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  1. deftim13

    IK iLoud Monitors Connection Question

    I had an opportunity to pick up a set of the new IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors for really cheap. Looking at the connections I am unsure how I would get these connected to my Axe FX. What are my options using the TRS 1/8" connection? I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question but I...
  2. deftim13

    WAH block is on after power on unit with MFC attached.

    Well just upgraded to 19.01 and noticed something odd. Every time I turn my Axe FX on it auto engages the WAH block. This is without an expression pedal hooked up. I disconnect the MFC and power off then back on and it's not engaged. I did not touch anything in the MFC. How do I stop the MFC...
  3. deftim13

    Cat 6 Ethernet Cable for MFC

    I just purchased an MFC and went and bought a cable online. I noticed the MFC says Cat 5 cable but I purchased this one: 10 ft Pro Audio Cat 6 Ethernet Black Cable w Neutrik Ethercon RJ45 Plugs | eBay It has Cat 6. Is this going to be an issue? I can cancel this order and order a Cat 5 is...
  4. deftim13

    Guitar with Evertune Bridge

    Anyone here play a guitar with an Evertune bridge? I have a chance to pick up an Ola signature Washburn for well below retail but am not sure about the bridge setup. Love the idea but how hard is it to change string gauges and setup? I have watched all the videos on the site and still am a...
  5. deftim13

    5153 Red Sat Switch Issue [NOT A BUG]

    The saturation switch for the 5153 red is the same for Authentic and Ideal. The volume drop stays the same. The other 5153 channels work like they are suppose to.
  6. deftim13

    Simple One Button Switch to Activate Tuner

    Not sure what I would need but I am looking for a simple one button pedal that I can use to activate the tuner on my Axe Fx. All I want to be able to do is be able to stomp on it and it would activate to tuner on the screen. I just do not like to reach down and push the button on my unit. What...
  7. deftim13

    Headphones and Headphone Amp Question

    I recently picked up a pair of Beyerdynamic 880 Pro (250ohm) and am loving the sound with the Axe Fx. Only issue I am having is the volume is pretty low even with the Axe FX cranked. I have been looking at buying an Amplifier for the headphones so I can not only use them with the Axe FX but also...
  8. deftim13

    Looper Issue

    Recently upgraded to V11. I have not used the looper until now. Each time I hit the undo button it resets my Axe fx. Happens every time in multiple patches. Is this a glitch or is something wrong with my unit?
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