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  1. Heavyplayer

    FAT switch and SAT

    I been meaning to mention this for awhile now. Shouldn't the fat and sat switch be on the "Authentic page" in models such as the friedman and mesa mark series? I also read that the fat doesn't apply in the JP models?
  2. Heavyplayer

    Wish Ability to use mouse wheel on all

    I would like to have the ability to use the mouse wheel to easily scroll through amps, drives, block library, all effects, etc like we can with the cab block. Sure you can use the pin feature but then you still need to bounce back and forth, lets say if you were using an amp and cab. This would...
  3. Heavyplayer

    Wish speaker drive connected to master volume

    So I got to thinking about how we now have measured speaker impedance, how cool it would be to implement speaker drive to correspond with the amp volume/speaker breakup? Probably a lot of work, but just a thought. Sure we can use our ears etc, but the whole point is to have the amp models to...
  4. Heavyplayer

    JVM 410 model issue

    Does anyone else use this amp model? So I been playing around with this amp model using Joe Satriani settings and noticed the OD 1 Orange and Red channels sound like way too much compression going on, to the point of cutting the sound of the notes. Bug? Because none of the other channels to this...
  5. Heavyplayer

    Question for Mikko

    As you know Cliff came out with 11beta. The speaker impedance modeling FractalAudio said: I'm working on a idea to use the outputs of the Axe-Fx directly along with a special cable to allow field measurements by users. Can you do this now? Or would you need to wait for...
  6. Heavyplayer

    Look what I just got...

  7. Heavyplayer

    Anyone own a Gemini 2x12 passive?

    So, I been eyeing a Gemini 2 2x12 with a power amp, but haven't found much info on these. All I'm coming up with is the powered version. Anyone own one of the passive versions? Clips? How does this compare to the Friedman ASM12? Which sounds more cab like? I'd think the 2x12, but what do I know...
  8. Heavyplayer

    Friedman ASM12 ....missing something

    Hey guys, So I recently bought the Friedman ASM12, first frfr unit by the way. And I been playing around with everything I know of but seems it's missing something. I got a Music man JP100D, and the sound I'm getting sounds like the volume is rolled down about half way (which it isn't) and...
  9. Heavyplayer

    What exactly do Tonestack position change?

    What does Tonestack position change? So I been messing around with the tonestack positions, and can clearly hear a difference, but would like to know what exactly is this changing as far as tone controls etc? Does this change the position of preamp tubes, or remove or add tone controls? Just...
  10. Heavyplayer

    The remaining amps for G3

    Just curious if you were able to G3 any of the remaining amps or if you're still needing to purchase or borrow several others. Not trying to rush you, well kind of for a couple amps....:D Engl, Fryette a few others. :mrgreen But, seriously just curious how that's going. Thanks, Cliff...
  11. Heavyplayer

    Drive Block MIX level 18.04

    I was messing around with the Tape Distortion, and if you set the mix to 0% it sounds as it should, turn it up 100% it weakens. This also happens on FET Boost, and possibly the mid boost. Crank the level to 100 so you hear it better. EDIT: After checking these again, you need to have the gain...
  12. Heavyplayer

    Few Clips Of (Morphosis) Eminence Speakers

    So in the IR section user Morphosis has posted up some "test" IR's and I got to say these sound really really good. Here is a few short little clips. Both clips I used the FAS Modern III. Eminence Wizard #10 Eminence Governor "J"
  13. Heavyplayer

    First test on Soundcloud

    Hey all, Well I been messing around long enough thought I would start making some music for a change. Just started up Soundcloud, and here is a short test to see what you all think. It's a simple idea I came up with, but thought I could make it into something a bit more. Lots more to this song...
  14. Heavyplayer

    FW 18 - Blues jr & Blues FAT [NOT A BUG]

    Can someone check the Jr Blues & the FAT, I normally don't play these, but there seems to be some fuzz/speaker kind of distortion thing going on AFTER I strum a chord. Everything is set to default, so there shouldn't be any of this as it's pretty clean sounding. To reproduce this you must let...
  15. Heavyplayer

    OwnHammer - New Diezel Cab (Lynchback)

    Just seen this on Facebook. Have a question to Kevin. Are you going to add this speaker to the Mesa and Engl cabs too?
  16. Heavyplayer

    Mesa-Randall-Rivera-Matamp UltraRes Cabs

    Here are some IR's I've collected from the net and converted with CabLab. You will have the option to mix them if you choose. Enjoy! http://speedy.sh/8TvMJ/DSS3-Impulses-Mesa-4x12.rar http://speedy.sh/qsnH2/Nakedzen-impulses-MATAMP-CABS.rar...
  17. Heavyplayer

    14.02 Chorus dimension "LFO type" issue

    I just started to make another ODS clean patch, dialed in the chorus dimension, right when I switched to LFO type "random" the excessive cpu came up, and no sound. The sound won't return until I switch presets. The Cpu is only 43%. It only does it on random, is this a bug?
  18. Heavyplayer

    Ownhammer IR's or TMF studios

    I've been wanting to buy Ownhammer IR's for quite some time now, and with the speaker choice and IR's you get seem to be the best bargain. BUT, after listening to the older IR's in the axe and hearing user steadystate say they have a Heavy comb filtered sound, has turned me away each and every...
  19. Heavyplayer

    How to load Blocks in winows 8?

    I'm trying to find the axe-edit folder with "blocks" but I either don't have this or can't find it as I'm still learning Windows8-64bit. How can I find this folder? P.S That WINDOWS!! Hate this laptop!! Figured it out, Mods can you delete this post? Thanks~
  20. Heavyplayer

    Cab Room Size

    I was messing around with this awesome feature today I thought why not experiment with it more with some IRs, and noticed it drops out in either volume or goes from stereo to mono. It does this with and without AE. Only does it in increments. At 10 sounds mono and 9.99 it sounds like it goes...
  21. Heavyplayer

    ODS 100 Lead 2 causing issues (fixed)

    I installed FW11.04, and the new AE, everything has been working great, until I tried the ODS 100 Lead 2, it causes the axe to lose sound and even if you try another amp there is no sound. Also trying to close out AE, and manually scroll through the amp list causes the axe to reboot each and...
  22. Heavyplayer

    How can I tweak IRs?

    I've got quite a few IRs that actually sound great (to my ears) BUT, they are too loud and have a little too much bass at times. All this can be dialed out to a point, but it would save me lots of time if someone could tell me how I can tweak these. I've tried loading them in my DAW, and...
  23. Heavyplayer

    Triode hardness not working V11.03

    I was just messing around with this and noticed it's not doing anything. Is this a bug? Can someone confirm.
  24. Heavyplayer

    My TM progess

    My TM progress Let me start off by saying I'm not an expert by far, and when I first started Tone Matching I didn't bother to look at the eq part of it. I thought it was suppose to sound identical just putting a TM block in the chain, hit a few buttons.....done deal. After all these great...
  25. Heavyplayer

    Forum acting up?

    Just wondering if it's just me or is this forum is acting up? Problems loading, slow, and timed out last night.
  26. Heavyplayer

    Presets still changing in 10.05

    I sent Cliff this issue, and hopefully when he gets time he will let me know whats going on. In the meantime I'm curious if anyone else is still having problems with patches peaking or changing. I created a patch, forgot what version 10.02 I think, there were some issues with V10 so I ended up...
  27. Heavyplayer

    Volume change and user cabs 51-100

    I uninstalled V10 the other day and went back to fw9 and then later back to V10, just to see if this would help with some of the issues I was having. Seems to be sounding fine so far. However, there is a big volume difference, and wondering if this is finally how it should sound. Before...
  28. Heavyplayer

    The sound of cabs

    I been hearing a bit of room reverb in quite a few of the cabs, I know they weren't isolated but I just wanted to make sure this is pretty normal and that I'm not having more of a issue then with just Tone Match. This is something that I've only noticed in V10, and again just wondering if it's...
  29. Heavyplayer

    Need basic info on doing mods to AXE amps

    So I been thinking about doing this just for fun and see how far I can go with it, but I need some info. I know there are all sorts of mods that can be done, I'm just curious what components need to be tweaked, etc. As far as I know, transformer/s, power tube bias, tweak the bright cap, I'm sure...
  30. Heavyplayer

    One of my fav features is unusable

    Anyone here use the TMA block? It has really changed it adds (room reverb) and has become unusable to me. I used this a lot in fw 9, and even though it seems like it might do a better job that unwanted room reverb doesn't sit well, and can't be dialed out.
  31. Heavyplayer

    TMA sounds like it has room reverb

    As the title says...anyone else noticed this? I use the TMA a lot and it sounds like the cab blocks (room reverb) when using it. Any way to change this?
  32. Heavyplayer

    Any other program or ideas for loading IRs

    I been having issues with loading IR's, sometimes they work and sometimes not. Here is what I use and how I go about trying to load them. If the file is in wav format I use the Axe-Fx converter to convert over to sys then try to send to Axe, or if they file is a different size sys, I use...
  33. Heavyplayer

    Metronome type sound in Chorus block

    So I been playing around with other types of Chorus and noticed this annoying metronome click going on, doesn't happen to sine, or triangle, all the others it does. I though at first somehow the metronome was on, but nope. Any clue what the deal is with this? Some way to eliminate this clicking?
  34. Heavyplayer

    Not typing fast enough?

    Just curious if anyone is having a problem getting logged out if you take too long to type something? But yet I can be idling and be on here for hours and not get logged out. What's the deal. I feel I type pretty fast, but can be long winded sometimes. ;)
  35. Heavyplayer

    Sudden freeze up

    I had just turned in on about 10 mins ago and started to do a tone match, everything worked great, played for awhile longer then turned the dial to another preset. Then it froze up! I waited and rebooted....same thing. Did this like 4 times in a row. Then I was able to get off that preset and...
  36. Heavyplayer

    Theoretical implementation vs MIMIC

    I'm not sure if this can be answered being 10v isn't released yet but....maybe those who had the Axe II for awhile can help compare the older versions. Is this new update trying to get closer to the tone you would hear playing the amp in front of you or the amp being mic'd? I've read about...
  37. Heavyplayer

    Loading patches/IRs seem buggy

    I been experiencing what seems to be a little issue when loading patches or IRs. If I load an IR to one of my blank user slots, most of the time they go right in the blank slot, then other times they seem to replace my #1 user slot. This also happens when I load a patch, most go where they...
  38. Heavyplayer

    Can't load patch bank

    Is it possible to load a patch bank? I tried midi-ox, c6, sendsx.....none of these works. I always get "no buffer available There is not enough memory available for this task. Quit one or more applications to increase available memory and then try again.” I'm using windows 7 if that helps.
  39. Heavyplayer

    Need recording help plz

    Hello all, As you can probably tell another new guy here. :-P Asking for your help plz!! I been searching the net and can't seem to find the info I need to re-amp. So, can someone please explain how I can do this using the axe 2 as my interface, and reaper as my DAW. I read post after...
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