less than few scenes with an economy reverb,then no need H9. If FM3's INs and OUTs are available as two monos,then H9 will shine more since it has pre- and...
  42. honeypat

    FM3 (Bogner Uberschall) - Luke III 2020 HH - Elevated Jam Tracks 36 😉

    Awesome and great...beautiful tone..Any strat version available with preset download?
  43. honeypat

    Free Archon & Triple Crown presets

    Already user of FM3 Amp Packs bundle 85 presets in fw1.06, then no special treatment ... just download three above and that's o.k.?
  44. honeypat

    Best FRFR for FM3 (Poll inside)

    Aspen's CPS Spacestation.. Have used all and every FRFRs out there in market. All sold out except Friedman ASC10 and Spacestation. If anyone ever use CPS, then ordinary FRFRs look like sounds boxy transistor radio..Please give a try.
  45. honeypat

    [solved] Per-preset lay-out

    Tutorial videos are really helpful and awesome, however, in my humble opinion, no lesson for either Stand-In Hold function and Per-Preset setup that were not clear in Manual. Greatly appreciated for a tutorial video on these themes...
  46. honeypat

    Pedalboard for Axe-Fx 3

    Everytime I see two FC6's over lovely black cat, wonder how to spread 8 scenes over on left and right FC mini displays. I'm contemplating to add one more FC6 to my existing FC6 for setting up AXe3 as such seen those in above pictures, but really afraid how to control both FC6's... Any threads or...
  47. honeypat

    Vendor Fremen FM3 packs

    Tried to checkout, but in vain with discount code 'BF2020'. What's up?
  48. honeypat

    "Parasite" - KISS Cover with the Axe-Fx III

    :DReally awesome and great...astonished a lot!!!...o_O
  49. honeypat

    Powered cab users: What are you using?

    Friedman ASC-10 with CPS Spacestation....These two make 3D space widenning stereo sounds. It's really huge. No one knows until he hear the sound by himself. ASC-10 is not rather boomy compared to it's big brother....
  50. honeypat

    Miley Cyrus Guitarist Using Axe-Fx III On Howard Stern's Show

    Same setting with my III & ASC10. In addition, Spacestation CPS do a lot for 3D widen stereo.
  51. honeypat

    4CM Sucking My Tone!

    My Matchless Avalon 30 has its loop as a single 1/4" jack, needs Y-cable. DC30,too? Levels back and forth between tube amp and outboard gear such as Fx3 are critical. My amp uses ALA-1, as shown below. Absolutely no problem in 4CM with FM3 and III.
  52. honeypat

    4CM Sucking My Tone!

    You'd better avoid signal conversions, A/D and/or D/A, and keep analog signal be preserved unaffected as possible. Guitar->III input-> send to tube amp input -> Fx serial loop send -> [line mixer input (1) split signal to III return, (2) another signal in parallel be mixed with output of III at...
  53. honeypat

    Vendor AustinBuddy's 1400+ Naked Amps TonePack - firmware 15.x TonePack Update now Available

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Downloaded and imported new Dec. Bank A, if do a scene swap on a preset in Bank A then have to go CONTROLLER > CS per Scene page and take some change there on and save the preset?
  54. honeypat

    Fractal Audio AxeFx 80's L.A. Preset

    Remind me of Bob Bradshaw's RC10 with refrager-shaped racks. Awesome and really sounds great. Where to find the presets?....
  55. honeypat

    Vendor Free Archon "all-in-one" preset

    I'm wonder you have any plan to make it available for FM3 users such a live pack solely consisting of "all-in-one" presets per amps.
  56. honeypat

    Help me...

    Really appreciate your thanksful advice on this matter,thank you.
  57. honeypat

    Help me...

    Thank yoiu very much in sharing your experiences.
  58. honeypat

    Help me...

    My problem is Axe-Edit do recognize FC6 with version. FC6 display represent patch number,name as Axe3 changes. But, mini display all 6 are blank....Help me~!
  59. honeypat

    Help me...

    My FC6 served couple of months for my FM3 and, now back to my Axe3. Updated fw14.5 and connected properly to port, but Fractal Bot does not recognise FC6,as seen in the picture in which small six display are all blank. How can I help me?....
  60. honeypat

    Got my tone! And is better that ever... Loooove the FM3

    Awesome and great...somewhat sounds like a Santana tune..just my hearing only.
  61. honeypat

    FM3 Simulating a Classical Guitar sound (Nylon Strings) possible?

    Tried a lot,however found no simulations yet,but the only way was to use GR-55 or GT-10, both from BOSS.
  62. honeypat

    I Just Play #9 - Music Man Luke III 2020 HH - Axe-Fx III 5 amps 🎸

    As usual sounds great and awesome..Why don't you share this gem preset with others? Where to find?..Thanks!
  63. honeypat

    FM3 and backing tracks

    May these devices help! Both Alto BT's connected to IN2 of FM3 via adapters may well receive a track wirelessly sent from your iPhone. No problem so far for my FM3.
  64. honeypat

    Fractal FM3: Eric Johnson Clean & Lead Tones

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to download preset?...Kindly edit your above post to attach it,thanks and awesome man.
  65. honeypat

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Which transmitter that attached to OUT1? Is that for in-ear only?...simple is best,awesome!
  66. honeypat

    A/B box recommendations?

    No noise and reliable switch failure...You can't go wrong.
  67. honeypat

    Anyone using the Morningstar MC-6 with the FM3?

    I'm using now. MC-6 takes little real estate on pedalboard compared to my FC-6. You can do evrything. Three buttons on FM3 serve amp control,saturation,etc.. since I have bought Live Gold pack... It does well with GT-1000core,too.
  68. honeypat

    Electric sitar + AxeFX = Hispano-Indo-Flamenco Jazz !

    Great and awesome ... Remind me of Roland GR-55 patches, but more organic and warm tunes.
  69. honeypat

    Some solos with the Axe-Fx III, live

    Awesome and sound great playing.... Any plan some more significant SALES on your AX3 Bundles for those on limited budgets who suffer from COVID Lockdown over the world outside Mauritius?
  70. honeypat

    Cover of Andy Timmons' version of Across the Universe - Preset included

    Awesome and great..Guthrie Govan signature guitar you are playing, same as mine!
  71. honeypat

    Any IR recomendatios suite for my use?

    Hi FM3 users, would you kind enough to please recomand IRs for my particular use for both acoustic (steel and nylon) guitars, a diatonic ten hole blues harmonica and cajon auto beat player ( acoustic drum stomp). These are fed to a mixer and then go to PA and/or frfr powered cab. Need some IRs...
  72. honeypat

    Vendor [Moke's Custom Presets] FM3 Master Thread - Firmware 3.xx now available

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Moke, would you please recomand an IR for my particular use for both acoustic (steel and nylon) guitar, a diatonic ten hole blues harmonica and cajon auto beat...
  73. honeypat

    Power Amp Advice, Please? - Updated, 4/21

    I'm using both GT1000Fx and SD 170. If you want a stereo SS amp small enough into gigbag and loud enough for a loud metal band, to go to random jams with, then Harley Benton Thunder 99 is right there. Really cheap but powerful to drive two 212's. No regrets!
  74. honeypat

    Klon Centaur

    Also I have JHS Soul Food.. it sounds par with Silver Klon..almost same sound to my ears.
  75. honeypat

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.04

    [Problem] ....updated 14.03 -> 14.04, but my FC6 holted and displaying nothing but " .... " on the respective mini display as well as " FC-6 1.11 " on main window...help me!!
  76. honeypat

    Pedal Amplifier

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Run the Thunder99 with 212 cabs in a pay-rehersal room for my FM3 as well as Axe-Fx3. My friedman ASC10 and/or Aspen's CPS frfr are wieigh too much for my age when...
  77. honeypat

    FM3 Mark II

    I don't find FX3 Mark II. Where is it?....
  78. honeypat

    Pedal Amplifier

    Both I have Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170 and Harley Benton Thunder 99 stereo stomp box power. Thunder 99 sounds great in stereo. Two FRFR speaker bought from Kemper have been loaded into own hand made 112 cab. You may search enclosures inside cabinet as you like based upon your music style. In...
  79. honeypat

    Eighties Clean - preset walktrough

    Great and awesome...where's the preset?
  80. honeypat

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.03

    Awesome and great...however,wish the FW of FM3 keep up with its big brother's pace too~!
  81. honeypat

    Cases for moving guitars?

    I am using ENKI. It's really safe,strong built like a tank and, roles as a guitar shelf on stage either... please see; https://enkiusa.com/products/enki-amg-2xl-electric-guitar-case
  82. honeypat

    Naked Amps vs Live Gold

    I have both. If should elect one, will go Live Gold.... More versatile and purpose oriented..suited for live
  83. honeypat

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Here's mime with GR-55, a little acoustic preamp, EA pedalboard Mixer and MC6 (scene selector). Dual Switch ( Stand-in ) selects Utilty and/or Amp Control( CS2) etc. of AustinBuddy's Layouts.
  84. honeypat

    Neverland by Dryland Marillion Tribute played with a Axe FX3

    It seems most likely that your Axe in a rack faced up to you on the floor. Are you using RackLegs of Eurekasound.com?...Awesome and nice play!
  85. honeypat

    Stand-in SW failure with FM3 only Layout

    Yes, I will do soon . A push immdediately displays AB's Layout 8,but another button push first shows a blank and three diplays then more three remainings in AB Layout 7. It circulate just like three views. .
  86. honeypat

    Stand-in SW failure with FM3 only Layout

    Austin Buddy Live Gold Layout FM3 only..... Wish to use a stand-in switch to pop up 'Amp Contro' assigned on CS2 in Live Gold,on mini displays in FM3 only layout. So did it using my dual switch connected to FM3 through fm3-edit by assigning Master Layout 8 and 7 thereto respectively. Layout 8...
  87. honeypat

    Vendor Fremen FM3 packs

    Well, this pack Amp Packs bundle needs to pair with FC6 for use with OMG9 layout,or just FM3's three switches will do with expression pedal and/or SW's onboard connections?
  88. honeypat

    Vendor The Complete FM3 Master Class with Cooper Carter - NOW STREAMING!

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not yet reach to my email, please shot me a link to me,Axe-FxIII student, at honeypat@daum.net
  89. honeypat

    Friedman ASC-12....Worth it?

    I have Headrush, ASC-12 and ASC-10 and more...as well as AXE Fx3 and FM3. If you AB test ASC-10 with its big brother, you will notice low-end more tight, not so boomy as is well known to big brother's users... Aside from those cabs, if I was in your shoes, I will pick up Aspen's Central Point...
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