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  1. SlugAlex

    Noob to High Gain Tones, Need Help!

    Hey whats up! I haven't posted in a while here, but I have been needing some help, and this forum has always been great to me! So I have owned an AXE FX II for a while (Loved it so much), but was forced to sell it. I currently own a Line 6 Helix, but have been itching to get me an AX8. Non...
  2. SlugAlex

    Bass tone match, what am I doing wrong?

    Hey guys, I would love some help with this problem I've been having. I have tone matched a bunch of guitar tones and they usually turn out great, but for some reason I have never successfully tone matched a bass. It never sounds like the recording. I have multitracks that I use to tone match. Is...
  3. SlugAlex


    Alright, so as usual, I like to post the stuff that my studio partner and I have been working on, regardless if it is my own bands stuff or not. In this case it IS my own bands stuff. We used a Tone Matched tone that we got from the Evanescence song "Bring Me To Life". It is the Rhythm tone...
  4. SlugAlex

    Question a bout Tone Matching!

    I love the idea of tone matching, and I see some people get GREAT results. Well I had some questions that I hope someone can help me with. I have MOOG files of some of the songs I want to tone match. It is clear to me though that the Guitar track I want to tone match has multiple guitars on...
  5. SlugAlex

    Would love some feedback on my Guitar Tones!

    Ok so my partner and I just finished the first mix for my new bands upcoming debut EP. I would love some feedback on the Guitars. They are using Axe Fx. It was the Brit 800 mod for all the guitars. F103 4x12 basketweave TV mix cab. Any feedback is appreciated. I was suing a Gibson SG 61...
  6. SlugAlex

    Bulls on Parade Cover (Using Cab Pack 13)

    Here is a cover my band did of "Bulls on Parade". Guitars and Bass are tracked with The AXE II. The Guitars are using Cab Pack 13, the Bass is Using The ML Sound Lab Bass Cab Pack! Any feedback is appreciated, as always!
  7. SlugAlex

    Garage Rock?

    I'm not sure what you would call this kind of music, but Its something I did with my studio partner, all the guitars and bass tracks are of course done with the axe ;) any feedback is appreciated!
  8. SlugAlex

    Best Use for Tone Matched Patches.

    I have never used the Tone Match feature on my Axe Fx, and was wondering what those tones are best used for? I was thinking that if you match a tone that already has been EQ'd, compressed, etc to fit a certain mix, would there be any use in using that exact same tone for my own songs, seeing my...
  9. SlugAlex

    Anyone know how to get this sort of bass tone???

    I really love this bass tone, but I have no clue where to even start with getting close to it. Any help is appreciated!
  10. SlugAlex

    Anyone using the Axe-Fx with an Apollo Interface?

    I was wondering if anyone was using their Axe FX with a UA Apollo interface. Was thinking that the AXE might sound great going analog through the Apollo, taking advantage of its Unison technology to stick a Preamp emulation on the AXE while tracking. Maybe I am way off, has anyone used the AXE...
  11. SlugAlex

    Cab Pack 13 in a Rock Mix

    Thank you to everyone that gave some helpful advice on the last song I posted! I have taken it to heart, and will take another look at that mix. With that being said, here is another track I was working on around the same time, that I feel turned out better. I would love feedback on this one...
  12. SlugAlex

    New To Axe FX, LOVE IT! would like some advice though!

    So I have just received My AXE FX Mark II, and absolutely love it! I purchased Cab pack 13 and The Bass cabs pack from fractal. This was the first time using the AXE in a track. I would love feedback, and maybe some help on how to get the guitars a bit bigger. All opinions of course are welcome...
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