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    problem using axe fx 3 as audio interface

    Hi Guys, Hoping to get a little help with using the axe fx3 as an audio interface. I have already read the manual. I am on an m1 MacBook Pro. With my other audio interfaces I have not had an issue. I switched the sound preferences to axe fx3. I see input when I am playing. I have made...
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    How to do a tonematch with a plug-in ie Neural Dsp soldano using the axefx3 as usb interface etc.

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some guidance in terms of proper setup to do a tone match of one of my soldano plug-in presets with the axe. Specifically the usb settings and tone match settings. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Howie
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    Making a cab IR with a speaker sim i.e., UA ox?

    Since my axefx 3 arrived I’ve captured a few great IR’S using a real cab and some speakers. Still for variety I was wondering if anyone has tried to capture an IR using a speaker sim like the uad ox and if the results were useful/accurate. In this case I would use a single mic model, no room...
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    Controls on amp vs. FM3/Axefx 3

    I am aware that the position presence control on the FM3 may not correspond to the same position on the actual amps modeled. Besides that control are there any other controls (ie volume, gain, b/m/t) in the authentic control section which wouldn’t correspond more or less to their position dialed...
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