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    Is this possible?

    Hi all, long time lurker, AFXII user. I have one preset, a variation of the Brit 800, that I use probably 75% of the time. I like the way every patch sounds better under Ares 2, except for my go-to patch. I don’t think it’s heavily modified, but haven’t been able to get it to sound the same...
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    Midi help requested

    Hi all, I figured more than a few Fractal owners would have experience with Midi, and while I've used it to control rack rigs in the past, I don't have experience with using a Midi USB keyboard to control external sounds. What I haven't found an answer to, is what is the minimum computer...
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    So Tired

    Is it just me, or is anyone else tired of having to come up with new ways to say Thanks to the Fractal Team? If only Cliff and company could give us a little rest. I'm in my 60s, my hands are tired (I fix instrumentation for a living) and this damn thing has me playing more than ever. I've...
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    Axe Edit Wish? Saved Value Indicator?

    Hi all, I didn't even know how to title this wish. Just throwing this out for consideration, it's a feature I've experienced on other rack gear (don't remember which), that I thought might be useful. What I picture would be an indicator over each virtual rotary control that when you changed...
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    hope this is helpful

    Hi, this is actually about the first problem I've had with my AxeFX II that I didn't cause. I mean, any other issue I had was something I was doing/had done improperly. So just now I fired up my AFII, it came up on preset 6 (last one I had used). I switched to preset 5 (DoubleVerb) and got...
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    Think I'm In Love

    Can anybody suggest an amp/cab combo for the rhythm guitar tones for Eddie Money's "Think I'm In Love"? I know it's in there, but there are so many choices, and I'm short on time for copping the tone. I'm also doing this with a Strat with Dimarzio DP187 (which are a little hotter than standard...
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    Expression pedal controls last selected effect

    Hi, did a search, didn't find anything on this, but can't believe it hasn't been asked. Is there a way to designate an expression pedal to control a chosen parameter on whatever effect was most recently selected?
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    Help requested (Y amp in presets no longer correct)

    Hi, if this isn't resolved it's not the end of the world, only really affects fifteen or so presets, so no worries. But at some point in the last two months, I lost any amps I had in the Y amp position. Where I would have had a different model of amp, with controls dialed in, they now come up...
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    easier preset management

    Hi, I posted somewhere (possibly wish list) that it would be nice to be able to apply the same template across many presets, or part of a preset across many presets. I have an idea that may be useful to someone trying to accomplish this, I'm not informed enough to do this. I still have a...
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    max. number of effects in serial chain

    Hi, I'm a relative noob to the Axe FX II, I've searched the Wiki and other threads, haven't seen anything that addresses this. I'd like to set up the longest possible chain of serial effects, most of which will be bypassed most of the time. The highest CPU usage I typically see is 76% with all...
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    MFC101 major functionality

    Do you think it would be possible in future firmware updates for the MFC101 to have a pushbutton that toggles between preset mode (17 buttons that can select presets), and IA mode (17 buttons that switch effects off and on)? Or maybe the option to make that a selectable function assignable to a...
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    MFC101 and ART X-15

    Hi, just got my MFC101, would like to use the X-15 I'd been using previously for switching and expression pedals in addition to the MFC101. I know I can do midi-thru with the MFC101, but would like the convenience of the Ethernet connection with its built in power. Can the Axe FX II receive on...
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    AXE FX II not responding to midi input

    Hi, my first post, had my AFII for about 3 months now. I've had Midi working since perhaps the second day I got the unit, I'm using the venerable ART X-15. It's worked fine for months. The only thing that could possibly have changed is that I did a system restore or reset. Midi Mode is Omni...
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