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  1. Fredlos120

    Headrush 108's good choice for "lightening the load" with FM3?

    I have Axe FX II XL with QSC K 10's and a small rack (with power conditioner, Axe, CD player and Touchmix 8 on top). I play with backing tracks. K 10's work very well. In an attempt to "lighten the load, I have FM3 and just received the 108's. So now I am trying to get away with a MacBook or...
  2. Fredlos120

    FM3 and backing tracks

    I'm moving from II XL to FM3. Used a rack with mixer and CD player for tracks before. What are other options with FM3? Appreciate
  3. Fredlos120

    Effect for pickless attack?

    Looking for awn effect or method to have notes initiate immediately after the pick attack like Kurt Rosenwinkel. demo and discussion at 1:5512:15 in this video. Thanks for all!
  4. Fredlos120

    Noisy, almost clicks in the delay repeats

    To follow the other noise thread, I am also having a noise issue. Not constant, but mostly in the delay repeats. Any similar experience? I didn’t notice it much until trying a recording with a Roland GO:MIXER PRO Audio Mixer
  5. Fredlos120

    Logic will not record FM3

    Hello all. First time trying to record FM3 in Logic. Set input to FM3, but when creating new audio track, Logic sees no input device. I know this seems basic but I am stuck. Thanks!
  6. Fredlos120

    Small/travel powered speaker setups

    ISO small powered speaker setup ideas. Connection details too please? Appreciate
  7. Fredlos120

    MFC Edit

    I briefly saw a Facebook post about an MFC Edit link. Any help/advice appreciated.
  8. Fredlos120


    Any advice for presets and/or amp-cab combos for legato and tapping style? PRS 408 - prefer neck pup - not as hot as others (Ibanez, etc.) Thanks
  9. Fredlos120

    Safari not opening Forum page

    Hello all - any idea why Safari will not open the Forum link? Says it is unable to make a secure connection to the server...
  10. Fredlos120

    Using QSC Touchmix 8

    QSC Touchmix 8 - anyone know how to get exact same sound as II XL out? With no effect/filters on mixer, it’s more of an up front, dryer sound, if that makes any sense. Appreciate all...
  11. Fredlos120

    Bass sim?

    After seeing an article on "Impersonating Bass Synth sounds," just wondering if anyone has preset ideas to simulate bass lines with guitar for recording, etc.?
  12. Fredlos120

    Posting audio/video clips

    What do Axe users use to record video clips? (Phone, GoPro, iMovie or Final Cut editing, DAW MP3, etc. ?) appreciate all...
  13. Fredlos120

    Updated FW -- not sure about updating presets

    FW 18.3 updated successfully. Have updated several versions but I need help downloading the new presets. Should I even do it? I see in Axe-Edit how to Audition one at a time. Is there a tutorial? IS there a best practice? Thanks in advance. You all seem great at sharing. (Yeah, this is my first...
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