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    Is this possible?

    I’ll try that as well, thanks
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    Is this possible?

    Hi Joker III, Pauly. I'll try both those things, thanks.
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    Is this possible?

    Hi, I think I know the things to try, I've lowered the input gain, I've tried various master volume levels, I played with output compression, I tried saturation. None of the things I've tried have gotten me where I was on Ares 1.03. What I was wondering (is this possible, may not be) if...
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    Is this possible?

    Sorry I wasn’t clear. What to change to get my favorite patch to sound the same under Ares 2 as it did under Ares 1.03. It had a nice compressed, buttery edge of breakup tone that became moderately distorted with hard picking or strumming. I’m not getting the same smooth distortion I got...
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    Is this possible?

    Hi all, long time lurker, AFXII user. I have one preset, a variation of the Brit 800, that I use probably 75% of the time. I like the way every patch sounds better under Ares 2, except for my go-to patch. I don’t think it’s heavily modified, but haven’t been able to get it to sound the same...
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    Officially old!

    You’re not old, you’re vintage with a nice patina!
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    Madamoiselle originally by Styx

    That was cool! Hearing that again was a treat.
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    R.I.P. R Lee Ermey

    I read that he was the military advisor on "Full Metal Jacket" but wasn't going to be in the film. He persuaded Kubrick to put him in by giving a 17 minute tirade of drill instructor ass-chewing without repeating himself.
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    After 10 years, I'm done...

    Well, you've got me there. I guess I was thinking of what I think is typically done in the studio, you mic the cab, then apply delay and/or reverb. I know one reason delay and reverb are typically? post-amp, so as to avoid adding distortion to delays and reverb and cluttering the sound, but I...
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    After 10 years, I'm done...

    Hi, I just watched that video, and it occurred to me that there may be a function that could be added that would solve some of the issues that method produces. I didn't like the fact that you had to move what would normally be post-cab effects (reverb, delay, etc) to pre-cab. So (and maybe...
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    New trippy experimental fusion song "Eukaryotic Cells"

    Yeah, weak joke. The music is impressive and an imaginative use of the Axe FX. Well done.
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    Home FrFR solution ideas

    Have you considered adding a quality small powered sub?
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    New trippy experimental fusion song "Eukaryotic Cells"

    Really liked this, I just think the video would have been just as good without all the sex.
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    Gig video- The Ultimate Sin

    In case this helps anyone diagnose this, I wasn't able to see any sign of the video in the OP, using Firefox or Chrome. I see it properly using Internet Explorer. If anyone knows what I need to turn on or off in the other two browsers, please jump in. Thanks.
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    Gig video- The Ultimate Sin

    Thanks Bishop, love your work and your band. I'm not a huge Ozzie fan, but would turn up for you guys. Once I logged in, I was able to see your Facebook example in your response to me, but nothing, not even an empty box in your original post.
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    Gig video- The Ultimate Sin

    Hi, would one of you kind souls tell me why I don't see any hint of a video in the OP? Thanks.
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    Midi help requested

    Thanks, that's very helpful. You've also helped define what I'm looking to do. I won't need to load the sound of a symphony orchestra, so my samples won't be huge. I'll look into the digidesign unit. Thanks again!
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    Midi help requested

    Hi, forgot to mention in the OP, I have the M-Audio UM-1 interface. Should also mention I'd be using either a laptop (Win7), or some standalone device, if there is such a thing. Thanks for the replies.
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    Midi help requested

    Hi all, I figured more than a few Fractal owners would have experience with Midi, and while I've used it to control rack rigs in the past, I don't have experience with using a Midi USB keyboard to control external sounds. What I haven't found an answer to, is what is the minimum computer...
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    quick question

    You ought to put up a Gofundme or equivalent page, I think there's more than a few people here who would kick in some bucks (me included) to help you upgrade. Plus, it would benefit all of us in the long run.
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    Found a Round to-it.

    I don't need one, doesn't mean I don't want one. Man, that's slick. Skillz! Congrats on the results of the hard work, and if it wasn't hard, make me one :-)
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    Nailed it! Very nice, and your video let me see how to play the parts I'm capable of playing (the non-shredding). Thanks!
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    AX8 new Firmware 8.00 is AMAZING!!!! Marshall JCM800 sample

    That was great! Tone and playing! I learned the song by watching that. It was also fun watching you have so much fun playing it. Well done!
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    1u Tube Power Amps

    The Mesa Boogie 20/20 is quality gear, capable of reasonably good volume. Far from flat response, but there's an easy "deep mod" (basically cutting one lead on each of two capacitors) to restore the bass. I haven't read of any negatives regarding the result, don't know how many have done it...
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.01 Firmware Release

    No this means there are no more the latest 3 fw versions in the Axe FX I think, which means you can't just switch forward and back to different firmwares while the Axe is being loaded with the latest firmware. I hope this makes sense as this is not my native language. Rock guitar is your...
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Firmware Release

    Well, obviously you need to practice more ! NO, WAIT! I meant it was perfect, couldn't be better! Thanks again to you and the crew for adding more bang to the buck on the best money I ever spent.
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    If you haven't CRINGED today ...

    There's something wrong with me. I liked the background music, the SG/Steinberger, and the Gold Top Les Paul. Remember, just because it's a model of a guitar that gets respect, doesn't mean that particular one was any good.
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta

    Sorry, double posted.
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta

    I believe Cliff also said, a donation to the American Cancer Society or the ASPCA, in one of the other threads about thanking him and FAS. Also Geezerjohn checked with Cliff and Cliff responded that a donation to the American Cancer Society or ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of...
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    Fender Vintage Combo Synth Ambient Metal test. Yeeeah, you heard it right...

    If someone had told me I was going to like Synth Ambient Metal, I'd have said "What?" That was great! Sound and content. I want to play the video game that has that for the soundtrack!
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    Overall...what has been the reliability of the Atomic CLR?

    I've only owned four powered speakers, Yamaha DRX10, EV - ELX112P, and 2 EV ZLX12P. The ELX-112P power module failed after about 2 years, was replaced under warranty (Bosch).
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    I'm addicted to Supply Sag

    I seem to recall light bulbs in Bose 801s as well ('70s)
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.02 Firmware Released

    As usual, I'm not limited in my thinking by any actual knowledge of what would be involved, but maybe the different editors could be opened up to being "skinned"? User-developed looks and features on top of the Fractal framework? One thing I've thought would be handy would be to be able to...
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    12min with an AX8 ;-)

    Very tasty demo! Great choice of material to demonstrate each change, used pickup changes, tone and volume changes to highlight each segment! If this gets visibility, it will definitely sell some units. Well done.
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    Funk me off (all guitar parts with Axe-fxii)

    Great tune, great production!
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    My Sharona on Steroid

    Very tasty! There were some interesting takes on the vocal harmonies in some spots, liked that.
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    Disappointed in the user interface

    You're kidding me, right?! This is like some kind of design from the 80's! You can't see how they could be improved by having breasts on the back as well?
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    awww yes! the marshall silver! (Q6)

    Nothing but WIN in that clip!
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    So Tired

    Is it just me, or is anyone else tired of having to come up with new ways to say Thanks to the Fractal Team? If only Cliff and company could give us a little rest. I'm in my 60s, my hands are tired (I fix instrumentation for a living) and this damn thing has me playing more than ever. I've...
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    Prog metal from Mauritius, using the XL+

    Sounds great, album ready! Musically, I preferred the stuff starting around the 4 minute mark, but the whole song sounds great.
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    Captain Hook, Strat, Edge of Breakup, Blues, Funky, Thang

    Way cool composition, would like to hear more!
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    Is it a bad idea to run USB and MFC at the same time?

    No problems here, been running that way for years.
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    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    Hi Al, thanks again for your wonderful tool! Since I have the benefit of not knowing what is and isn't possible, I come up with these strange ideas. I don't know how to convey this clearly, but hopefully the idea will come across. I was wondering if it would be possible to add drawing type...
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    Request/challenge : Knopfler's tone on "Sultans of Swing", "Alchemy" version

    I think it's great you were reading at that age!
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    This weeks Axe Fx tips and tricks video is here

    Hi, good video, well shot, easy to see what you're explaining, good tips. The only thing I'd mention as less than ideal, I'm listening at fairly low (conversational) volume, and it was a little difficult to pick up the changes in the sound as you kicked in the different effects. I could hear a...
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    Guitar Strings and Corrosive Sweat

    I use Caig DeOxit D5. I've used Caig products since the 70s when I worked in a stereo store and saw DeOxit used in the service department for cleaning pots, switches, input and output jacks, have used it for that ever since. DeOxit claims to polish the metal, fill in micro-pits, and remove...
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 4.00 Firmware Release

    Holy Crap! I had my volume adjusted for "Clyde Wah and Analog Flanger" with X-Mann playing Blue Planet and this nearly ripped my head off! That's an impressively powerful clean mix (as usual for Mikko). I even liked the tune, and that's not my style of music.
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    My DIY foot controller

    I'm always impressed by those who have the patience and skills to work something like that out. Very cool indeed!
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 4.00 Firmware Release

    Yeah, it took me a couple of years of experimentation to get tones I really liked out of all the modes of the Triaxis, I got a lot of good advice on tube choices from another Triaxis owner with the handle Timbre Wolf ( I found him on The Gear Page forums and the Boogie Board of grailtone.com)...
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    fw Q4 | DOKKEN | Unchain The Night | FULL COVER w/vocals (patch included)

    Let's see. Good video. Great mix, playing and vocals! I give it a 95! It's great watching you play these tunes!
  51. D


    Hi, the second video above shows up as private, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks. And thanks for your continued efforts on Axe for Lemur, I just installed 3.09, looks good. With Lemur at $24.99 (I paid $50 when I bought it), I can't imagine why people aren't beating down your door to...
  52. D

    Something Smooth and Sexy

    I'd buy an album of that.
  53. D

    Frfr, nothing above CLR

    I believe when Cliff and Co. where demoing either the FX-8 or AX-8 at one of the Fractal get-togethers, they were running through Meyer monitors, and I believe when I looked them up, they were in the ballpark of $5K ea. Found the video, link is below. I don't know where I read or heard that...
  54. D

    Hard Rock w/ the Brit 800!

    Tasty tune, tasty tones, nice mix, what's not to like?!
  55. D

    Added my universal bass preset to AxeChange.

    Best sounding bass tone I've had so far! Thanks very much!
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    Authentic Amp in the room sound with the Axe-Fx & Ambient IRs

    I have no freakin' idea what I would realistically do with this, but it's so cool! Can I get multi-track recordings of all my favorite songs so I can re-mix them to my taste? I'm amazed at the skills I see displayed in these forums. Thanks for the new perspective!
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    Something in 6/8. Breaking writer's block

    I concur. This piece sounds ready for airplay. If this is something you threw together quickly, you've got some really impressive skills!
  58. D

    getting unwanted distortion with 2.03 or 2.04

    Hi, you might check that the noise gate is totally off in the input block. If it's not, you might hear some noise as notes decay. Just a thought.
  59. D

    Acoustic sounding without Amp block

    Hi Per, always enjoy your stuff! A loop of this would be nice for meditation.
  60. D

    MFC-101-W (Wide)

    Hi, it looks to me like you took the switches out? What I did to keep from pressing a switch unintentionally (the Edit button) was to take the plastic cap off an empty bottle, drill a hole in the center a little smaller than the diameter of the threaded part of the switch, invert the cap, and...
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    Merry Christmas to my FAS budz....

    Wow, I've never heard the original, but hard to imagine it sounds better! I'll definitely check out your facebook page. Excellent work.
  62. D

    Help need a non gritty clean tone

    Hi, when you say "through the bass player's Mackie mains" do you mean the bass player owns the PA? Or that these are the speakers the bass player plays through? Either way, I'd ask, have you heard any other source sound perfectly clean through these speakers? The speakers themselves (or amp...
  63. D

    Axe Edit Wish? Saved Value Indicator?

    Hi all, I didn't even know how to title this wish. Just throwing this out for consideration, it's a feature I've experienced on other rack gear (don't remember which), that I thought might be useful. What I picture would be an indicator over each virtual rotary control that when you changed...
  64. D

    Uptown Funk - Synth Emulations!

    Doesn't need to get any better than that! Smokin' hot!
  65. D

    Taming my '69 tele thinline

    Liked the tones and the tune!
  66. D

    AX-8 Price

    As an armchair CEO, I'm declaring everybody gets stock options, and stockholders get a big dividend! Woo-Hoo!
  67. D

    AxeFxCabList : A new tool listing Cabs used in your presets

    Hi Al, your troubleshooting tips prompted me to look a little further, the problem seems to have been that I had Lemur running (AxeFX for Lemur). At least, when I closed Lemur, the reporting window for AxeFXCablist popped up. I then ran it again, it completed successfully, asked where I wanted...
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    QUANTUM- USA PRE-CLN- Finger playing @midnight

    Tasty tone, tasty tune! Two thumbs up!
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    AxeFxCabList : A new tool listing Cabs used in your presets

    Hi Al, thanks for your efforts, but I can't seem to get it working. I've shutdown Axe Edit, but it repeatedly gets to the mid 20 percent range then crashes. This is a Win 7 laptop, running your latest version. Any troubleshooting tips? Thanks.
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    WatersDeep, song in your sig Hi, just wanted to say, listened to the song in your .sig line, really liked it! I'm an old guy, don't listen to a lot of stuff in that vein (mostly reminds me of Tool, which I like some of) ((If a comparison to Tool seems really odd to you, remember, I'm an old...
  71. D

    Ambient Guitar - Quantum FW FTW

    Very nice! I feel better already.
  72. D

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 20.00 Public Beta

    Many of us wankers are extremely grateful! My wanking has increased in frequency and quality as a result of purchasing an Axe FX II!
  73. D

    Hostility on Kemper Forum

    The tone of a 9mm is obviously to be preferred over the tone of a .40, anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot.
  74. D

    Atomic CLR potentiometer mod question..

    Wow, great idea! I'd never run across that, thanks!
  75. D

    Atomic CLR potentiometer mod question..

    What about either removing the knob, or gluing something around the knob so it couldn't be turned without trying
  76. D

    Get the funk Out/ Extreme - Solo and Preset

    Damn! My Mp-1 never sounded that good! Maybe they just didn't like single coils. Are you using an SSH strat style guitar (your icon picture)? Very nice!
  77. D

    Queen Killer Queen Guitar Solo AxeII XL

    I would have to say, to my ear, that's damn near indistinguishable in tone and playing from the original. Amazing! Well done!
  78. D

    Inspired by factory preset 'The Planets'

    Very tasty. My local independent radio station (KDHX St. Louis, MO) should be playing this. Big thumbs up!
  79. D

    New Cab Pack 13 Rock Test - Groove inside!

    This has better composition and more musicality and imagination than I hear in a lot of other heavy rhythmic material. Really well done!
  80. D

    Hardest tone to create on Axe..Metal..Blues..Funk..Clean?

    I'd like to add something I've experienced. I've occasionally (on many different amps and guitars and rack components) found I was gettting very mild faint distortion at the ends of notes, when I either didn't think I should get it or hadn't noticed it before. What I found was the distortion...
  81. D

    DIY Arduino Foot Controller

    Beautiful job! I'm always impressed by those willing to take the time to lay out and execute a nice piece of work. I'm more of the velcro, super-glue and hammer type innovator.
  82. D

    small around the house tube amp

    Well, if you're looking for great tone in a small portable amp, if you can accept 10 solid-state watt volume levels, I'd say the Tech 21 Trademark 10. The Trademark 30 above I believe is the same amp in a 30 watt version, but the 60 is a completely different amp and I didn't bond with it at...
  83. D

    hope this is helpful

    hope this is useful Hi, thrilled to get a response from the Man himself (my second time, for those of you keeping score). I guess it's possible I had set a parameter to something whacky (inadvertently), because this is my go-to clean patch. Perhaps it was already set wrong when I created...
  84. D

    hope this is helpful

    Hi, this is actually about the first problem I've had with my AxeFX II that I didn't cause. I mean, any other issue I had was something I was doing/had done improperly. So just now I fired up my AFII, it came up on preset 6 (last one I had used). I switched to preset 5 (DoubleVerb) and got...
  85. D


    Hi, I'm one of the four supporters and I'm sorry to see this not get traction in the community. In its current state, I'd say 90% of the main functions are present and work without issue. Touch screen control of sliders is great. The interface is very intuitive and easy to use. If the...
  86. D

    40 Synth presets available to download!

    Simeon! Spectacular stuff! I can't wait to spring a violin or cello lead on my jam-mates. The Taurus, the Oberheim, the Moogs, fantastic stuff. I'll be donating again, thanks. Keep up the great work!
  87. D

    overwhelmed by the number of amp choices- HELP

    band commander demo Loved your demo of the possibilities just using the band commander, different IRs and different guitars! Really liked the opening composition and playing! Please do other amps! And please post settings and IRs?
  88. D

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.00 Public Beta #3

    t-shirt idea Sounds like a great T-shirt Fractal Audio Tubeless Tube Bliss
  89. D

    Axe for Lemur v3.00 ready for prime time

    Hi all, I just wanted to bump this topic and alert the community. Thanks to guifarm's efforts to update Scrutinizer's initial offering, this is currently a very useful, easy to use tool. Lemur (the host application?) is $24.95 in the app store. Guifarm is accepting donations for his efforts...
  90. D

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.00 Public Beta #2

    I'm guessing Cliff does this WHILE barbecuing and drinking beer
  91. D

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.00 Public Beta #2

    Cliff, hope you're not tired of hearing people say thanks, for your genius, your passion for your work, for putting up with some of us. Wishing you maximum success and happiness, however you define it.
  92. D

    FW18 Clean Test with my Tom Anderson Angel Koa

    beautiful tone, very tasty composition and playing as well! Well done!
  93. D

    The Chewbacca chord

    Really liked this tune! Where's the best place to hear more of your stuff?
  94. D

    60Hz Hum When Facing Axe-Fx...

    My laptop running Axe Edit is next to my AFII. When I'm close enough, within a couple of feet, I get noise through the pickups, but it's the laptop, not the Axe FX. Sometimes you can even tell it's disc activity. I think the Fractal stuff is well shielded, but I imagine if you get close...
  95. D


    Hey, just wanted to say thanks for resurrecting this tool. With your first effort (3.07) it looks to me like you've got 80% of all the functionality of the AxeFX working, that's impressive. And it's so nice being able to adjust a parameter by sliding a finger up and down on a touch screen. I...
  96. D

    Formant Filter Frustration

    Hi Simeon, I'm just speculating, but given the small speaker inside the box, and the diameter of the tubing, I'd guess that only a narrow range of moderately high frequencies are coming through. Have you tried restricting the frequency range to being only from say 1.5Khz to 3Khz and then...
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    Full Range Cab Build

    Wow, beautiful work! Your experience shows!
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