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  1. Paulg2uk

    SOLD Friedman ASC-10 FRFR Cab For Sale In The UK

    Hi guys, I'm looking to sell my Friedman ASC-10 FRFR cab, I'm located in Hornchurch Essex in the UK. Bought late last year from GuitarGuitar. Bedroom use only and in excellent condition. Comes with it's manual and mains cable. I don't have the original box but I can put it in a Friedman Runt 20...
  2. Paulg2uk

    Anyone On the G66 Waitlist For The Red Sound Elis 8's?

    Hi guys, I hope you are all well and keeping safe. I'm just interested to see if anyone is on the waitlist with G66 for the Red Sound Elis 8's? If so did you go with the stereo bundle or just a single one? I went for the stereo bundle and sold off one of my Friedman FRFR's to buy them. I saw...
  3. Paulg2uk

    Miley Cyrus Guitarist Using Axe-Fx III On Howard Stern's Show

    Hi guys, I thought you all might find this interesting, I'm not a Miley fan at all but this sounds pretty good. One of the guitar players is using the Axe III, FC12 and a Friedman ASC cab. Awesome tones! as to be expected. Enjoy! Paul
  4. Paulg2uk


    Hi all, I hope you are all well. Up for sale is myAxe FX III MK1. Originally bought direct from G66 brand new. It’s been put in my rack case since day one. There is some rack rash on the bottom of the Axe, a paint chip and slight mark on the top. The front and back panel have no issues at all...
  5. Paulg2uk

    FS Matrix Elements FR12P Cab For Sale In The UK

    Hi guys, Anyone in the UK interested in a Matrix FR12P cab? I'm looking to sell mine and wanted to buy another Friedman ASC-10. I've owned the Matrix since Feb of this year. Never gigged with just bedroom use only. Hardly used. In new condition no marks or scratches. I was hoping for £440 Inc...
  6. Paulg2uk

    Classic Rock Show Rig Rundown Pete Thorn & James Cole

    Hi guys, Found this on Youtube last night. Pete Thorn & James Cole go through their rigs for the Classic Rock Show currently on tour in the UK. Pete goes through his amp,cab and pedalboard setup and James has a hybrid setup with an amp, cab and pedalboard as well as an Axe FX III and FC12...
  7. Paulg2uk

    Did Anyone Ever Try the SKB Fly Racks?

    Hi guys, Happy holidays to you all. Sorry for another rack question but I just wondered if anyone has ever bought the SKB fly racks to use with the Axe III? I'm thinking of getting rid of my heavy 8u rack case and getting one. Either the 6u fly rack with pelican case or the 4u studio flyer...
  8. Paulg2uk

    Tom Quayle (Guitar Interactive Magazine) - Axe FX III Review

    Hi guys, Here's an excellent review and playing from Mr Tom Quayle on the Axe III. Enjoy! Paul
  9. Paulg2uk

    Jason Richardson - The Captain Meets, Andertons. I spy an Axe III

    Hi guys, Just spotted this on youtube and I see an Axe III in the background. Bout time Andertons had some Axe II goodness in their videos. Enjoy!
  10. Paulg2uk

    The Guys From Metallica Getting To Grips With The FC-12

    Hi guys, Just saw this tuning room vid on youtube of the guys in Metallica getting to grips with the FC12. Thought you'd all like to check it out. Fast forward to 7m 20. Not much going on but it made me laugh! Enjoy!
  11. Paulg2uk

    USB Port On FC's, Can It Be Used To Power Anything?

    Hi guys, This might be a stupid question but I was wondering the USB port on the FC's, can it be used to power anything? Or is it for data only? The reason why I asked is I've got on my pedal board my FC-12, EV-1 and a Mission SP-1. I'm also planning on added some of Sukh's glow risers with...
  12. Paulg2uk

    Has Anyone Tried The Headrush FRFR's With The Axe-Fx III?

    Hi guys, I just wondered if any of you have tried the Headrush FRFR's at all with the Axe III OR AX8? I've been on the fence for a while now trying to decide which one to go for. Is there any major differences compared to the Atomic's or any if the others like the Xitones's, line 6's power...
  13. Paulg2uk

    FASLINK II Rack Panel Interface Tail For FC-6 & FC-12?

    Hi guys, I'm not sure if this has been asked before or not? but I'm looking to add a FasLink II connection to my rack interface panel from the Axe III and the company over here in the UK that is going make me one for me know's that it's an XLR connection to either the FC-6 or FC-12. My...
  14. Paulg2uk

    FS EV-2 For Sale In The UK

    Hi all, I have an EV-2 for sale here in the UK. I'm also chucking in a Glow riser, LED's with remote and a Voodoo Lab reverse polarity cable to make them work. Looking for £130 inc postage (within the UK) but will accept offers. If anyone is interested let me know. Thanks for looking Paul
  15. Paulg2uk

    Midi In Light Constantly Flashing. Is that normal?

    Hi guys, This might be a stupid question but I'm using the Axe III with RJM's phantom power box to power my Mastermind GT22. I just wondered I've noticed the midi in light on the axe is constantly flashing. I've not noticed this before is that normal? Cheers Paul
  16. Paulg2uk

    FS Matrix GT1000FX 1U For Sale In The UK

    Hi all, I'm selling my Matrix GT1000FX 1U power amp. Have just upgraded to the 2u version so no need to keep the 1u. Works 100% no major marks or scratches. Looking for £430 + shipping but I'm open to offers. Message me if you are interested. Cheers Paul
  17. Paulg2uk

    Output 1 FOH Tips - Bright sounding

    Hi guys, I need a little advice, I'm using my Axe III with my matrix power amp and my guitar cab which sounds awesome. I'm starting to record over the weekend with the band and I was planning on going direct into the mixing board. I thought I'd experiment with some headphones to see what output...
  18. Paulg2uk

    Anyone using a rack case bigger than 6U?

    Hi guys, I was just wondering if any of you use and go out gigging with anything bigger than a 6u rack case? And if so what do you have in there? I’ve got a 6u case at the moment which has my power conditioner, axe III and 2u matrix power amp. I quite like the idea of adding a laptop drawer so...
  19. Paulg2uk

    Can I Have An External Tuner Always On To Tune Silently?

    Hi guys, I was just after some info, not sure if this will work but I've started using the Axe III to go direct to the PA via output 1 and then using output 2 I'm connecting to a matrix amp and guitar cab to monitor myself. I also have an RJM MMGT22 for my midi board and also using an EV-1 to...
  20. Paulg2uk

    Pitch Block - Micro Pog Sound

    Hi guys, I just wanted to ask, I'm trying to get that micro pog sound of one octave up and one down for a certain song I need. I should be using the dual shift for that right? Or what do you guys suggest? I did created it on the II but can't remember what I did last time. Many thanks Paul
  21. Paulg2uk

    Which Matrix Power Amp Do You All Recommend?

    Hi guys, Got my Axe III on Monday and I'm loving it so far. I still have my Axe II XL+ which I plan to sell and use some of the cash on a Matrix power amp. I have been using the II via the 4cm with my Boogie head when I go out gigging with the band but I'd like to try the III going direct...
  22. Paulg2uk

    I Nearly Decided to Sell My Axe, And I'm Glad I Didn't

    Hi guys, I thought I'd post this and see if any of you have ever done the same or considered it? Recently I made a pretty big decision and was going to sell my axe fx rig off and go down the more traditional pedalboard route with a loop switcher etc. It was gonna cost me quite a bit to make...
  23. Paulg2uk

    Sitar Sound 4CM

    Hi guys, I need to put together a small patch for a sitar sound at the beginning of a song that my band is currently learning. I'm using the Axe via the 4CM. I just wondered if anyone has had to try this? and how to create it? Many thanks Paul
  24. Paulg2uk

    Weird FX Loop Problem In Some Presets 4CM

    Hi guys, I'm having a strange issue this evening with my axe. I'm using my Boogie MV35 with the axe via the 4CM. On my main preset I get no control over the amp's volume knob for some reason no matter which channel its on. And then on some of my other presets it appears to be normal and I can...
  25. Paulg2uk

    4CM Updated To 4.00 Output 1 LED CLIP

    Hi guys, I just wanted to ask you all something. I'm sure this has been asked before but I've just updated to 4.00 and I seem to be getting output 1 led clip when adding certain effect like reverb, chorus etc. I've recently added a flanger block to the back end of the fx loop block and that...
  26. Paulg2uk

    Expression Pedal Problem When Using Vol Block

    Hi guys, I need a bit of help with something. I've added a volume block to my chain as I wanted to setup a volume pedal. I'm running the Axe in the 4CM with my boogie head, RJM Mastermind GT and and EV-1 expression pedal. I've setup everything like a normal vol pedal adding the volume block...
  27. Paulg2uk

    Using The Axe With Boogie's New JP-2C Head & RJM MMGT 4CM

    Hi guys, I just wondered if anyone has tried using their Axe with Boogie's new JP-2C head and midi controller? I have the RJM MMGT and wondered how easy it was to setup and program? How does it handle scenes on axe? I usually use an RJM Rack or Amp Gizmo to handle my switching. It would be...
  28. Paulg2uk

    4CM Preset/Scene Levels

    Hi guys, Just a quick question, I'm running the Axe in the 4CM and using scenes and various IA's. In one particular preset I've noticed when playing in my band my clean guitar scene is at the right volume but then when I change to another scene which add's a chorus my level tends to go a little...
  29. Paulg2uk

    4CM Output Clip Lights?

    Hi guys, I'm running the 4CM and have noticed since upgrading firmware to 2.04 my output clip lights are coming on now and again. Mainly on Out 2. Can I just ask what's the best thing to do here, reduce the level in the FX loop block or the overall output love of the preset? Many thanks Paul
  30. Paulg2uk

    Problem With 4CM. RJM MMGT22 & Boogie Mark V

    Hi guys, I'm having a little problem this evening with my setup. I've been using the axe with a boogie mark v 35, RJM MMGT and the axe via the 4CM. I have an RJM Rack gizmo as well which is switching channels on my amp. So I started to use my Mark V head with my setup after buying one a few...
  31. Paulg2uk

    Looking For A Shallow Rack Case To Sit On My 1x12 Cab

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a 4u shallow rack case that could possibly sit on my Boogie 1x12 wide body cab. I'm aware the axe has to have around 14 inches rackable depth so anything under that isn't gonna work. My cab is around 320mm depth wise but as long as I can adjust the rubber feet on the...
  32. Paulg2uk

    Using the Axe with In Ear Monitors?

    Hi guys, I'm just after some help with my axe. I usually use it with my studio monitors at home or via the 4CM with my amp when I gig. My band has a wedding gig in the next few months and the venue wants us to plug directly into their state of the art PA with in ear monitoring. I have some...
  33. Paulg2uk

    SKB Rolling Rack Case Which Size Bolts?

    Hi guys, I have an SKB Rolling 4U Rack Case, I need a few replacement bolts but looking at the SKB kits they look pretty expensive. Is there a particular size bolt I need to look for in my local DIY/Hardware store? I'm sure I can pick these up for cheaper. Cheers Paul
  34. Paulg2uk

    Axe FX Rack Interface Panels In The UK!

    Hi guys, Just a quick post to say if anyone in the UK is looking to get a rack interface panel for their axe, give Adam a shout at www.designacable.com. I've just had one made by him which is due to turn up tomorrow and it looks awesome. All top notch components and cables. You can design it...
  35. Paulg2uk

    Powering External Pedals In My Rack

    Hi guys, So I'm pretty much setup now with my axe fx 2,RJM Rack Gizmo and Mastermind GT. I have pretty much all my sounds together except a couple I feel I need to put a couple of external pedals in my rack and hook them up to my rack gizmo. I just wondered if there is a small power supply...
  36. Paulg2uk

    RJM Mastermind GT22, Rack Gizmo No Tuner Display

    Hi guys, I need a bit of help. I've recently updated my rack and swapped out a mini amp gizmo for a Rack gizmo. I'm using the AXE and the GT together. Everything is working apart from one thing. When I hit the tuner switch on the GT to trigger the axe's tuner it mutes the output and switches...
  37. Paulg2uk

    Small Portable Laptop for editing my Axe At Rehearsals & Gigs?

    Hi guys, I was thinking of investing in a small portable laptop just in case i ever need to edit any patches or sounds at rehearsals or even if something goes horrible wrong at a gig. I just wondered do any of you carry one around with you at all? If so what do you recommend? I'd prefer a mac...
  38. Paulg2uk

    4CM, Boogie Mark V 35 Combo Help No Output.

    Seasons greetings everyone, I hope you're all enjoying you Xmas. I need some help with my axe and using it via the 4CM. I got a Boogie Mark V 35 Combo just in time for Xmas and I'm having some trouble using it with my axe fx 2 xl +. I've already setup a patch with the fx loop block and all my...
  39. Paulg2uk

    SKB Rack Case Cage Nuts?

    Hi guys, Merry Xmas to you all. Just a quick question for those that own an SKB rack case. I got 4u rolling rack case for xmas this morning to use with my axe fx. I got the screws and washers in the rack but no cage nuts. Does it need them? I only ask because I've put my power conditioner in...
  40. Paulg2uk

    RJM Mastermind GT22, Mini Amp Gizmo & Scenes

    Hi guys, I'm using my Axe FX 2 XL + via the 4CM with an RJM Mastermind GT and wanted to know if I can use scenes to change channels, solo functions etc via my amp with an RJM Mini Amp Gizmo? Or do I have to do this per preset or via midi mapping on the axe? I seem to remember that scenes on...
  41. Paulg2uk

    What should I Put In 4U My Rack? 4CM

    Hi guys, I'm finally putting together my Axe Fx 2 rack over the holidays now I have a bit of time on my hands. My plan is to run the 4CM through my Boogie combo and use either RJM's Rack Gizmo or Mini Amp Gizmo to change channels on my amp. I'll still be using the Axe at home thru my studio...
  42. Paulg2uk

    RJM Mastermind GT22 & Phantom Power Box

    Hi guys, I'm having an issue using my axe with the GT and a phantom power box. I've connected from the box midi 5 pin to the axe fx's midi in and then midi 7 pin on the box to XLR 6 Pin to the GT Midi out. I get power no problem but the GT doesn't seem to be communicating with the axe. I've set...
  43. Paulg2uk

    How do you all use your AXE live?

    HI guys, I'm interested to know if most of you use the AXE in different live situations? Do you just run cab and amps sims through a PA or are you running thru a tube head or do you like doing both on separate occasions? I'm using an FX8 live with my guitar amp at the moment but have recently...
  44. Paulg2uk

    Cab Packs? New Axe FX II + Owner

    Hey guys, New Axe FX II + owner here. I was just having a look on the Fractal site at the cab packs available and was interested in choosing my first one. My firmware is on the latest Quantum release. I'm guessing this doesn't matter when buying cab packs? What's a good pack to start with...
  45. Paulg2uk

    Rack Case Size?

    Hey guys, New XL+ owner here. Apologies if this has already been answered. I'm trying to decide which rack case to buy. I'll need a 5u as I plan on putting a power conditioner, Axe, Matrix Power amp and Rack panel. I've found a couple over here in the UK. I'm just wondering which size to get...
  46. Paulg2uk

    Rack Case Size?

    Hey guys, New XL+ owner here. Apologies if this has already been answered. I'm trying to decide which rack case to buy. I'll need a 5u as I plan on putting a power conditioner, Axe, Matrix Power amp and Rack panel. I've found a couple over here in the UK. I'm just wondering which size to get...
  47. Paulg2uk

    New Axe FX II XL+ Owner A few questions.

    Hey guys, I'm a new Axe owner as of last night. I managed to get a few hours with the axe and have connected it thru my studio monitors. So far I'm really impress some great tones in there. Later as everyone went to sleep I plugged in my headphones and continued jamming. Even the quality of the...
  48. Paulg2uk

    MFC-101 Or Mastermind GT?

    Hey guys, New AXE FX 2 user here waiting impatiently for it turn up. Apologies if this has been asked before. I'm pretty new to all this you see. I just wondered what everyone's thoughts were on which midi controller to eventually buy? The MFC or the Mastermind GT? Obviously the Mastermind is...
  49. Paulg2uk

    Buying My first Axe FX. Is there anything I need to know?

    Hey guys, I'm about to buy an AXE FX 2 XL + from the guys at G66. I used to own and an old Mark 1 Axe Fx2 about 3 years ago and couldn't get on with it at the time. Now that there is a lot more options with the axe when playing live and at home I feel as if its time to buy one again. it will...
  50. Paulg2uk

    So what does everyone think Of the Helix?

    Hey guys, Just putting it out there now that some of us have our FX8's. What's everyone's views on Line 6's Helix compared to the FX8? I'd be interested in hearing it for myself but I'm than happy with my FX8.
  51. Paulg2uk

    Noise added when effects are switched on in amp's FX Loop

    Hey guys, I've noticed something when effects are placed into the FX Loop of my amp. When they get switched in and out I get like a hum from the effected signal. Effects like chorus, delay or trem. Effects that are gong thru the front end so like drive or phaser wok fine. No noise added when...
  52. Paulg2uk

    RJM Switch Gizmo Questions Mesa Boogie Lonestar

    Hey guys, This might be a bit of a stupid question but I'm using an RJM Switch Gizmo instead of the FX8's relays mainly because I have a Boogie Lonestar combo and want to take advantage of the amp's chan, solo and reverb switching. I just wondered if I wanted to setup reverb and solo...
  53. Paulg2uk

    Hissing Coming From Chorus Block On One Preset But Not The Other?

    Hissing Coming From effect Blocks Hey guys, Is it normal when tuning on an effect block in either pre or post to get a hiss? Cheers Paul
  54. Paulg2uk

    Wah Setting?

    Hey guys, Just wondering what sort of wah settings you are doing up with? I'm struggling trying to get a good wah sound. I still have my Xotic wah on my board as I still like the sound of it. I know you are suppose to test with your ears but I find myself every time when trying to get a wah...
  55. Paulg2uk

    First Rehearsal With FX8. A few Issues

    Hey guys, So I had my first rehearsal with the FX8 tonight. I have a few issues maybe you all can help and suggest some remedies. Sound wise the the FX8 sounds awesome the drive sounds just sound spot on. I had to tweak the level of the TS808 in one scene as it was a little soft. Once turned...
  56. Paulg2uk

    Help Buying Some EV-1'S

    Hey guys, Not sure if any of you can help or not. I need a couple of EV-1's but G66 the European supplier are out of stock for around 2-3 weeks possibly longer. I don't suppose anyone would be willing to buy 2 for me from Fractal and ship them to the UK for me? I will of course pay whatever I...
  57. Paulg2uk

    What are you all using to run FX8 Edit?

    Hey guys, Just wondering what you are all using to run FX8 Edit? I have my main mac I'm using at the moment that I use for work and other stuff at home. I was thinking of having a dedicated PC/Mac to run some music software FX8 Edit being one of them. And then if I need to take it out with me...
  58. Paulg2uk

    A Few Questions

    Hey guys, I need a bit of help, I managed to get hold of an FX-8 off of ebay over here in the UK. It turned up yesterday and I've been playing about with it. So far I'm impressed with how it functions and the quality of the effects. I'm running the 4CM into my boogie rectoverb 25. Just a...
  59. Paulg2uk

    How to add a U2 With Or Without You Shimmer?

    Hey guys, Just wanted to know how to setup a shimmer effect on my basic u2 delay sound. My band has started to cover with or without you and would like to add a shimmer via an expression pedal when needed. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance Paul
  60. Paulg2uk

    Output 1 Clip Light?

    Hey guys, Just a quick question. I was reading via the axe fx 2 manual and noted that the output 1 level control on the front of the axe should be turned up all the way up to achieve unity gain. I've lowering some levels like amp master volumes etc within some presets but I keep getting the...
  61. Paulg2uk

    Wah Settings Anyone?

    Hi all, So I've finally got my mission pedals all setup. I'm curious to know what other people's wah settings are like? What min and max frequencies you have, tracking and are you using bandpass or low pass? Many Thanks Paul
  62. Paulg2uk

    Pedaltrain Soft Cases Any Good?

    Hi all, I received my mission pedals today and was gonna put them with the MFC on my pedal train 2 board. It all fits but I found that I wanted to add a couple of pedals to my board and do that its probably best to go with the pedal train 3. I've always had their hard cases which are pretty...
  63. Paulg2uk

    Joe Perry Using the AXE FX 2 but not to its full potential.

    Hey guys I found this vid about Joe Perry's rig. He has the axe fx 2 in there but he doesn't use it like we do. He's using it as some sort of send or monitor to the drummer. Bit weir right? Anyway here's the link. Paul Joe Perry’s 2011 Guitar Rig with Trace Foster | Effects Bay
  64. Paulg2uk

    Plugging In to a Power amp Compared to a normal amp.

    Hey guys, This might sound a stupid question but I'm saving up for a mesa power amp for the axe and I plan to buy it next month. I've been borrowing the rehearsal studios marshall head and cab and just running straight in into the front of the amp using the clean channel. It sounds pretty good...
  65. Paulg2uk

    Help with expression pedals and changing the global boost function

    Hey guys, So my mission pedals are on the way finally. Just a couple of questions which I'm sure have been answered before. Like many other users I'm gonna have an SP-1 for wah and the ep-1 for volume and maybe a bit of whammy, I've been recommend on the forum to get rid of the global boost...
  66. Paulg2uk

    Anyone Got any Sound Clips Of the Axe FX 2 & a Mesa 2:90?

    Hey guys, I'm in the middle of trying to decided on a power amp and was recommended the Matrix but I've been a boogie player for years I just wondered if anyone has any sound clips of the axe fx 2 with the Mesa 2:90 power amp at all? Thanks Paul
  67. Paulg2uk

    First Rehearsal With The Axe FX 2. Was pleasantly surprised.

    Hi all, So I've been playing about with the axe fx 2 over xmas and have it setup now to my liking. Just waiting for a couple of mission pedals to turn up which have now been delayed due to a chassis shortage so I've been told. Not a problem though the guys at mission are good to deal with and...
  68. Paulg2uk

    Saving my Stored Presets before I update Axe fx 2 Banks??

    Hey guys what do I do if I have my presets saved on bank A and I want to upload the new banks to the axe fx 2 which are in the 4.0 folder I just downloaded? Thanks Paul
  69. Paulg2uk

    Can I still have a Volume Pedal If I've set up a global Boost?

    Hey Guys, So I've created a global boost using Matman's method (See Below) I just wanted to know if I've set the global boost up and wanted to add a Mission EP-1 to control the volume can I still do this? If so what's the best way? Thanks Paul From Matman: Hi guys. I set up a GLOBAL...
  70. Paulg2uk

    Unusual Startup??

    Hey guys, Just a quick question. My axe fx 2 has a split second where this appears on the screen .Is it normal? It doesn't affect the axe at all yet. Just thought I'd ask just in case. Thanks Paul
  71. Paulg2uk

    Lovin' The Axe FX 2 So Much, I'm thinking of selling my Boogie Mark V. Shall I?

    Hi all, So I've been playing around today on my axe fx 2 thru my boogie mark v just doing some tweaking. I thought I'd have a go at running the 4CM and using some boogie tones to see what it sounded like thru the axe fx. I must say I'm lovin' the axe fx 2 more than my boogie at the moment. So...
  72. Paulg2uk

    Advice on Racking the axe fx 2

    Hi all, So I've finally decided to buy a rack case for my axe fx 2. I just wondered what everyone was using out there? I've also seen various posts where some users have power conditioners and some don't. Do I really need one? Thanks Paul
  73. Paulg2uk

    Can anyone recommend a decent good quality patch cable??

    Hi all, I just wondered if anyone one knows of any good quality and fairly priced patch cables for their axe fx 2. I was looking at some Neutrik ones which are TRS but they are fairly expensive here in the UK. Do they have to be TRS? Is it better than mono? I'm running the axe thru my mark...
  74. Paulg2uk

    Ernie Ball Expression Pedals Help

    Hi everyone, This morning i got my MFC-101 lovin' it by the way can't believe how compact it is yet so many features lol. I've managed to upgrade the firmware and sort out some instant access buttons. One thing that is really puzzling to me is setting up my ernie ball pedals just until I can...
  75. Paulg2uk

    Midi Program Change From Axe's Front Panel? RJM Mini Amp Gizmo.

    Hi all, Just a quick question I'm using the RJM Mini Amp Gizmo to change channels on my Mark V. Is there a way to enable a midi program change when the presets are changed without using the MFC-101? I asked Ron at RJM and he reckons the axe doesn't do this when just changing presets on the...
  76. Paulg2uk

    Advice On Soft & Hard Inputs & Outputs

    Hi all, Just wanted a bit of advice on where to set my soft & Hard Inputs and Outputs? I'm running the 4CM into my mark v. I'm getting quite a good sound but sometimes I get a clip in the red on input 2 and a clip on output 1. (when I say clip the signal isn't actually clipping the light are...
  77. Paulg2uk

    How do you guys arrange your presets & patches?

    Hi all, Just a couple of questions I have. I been using the axe fx 2 now for a few weeks and loving some of the stock presets like Recto orange etc. I've set the axe fx 2 up so I can use it thru the fx loop on my mesa mark v turning off the power amp and cab sims and also plugging into my...
  78. Paulg2uk

    Swapping My G system for the MFC-101??

    Hi all, I'm a pretty new axe fx 2 owner. I've owned one for a couple of weeks now. I've decided to sell my current rig which is a TC G sys. I've been offered a straight swap for a MFC-101 with a few other bits. I just wondered that you guys reckon? The way I see it if I sell my g sys I'll have...
  79. Paulg2uk

    Auto Wah Anyone?

    Hey guys, Might be a stupid question but I thought I'd ask anyway. I don't have my MFC-101 yet so I'm just messing about recording on my mac or with headphones. Until I get my midi board I'll get some exp pedals and use the wah with my mark v. Is it possible to simulate an auto wah without...
  80. Paulg2uk

    New Axe FX 2 Owner - Very Impressed

    Hi all, So I finally got my axe fx 2 yesterday. I had to wait a whole day as I picked it up first thing before work. I decided to first just turn it on update the firmware (which was easy enough) and then just plug in a pair of headphones and my guitar and see what it could do. From the first...
  81. Paulg2uk

    UK Customs Charge Ridiculous!

    Hi all, My AXE FX 2 was gonna be delivered today but unfortunately UPS wouldn't let me have it without me paying the customs charge as its from the US and I'm in the UK. UPS driver said he could only accept cash or cheque and no card over the phone. I reckon he just couldn't be bothered...
  82. Paulg2uk

    Any advice for a first time AXE FX 2 user?

    Hi all, My Axe FX 2 is turning up tomorrow, I managed to get one on eBay as an early Xmas present to myself so I'm well excited. I just wondered if there is anything I should know or do before I turn it on? Obviously I need to hook it up which I'm gonna do via the 4CM. And also update the...
  83. Paulg2uk

    Where to place my AXE FX 2 In My Rack?

    Hi all, So I'm really excited my axe fx 2 is coming this week can't wait to get stuck in finally. Just wanted to know what the best position for the axe was in my rack when wiring up. I will eventually end up with. 1) Furman Power Conditioner 2) Axe FX 2 3) Line 6 G90 (Maybe) 4) Rack...
  84. Paulg2uk

    Gator Shallow Rack Case or Standard Version?

    Hi all, I just wondered if anyone is using a Gator shallow rack with their axe fx 2? I was thinking of buying one but wanted to make sure it would fit before I did. Thanks Paul
  85. Paulg2uk

    Cat 5 Cables Available @ G66

    Hi all, Thought I would share an email I got recently from the guys from G66. They are now doing a good quality cat 5 cable. I haven't ordered one yet as I still need to purchase my MFC-101. But as soon as I get the cash together I will. If anyone does in the mean time please let me know I'd be...
  86. Paulg2uk

    New Axe FX 2 Owner

    Hi all, So I've taken the plunge I've bought an Axe FX 2. I was pretty lucky I bought one on ebay last night from a guy in the US and he's gonna ship to the UK for me. Should hopefully have it by the end of next week. I'm glad i don't have to wait 5 months for it. Ok so just a couple of...
  87. Paulg2uk

    MCF- 101 Or Ground Control Pro?

    Hi all, I'm pretty new to the AXE FX 2 and am really considering buying one. I just wondered what everyone's thoughts were on which midi board to buy to control the axe fx 2? The Ground control is a lot cheaper than the MCF 101. Is there anything the MCF 101 does better than the ground...
  88. Paulg2uk

    Thinking Of Selling My TC G System for the AXE FX 2

    Hi all, So I've been thinking of selling my TC G system for the Axe FX 2 and wondered if anyone out there has done the same? I really am pleased with my g sys but like mose guitarists out there I'm always looking to try out new stuff and improve my rig where ever possible. I've seen a few...
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