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  1. philipacamaniac

    Wish Midi Command to select which Layout is active.

    https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/midi-change-layout-view.169731/ Also see Matt’s response in this thread: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/change-view-or-layout-via-midi.163409/
  2. philipacamaniac

    EV1 & FM3

    As long as you don’t use it as a “global” volume pedal, you get to determine what the expression pedal is used for per-preset (and if you’re clever, per-scene). One of those options is to place a volume block in the preset, so then you’d have a volume pedal again. But no, the physical...
  3. philipacamaniac

    FS-6 External Switch

    I think you can only use the “Hold” function on an external switch if you make it a Stand-In switch. That would be the only way to do Tap/Tuner on one switch. But you have 9 Layouts with 12 switches (divided into 4 views on the FM3) available… just assign the Stand-In switches to a Layout you...
  4. philipacamaniac

    John Petrucci interview discussing the use of his Axe-Fx III

    You don’t need just a guitar tech, you’d need an amp tech too. Night after night, tubes getting hammered around… Almost seems like there’s a better alternative in 2021.
  5. philipacamaniac

    Amp Suggestion: Great Drive Tone For Tele

    That’s a new name as well, thanks for the tip!
  6. philipacamaniac

    Blocks Guide Update

    Weird, I’m seeing those on my end. Just not Timothy 3. Did you double check that your first page is dated April 2021?
  7. philipacamaniac

    Blocks Guide Update

    The Compressor Block types need to be updated. Missing JFET, DynamiComp, and maybe a description of the two varieties of each of the Studio Feed-Forwards and Studio Feed-backs. Also, the Emphasis parameter shows up on the Config page of the JFET compressor. For all other types, it only shows up...
  8. philipacamaniac

    Amp Suggestion: Great Drive Tone For Tele

    It amazes me that this many decades into playing guitar, I can still discover guitarists from the classic years that I’ve never heard of. Thanks for the heads up, I’m going to get lost in a Roy Buchanan YouTube deep dive now. Sorry for the thread tangent. Back to the 90s drive tones, yeah!
  9. philipacamaniac

    Amp Suggestion: Great Drive Tone For Tele

    Yeah typically the Deluxe Reverb Vibrato is used when I feel like switching over to my LP Special, unless I’m doing some classic country western. But man oh man, the Tweeds and Tele are a match made in heaven. My fix for the blackface-style scoop is hitting it with the right drive block...
  10. philipacamaniac

    Amp Suggestion: Great Drive Tone For Tele

    The two amps you name have been in my main presets for the last 5 years at least. I don’t play in a 90s cover band but I do love to jam out to Gin Blossoms type stuff, and when I write new music it sometimes has a 90s flavor to it. I don’t usually feel the need to go heavier than a drive block...
  11. philipacamaniac

    Foot Controller assignment issue

    At least one issue - you are editing Layout #1 for the FM3, but you have the startup layout set to Layout #3.
  12. philipacamaniac

    Wish Color Code The Mini Tuner

    Actually, this is basically how I have an always-on Turbo Tuner set. It has 0.02 cents precision and shows the note I’m attempting to play, and it’s a really bright red LED screen, so it is my digital assistant yelling this exact phrase constantly haha.
  13. philipacamaniac

    Gig volume with FRFR/Monitors

    What are you monitoring through live? That can greatly affect the feel as much as volume. Most monitor wedges aren’t going to sound anything like HS7s, and aren’t all that flat unless you’re spending $$$ on high end brands like Martin, L Acoustics, etc. If you’re monitoring through your own...
  14. philipacamaniac

    What are your favorite FM3 Accessories?

    I just got a waitlist EV2. Finally ordered one after years of using a non-linear taper VPjr. An expression/volume pedal is probably the most important accessory for stage performance.
  15. philipacamaniac

    FM3 Firmware Version 3.03 beta 1

    Teach me your ways. I love this.
  16. philipacamaniac

    Morningstar MC8 layout help with FM3

    I think it depends on context and what you’re using it for. If it’s just to control the FM3, the FC6 is a much better integration. Easier to set up and it shows preset and scene names, has color etc. If you’re looking to control several different devices via MIDI, the MCs are a lot more...
  17. philipacamaniac

    Is there any way to save state of FM3 zoom/layout/block/tab selections which was used last time?

    Page 77 in the manual. It’s also configurable in FM3-Edit.
  18. philipacamaniac

    Plex Delay - Shimmer?

    I've not been able to use the Shimmer in the Plex Delay block in any preset. It's CPU is too intense unless it's pretty much the only point of the preset. In that same block, the Plex Shift can do a pretty decent shimmer effect, especially by adding Input Diffusion. For Big Sky sounds, don't...
  19. philipacamaniac

    Is there any way to save state of FM3 zoom/layout/block/tab selections which was used last time?

    You can set the startup FC Layout for the FM3 and each connected FC.
  20. philipacamaniac

    Morningstar MC8 layout help with FM3

    MIDI Thru can be on, just set the FM3 and MC6/8 to listen on different MIDI channels.
  21. philipacamaniac

    New FW 3.03 Drives

    Having the 3 separate clipping modes on the Timmy is excellent, now it’s possible to fully match my real world Timmy settings. Here’s a starting point for the Timmy. First pick your poison, I prefer even-order harmonics so I go with the asymmetrical clipping from Timothy 2 (on the real pedal...
  22. philipacamaniac

    FM3 Firmware Version 3.03 beta 1

    Some drives will benefit from a reset. Timothy for example, has authentic controls now (turning Treble clockwise is a high cut, turning Bass clockwise is a low cut), so if you used it before, your settings will be wrong. No idea about the advanced page and whether values have changed there, so a...
  23. philipacamaniac

    Wish Enable/Disable Bank Flashing Presets

    To me it feels inconsistent with other UI implementations. On the AX8, the footswitches would blink while you’re scrolling through banks of presets, but only in Single Preset mode (not Sticky Preset). On the H* products, same thing - preset choices blink only if you’re in the single choice...
  24. philipacamaniac

    Effects loop -3.7dB difference

    I had this issue before the lastest beta, using just a short jumper between Out 2 and In 2. I haven’t had time to test it with the new beta to see if it’s still an issue with my unit.
  25. philipacamaniac

    Is there something on the FM3 that would serve as a usable bass amp / preset?

    Well the Ampeg SVT models certainly sound good to me. They’re labeled SV Bass 1 and SV Bass 2. There are several factory IRs to pair with.
  26. philipacamaniac

    FM3 Firmware Version 3.03 beta 1

    Are you sure that's correct? The user cabs I've loaded are all known UltraRes, and they are showing italic. For example, the AustinBuddy Fantastic 2x12 Cab Pack is UltraRes and they are showing italic. Do you think maybe the FM3 was truncating all user cabs as standard res on import?
  27. philipacamaniac

    FM3 Firmware Version 3.03 beta 1

    I can confirm, Low Cut in the Drive block isn't doing anything on any of the models I've tried. Not just in FM3-Edit, this is while editing on the unit itself. Also - and I should have expected this - the Drive block is significantly different sounding now, so I need to pull my pedals out to...
  28. philipacamaniac

    FM3 Firmware Version 3.03 beta 1

    I have a gig this weekend but it's bass at the local folk fest so I won't need my FM3. Let the beta updating commence!
  29. philipacamaniac

    Morningstar MC6 to Mimic FC6 (OMC9?)

    I’ve thought about trying this. You can set the FM3 switches as Control Switches, each with a MIDI payload to switch banks on the MC6. Not as nifty as Layout Links but the concept works. Here’s where it breaks down (or at least becomes less useful and less integrated than an FC6). You can...
  30. philipacamaniac

    External Footswitch Question

    Dumb question I’m sure, but are you positive that you have momentary and not latching switches?
  31. philipacamaniac

    Why Fractal don't use aluminium for product chassis ?

    I prefer heavy duty build as well. But I actually preferred the smooth powder coated feel and appearance of the MFC/FX8/AX8 versus the soft-touch texture the FM3/FCs. It seems more difficult to keep the FC units looking pristine.
  32. philipacamaniac

    FM3 Firmware Version 3.02

    My footswitches froze up for the first time yesterday. The unit had been on for a few hours, FM3-Edit was open/connected, a MIDI device was connected (MC6), and the only resolution was rebooting the FM3. I’ve been using 3.02 almost daily and hadn’t seen this issue yet. I don’t use the new tuner...
  33. philipacamaniac

    Trigger control switch from MIDI CC

    Make sure MIDI Track Input and Output routing are both set to On for your WIDI device. And then, make sure you have a MIDI track in the session with your WIDI set as both the Input and Output of the track. Set the channel to your FM3 channel (I think you've done this since CCs sent from...
  34. philipacamaniac

    Tap Tempo Reverb?

    Syncable pre-delay is almost a requirement in a modern reverb. I like to find the subdivision that most closely matches the typical predelay I'd use for a given purpose - for example, I love the sound of about 90ms predelay on lead vocals. If a song is at 120bpm, a dotted 1/32 predelay gives...
  35. philipacamaniac

    Trigger control switch from MIDI CC

    My workaround doesn’t affect the state of a control switch. The concept isn’t to send MIDI to the control switch, it’s for the control switch to send the same MIDI data that an external controller is sending. What do you want to use CS1 to control? Let’s assume for this example that you want...
  36. philipacamaniac

    Tap Tempo Reverb?

    There are some formulas out there for calculating the ideal tail decay for a given tempo. And then of course pre-delay is sometimes synchronized to tempo, but that’s just the time before the reverb starts, not the tail.
  37. philipacamaniac

    Differences between FM3 & Axe-Fx III Effects Blocks

    Where was the pitch block in your chain? Works best at the very beginning for this. But yeah, it isn’t perfect at the moment.
  38. philipacamaniac

    Trigger control switch from MIDI CC

    This seems related to the wish for MIDI Stand In switches. It makes more sense that a remote MIDI switch would be standing in as CS1 rather than manipulating CS1, which is itself a controller.
  39. philipacamaniac

    Trigger control switch from MIDI CC

    You’re almost there. Set the MC3 to pass MIDI Thru. So then when you hit your FC-12 CS1 switch, since you’ve assigned it a MIDI CC payload, it’s sending that CC out to the MC3 and back into the FM3 (assuming you’ve connected to both MIDI In and Out). In this scenario, the amp drive assigned to...
  40. philipacamaniac

    Mix/Levels question, what am I doing wrong?

    Although to confuse matters, the delay block’s mix knob follows a mix law that leaves your dry level at 100% until you reach 50% on the mix knob. They refer to it as a “constant power algorithm”. So running delay blocks in parallel is more for chaining the delay with additional sounds without...
  41. philipacamaniac

    Not a Bug FW 3.02 bug: Modifiers?

    It doesn’t seem like the FM3 is the issue if attaching modifiers works on the unit itself. Still, re-updating firmware is worth a shot for eliminating it as the issue while troubleshooting. Try a different USB cable and a different USB port. If you have access to a different computer, try...
  42. philipacamaniac

    Not a Bug FW 3.02 bug: Modifiers?

    I’m using the same version (1.03.02) on macOS and it’s working here. Your Source box should say “None” when there isn’t a controller selected, but everything else should be grayed out until you’ve selected a source. Maybe try uninstalling FM3-Edit and reinstalling it fresh?
  43. philipacamaniac

    Not a Bug FW 3.02 bug: Modifiers?

    Nothing happens when you click the Source box to select a controller?
  44. philipacamaniac

    Mix/Levels question, what am I doing wrong?

    Typically when setting delay mix to 100%, you’d use Input Gain on the Mix page to set the level of the delay. And, you’d usually only do this if the delay block was in parallel with the main signal path, rather than in series.
  45. philipacamaniac

    Setting levels for an external loop

    Ah I misunderstood, I thought @dtougas was saying his Out 2 was being boosted when using the loop. Yes, Out 1 is hotter than Out 2 by design, unless you use Out 2 Copy without an Out 2 block. It surprised me too at first, because of the difference in behavior from Axe Fx II and AX8 that I was...
  46. philipacamaniac

    Setting levels for an external loop

    What firmware are you using? I'm on 3.02, and I have a similar but opposite issue. With just a pair of short 3" TS cables patching Output 2 to Input 1, I can't achieve unity gain. Engaging the loop (turning on the In 2 block) lowers my signal at Output 1 by ~3.76 dB. This is a test running a...
  47. philipacamaniac

    Dialing in OD/Distortion issues

    Since you mention the BE and M25s... For heavy classic British tones, I crank the treble to 10 and drop the bass way down, sometimes to 0. I don't usually touch presence but I might occasionally bump the mid. Instant classic rock. So don't be afraid to go to the extremes of the knobs.
  48. philipacamaniac

    Can the Axe-Fx III emulate the QUICK CONTROL knobs on an Axe-Fx II?

    I think all the internal controller settings (Scene Controllers, LFOs, Sequencer, etc) are stored as part of the preset.
  49. philipacamaniac

    Unorthodox Setup Question (New Owner, Sorry)

    It’s not clear what you’re using the Soundblaster sound card for. Your 18i20 is an audio interface, so plug your monitors into that, and plug the Axe into the 18i20 via SPDIF (or via the analog mic or line inputs, it honestly doesn’t make much of a difference unless you’re tracking DI signal)...
  50. philipacamaniac

    Can the Axe-Fx III emulate the QUICK CONTROL knobs on an Axe-Fx II?

    It’s a little different. Performance Pages give you access to any specific parameters for quick access, like building your own custom UI. The manual controllers are like any other modifier source, they can be attached to multiple parameters. And the manual controllers can be added to the...
  51. philipacamaniac

    Info re the bigger reverb types lacking?

  52. philipacamaniac

    Anyone running two FM3s?

    If Layouts could be switched via MIDI, this would make an FM3+FM3 rig an incredible thing. OMG6!
  53. philipacamaniac

    AX8 and Eventide H9 Integration

    I don’t have an H9 so I won’t be able to help with the H9-specifics of the equation. If @RossE is still around on the forum, perhaps he’d have a tip or two to provide?
  54. philipacamaniac

    Using FM3 with Microphones/DAW

    I don’t stream so this is from a recording/production context. I tried using the FM3 as an outboard, I even have a preset setup for it. It’s “cool” but honestly, the hassle of real-time isn’t worth it for me unless the outboard gear is offering significant analog color (say, a real LA2A or...
  55. philipacamaniac

    Using FM3 with Microphones/DAW

    You still need a mic pre, the Cloudlifter is only bringing the SM7 (or other low output mic) up to the output range of condenser mics. And, the Cloudlifter needs 48V power, which your mic pre would generally provide (the FM3 does not).
  56. philipacamaniac

    Performance Pages - Tempo Settings?

    You can add metronome level (Out 1, Out 2, or USB) and tempo to performance pages. In FM3-Edit, click Controllers to bring up the Controllers page on the lower panel. The first tab is Tempo so you should already see the tempo knob. Now click Perform to bring up the Performance Page editor on...
  57. philipacamaniac

    Cygnus vs Ares (orginally on AXE III msg board)

    I was not under the impression that UltraRes had an effect on the width of the sound, I'm just speculating here. I can't remember if firmware 15 was where the FM3 and Axe Fx III last had amp modeling parity, but whenever it was, they sounded nearly indistinguishable. Even on this video, they...
  58. philipacamaniac

    Cygnus vs Ares (orginally on AXE III msg board)

    I'm impressed by the difference in dynamics, but you have to listen in mono. Otherwise there's a stereo image difference between the two recordings that (I hope) is unrelated to Cygnus. The FM3 recording is narrower. Or is this the lack of UltraRes on the FM3? If the weird 3D effect is Cygnus...
  59. philipacamaniac

    How do you plan to use Performance Mode for Gigs?

    I dunno, leaning down and tweaking delay feedback or modulation is pretty par for the course in post-rock and shoegaze… I even built a 4-knob expression controller for my AX8 so that I’d have the more tactile real-time control I had with the big pedalboard. The performance pages scratch that...
  60. philipacamaniac

    FM3 Firmware Version 3.02

    https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/out-2-low-volume.159030/post-1900528 Was this change reverted?
  61. philipacamaniac

    FM3 Morph Question

  62. philipacamaniac

    Is There an Easier Way (to Carry Over Parameters from One Scene to the Next)?

    No. The copy procedure only copies the parameters, it doesn’t link those two channels or scenes.
  63. philipacamaniac

    Is There an Easier Way (to Carry Over Parameters from One Scene to the Next)?

    You can copy a channel to another channel using FM3-Edit. You can also copy a scene to another scene.
  64. philipacamaniac

    Wish Scene output levels on Performance page

    Yes, scene levels can be assigned to performance page controls in the 3.02 beta.
  65. philipacamaniac

    How to get around single cab block?

    How many IRs do you need to run? The FM3 has the ability to run two separate simultaneous IRs in a single cab block, and you can do some creative routing in and out of the cab block to blend amp and DI signal.
  66. philipacamaniac

    Not a Bug Out 2 Block Level

    This so far makes the most sense to me. So the Out 1 grid block has an internal 20dB boost permanently applied. Thanks for the explanation. It was unexpected behavior because on the AX8, sending signal with all shunts through either Out 1 or Out 2, you could achieve unity gain without any...
  67. philipacamaniac

    Not a Bug Out 2 Block Level

    Thanks guys, I’ll send an email to support, that’s probably where I should have started. Cheers!
  68. philipacamaniac

    Not a Bug Out 2 Block Level

    I totally get that, in fact I’ve offered that advice on the forum. My Out 2 knob is maxed. However, the Out 2 knob has no affect at all on the level within the Out 2 block. There is internal attenuation happening on the grid itself, and I still believe it’s a bug.
  69. philipacamaniac

    Not a Bug Out 2 Block Level

    Help me understand a bit better. Unity gain means the output equals the input, but in this case, the Out 2 Block input seems to be causing a decrease in level. Here's a real world use case: Let's say I want to split my wet and dry signals. Amp block goes to Out 1. A split after the amp block...
  70. philipacamaniac

    Not a Bug Out 2 Block Level

    I should add, the Out 2 physical knob also has no impact on this issue as it is after the block. I'm specifically referring to the level on the Out 2 Block on the grid itself. Simple test, Synth Block with 1KHz at 0 dB to both blocks: Out 1 Block: Out 2 Block: Out 2 Block with a level...
  71. philipacamaniac

    Not a Bug Out 2 Block Level

    There seems to be something amiss with the Out 2 Block. If you send a test signal (either through an input, or the Synth block) to both the Out 1 and Out 2 blocks, the signal going into the Out 2 Block is about 20 dB quieter. The physical Output 2 isn't the issue - using the Output 2 Copy =...
  72. philipacamaniac

    How do you set up wet-dry-wet FM3?

    Set Output 2 volume to full, as you’re simply passing through the signal from input to output (full is unity gain, appropriate for sending signal that hasn’t passed through an amp block to real amps or pedals). If you want to adjust the Archon level, do it on the amp.
  73. philipacamaniac

    Homemade 9V Power Out for pedals on FM3

    I’m actually interested in this warranty-safe method rather than the OP, can you share info on the type of regulator you used?
  74. philipacamaniac

    FM3 Firmware 1.06 Public Beta 3

    DUDE. This made my day!
  75. philipacamaniac

    FM3 Firmware 1.06 Public Beta 3

    I didn’t use the Diffusion parameter to sub the Delay block as a reverb. I use it to diffuse the repeats slightly so they aren’t so in your face (along with the Drive parameter and a touch of modulation). I can live without it, I’ll accept that it’s a bit more esoteric and stability/quality is...
  76. philipacamaniac

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.05

    I got through a set without any issues, in fact haven’t had any of the issues mentioned in the thread. It was weird with only 3 switches, I’m still getting used to that. But I like minimalism so it works for me.
  77. philipacamaniac

    List of Parameters, Pages, Features, Etc. Found Only on FM3 & Not in FM3 Edit?

    Yeah there isn’t a “Meters” page, but Input blocks and Output blocks have meters on them, which is a great improvement from the AX8-Edit software. Even better, the Compressor block shows gain reduction, and the Envelope Controller shows input signal to determine threshold. As far as a list of...
  78. philipacamaniac

    Holy sh!t this Matchbox amp is RIDICULOUS

    Yeah man. EDIT: If I'm not mistaken, Factory Cabs F2.0086-92 are from Austin Buddy's Fantastic 2x12s Cab Pack. The Matchbox2 is a green 1990s DC30 cab and is my go to IR source. From the pack itself, I use the Matchbox2 121+57 L&R mix, but it looks like you could blend Cab F2.0088 & 89 for a...
  79. philipacamaniac

    Closed Allow modifier on the input block noise gate

    Until that gets implemented, would switch channels on the Input Block work for your setup? That would give you 4 different threshold options if you aren't already switching the Input Block channels for other purposes.
  80. philipacamaniac

    Wish Show Both Channels on Chan Inc/Dec footswitch

    Right now, the only way to see what channel an effect is on is to assign a footswitch to Channel Select (which takes up a footswitch for just one channel) or Channel Toggle (which allows access to up to two channels only). It would be great if Channel Inc/Dec also had the "Both Channels" label...
  81. philipacamaniac

    FM3-Edit 1.01.07

    Those USB page additions. YES! You've eliminated the last reason for me to bend down and make adjustments while in the home studio.
  82. philipacamaniac

    Which boost would be a Klon?

    The KTR is Finnegan’s mass-produced version of the Klon. So it’s the only “official” klone, as it were. You should be able to drag and drop block files. This is an FM3-Edit block file.
  83. philipacamaniac

    Wish Allow MIDI CCs to be Stand-in Switch sources

    +1 for MIDI CCs as Stand-In Switches
  84. philipacamaniac

    Which boost would be a Klon?

    Here's the block. Drive at 2ish, Tone at 4ish, Level at 4ish. I think the only thing touched outside of the Basic/first page of controls is Hi Cut to 10k. And absolutely to what yek says, Klons and klones all have very different sounds at different gain settings. This just happened to sound very...
  85. philipacamaniac

    Which boost would be a Klon?

    I was able to make the Shimmer Drive sound nearly identical to my KTR.
  86. philipacamaniac

    Mooer Shrooms footswitch toppers... do they fit FM3?

    Hulk smash button with bare foot. Not so easy to do with tiny little footswitch.
  87. philipacamaniac

    Closed USB Type A as a voltage/MIDI source

    +1 for power from the USB A port.
  88. philipacamaniac

    Closed Exclude FX bypass from Amp and Cab channel change

    You can do this now with a Control Switch. A Control Switch can't directly change channels, but it can send up to 4 MIDI commands, and Channel switching for AMP 1 and CAB 1 can be assigned MIDI CCs. If you don't have any other MIDI gear, you can loop the MIDI out to the in. If you do have MIDI...
  89. philipacamaniac

    Change View or Layout via MIDI?

    Not the device display, the footswitch layout. It’s a use case that exists. You can change banks (layouts) and pages (views) on the Morningstar MC6/MC8 via MIDI. You can also control the setlist/view on an RJM Mastermind. Often it’s so that the floorboard follows along to a programmed track, or...
  90. philipacamaniac

    Change View or Layout via MIDI?

    I must be blind, I can't seem to find a way to change the footswitch view or layout via MIDI. Is this possible?
  91. philipacamaniac

    Looper questions

    It’s only active while engaged, otherwise it follows whatever “Bypass Mode” you have set (which would generally be “Thru” for the Looper, so it’s just a shunt when bypassed).
  92. philipacamaniac

    Switching between clean/dirty with external drive pedal always on

    Where is your Out 2 knob set (the physical one on the top panel)? All the way up is unity, meaning no attenuation.
  93. philipacamaniac

    Switching between clean/dirty with external drive pedal always on

    Run it in series, not parallel. Out 2 block can stay active. It’s the In 2 block that will bring your external pedal in and out of the chain. When bypassed, the In 2 block acts as a shunt. When engaged, it ignores the grid input and uses the physical Input 2 connector source.
  94. philipacamaniac

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    Can FracTool parse AX8/FX8 MIDI command info (the per-scene MIDI channel/CC values that are stored in each preset)? I'm not seeing it in my stored presets while viewing them offline, and it doesn't seem to translate to the MIDI block on the FM3.
  95. philipacamaniac

    Fixed Input 2 copies Input 1 when Input 1 Source is set to USB

    Not expecting any input from FAS on this over the weekend of course, but can anyone else with an FM3 confirm? To test: Confirm that Input 1 is set to Analog (under SETUP > I/O) Plug an audio signal into Input 2. This can be your guitar, a tone generator, whatever. Place an Input 2 block on the...
  96. philipacamaniac

    FM3 CPU power

    As I've just started digging into it, it "feels" like the FM3 DSP has about a bit more headroom than the AX8. That's subjective of course because the algorithms are significantly improved. But it seems like if all things were equal, FM3 can run about the same number of blocks as AX8 in a given...
  97. philipacamaniac

    Fixed Input 2 copies Input 1 when Input 1 Source is set to USB

    I'm not sure if this is by design or a bug (feels like a bug to me). When Input 1 Source is set to Analog, Input 2 acts like normal, pulling signal from the analog FX Return jacks. But when you set Input 1 Source to USB (Channels 3/4), the Input 2 grid block becomes an exact copy of the Input 1...
  98. philipacamaniac

    FM3 Now Shipping

    I'm back, and I finally did it. I was holding out hope for one last AX8 update but decided to jump to the FM3. And I think I've worked out a scheme where I can just use this little guy by himself, not attached to a larger board like the AX8 was. And here we go!
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