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  1. FSM

    Red SoundMF.10 G66 Edition FRFR Review

    Hey guys, are you looking for an awesome powered Full Range cabinet/speaker. The RedSound MF.10 - G66 Edition is a lightweight, portable and perfect sounding full range solution for your amp modeler or in any situation you need high quality full range sound reproduction! Best FRFR speakers I've...
  2. FSM

    Recording an 80s Rock Song with my Axe-Fx III

    My friend Henning @EytschPi42 has started a challenge where he invites musicians to be creative and compose their own song! He provided vocals (Adrian O'Shaughnessy) and drums (Klaus Tropp) for an song called "I Am Human". Right from the start, I heard some 80's Rock/Metal sounds - so this is...
  3. FSM

    Metal Solo w/ AXE-FX III "FSM FAVOURITE"

    Hello Fractal Community! I didn't want to deprive you of my new video for Sarah Longfield's solo contest, which is a kind of prog metal stuff - which you guys dig ;) In this video I played my Knaggs Kenai with D'Addario NYXL 11-56 strings with the AXE-FX III and my signature preset "FSM...
  4. FSM

    Fractal Audio FM3 | Looper & Metronome

    Hi guys, in this video I tried the Looper and the built-in Metronome of the new Fractal Audio FM3! Do you guys use the Metronome in your Fractal unit (Axe-Fx, AX8, FM3)? Cheers Frank #staysafe #playguitar
  5. FSM

    Fractal Audio FM3 vs AXE-FX III | Comparison

    New FM3 Video for you guys ;) Hope you like it! Enjoy and stay healthy! Frank 🤘
  6. FSM

    Fractal Audio FM3 vs AX8 | Custom Presets

    In this video I compared the Fractal Audio FM3 vs AX8 using my own Custom Presets! The differences are small but still audible. The FM3 sounds a bit rounder, fuller and more 3D for me. What do you think? Have fun! Cheers Frank :)
  7. FSM

    Fractal Audio FM3 vs AX8 | Raw Amp Comparison

    Hey guys, in this video I compared the Raw Amp Tones of the Fractal Audio FM3 vs AX8! I just loaded the factory amp models. I used the same Factory Cab on all sounds. Sound was NOT tweaked before or afterwards! In my opinion the FM3 feels and sounds much better and more real than the AX8. The...
  8. FSM

    Fractal Audio FM3 | TOP 35 FACTORY PRESETS

    Hey guys, I did a video on the amazing FM3. In this video I show you the TOP 35 Factory Presets of the amazing Fractal Audio FM3! This new floor modeler puts Fractal's famous sounds right at your feet! I really love it so far. In the next video I'll compare the FM3 with the Axe-Fx3 and maybe the...
  9. FSM

    Fractal Audio Patch "FSM Favourite"

    Here´s my new Fractal Audio Patch "FSM FAVOURITE" This is my "approved" Fractal Audio AXE-FX II, AXE-FX III and AX8 patch I´ve used in many recording sessions and live shows all over the world. It´s extremely versatile and useful from clean to heavy distortion - from Jazz & Funk to Classic...
  10. FSM

    Input Boost issue

    Hi guys, when I import a patch with "input boost" on, the boost level is 0.00dB. It should be 12.00dB.
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