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    Fx8 Road Cases?

    We are exploring a soft case option. It's shockingly expensive to do without buying huge quantities right out of the gate though, so we're trying to get creative and come up with a way to make it work and be affordable. We really do feel that these Fractal products make for a great little rig...
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    Fx8 Road Cases?

    We will announce all the details within the next week or two, including price. I think we will do a short video tutorial of how the units are mounted to the plate. It's a very simple, elegant solution that will allow the user to leave the mounting plate in the tray of the case (like you see it...
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    Fx8 Road Cases?

    Hey guys, Peter with Trailer Trash Pedal Boards here. We have a case option in the works right now. We should have the first run of units ready to ship in less than a month. Here are some pictures of our prototype, which holds an FX-8 and two expression pedals. This same case will also hold the...
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    New song, free download, all AxeFX!

    Thank you Ole! I'm glad you liked it. :-)
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    New song, free download, all AxeFX!

    My band has a new CD coming out in a few weeks and we have made the first single a free download on our ReverbNation page. I thought I would share it here because all the guitar tracks were recorded with an AxeFX, an Ultra for me and a II for our other guitar player. The song is called Lost In...
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    Finally! (LP Content.)

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    NAMM 2014 Winners and Losers Thus Far

    That looks great! The Tech21 FlyRig5 looks really cool too. What a great backup rig that would make.
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    Midi player?!

    In all fairness, there is a big difference between using a laptop in a live setting versus using the AxeFX or an iPad for instance. The boot time for a CPU can be much longer and a bit unpredictable in a pressure situation. There is always the chance that the UBS driver doesn't load and...
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    Midi player?!

    Cool, I didn't know the Data Disk could be used as a midi player!
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    Midi player?!

    Liquid Tracks: Product Liquid Tracks
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    Name 7 guitar players you really like...

    Not at all Edrod, Hendrix didn't do much for me either. lol
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    Name 7 guitar players you really like...

    The fact that Vito Bratta came up before EVH in this thread has diminished my respect for the membership of this forum greatly.
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    Anyone changing patches via a MIDI interface with an iPad LIVE with a click track?

    Sweet Midi Player is a good app, it has worked well for us. No major glitches or crashes or anything. We use it with the iRig midi adaptor. The only thing you have to be careful of is if you open the app without the midi interface hooked up the app will automatically revert to the internal...
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    iRig MIDI + Internal Sample Player

    Very cool! Glad you got it working!
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    Anyone changing patches via a MIDI interface with an iPad LIVE with a click track?

    We use an app called Sweet Midi Player to run a click track, trigger lights and occasionally trigger a sampler for song intros. It would be easy enough to have it change our AxeFX presets as well, but we just haven't bothered.
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    Just got an iPhone. Must have apps?

    Don't complain, at least someone used the search function for once!
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    Just got an iPhone. Must have apps?

    Um...........actually, that was all to bash the iPhone. lol
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    I despise UPS

    The thing to know in these weather situations is that once you are delayed then you're screwed. Lets say you had a scheduled delivery on a Monday but bad weather disrupted that.......well on Tuesday (assuming the weather is no longer an issue) they won't delay things that were already scheduled...
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    iRig MIDI + Internal Sample Player

    We use Sweet Midi with the iRig midi device to trigger our click tracks from an Alesis D4 and to trigger some lighting cues as well, that setup has been working great. I haven't ever tried to use Midi Bridge though. I was considering buying it in an attempt to trigger a sampler app from the...
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    Acceptance of axe fx from others

    I've never worried about what people thought of my gear and I still don't. If you sound good no one cares. Better yet, if you write good songs then they don't even think about your guitar sound or your gear. That's what we should all strive for, writing songs that make people forget about our...
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    Lets post and like each others Facebook Band Page !

    www.facebook.com/quittersanonymous Just posted a few new songs on our Reverbnation page as well if anyone is interested: Quitters Anonymous Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos
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    Interesting gig injury.

    That happens to me at shows a lot. At our last show I didn't realize that I had cut it open, I wiped my face with my hand and smeared blood all over my face..........my guitar was covered in blood, it was a mess.
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    I love pictures of them at outdoor festivals. Seeing them in the light of day makes it all look a bit silly. It's probably a cooler schtick in a nice dark room with cool lighting and all that.
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    Advice on electric 12-strings

    I have not played the Gretsch. The only advice I would give is play it first. The neck width is obviously very important with a 12 string. I had a Charvel Surfcaster many years ago and while it sounded great the neck was just too narrow for me and I eventually sold it. I have a Danelectro 12...
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    Name your seven favorite ways to offend people

    How can you guys narrow it down to seven? This obviously isn't a thread for real pros.....
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    The history of Axe Fx so far.

    I had seen the Standard shortly after it came out and thought it would be a great multi effect unit for my rack, but I was a little afraid to buy it because I didn't know anything about the company. I kept thinking about it for months and then Fractal did a $999.00 blowout deal (if I recall...
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    Is that music or circus?

    Does it matter if the OP knew it was a Jason Becker song or if the OP knows the history of the song or Becker? If he didn't like it he didn't like it. Is he obligated to like it because Becker wrote it? What happened to Becker is terrible, absolutely horrible.....but it doesn't make his music...
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    Buyers Remorse Anyone?

    I just recently went back to the Ultra from the II, it works better for me and the sound I'm going for. I had a Standard before the Ultra even existed, got the Ultra when it came out, got the II when it came out. l've worked with the II from FW 3 on up to 9.2 and never felt as satisfied with my...
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    What does hi fi mean today also a Mastering question

    The answer to any mastering question these days is "make it LOUDER! LOUDER LOUDER LOUDER! LOUDER than everything else, LOUDER than anything else has ever been or ever could be! LOUDER!" That should take care of any questions you have.
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    Very limited soundcheck time - what do you do?

    Here in Denver being in an original band typically means little or no soundcheck and short set up time depending on where we are on the bill. All you can do is pack your stuff so that getting it up on stage and ready to play is reasonably efficient, have your sounds dialed in (cause you're not...
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    V.10 public beta?

    I'm amazed that so many of you have exhausted all the features and possibilities in FW 9 and are already so badly in need of FW10. Real power users I guess.
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    New Router/Switcher/Mixer from FAMC

    Yeah, if I still can't stand the JR I might have to make the leap up to the JR+. The JR has the functionality to do all I want, there's no reason it shouldn't work for me. I don't know how many more updates got done between when I got rid of my first one and when he changed to the + series...
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    New Router/Switcher/Mixer from FAMC

    The Switchblade has been a remarkably stable product for many years. I'll be curious to see how FAMC does with this and where he takes it beyond doing what the SB can already do. Making a product do more is one thing, making it do it in such a way that it's actually practical, easy to use and...
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    Is anyone postponing recording until 10.00?

    But what if you wait and record your masterpiece with FW10 and then FW11 comes out a few months later? Your masterpiece will suddenly be lame. : ( The only reasonable thing for you guys to do is get out of music altogether..............new, better gear will always be coming out.........there...
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    Is anyone postponing recording until 10.00?

    The day I wait on gear to make music is the day I should stop altogether. When it's time to make music you use what you have and you make the best music you can........the gear comes in a very distant third place in importance to good songs and a good performance. If you have a good song and...
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    Anyone using the Presonus Studiolive 16.4.2 board for in ears?

    It's a real challenge finding the right feature set for your needs with all these different boards. All these new mixers have cool features, but each is also lacking features that one of the other might have. It seems like a compomise no matter which way you go. The Mackie had just enough...
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    Anyone using the Presonus Studiolive 16.4.2 board for in ears?

    We just recently got the Mackie DL1604 for our in ear system. It sounds good, very clean, good separation and all that jazz. The eq, comps and gates seem fine, usable for sure. The delay and verb is questionable, but I put some verb on our vocals and it seemed fine in the mix, certainly not...
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    Poor Harmony Central forums!

    I think the Huge Racks site is doing just fine. There might be a few less people on a daily basis, but that's a good thing. HRI was at its best before it peaked in popularity, when the user base was a tight community of bright people, it's getting back to that again as the daily users goes...
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    Seemless scene switching with 2 amp blocks?

    Maybe you could put the mixer before the amps then, so that when you're crossfading between amps the feed to the dirty amp will almost be like using the volume knob on your guitar. This would probably be fairly natural sounding I would think?
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    LF+ and scenes

    The "steps" feature of the Liquid Foot controllers already allowed you to do the same thing as the "scenes" feature does.
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    String stretching tool

    Truth my brother, truth!
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    AXE FX 2 - gave up trying to make this work in a live situation :(

    If you like your amp better then just use your amp. You will get a million posts with people trying to tell you that you're doing something wrong (and you might be) and that the Axe should work for you (and maybe it could)........and blah blah blah......but ultimately if the amp you already own...
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    Slowing down with age.

    I really don't think it has to do with age...........at least not at that age. When I was in my teens I had loads of free time to spend practicing by myself, I could play plenty fast. These days I can't play as fast, but I don't spend anywhere near the amount of time working on that either...
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    Scene...ARIO!! Scene 1 or Scene 2

    I think most people feel like they are "scramblin" when they have to go to their backup rig at the last second. If I have to go to a backup at a gig the lack of the "scenes" feature (which we only just got anyway) is probably the last thing I'm gonna worry about. Unfortunately when you have to...
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    My rackcase is finally finished! Custom patchbay and drawer

    Those SKB racks are too tight. If you put your drawer in the middle it might work, the racks are tighter at the top and bottom. Worth a try, but it might still be too tight.
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    Scenes: songs with 3 different amp tones?

    Yup, Claxor hit the same idea right before I did. Hopefully it works for you.
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    Scenes: songs with 3 different amp tones?

    Maybe you could avoid any pop or weird sounds by starting with Amp1 X in Scene 1, then Scene 2 could use Amp 2 X (so no drop out or pop) and at the same time Scene 2 could also switch Amp 1 (which will now be bypassed) to Y so that it is ready in the Y state for Scene 3, and then Scene 3 could...
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    What version of 9.01 do you have?

    All this criticism of our criticism is starting to make us feel bullied and singled out. I demand the mods do something post haste!!!!
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    What version of 9.01 do you have?

    My guess is that very little that is posted on this forum amuses him. It's just one idiotic complaint after another..........it might be funny if it happened once in awhile, but the only purpose of the forum these days is as an outlet for the complainers............and that's just not as...
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    Firmware Upgrade Tutorial

    Are the instructions in the manual not clear enough? I've always thought the manual detailed the procedure quite clearly.?.?.? What are the instructions in the manual lacking to those of you who didn't understand? Maybe some feedback would help Cliff to clarify the manual if that is needed.
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    Monitor mixing by the band, some Qs? iPad?

    Lets be fair here, Behringer hasn't done anything to pro audio gear. No one has ever confused Behringer with pro audio gear. They make low cost consumer grade gear and I'm pretty sure everyone understands that.
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    Monitor mixing by the band, some Qs? iPad?

    Thanks for the info!
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    Monitor mixing by the band, some Qs? iPad?

    How has the Mackie been working for you? Have you had any issues with the iPads losing connection? Any glitches or issues with the Mackie? I wish they would make it so you can group auxes for stereo mixes, that would be a huge improvement. Still might buy one despite that.
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    Anyone tried JamUp ProXT for iPad/iPod?

    Jamup isn't too bad actually. Much different sounding than amplitube, so if nothing else it's a different flavor.
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    stuck it to GC and a good deal on monitors

    I never said it was bad that you got the deal you wanted; you don't need to justify that to anyone. Hell, you don't even need to justify the way you treat people in the interest of getting your way either......that's between you and you. YOU started the thread to brag about how you were an...
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    stuck it to GC and a good deal on monitors

    Everyone complains about GC.........but everyone also loves that GC has the item they want in stock so you can check it out, take it home with you instead of waiting for someone online to ship it, etc... Believe it or not it costs money to have an item in stock. There is freight to get the...
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    Why would anyone buy a Kemper over the Axe-FX II?

    Some people might buy/use them because they like the way the Kemper sounds. Is it that difficult to understand? I'm an Axe II guy, but there is a world full of great gear out there, I don't expect that everyone is gonna use the same stuff. What a boring world it would be if there were no options.
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    Herdim picks anyone?

    Don't they make different thicknesses? Interesting pick in any event. I have a few around for recording, it's a cool sonic color to have available. p
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    When is enough Amps enough?

    You know, getting the most out of any piece of gear doesn't necessarily mean using every feature available........in this case all the available amps........it's about getting what you need out of the gear. The more amp models (or effect choices) you have means there is a better chance that you...
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    no whats in V9.0 thread yet?

    X/Y lets you have different settings. The scenes only allow you to call up on/off combinations of the various effect/amp blocks and their respective X/Y status.
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    all my presets disappeared

    Did you do an internal backup? If so, restore everything from that backup.
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    Is multi-tracking gain patches necessary?

    How could anyone answer this question for you? What kind of mix are you talking about? What other instruments are in the mix? What is the roll of the guitar in the track? Is there more than one guitar player? What is the genre of the song? What are the typical mix expectations for a song in...
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    How to use the "Magic 8-Ball" in the tuner.

    I read all the stupid shit on this forum (like this issue) and I feel like my heads gonna explode, if it was my job to field all these idiotic questions I'm pretty sure it would explode. lol I feel for you Cliff, I really do.
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    How to use the "Magic 8-Ball" in the tuner.

    Seriously? Does anyone actually need this explained? Can you imagine what the support emails are like for Fractal if this is a problem that people are having?
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 8.01a Up

    I love that it went to .01A instead of .02........OCD brains will be exploding all over the world! Before you all freak out, just try to keep in mind that the numbering scheme doesn't actually matter. It could be called "revision 2 of the very newest of the new" firmwares. It will work the...
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 8.00 Up

    Just out of curiousity what are the numerous reasons that make you hesitant to use the front panel?
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    suhr badger in 7.00

    The amount of gain is really gonna depend on which version it is modeled after. The 30 and the 18 are very different amps. I think the 18 is more unique and I bit more special sounding for my money (I've owned both, kept the 18). The 18 can get gainy, but the magic in this amp comes from the...
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    Time to get 7.0 to the masses! (i've been holding out building patches)

    Why didn't I ever think of using gear as an excuse for not being creative and getting shit done? "Sorry guys, I know I was supposed to be working on new song ideas, but firmware 7 isn't out yet...." Procrastinators must love it when new firmware gets released, because the day a new firmware is...
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    Switched back to 6.01, lost my patches

    It's a great feature. Being able to back up or restore a back up at any moment without a CPU is huge!
  71. P

    Switched back to 6.01, lost my patches

    Even if AxeEdit crashes or doesn't work at all you can still back the unit up internally, which I think is a good practice.
  72. P

    Switched back to 6.01, lost my patches

    Of course not, if you never bothered to back them up then there is no backup. You must ALWAYS back up your presets before doing a firmware update. Most of the time my presets are still there after updates, but occassionally I've had presets vanish. You can't count on your presets staying...
  73. P

    Switched back to 6.01, lost my patches

    They are easy to get back, just reinstall your backup. Either from your computer or from the internal backup (which couldn't be any easier to use).
  74. P

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 6.02 Up

    Nope, the comment that I was responding to specifically said "Some minds like to resolve problems" regarding this situation. I, like you, don't think there is or ever was a problem, so I'm not even sure what there is to be curious about............but now that you've asked I would say no, I...
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 6.02 Up

    \ But is it actually a problem? Did the firmware install? Did the firmware notes say that the installation process should take xxx minutes and if it takes any more or less than there is a problem? If the firmware installed then there is not a problem. Just because it was faster or slower...
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 6.02 Up

    Touche sir. : )
  77. P

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 6.02 Up

    Why does it matter how long it takes? Sometimes it happens fast, sometimes it happens slower, who gives a shit as long as it worked? Do you think it will sound better if it loads in six minutes instead of four minutes? Go practice your guitar while it loads..............if it takes a little...
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    Duesenberg Fullerton T.V.

    Good deal for sure. They are unique sounding.......kinda hard to describe. I don't know if I could make one my "use if for everything every day" guitar, but it's certainly a great flavor to have. p
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    Rack question

    Yeah it wouldn't even be close, you would be at least a full rack space too short.
  80. P

    Help - Tele style guitar

    I have liked all the Suhr teles I've played. I have a Nash that is fantastic as well.
  81. P

    AXE Edit died, and i cant live without it!

    Yeah, honestly the front panel is just so easy to use that I don't even bother with the editor much. The editor may have an advantage if you're going to be creating a bunch of presets from scratch and you need to get them all to a certain starting point or something, but for basic preset editing...
  82. P

    P90 Pickup Noise/Hum

    Very cool, I need to check that out for sure! I'm loving P90s lately. A gold top with p90s seems like it would be dreamy...
  83. P

    P90 Pickup Noise/Hum

    Have I seen this guitar yet? I don't think I have, but I can't help but think that I should.... p
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    Firmware 6: any changes to cpu usage?

    You know why I love this forum? Because it allows me to get all my useless, unsupported, unsubstantiated, speculative and generally pointless information in one place rather than having to search all over the web. It’s a real time saver in that regard!
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    It's been..

    Been good, how about you?
  86. P

    It's been..

    North Dakota is waaaaaay to close to Canada.
  87. P

    Books that teach how to sing AND play guitar simultaneously...

    I can break the book you're looking for down to one simple thing. PRACTICE. Nothing you read in a book or see in a video can help or change that. You really just have to practice alot, there is no other way. You can send the money you would have spent on the book to my paypal account. p
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    the only one axe II to eat it =)

    That is amazing! She's got skills....
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    Rocktron Midi Raider vs. GCP?

    If they are the same price then the GCP is done. Voodoo Labs had better get to work on updating the GCP because they just got blown out of the water.
  90. P

    Rocktron Midi Raider vs. GCP?

    If the Midi Raider comes in near the same price as the GCP then I think the Midi Raider is the best bet by far! The Midi Raider is basically the All Access rehoused. The All Access was a great controller with an excellent feature set, so this isn't an unknown entity. The GCP was alone in the...
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    Going back v4.01

    If I had started on V5 I probably would have found my sounds eventually. Coming from 4 (which was super easy for me to get my sounds with) the changes sounded really dramatic to me (with the sounds that I'm going for anyway) and I'm just not interested in putting the time into making the change...
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    Going back v4.01

    I went back too. 4.01 just sounds a lot better to me for the sounds I'm going for. That's the beauty of this thing really, if the new FW doesn't work as well for you then just use the old one.......maybe the next FW will knock me out and I'll upgrade again. 4.01 works great for me though, so...
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    Should there be a slight delay when changing presets with a midi footcontroller?

    Staying on the same AxeFX preset within a song is the way to go. I never change AxeFX presets during a song. During any given song I change presets on my foot controller to alter various elements of a single AxeFX preset (turn delay on/off, add an overdrive pedal, etc...). No dropouts this way.
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    Line6 annoucement

    I don't think this was an "epic fail" at all. That mixer looks fantastic! Great feature set and a very cool, innovative take on the form factor and user interface. I would call this a major win for doing something new, interesting and useful. People seem to forget that Line 6 came from the...
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    $400.00 What do I get?

    Interested in a Line6 G90 wireless? I'm gonna put mine up for sale and you have just the right amount of money for such a purchase! : )
  96. P

    Axe 2 MIDI thru flawed?

    The Switchblade can respond to PC and CC messages.
  97. P

    The long wait and the sales department

    Nikki, I'm impressed! Your detective skills are amazing to piece together a semi plausible and coherent version of this story based on the crypic posts that you had to work with. I applaud you!!!
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