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  1. s0c9

    Just a quick question about purchasing

    It might be.. but Brit Customs will make you pay the import duty when you bring it in.. MORE if they catch you NOT declaring it.. so you're pretty much stuck with paying "used" pricing. Yes, it sux!
  2. s0c9

    It runs Doom

    It's only because one is bored and needs to do something while repeating the daily grind! ;)
  3. s0c9

    FM3 factory presets volume differences

    Every unit with every preset I've ever tried has been that way.... idk.. why..
  4. s0c9

    Happy Birthday Cliff!

    yeap.. happy birthday Cliff!
  5. s0c9

    Is Kiesel worth the wait?

    I had a custom BASS built and it took close to 10 (TEN) MONTHS to arrive! Heck, I've had IEM's take long to arrive than 8 weeks. Had a custom build IEM cable take 3 months... <shrug>
  6. s0c9

    Arrrggghh my wife sucks at tech

    Mine used to call me while I was at work, to ask me where her car keys or phone was! ;)
  7. s0c9

    FM3 Muddy sound through In Ear Monitors

    Can you cut some of the mud with the EQ on your IEM mix bus on the console? If FOH is good, then DO NOT change it on the Axe.. modify what's going to your IEM's! Nice IEM's BTW.. I've owned their Qi's and upgraded to the A8's about 2 yrs ago! LOVE 'EM!
  8. s0c9

    FM3 Muddy sound through In Ear Monitors

    Without knowing your full IEM signal path, it's purely guesswork! Wired/wireless? Which wireless? Stereo/mono? Buds? Impedance? Analog/digital console? IEM mix your own or set up by FOH? Need more input!
  9. s0c9

    Accidentally deleted preset

    You did NOT make a backup (with F-Bot) right?
  10. s0c9

    Closed Simplifying the preset system

    You can do that, or you can do the same in 3 different presets. Your choice... not like there's a shortage of preset storage. What scenes do is provide the flexibility to use different settings with a preset... if you want something totally different, create another preset. It's pretty simple...
  11. s0c9

    Gigs canceled due to COVID-19?

    We had a gig scheduled this Friday.. but it's the BL's anniversary and he'd cancelled it back in Jan - but venue owner still had us listed. They tried to offer us Sat in exchange last week, but we declined - due to COVID19 concerns. It's a small densely packed venue! One of the other bands on...
  12. s0c9

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    it's not done yet. the travel ban announcement didn't help and we still have Friday to get thru before [maybe] some common sense hits the markets! With classes being cancelled, NBA games postponed, March Madness with no crowds, schools closing, spring break extended.... we have a ways to go...
  13. s0c9

    IEM best practices

    Absolutely the way to go.. however, using the AUX outs as additional feed was not something I wanted to get into [above] as "sends on faders" doesn't work with them [directly], and their easiest use case is mapping one of the output busses to them. Can also route MTX busses to them, etc. Great...
  14. s0c9

    IEM best practices

    I prefer the keep it simple approach! So... No, as a freelance [local] FOH guy when I'm not playing I'm not a big user of VCA/DCA groups or sub-mixing drums to ANY bus. WE monitor what we send to FOH.. for most gigs, for drums, that's kick and 2* Overhead mics. One pointed at hat/snare, other at...
  15. s0c9

    IEM best practices

    We've been using the following config [below] for a few years now - with me on bass - as it works for any of the following configs: When WE run FOH thru our own PA When we send House an L/R feed (pretty much the same as #1) When we tie into the House stage box and take their split into our X32...
  16. s0c9

    MIDI over USB

    Been using M-Audio's UNO or [green] Midisport 2x2 for years - from Ultra days to be exact. NEVER had an issue... The msg is clear.. don't cheap out on the interfaces!
  17. s0c9

    Wireless guitar system suggestions

    5G "Wifi" channels and the Carvin 5.8G are NOT in the same frequency ranges, so you should be able to safely use both together. Besides, even IF they shared the same ranges, as long as both are not using the same 5G wifi channel (of the 25 available in the US) you STILL shouldn't get...
  18. s0c9

    Wireless guitar system suggestions

    tbh - I had my G90 racked in the slot above my Ultra, then AF2 in a 3-space case. Ne'er they parted. Cable went from back of receiver into secondary input on back of AxeFX. I tried the front side, but really couldn't notice any audible difference. The cable routing for back 1/4" was plug and...
  19. s0c9

    Wireless guitar system suggestions

    The difference being that the L6 "digital" stuff is all 2.4G while the the Carvin unit is 5G (5.8 actually). :)
  20. s0c9

    "The Infield" factory preset

    Used that preset WAY BACK when we had a singer who could wail on Your Love. Been so long, but recall it was on the Ultra presets (#347) !! ;) But I moved it into #10 (bank1) so I could get to it via MFC
  21. s0c9

    Wireless guitar system suggestions

    If that's your situation, why do you want/need to go wireless? Are you wedges or IEM for monitors? What's your budget? - cuz tbh, you get what you pay for in wireless. The most common ones I see (or read about) are - no specific order: Shure GLXD16 L6 G series (10, 30, 50, 75, 90) There are...
  22. s0c9

    DLR content... Sad

    1:06 Sad to say I thought it was STING when I saw the stopped vid, before reading the content and playing. And yeah.. I wouldn't be surprised if there were some monitoring issues. For those of you who sing AND play, you KNOW it's hard to sing in tune when you can't hear yourself properly.
  23. s0c9

    Band names for seniors

    Auld Timers Cialis Later Band Mothley Crue
  24. s0c9

    Can you model this amp functionality, Cliff?

    Or that the meat is incorrectly bias'ed :)
  25. s0c9

    "Digital modelers just don't cut through"

    I look at it this way.. When playing the Axe in a band setting: Does it sound good to you? Do you get complaints from audience or FOH when you play? If not, then ignore what others are saying about modelers, and go PLAY! :D
  26. s0c9

    Noise from Bass :(

    If I sit at my PC - playing bass or guitar, active or passive pickups - with the Axe about 6 feet away in a rack, I get RF "noise" from the monitors radiating into my audio chain. To the OP: Other than moving away from the noise, you are stuck with it. It's electrical and not a fault of either...
  27. s0c9

    How many Axe-Fx's does it take to replicate this? (The World's Largest Guitar Pedalboard)

    I doubt it.. the noise from them all chained would turn the input to the amp to slush, mush, indistinguishable slime.... but I get your point! ;)
  28. s0c9

    How many Axe-Fx's does it take to replicate this? (The World's Largest Guitar Pedalboard)

    Well, that was 10x (fast 5 min) of time wasted that I'll never get back. You can do most (if not all) of that on an old Ultra! :rolleyes: ;)
  29. s0c9

    Stereo or mono for live playing?

    If you are running back-line only, I'd say fine. Other than that, you'd need to check with FOH, as most aren't expecting TWO inputs from the guitar :) That said, unless they PAN those 2 inputs hard L + R you'll only get a partial effect. Some FOH folks (like me) will happily oblige if you ASK...
  30. s0c9

    Stereo or mono for live playing?

    As an FOH guy as well as playing guitar and bass, this is an old, old topic. FWIW - my $0.02. First.. Who are you doing this for? You or the audience? If NOT the audience then the mono/stereo question is moot. If it's for your audience, consider this. There is a narrow triangle between FOH and...
  31. s0c9

    Recommended 6U case?

    Get ALL my cases from these guys.. Great price, great service, great cases. https://www.audiopile.net/R6UE-12 PS: No affiliation with the vendor. Just a satisfied customer. MY AF2 is sitting in one of their 3-space cases :)
  32. s0c9

    Screen Of Death

    It's a Saturday.. you probably won't hear from them until Monday! Good luck w/ the show!
  33. s0c9

    Screen Of Death

    Contact support.. on older models, I've have said take the top off and check that your cables are seated.. but.. that would probably void the warranty on the AF3, so... contact support.. You can still work via Axe Edit..
  34. s0c9

    Barefaced Cabs...These look interesting...

    Alex - welcome, and thanks for the clarifications.
  35. s0c9

    Barefaced Cabs...These look interesting...

    Well, I can tel ya that bassists love them, but then bass IS omni-directional to start with :)
  36. s0c9

    [Insert clickbaity title].... But for real: How would you describe my playing?

    To the OP - I fixed your thread title :) Now go play!!
  37. s0c9

    My first ever Axe recording trial

    Not an expert, but drums are too prevalent in the mix for me.. detract from the guitar.
  38. s0c9

    Plugins for people who can't sing...

    Not in my experience.. it's a fix-it-in-the-post tool.. :) TC has some good pitch-correction devices (and harmonizers) but they [mostly] rely on a guitar/bass/midi feed to identify pitch. Yes, they can work in a specific key without input triggering.
  39. s0c9

    Paypal question and your thoughts

    Understood, but my point was that paypal (in this scenario) was merely the funding conduit, and probably had no other part in the contract. If the product was delivered and not paid for, then OK. But I believe the product WAS paid for and delivered ONLY a day late. And it was software.. which...
  40. s0c9

    Paypal question and your thoughts

    While I empathize.. it's unclear as to how the supplier missing the date has anything to do with Paypal - other than being the payment conduit... ?
  41. s0c9

    Is this achievable within the XL+?

    idk, haven't tried, bu tit might be possible if you play with pitch, ADSR and sequencer controllers ?
  42. s0c9

    Y u no thomann?

    How many other "vendors" offer worldwide discounts? For example, I can get ANY Samsung or Huawei phone FAR cheaper overseas than in the US. Why is that? Why should FAS be any different? Perhaps their discounts are for US-based customers because that's where the inventory is? Whether you realize...
  43. s0c9

    Y u no thomann?

    Why would FAS need to keep prices down? They can't supply enough units to meet demand (except via wait lists, etc.). Ever looked at prices being HIGHER than retail on evil-Bay or Reverb? YOU want to get it from the cheapest source. Cool! Who doesn't want that? Don't we all?? Right now the...
  44. s0c9

    Y u no thomann?

    One could reasonably ask why you can't buy FAS gear at GC, or Sweetwater or other major US on-line music retailer. I think we know that answer. Thomann is probably no different.
  45. s0c9

    Any wireless users out there?

    You may be correct.. the update apps I have seen are PC only..
  46. s0c9

    Any wireless users out there?

    v2.2.1 is the latest firmware.. which I have installed. I've requested the same enhancement. Nada so far.
  47. s0c9

    Any wireless users out there?

    Plenty "LOVE" here.. We also have 2 L6 device running on stage and with the D1, ZERO issues at any venue. Only [really minor] complaint I have with the unit is the flashing black/white screen when the xmitter is not "connected" to it. Really annoying to have it flashing every other second up...
  48. s0c9

    Any wireless users out there?

    Used a G90 for years and replaced it with a Senn D1 about 18 months ago. Never had an issue with either one.
  49. s0c9

    Has anyone dropped the Axe-Fx 3?

    Patience glasshoppa, patience. Good thing come to he who save and wait :)
  50. s0c9

    Tech info to give sound person for DI gig

    That was my FIRST reaction when reading the OP! Heck even 5 yrs ago a decent FOH should have that down. Wonders never cease. It's not like XLR feeds from a "processor" or DI box are any different in the type of connection/hookup. I'd be real skeptical of a fly date with that "level of...
  51. s0c9

    Work Station question

    How about a headphone amp such as the Behringer ?? https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/HA6000--behringer-powerplay-ha6000-6-channel-headphone-mixing-distribution-amplifier
  52. s0c9

    Work Station question

    Yep.. as @bo13bo said.. I have a Mackie VLZ 12-ch mixer next to my PC. I have the audio out from the PC's audio connected/split to PC speakers and 2 ch's on mixer. I seldom use the Axe as my sound card. L/R from Axe go to 2 more channels on Mackie. Blend to taste. Outputs are to Event Studio...
  53. s0c9

    What fresh Windows hell am I in for?

    Been using CS since early Win7 days.. can't handle the default win7/10 start bar config..
  54. s0c9

    What fresh Windows hell am I in for?

    Win7 EOL is Jan 2020.. You'll not get any security patches after that.. which is all they support right now.
  55. s0c9

    Today I Am Still A Senior Citizen.

    Dang, I feel for you... I'm getting closer than I want to admit, and getting [recently] laid off after 26 yrs (to the day!) with my former employer hasn't helped, knowing it was another act of "age discrimination in the US". :( Happy Birthday.. Remember you are as young as you feel !!
  56. s0c9

    What no one said it ? HAPPY FATHERS DAY, WHO'S A FATHER?!

    LOL - be aware that if/when you have "real" kids.. all those goodies in the pic will have to be sold off and your life will never be the same :)
  57. s0c9

    Adjusting levels on the fly

    I guess I'm in the "not-a-fan-of-adjusting-levels-on-the-fly" school of musos. I used to do that - before going to modeling/FAS products - and spent an inordinate amount of time during a gig "playing" with my amp settings, kneeling in front of it. It became a never ending cycle of adjust...
  58. s0c9

    What no one said it ? HAPPY FATHERS DAY, WHO'S A FATHER?!

    4 grown kids here.. none married (yet!).. 2 sons living in Austin, TX, one [daughter] living in far NE Dallas and getting married in November and the 4th still in college and living at home. I got 2 calls on fathers day and 2 txt msgs :) They know I'm not a big fan of Hallmark Holidays.
  59. s0c9

    Backup Faster!

    No effect whatsoever, but the flux capacitors may slow occasionally! :)
  60. s0c9

    Backup Faster!

    ME TOO !! And I've been around here for ten yrs or more - most as a Beta Tester.. Significant backup speed improvement, tho I have reported the slow speeds for many years.
  61. s0c9

    Singers suck!

  62. s0c9

    Singers suck!

    Yep... played there for 3 yrs - until it closed down.
  63. s0c9

    Singers suck!

    Yeah..playing a 3hr audition gig didn't help the healing process any, but we DID get booked there many times after that :)
  64. s0c9

    Singers suck!

    Yes, the show must go on. This is a pic of the dog bite I received the day before a gig some years ago. This was my right hand. I play bass finger-style. I did the gig. It was a couple of scratches.
  65. s0c9

    New owner intimidation

    Get some software that lets you slow down the songs but keep original pitch.. lots out there.. I have been using Transcribe! for years to learn licks, leads and bass lines :) Not affiliated with them in any way, other than being a long-time satisfied, licensed customer :)
  66. s0c9

    That sinking feeling.......

    Seen it with my own band... accompanied by the usual "It was working fine last night when I tested it, and at our last practice/gig". There's not much you can do except go with whatever you can get working within the available time. As @chris said.. "You could argue with the Axe, if it goes...
  67. s0c9

    New owner intimidation

    TGP is a bit of a cluster at times.. fanboi's and all that. Everyone is an expert! I quit going there due to it. You'll mostly get folks on here willing to help you - especially as a noob. The most common issue with teh Axe is that if CAN be very deep and complex - if you want it to. My advice...
  68. s0c9

    New owner intimidation

    Take a look at what he left on there ... decide if you want to keep it.. I'd make a backup of it, regardless. Use FB (FractalBot) to backup the entire unit - system, presets and cabs. Then, use FB to load up the factory presets (Banks A-C) and leave bank D for your own presets. If you plan to...
  69. s0c9

    Unbearable noise... send help

    yeah.. you should be fine there. It's pretty well documented that the 12v DC power adapters/converters on laptops can cause noise with attached devices. That's one thing you've ruled out. As has been mentioned here.. the FIRST thing I would now do, is take my Axe to another location (church...
  70. s0c9

    Guitar and tennis elbow?

    I'm not a doctor, nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but yeah.. any repetitive stress on the elbow can cause "tennis elbow".. AFAIK. Sounds like overplaying MIGHT be causing yours. If you have it, use one of those elbow straps (it helps) but the only REAL cure is to back of...
  71. s0c9

    What are your guitar "must have" features?

    You beat me to it !! :)
  72. s0c9

    Guitar and tennis elbow?

    Logic would indicate that if the radius differs from your other gee-tars, then yeah, it's probably a contributing factor. The only way to know is to stop using it and go back to another - but with the same playing frequency. If it does NOT go away, then "playing the hell out of it" is the...
  73. s0c9

    Unbearable noise... send help

    Is your USB connection thru a laptop with a power adapter ?? If so, disconnect the USB and see if the noise disappears! Also, I get RF interference from my 2 monitors when I play at home.. have to turn the guitar away from them or move somewhere else.
  74. s0c9

    When did the guitar became a pariah instrument?

    I'd say close to a third (1/3) of the bands I run FOH for at Festivals in my area are local bands and totally clueless about live sound, never mind OUTDOOR live sound. This includes the tribute bands I've done too.. One - a GNR trib - had TWO 4x10 cabs w/ 100w Marshall heads and totally...
  75. s0c9

    When did the guitar became a pariah instrument?

    As always, each to their own on IEM's but it's not a passing thing. More and more bands are using them - even at the club level - mostly because you can hear everything you need to (CLEARLY) and it protects your hearing. The expense has dropped dramatically and even the "average" bar band who...
  76. s0c9

    When did the guitar became a pariah instrument?

    I guess that makes MINE BIGGER than YOURS because I also play a 5-str 35" scale bass :) LOL
  77. s0c9

    AX8 FOH with in-ears?

    Yeah, I know.. I've looked.. but if you lookup the AT frequency (form the device OM), you can get a rough idea from the Shure/Senn pages of what frequencies are open in your zip. :) It's a baseline. FWIW - coverage can be extremely spotty.. meaning it could work fine at the house, but not a mile...
  78. s0c9

    AX8 FOH with in-ears?

    @unix-guy and @Smittefar - it's important to remember (at least in the US) that most loss-of-audio-quality is due to interference and the frequency you use at a given venue in your area. Meaning - if you choose incorrectly, it WILL impact your experience. You MAY have to use different...
  79. s0c9

    AX8 FOH with in-ears?

    Cool. Let us know.
  80. s0c9

    AX8 FOH with in-ears?

    If that is true, then something is wrong with your IEM feed from the console, the buds you are using, or the choice of channel. Are you running a stereo mix/feed to the 300? Is the input sensitivity set to LINE or AUX? Are the input levels on the transmitter adjusted (gain-staged) properly...
  81. s0c9

    Intro, and Axe-Edit MIDI issue

    It's not incomplete, it's 10 yrs old... and there are ways to use the foot controller and AE at the same time. I wrote a wiki article on how to do that back in 2011 https://wiki.fractalaudio.com/gen1/index.php?title=Template:MFC_And_AxeEdit_Working_Together&oldid=3641 The version of AxeEdit...
  82. s0c9

    Mixers today

    I have an X32 Rack (among others) that comes with a 32-in,32-out USB card... <shrug>
  83. s0c9

    Gig Report - III in a small bar, playing Blues and Soul?

    LOL - I totally LOVE the part where the guy hands your singer a shot, then proceeds to try to give one to you in the middle of a solo (2:16 mark). I love punters, but sometimes /SMH
  84. s0c9

    RIP “Chewie”

  85. s0c9

    Why would anyone sell their Axe-Fx 3 if it's so great?

    Which in turn makes me wonder how they control an "amp" on stage either :)
  86. s0c9

    Why would anyone sell their Axe-Fx 3 if it's so great?

    I'd guess more sell because they are unable to control/master the unit and to them it sounds like "poo". Nothing to do with the product tho'. :) My $0.02
  87. s0c9

    Windows 10 Sucks!

    Over the years, I've also worked on most of the OS's on your list, but I can add Haiku and BSD to it :) I find the apple interfaces to be designed for non-computer types. Nothing wrong with that, and I'm not saying it can't be used for professional dev work. I have a co-worker who LOVES apple...
  88. s0c9

    Windows 10 Sucks!

    Been running Win10 since the final RC build having done an in-place upgrade (when MS let you) from Win7. Mine looks and feels like 7- which I've used at work for yrs. For all intensive purposes I feel like I'm running Win7x64 at home, and yes, been using "Classic Start Menu" for yrs. Recently...
  89. s0c9

    Axe-Fest East – Boston Amp Show - April 27-28

    I organized one in Sunny Dallas back in 2012/2013 :) PS: along with @Funeral !!
  90. s0c9

    Firmware release dates & axe edit version

    To my knowledge in the 10+yrs I've been associated w/ FAS products... I have not known that to be [formally] published anywhere. If anyone has it, it might be on the wiki, or @yek perhaps?? idk
  91. s0c9

    Sonny Landreth: Fractal Artist and very under rated!

    Playing fine for me too :)
  92. s0c9

    The Axe-Fx 3 works only at 48Khz

    OK folks .. Mod interjection... Let's keep it warm and friendly on this thread, or I'll be forced to get out my 2x4 !! :) Thank you all !!
  93. s0c9

    How’s your bracket now ?

    Think Tech got screwed with that reversed call .. totally changed the momentum of the game.
  94. s0c9

    Quality of everything is getting worse

    I've been building my own for yrs.. slightly more expensive than the "vendor" packages, but I KNOW what I'm getting from a component build.
  95. s0c9

    Quality of everything is getting worse

    2 months ago, I had just installed an app (for AWS development) on my home PC (win10x64 Apr 18 Creators update). Almost immediately, it started blue screening. I removed the app. OK. Still blue screening.. Ran multiple boot-time mem tests.. ALL passed without issue. Continued getting weird...
  96. s0c9

    Wireless IEM systems - which one to buy / avoid ??

    Somewhere, I missed this threads updates, but thought I would throw in my $0.02 to add to @touch33's excellent coverage. I play guitar, bass (mostly these days) and have been freelancing as FOH (not at the pro level, as in "career") for many, many years when my day-gig and band commitments...
  97. s0c9

    Solving the in-ears puzzle...

    LOL.. worship leaders (in my neck of the woods) ain't exactly noted for being "tech savvy" and he may not have heard of Fractal if he's not into electric guitar :)
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