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  1. J

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    My confirmation email was 10/14 @ 12:12am and I just received my invite at 2:16pm.
  2. J

    Any Bare Knuckle specialist ?

    I'm guessing your RG is basswood? If so, Tim from BK recommended the Holy Diver set or Holy Diver bridge and Emerald neck as he mentioned they've had a lot of luck with that combination. But definitely shoot them an email at the support address on the site, you'll likely get a response within a...
  3. J

    5 Artists that are you

    The guitarists I've most admired were typically a large part of their band's sound, so: Alex Lifeson and Rush Steve Rothery and Marillion John Petrucci and Dream Theater Dave Gilmour and Pink Floyd Brett Garsed... His first Rock Fusion video is still amazing and my gateway into hybrid...
  4. J

    Bare Knuckle Pickups

    I have an Alnico Nailbomb in an alder/maple topped Steinberger that I love... If my understanding is correct, it's voice is similar to the Rebel Yell, but hotter output wise with more bottom. It's fairly versatile, but I'm not after the super tight modern type tones though. I was recommended the...
  5. J

    Fanned frets

    I'll start by saying I'm no expert... But I would think that intonation wouldn't inherently be improved because the math used to space the frets is still the same. You'd just be starting with 2 different overall lengths on your 2 outer strings while the remaining fall in line somewhere in...
  6. J

    Swirl painting a guitar

    Maybe you've already seen these, but there's a builder that was posting videos of swirling to document and share his research, I guess. The YouTube channel is TheBigDGuitars, I think. His results aren't necessarily awesome, but he talks about the paints and such. Here's a link to an "overview"...
  7. J

    Which Parker is this??

    It's been YEARS since I've paid attention to Parkers, but prior to them being bought out by Washburn (or their parent company, I guess), the letters in the serial number of a Fly told you the wood used in the neck and the body wood. B = basswood, MH = mahogany, P = poplar. The earliest models...
  8. J

    Your favorite musicgear buying websites?

    I like using juststrings.com since I need double ball end strings for my Steinberger guitars & no one has them on hand in my area. It's kinda nice to stock up on strings for all of my guitars & picks all in one place. They're usually really quick about shipping as well. As for other gear...
  9. J

    Let's see your favourite guitar!

    Yeah... I love my Steinberger and especially the TransTrem. But yeah, setting up the transposing function is kinda tedious. Other than that, it's probably been my favorite feeling trem bridge as it's very smooth feeling.
  10. J

    Captain Phillip's

    Accurate... Inaccurate... I have no idea. But I'll agree that Tom Hanks put in a GREAT performance. There are some extremely tense moments in the movie.
  11. J

    New Dream Theater Album is Up For Streaming.

    I think one thing that might need to be said is that it's not necessarily a yearning for another Images and Words or Awake. At least not for me. I relate to in music (and pretty much everything else in life) in a drastically different way at 39 than when I was 18. Again, for me, there's a...
  12. J

    New Dream Theater Album is Up For Streaming.

    I always REALLY want to like new DT, but I've been having a hard time getting excited about their work ever since Six Degrees. This album has been no different in that regard, and honestly a lot of it, for me, is the keyboards and James's voice. I have nothing but respect and admiration for...
  13. J

    An important life lesson my son taught me...

    That was awesome!! For sure a proud parent moment!
  14. J

    When is the Guthrie Govan CHARVEL guitar gonna emerge????

    I thought the Vigier was just for the fretless, no? I just saw a video (sorry can't remember how or where I came across it, maybe it was a Music Zoo video?) where he was playing a newer prototype like the basswood birdseye maple topped build he had out with Steven Wilson. The standout feature...
  15. J

    Let's see your favourite guitar!

    Ah that kinda sucks... My S7G Boden is a great feeling, sounding and playing guitar as well. It had some fretting issues out of the box, but nothing else "wrong" with it exactly, just a lot of little details that (for the price) you shouldn't be finding. That's why I asked about the "attention...
  16. J

    Let's see your favourite guitar!

    Wow!! There's a whole lotta Strandberg love in that picture! I'm not dogging S7G (I have one of their Boden 7's too), but is the attention to detail better on the Letchford? How do you like the EMG's in it?
  17. J

    Axe FX II: Steven Wilson rhythm tone (Progressive rock)

    A basswood 7 string?! I would NEVER have guessed that, LOL! It does that PRS-ish midrange bark nicely, I may need to rethink putting some Aftermaths in one of my Steinberger copies. Love the burnt chrome covers too!
  18. J

    Axe FX II: Steven Wilson rhythm tone (Progressive rock)

    Sounds really good to me! What guitar are you using?
  19. J

    22 june i am on stage with my guitarhero Steve Rothery :) Marillion

    Great footage, love the Rothery clone Strat too!
  20. J

    Let's see your favourite guitar!

    I LOVE Ola Strandberg's work! I have one of the Strictly 7 Boden 7's, and I think the design is a work of art... Strictly 7's workmanship not so much, so I'm glad they got the other thing happening through the Washburn custom shop. I'd love the Paul Masvidal 6 signature, but I think I may just...
  21. J

    My Free, 100% Axe FX 2 EP 'Unfinity' is Available to Download Now

    So I've given it a couple listens now, and I'm seriously loving this! Some of it is very... I think the word I want to use is "cinematic." Like there are parts of it that wouldn't be out of place in a film score, but it's also got some really cool more "in your face" sections as well. Anyway...
  22. J

    My Free, 100% Axe FX 2 EP 'Unfinity' is Available to Download Now

    I didn't even listen to any of the tracks, just bought it based on the 2 or 3 teaser clips you posted... Checking it out now though!
  23. J

    22 june i am on stage with my guitarhero Steve Rothery :) Marillion

    Cool pics and song selection! Definitely looking forward to seeing the videos... Did you have a chance to look at what Rothery was using with the Marshall and Roland?
  24. J

    22 june i am on stage with my guitarhero Steve Rothery :) Marillion

    Ha! For some reason this thread popped into my head and I was wondering if the gig had come and gone... Then lo and behold, it was yesterday! How did it go? Any cool stories to share?
  25. J

    Strandberg Guitars

    I have one of the 7 string Bodens, and Ola Strandberg's designs are pretty brilliant, the EndurNeck in particular. It took some time to get used to it, like 30 minutes, but it's so comfortable that I really want the Paul Masvidal 6 string model. I will say I'm glad they're changing over to the...
  26. J

    Let's see your favourite guitar!

    ^ NICE! Love those Steinberger GS guitars!
  27. J

    Wish Me Luck

    Congratulations! All the best to you, Mrs. Fractal, and little baby Fractal!
  28. J

    Let's see your favourite guitar!

    My favorite is my Steinberger GM4T... The .strandberg* Boden 7 (built by Strictly 7 Guitars) is the newest and quickly gaining favor because of the neck carve!
  29. J

    22 june i am on stage with my guitarhero Steve Rothery :) Marillion

    Wow!! Marillion are one of my all time favorite bands, congrats on the gig and looking forward to any recordings of it you can share. As for Rothers going AxeFx 2 as a "replacement" for any or all of his rig? I got the impression that would never happen when I looked over his rig in Montreal...
  30. J

    Third and Final Taster from my EP 'Unfinity' [Axe FX 2, Strandberg]

    Yup... Still loving what I hear since you posted that 2nd teaser. Looking forward to hearing the whole thing this summer!
  31. J

    bare knuckle pups?

    I just ordered the last set I bought straight from them. Depending on the options you need, it might be faster to go through them. I was replacing EMG's in a Steinberger, so my needs were probably a bit more specific, i.e. no baseplates on the single coils so I wouldn't have to modify the body...
  32. J


    I suppose I'm part of the niche market that has a minor man crush on Paul Masvidal of Cynic and also is interested in ergonomic guitars... But I couldn't wait to see photos, clips, and specs on Ola Strandberg's "Masvidalien" production 6 string. What I've come across so far has been anything...
  33. J

    What did you rely on before the Axe-Fx

    The mixed pedals and rack effects with a half stack: EL-34 55w Rivera Knucklehead Reverb Axess Electronics GRX4 with a DynaComp, Phase 90, and a Boss SD-1 A second Axess Electronics GRX4 with a Line 6 Mod Pro and Echo Pro Rivera Knucklehead 412V30 cab I used the Rivera Headmaster midi...
  34. J

    Show your v10 Avatar

    I feel so primitive... Oh well!
  35. J

    Admin M@'s new avatar

    Good idea! Even though I rarely post, count me in!
  36. J

    Dear Fractal...

    I bet they're just working out the last few minor issues with the animated pixel art version of M@'s new avatar for the FW Utility page. More than one reason to smile when you check if your update went through. I blame the Hollywood lawyers.
  37. J

    Admin M@'s new avatar

    Well, you know... ;-) It was more the Tommy Boy thing, and I REALLY wanted to know if I was the only one! Actually, I don't get all the V10 anticipation... But then again, I also have a new guitar I've been waiting for since v9.0's initial release en route. :-D. Please note: the above...
  38. J

    Admin M@'s new avatar

    Am I the only one who subconsciously hears Chris Farley as "Tommy Boy" turn to his dad and say "She's like a... 10"? I'll just throw out there that Admin M@ has a tremendous knack for selecting avatars.
  39. J

    The raven that refused to sing...

    I wish I could remember, but I haven't been to the venue in a couple years. I want to say I remember there being some places nearby though. All I can remember for certain was it was in downtown St. Pete and finding a parking space required some additional patience on my part, lol.
  40. J

    The raven that refused to sing...

    Agreed... Amazing album. I'm going to see him in St. Pete in a 2 or 3 weeks and can't wait to see these songs performed.
  41. J

    EFFECT GURUS: what is this effect????

    For sure a flanger is in there somewhere, along with some feedback. Porl Thompson also used to play that ES-345 with either the long tailpiece or Bigsby and would pick notes between the bridge and tailpiece, if I'm not mistaken. If he was the one that recorded that part, those are some...
  42. J

    Strandberg guitar, axe fx 2, gopro and a mic+ bored= vids

    Oh yeah, the fact that they're headless and the Endureneck are the main reasons I opted for the S7G .strandberg*. I'd love one of Ola's builds too, but I'd like to see how quickly he gets through that wait list... If I got on it now, it might be done by the time my 11 year old gets to college...
  43. J

    Strandberg guitar, axe fx 2, gopro and a mic+ bored= vids

    Very nice! Is that one of production 8 string Boden models from Strictly 7 by chance? I have one of the 7 strings on order from them and would love to hear what you think about the guitar.
  44. J

    Which Pick Do You Pick

    Dunlop ultex jazz 2.0mm. I tried the Petrucci pick since I thought I'd like something slightly thinner, but after 30 seconds decided it wasn't for me.
  45. J

    Who's excited for the new Cynic album!

    New Cynic? Yes, please! It should be interesting to hear what direction they're heading in.
  46. J

    Help me find some progressive bands

    Yes! Love Chris Poland's playing on this one. Too bad it's long out of print. I like his work with Ohm, too. I'll offer the +1 on some of Neil Peart's lyrics from the late 80's onward. While there's still some good stuff, I cringe everytime my friends bring up "Dog Years".
  47. J

    Exivious LIMINAL - Pre-order crowdfunding campaign

    Love the first album and definitely looking forward to this!
  48. J

    Alex Lifeson Live Acoustic Piezo Tones...WOW! How?

    I clicked "Like" but that doesn't convey just how amazing it would be if Alex shared that tone match. I was at the Tampa show too, and not only were the acoustic sounds simply AMAZING, but I think Alex's tones on this tour in general are my favorites of his that I've ever heard in the last 20...
  49. J

    Axe-Fest East

    Largely depends on when and where. I'd have the option of either Philly or Baltimore-DC since I fly up to work in Harrisburg periodically for work. It might be a nice excuse to extend a trip. Would also happily visit the Boston area again.
  50. J

    I just want to know how many Fractal Users in Florida !???

    I'm in the Jacksonville area and know of a few others around here, as well.
  51. J

    Pickup Choice! Help out!:D

    You should be good with the pots (I'm guessing they're 500k) and all that if the guitar is currently stock. You'll just be swapping the pickups themselves. Just make sure you go by BK's wire color codes if you plan on doing any coil splitting as they could be different compared to what's in...
  52. J

    Pickup Choice! Help out!:D

    I believe Aftermaths are one of the "go to" suggestions for basswood 7 strings on the BK Forum. You might ask there, those guys know their stuff about pickups. I have no experience with the Aftermaths, but have 2 Steinberger type guitars - one with a matched set of Holy Divers and one with a...
  53. J

    Tone Matching The Beatles REVOLUTION!!!

    I had little interest in tone matching, but hearing this kind of changed my mind. That was fantastic! Totally has the right vibe and everything.
  54. J

    Is 6.0 supposed to be out today?

    I use Command + R on the Mac. Maybe someone else knows another, because I'm a Mac novice. It's times like this that make working from home horribly unbearable. And yes, I know, there's no sympathy for the guy who gets to work from home all the time.
  55. J

    Andy Summers

    I never even knew Summers and Fripp did an album together. I just checked out a couple snippets on iTunes, what I heard was pretty awesome. Glad I've started reading here more often lately!
  56. J

    Flying Colors - New album featuring Steve Morse

    I've had it for close to 2 weeks now, and it's probably what I've listened to most during that time. The opening track is pretty stellar... Heck, IMO, there isn't a clunker on the album, period. There's plenty of great playing without overplaying (again, IMO), and Casey was a pretty awesome...
  57. J

    Flying Colors album

    Without giving anything too specific away, it's a pretty good album! It's really cool hearing all these guys in this type of band context. Good stuff and, yes, plenty of good playing!
  58. J

    Flying Colors album

    I almost feel like I shouldn't say this... But I preordered it from Radiant Records (Neal Morse's site), and for whatever reason, it showed up in my mailbox today. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but I'm feeling like I really don't need to go out anywhere this evening so I can!
  59. J

    MFC-101 Wait List Update Report

    The wait list is for a discount code on the MFC that Fractal will email you. For all I know, the MFC could've been little more than an idea or 2 scribbled on cocktail napkins and vaporware when I got on the list. I will say that it was more than worth the wait for it to come to fruition as it...
  60. J

    MFC-101 Wait List Update Report

    On the list August 1, 2008, got my email on March 11. Got my MFC last Thursday :D Now if someone could just stop me from buying guitars and such, my wallet would appreciate it.
  61. J

    Ernie Ball VPjr - replacing the pot with a linear taper pot

    Re: Ernie Ball VPjr - replacing the pot with a linear taper After the Easy Expression cable, I've been dead set on replacing the pot as that seems to be the source of the problem. Sometimes you can get away with a "band-aid" fix (adding something to what's already there), sometimes you gotta...
  62. J

    Ernie Ball VPjr - replacing the pot with a linear taper pot

    Re: Ernie Ball VPjr - replacing the pot with a linear taper I didn't have much luck with the Easy Expression Converter when I tried it. Knowing me, I probably specified the wrong version when I ordered it though. :? That's been known to happen! Thanks! I'll give Radio Shack another look...
  63. J

    Ernie Ball VPjr - replacing the pot with a linear taper pot

    A couple questions for anyone here who has an EB VP Jr and has replaced the pot with a linear taper pot: Do you happen to know value and dimensions of the replacement, and possibly where you purchased it? Any help would be highly appreciated. I haven't had much luck finding anything locally...
  64. J

    AXEFX and Steinberger (pickups question)

    Sweet guitar! I don't have a 'Berger yet, but I'm having a TransTrem 2 equipped GM copy built by Paul at Fretsong Guitars that should be getting finished up shortly. It'll have an SA in the neck and 85 in the bridge (no middle pickup), so I'll have to see how it compares to my other guitars...
  65. J

    Marillion - Kayleigh Needed

    I don't have anything constructive to add as far as the patches go, but I really want to say I think your band has AWESOME taste in cover material! 8-)
  66. J

    Need assistance with strange issue between Axe and GCP MIDI.

    Re: Need assistance with strange issue between Axe and GCP M It sounds like the issue is that your GCP is sending out different controller values for each of the presets. Go to Edit mode for each preset on the GCP that you use to access these AxeFx patches. I think you press bank down on the...
  67. J

    Quick GCP question

    I'm pretty sure you can, yes. From memory, on the GCP, select the preset you want and go into edit mode. Select the bank down button (I think) until you see the "P1" entry. You should be able to turn it on/off for the preset, as well as cursor over and change the CC# to whatever value you...
  68. J

    Cynic In Portland

    I'm really looking forward to seeing them when they come to Florida in a few weeks. I caught them earlier this year, I guess as an "opener" for Between the Buried and Me... Great show, better than average sound for a club show opener, too. Didn't stick around for BtBaM... Checked out the first...
  69. J

    MFC 101 update ?

    I LIKE the blue LCD screen... I have no real opinion on the bezel around it, but I don't think it looks bad. I can feel the building motivation to sell my (pretty much brand new) GCP!
  70. J

    Welcome Paul Masvidal and Tymon of Cynic

    Great to see the Cynic guys as "official" artists. Great live band as well. But what I want to know is how can Paul sing and play some of those riffs at the same time?! Looking forward to picking up Re-Traced when I have the chance!
  71. J

    MFC 101 update ?

    I figured that was what would happen when I bought a Ground Control Pro a few months ago... I figured maybe I'd be doing some folks a favor :lol:. No big deal to me though, I fully intend to pick up an MFC when it becomes available and then I'd have the option of keeping the GCP for any...
  72. J

    Chris Broderick AND Dave Mustaine using Axe-Fx... LIVE??

    I've never really gotten into Testament, so I'm not all that familiar with their material. They sounded decent, head and shoulders better than Exodus, IMO, but no Skolnick though :(.
  73. J

    Chris Broderick AND Dave Mustaine using Axe-Fx... LIVE??

    Whatever Chris was playing through at the Atlanta show about a week ago, I thought he had the best tones of the night (and technique too :shock: dude could probably play anything). Tight, articulate, and aggressive for the rhythms, and smooth for the solos. Having never heard of him before...
  74. J

    NAD - New Axe FX Day !!

    Looking forward to hearing some Axe-Fx goodness at a gig in the near future!
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