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  1. mgavin

    FS Furman PL-Plus DMC

    Selling a used but like new Furman PL-Plus DMC power conditioner in prestine condition with the front film protector still on the front LCD screen. Asking $300 shipped from Saint Paul, Minnesota. Thanks for looking!
  2. mgavin

    FS Composite Acoustics GX Performer

    Selling my Composite Acoustics GX performer, this is a pre-peavy CA. Selling for $1,800 as it’s used, plays and sounds so gorgeous but there are a few small nicks on the bottom in the finish from normal playing, they are out of sight. Will ship in a hard shell case. LR Baggs pick up/...
  3. mgavin

    FS Axe-Fx II

    Selling my mint Axe FX II 1600 shipped from Saint Paul, MN.
  4. mgavin

    Greatest / Best FAS threads of all time?

    I've been here on the journey since the ultra and over the years there have been some awesome, hilarious, and sometimes just outrageous threads. Can you guys link some of your favorites? Some stand out ones I remember that I would love to reread are the ones where someone found bugs that cliff...
  5. mgavin

    Tuby Ooze

    Random question, but I'd love to hear what parameters you guys boost or accentuate for as much as possible of that organic woody, oozy tube warmth? I chase this more than that "in the room" tone everyone talks about. For me, I've been putting the room and room level in the cab block to 100 and...
  6. mgavin

    Digitech freqout pedal

    How sweet is this pedal. Could this be implemented in the axe fx? Super sweet !
  7. mgavin

    Amp Sweet Spots

    just wondering if we could get a thread going of amp sweet spot settings?
  8. mgavin

    Iphone 7 Killing the Headphone Jack

    I'm surprised no one has posted about this here yet, So I'm curious what my audiophile friends here think about this. Can wireless and digital technology really be better than analog? I'm having a hard time believing this... why fix something that isn't broke? I also read some proponents of...
  9. mgavin

    Helix 3u rack

    Anyone else see the helix rack? It's 3u which I think is crazy! I haven't heard Pete thorn's demo yet, I'm curious, but man I think the whole thing is kind of funny! http://line6.com/helix/detail.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=SocialPpc&utm_content=helix&utm_campaign=hf
  10. mgavin


    Ok fractalites! I bought 5 power ball tickets. If I win I'll buy everyone on here a new guitar! Going on the honor system here, feel free to match me guys! Good luck to us all!!! :D
  11. mgavin

    Metronome BPM affecting delay block

    Can we set the metronome BPMs without affecting the delay repeats?
  12. mgavin

    looking for this overdriven tone...

    Can anyone give to tips to help me craft this tone?
  13. mgavin

    Tips for headphone users?

    Does anyone have any tips to make the axe sound better through headphones? Currently I'm using a pair of beyerdynamic dt880/600 ohm headphones and a Schiit Valhalla 2 headphone amplifier to power the headphones. It sounds pretty good but I'm wondering how other headphone users go about using the...
  14. mgavin

    Cab Pack irs

    I don't have a lot of money to throw at cab pack irs , I've found some great ones in the free ultra res ir thread... Does anyone have a favorite cab pack? I'm looking for a great lead tone...
  15. mgavin

    Quick question for Axe FX II: Headphones - Monitor - or Amp?

    So I don't have that much cash for all three options - I have enough for the first two, and will save for the third... So i'm considering grabbing a pair of Beyerdynamic Dt880 600 ohms headphones and a Schiit Audio Valhalla 2 headphone amp for the headphones, OR, I was also considering a Mackie...
  16. mgavin

    ipod backing track?

    Is it possible to play over a backing track on my iPod while listening through the headphone jack/? I plug my guitar into the front input jack. I tried recording the input on a loop but it was barely audible and only lasted like 10 secs... I have a light set up right now… Thanks in...
  17. mgavin

    Michael Dolce

    Check out one of my favorite players and fellow axe artist, Michael Dolce!
  18. mgavin

    Trying to download Axe Edit 1.9 and it's downloading the fractal bot folder instead?

    As the title says I'm trying to download Axe Edit 1.9 from the products page on the website and it's downloading the fractal bot folder instead?
  19. mgavin

    Fractal Hooded Sweatshirts Please

    It's getting cold up here in Minnesota could we please get some black hooded sweatshirts just like the T-shirts for sale Please??? :D
  20. mgavin

    9.0 Bugs

    Small bug but i noticed the writing gets scrambled on the preset twice love, i think #336 because of the scenes addition.
  21. mgavin

    Axe-Fest Midwest Poll

    As I have posted earlier, I'd love to see an Axe-Fest happen in the midwest, Twin Cities, Chicago, Madison, Ann Arbor..... so I figured let's get a poll going and see where everyone's at. Once again come on fellow Midwesterners, let's get some feedback going here and get an axe-fest...
  22. mgavin

    Axe-Fest Midwest!

    I'd love to see an Axe-Fest happen in the midwest, Twin Cities, Chicago, Madison, Ann Arbor..... come on fellow Midwesterners, let's get some feedback going here and get an axe-fest happenin' in our neck of the woods! :D
  23. mgavin

    Can anyone tell me what effect is being used here?

    Just wondering if anyone can help me what effect guthrie is implementing in the first 15 secs of this video to make his guitar kind of squeal or wine or bleed out. it's pretty cool sounding. also any tips on how i could achieve it on the axe 2 would be cool as well. thanks
  24. mgavin

    suhr badger in 7.00

    Haven't had a chance to load the new firmware yet, wondering what anyone thinks of the suhr badger model? thanks!
  25. mgavin

    Faux Slide Guitar Tone

    Does anyone have any presets/ patches that will emulate a badass slide guitar tone? Thanks in advance! :D
  26. mgavin

    Boomerang Plus levels in AxeII loop

    I'm having trouble finding appropriate volume levels w/ the boomerang in the loop of the axe 2.... it was so easy on the ultra because you had both volume adjustment knobs for each input or output.... anyone else use one of these in the loop? i'd like to loop some cleans and solo over...
  27. mgavin

    mac recording issues

    I have the same problem as Peter at 54 secs. and I just got a new iMac yesterday 10.7.3 i7 iMac i love the axe2 for live playing, and practicing, and writing... etc.... i love it... but i want to record!!!!!!!!!
  28. mgavin

    red bear picks

    anyone else using red bears? just got my first jazzer in the mail, it's pretty nice but i wish they were 10 bucks a pick instead of 30...
  29. mgavin

    2 cabs in a patch, bypass one?

    i've been experimenting w/ 2 cabs in a patch, I put the 2nd one in parallel right beneath the cab in the series line.... i hit fxbypass on the 2nd cab to try and hear what the patch sounded like w/ out the addition of the 2nd cab, and it sounds terrible. nothing like the original w/ out the...
  30. mgavin

    should the metronome remain on when you switch presets?

    just wondering because when you turn on the metronome, the edited light turns on, normally if you edit a preset w/ out saving you switch to a new patch and nothing carries over..... maybe the edit light shouldn't turn on when you turn on the metronome?/ or maybe it shouldn't carry over...
  31. mgavin

    Does the tempo LED actually flash in time?

    Just wondering if the tempo button LED actually flashes in time?
  32. mgavin

    rack mount wireless suggestions? (not line 6)

    what is the best wireless rackmount system? what is the most expensive? are they one in the same? I refuse to buy line 6 so any other suggestions would be great. thanks in advance.
  33. mgavin

    Axe 2 Headphones Vs IEM's

    thinking about getting a pair of JH-16s since i need a pair of iems anyways jhaudio.com what do you guys think iem's vs headphones? iem's only for live use?
  34. mgavin

    Watch your volume w/ firmware 5.0

    Just a warning to everyone messing around w/ the new parameters in 5.0 if you turn up the xtransformer match and sag or whatever else is included it gets quieter, so you need to turn up the volume on the front of the axe.... you really need to be carful not to switch to another preset which...
  35. mgavin

    placebo firmware

    the new firmware offers some great new parameters to mess w/, it sounds great, (and actually does sound better now when messed w/) but it sounded great before, and w/ out tweaking those new parameters it sounds exactly the same as before, as did every other previous firmware. I would love...
  36. mgavin

    usb recording random fuzz? firmware 5.0 bug?

    didn't want to put this clip up but around 1:15 i get some random fuzz... it was a lot worse in a previous recording but i deleted it to record again. never has happened before, and has started happening after firmware 5... axe 2 usb to macbook pro using ableton live 8
  37. mgavin

    My first recording of Fives

    This is really embarrassing but I was so happy that I finally fixed my latency that I figured I might as well throw this up here. I learned this much in about two hours yesterday, I can hit the fast notes in the solo perfectly but I haven't done so in context yet! it is just so fast! so...
  38. mgavin

    Ableton Live 8 Latency

    I have the smallest yet most annoying latency of all time w/ in Ableton Live after i redo a recording over a loaded mp3 backing track also in ableton. Any tips on minimizing the latency in Ableton like muting the track and listening to it from the powered wedege.... etc Also anyone know...
  39. mgavin

    Wall Wart adapter/?

    i have a 3u 14" depth rack w/ the axe2 and a furman pl plus dmc... the axe2 now extends past the back of the furman power conditioner making it impossible to fit a wall wart into the back sockets of the furman.... i only have 1 wall wart adapter that i need to fit back there and i was wondering...
  40. mgavin

    cpu overload

    I overloaded the cpu for the first time and this message kept flashing on and off saying to decrease the load and it froze the unit momentarily. i had to switch the preset back and forth to get it to go away and work normally again. it happened while i was playing and turning through...
  41. mgavin

    Jisike Project

    My good friend Brad Ogbonna's father recently passed away, and he's making a trip back to Africa for the first time for the funeral and to document the culture and experience. It's pretty inspirational and he's definitely one of the most talented guys I know, so if you dig it, feel free to help...
  42. mgavin

    NGD: New Suhr Modern!

    Hey guys, wanted to share my new guitar with you all, check out my new Suhr Modern!!!!! :D Only thing I've changed is that I've raised my action fairly high and use elixir 10s instead of 9s, now I can shred! Push pull tone knob is the Andy Wood "Redneck Mod" which puts the bridge pickup in...
  43. mgavin

    line 6 pod hd / axe fx ii shoot out OLA Englund

    not really my style but well done shoot out regardless...
  44. mgavin

    new stock presets/?

    w/ 3.0 firmware i noticed there was some brand new stock presets... are there any brand new ones w/ 4.0? anyway to find out w/ out going through all the presets...?
  45. mgavin

    patch 331: Mr. Floyd

    anyone else having fun w/ this insane stock patch? maybe shorten delays... but it's still pretty epic w/ the quarter note delay that's stock anyways i'm having a lot of fun w/ this patch - i turned up the mid a little bit and the amp voicing to modern which is pretty subtle but anyways just...
  46. mgavin

    firmware #s

    so how does the firmware numbering system work? if the next one is 4.0 how did we jump from 3.04 - 4.0? etc.....
  47. mgavin

    Guthrie Govan derubato a Roma

    Guthrie Govan derubato a Roma - Accordo.it
  48. mgavin

    Guthrie Govan's Gear Stolen in Italy

    Guthrie Govan's Erotic Cakes band (Guthrie, Seth & Pete) had the entire contents of their gear van stolen while on tour in Rome. Guthrie has written a personal appeal for help in getting the stuff back. Please check it out and do what you can - share this online via social media, etc - and if...
  49. mgavin

    what to adjust for sustain

    how do I adjust compression for MAXIMUM sustain? anything else I can adjust to achieve this with out upping my string gauge? I'm using patch 300 Juicy Lead and practicing slide guitar and it sounds real nice, but I want to adjust this patch for optimum sustain. thanks
  50. mgavin

    delay feed back/ oscillation

    is there a way to make the delays feedback and oscillate in real time on the front of the axe fx II like pete thorn demonstrates in his strymon time-line demonstration? you also might remember messing around with the feedback and rate on boss dd-6 type pedals and and creating crazy sounds like...
  51. mgavin

    switch amp back and forth in amp block for 3.0?

    so are we supposed to go into the amp block switch to another amp and then back for the stock presets on every patch? why doesn't the firmware just automatically adjust this for us if so?
  52. mgavin

    borrowing gear...

    what do you do when your friends ask to borrow your gear? my good bud just asked to borrow my axe2... besides being tacky in itself to invite someone's gear to a recording session and not the player, there's no way he could ever replace my gear. i know nothing would Most Likely not happen but...
  53. mgavin

    Regarding Firmware 3.0!

    I'm not sure if i just got better @ guitar or if firmware 3.0 just makes me sound way better & more clean!! :D
  54. mgavin

    Power Conditioner saves the day!

    just had my first power outtage while jamming on the axe fx II! man that was nerve racking/ lucky I had my axe II and my atomic active wedge plugged into a furman PL-Plus DMC which isn't the most expensive power conditioner out there, it was like 300 bucks i believe..... but i did hear that...
  55. mgavin

    Another new patch banks question/ global preset levels....

    i've installed firmware 2 and the version 2 patch banks.... i haven't adjusted the global eq presets since i've received the II.... what should i change if anything in regards to the global eq? i'm using an atomic cab, and i'm not sure if my tweeter is blown or these new patches just saturate...
  56. mgavin

    download new preset banks?

    why did we have to download new preset banks for the II for the new firmware? and why wasn't it stated in the new firmware download package thing that we needed to do so...? i only figured out that we needed to via reading the forum.... just curious. i've actually figured out how to upload...
  57. mgavin

    X & Y = Jump to another preset?

    Can I assign the X and Y buttons to switch between presets? if so how? Sry if this is a Noob question. thanks-mg
  58. mgavin

    Active vs Passive Listening

    To be honest, I'm fairly aware of when I'm enjoying music passively, and when I am actively, critically listening. I think everyone has different natural traits as an active listener depending on their training and musical experiences. For example: A guitar player might lean towards...
  59. mgavin

    Intelligent Noise Gate?

    Is there anyway to switch between two presets of Noise Gate options? I like to really use the high gain stuff, and like to clean it up pretty good, but then when the noise gate is up fairly high extreme dive bombs don't work as well and defnitely don't sound as good or sustain for as long...
  60. mgavin

    really short axe ii test to garage band

    my first axe ii test. now i just need an hd cam and some guitar skillz
  61. mgavin

    move presets around w/ out saving over other presets via front panel

    can i organize the presets with out saving over other presets via the front panel? i know how to name them and move them around but i always end up saving over another patch. i'd like to sandwich my favorites together all in a row.... i have access to axe-edit but im just wondering if i can do...
  62. mgavin

    ewi shock mount rack cases

    is it normal for the shock mount foam not to extend the entire depth of the case? i noticed that the depth of the foam frame in my ewi case is about 1/2 to maybe an inch deep depth. i bought it assuming that the foam would extend all the way to the other side. is this normal for shock mount...
  63. mgavin

    Minneapolis/Saint Paul get together?

    any axe cats in the twin cities wanna get together and show and tell? patches/ rigs/ etc.>? i'm in maplewood but am always in saint paul and minneapolis. -mg
  64. mgavin

    can i unplug the usb as i please safely?

    can i unplug the usb as i please safely? or is there a process to follow?
  65. mgavin

    output 1 knob crackles when raising volume?

    output 1 knob crackles and makes a popping noise when raising volume, is this normal ?
  66. mgavin

    active atomic amp/ power sims on or off?

    do i turn the power sims off on the axe fx if i'm running through an active atomic wedge? thanks y'all
  67. mgavin

    axe ii dimensions/ ewi case...

    sup guys i just noticed now that the the axe 2 is 14.25" deep, i got this ewi case which is 14" deep, perfect for the ultra.... A3UE-14 Shock Mount Case think it might fit if i take off the rear rack rails ? man what a bummer
  68. mgavin

    Axe Fx II as an interface

    just wondering if i can get some info on the axe ii as an interface and how it works etc... what programs would be ideal to use? logic, protools? thanks in advance :D
  69. mgavin

    just sold ultra for axe ii

    boom, just sold my ultra for 1820, now hopefully i can get the axe ii ASAP :D
  70. mgavin

    high gain sustain w/ gate

    i'm looking for a super high gain sustain that cleans up well w/ the gate, but i feel like the gate kills my note sustain.... i'm looking for a high gain lead sound like satch, govan, greg howe, sean lane, ... etc any tips welcome thanks dudes \m/
  71. mgavin

    funny preset names ?

    what are some great names to apply to your patches? gnarly extreme gain names? :D
  72. mgavin

    Hey at least the Ultra cosmetically looks better than the axe fx 2!

    amirightoramiright? :D
  73. mgavin

    trade in program for ultras?

    yes, no, maybe so?
  74. mgavin

    other rack gear?

    what other rack gear would compliment the axe fx besides a poweramp or power conditioner ? i have a furman pl plus dmc power conditioner and an axefx. seems like all i need is a 3u rack..... any other rack gear that compliments or integrates well w/ the axe? also not interested in rack tuners...
  75. mgavin

    Best ernie ball expression pedal for use w/ axe fx/ mfc 101

    what is the best ernie ball expression pedal to get for use w/ the axe fx, i think i will be getting two, one for volume swells and one for other use such as whammy, delays, whatever else, etc... i have passive pickups on my guitar so i believe that leaves 4 options of the 6 models that are...
  76. mgavin

    mute/ stand-by switch on front of ultra?

    i wish there was a mute or stand-by switch on the front of my ultra so i could just hit it right quick and not have to mess w/ my levels because they are perfect ! :D
  77. mgavin

    Boomerang Plus Phrase Sampler / AxeFX Effects Loop

    Hey guys hoping i could get some help w/ hooking up my rang into the effects loop, and being able to switch to another patch and solo over my recorded phrases of a previous patch.... I searched for it and found a previous thread but it didn't really help and i don't think the other guy was using...
  78. mgavin

    lead tone sounds digital..... :|

    I'm having trouble putting together a good lead tone as i don't have access to midi at the moment. Could someone please give me a good lead tone text signal chain, left to right, and how to set things like compression, graphic eq, and whatever else, etc. ? please! i'm sick of my lead tone...
  79. mgavin

    Atomic Wedges humm?

    Hey anyone who has an atomic active cab or wedge do you hear a small humm or buzz when you turn the amp on? i notice it goes away when the tweeter is all the way off but when i put it half way i notice a small hum or buzz, i don't remember hearing this when i first powered on my atomic and it's...
  80. mgavin


    I have an ultra but i'm sure this applies for all... i just made a patch that shouldn't use too much cpu. built it from another patch on the ultra and all i really did is make it really heavy distortion turned the drive and the air frequencies all the way up.. when i chug some heavy chords...
  81. mgavin

    atomic tweeter knob

    sup guys just got my atomic powered wedge in and i noticed that the level knob turns very smoothly and the tweeter knob kind of clicks and isn't as smooth as you turn it... just wondering if this is normal? thanks guys!
  82. mgavin

    atomic powered cabs vs wedges

    Hey guys just wondering if you guys think i should get two powered atomic wedges or cabs? advantages/ disadvantages? thanks!!!
  83. mgavin

    noise gate/suppressor?

    Hey I have a really high gain solid state amp that will buzz even on clean settings.... (this summer i'll be getting an frfr) but in the mean time is there any way to set the noise gate on my ultra to quiet/ silence my amp buzz? i would like it to be dead silent.... i have a peavey transtube 212...
  84. mgavin

    mackie hd1531 vs. atomic wedgies

    So should i get a mackie hd1531 or a pair of atomic wedges? how do they compare? are animals as leaders using the mackies or atomics now? I think i like the idea of the wedges more because they seem more compact as i heard the mackies weigh about one hundred pounds, but i will be getting which...
  85. mgavin


    I got an ultra and when i plug into my amp w/ the ultra it buzzes but when i plug straight into the amp w/ just my guitar it doesn't buzz... what's up w/ that
  86. mgavin

    updating firmware?

    Hey guys I'll be getting my ultra soon and i'm confused how to go about updating the firmware to 10.05... do i need an interface or do i just need a midi to usb cable? i have a macbook pro and have downloaded axe edit already... can someone give me a step by step? thanks guys! - mg
  87. mgavin

    Just ordered an ultra!

    Just ordered an ultra today 2/12/11, any guess on how soon i'll get it in the mail? are they in stock now? i'm in minnesota...
  88. mgavin

    online store debit card? help!

    does the online store only accept credit cards and not debit cards? My credit card has a 500 dollar limit! It would be nice if they would accept debit or allow smaller payments to be made w/ a credit card!
  89. mgavin

    mounting axe in rack...

    i just got my ewi 14" depth case today, i was just wondering if you only screw in the front panels of the axe fx and other gear? because the axe is 12" depth and i think my back rails are at 14" depth right now.... so i'm just wondering how i install this stuff so it's safe! i'm a noob.....
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