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  1. Doug

    Firing up an old tube amp

    I have what's probably a silly question but I need to ask. I have an '85 or '86 Marshall 15 watt (tube) combo amp and I literally have not turned the thing on for probably 20 years. I had it stored in my attic, garage, etc over the years, so it hasn't been exposed to a lot of bumping around or...
  2. Doug

    Wolfgang USA vs Wolfgang Special

    I'm wondering if anyone has experience with both? The Special is made in Japan, the USA is made in... the USA. Is there a major difference in playability or tone, because the USA is 2x the price of the Special.
  3. Doug

    Best site for used strats?

    I'm in the market for a used strat, not over the top high-end but maybe around $2,000 or so. Any recommendations on the best places to look? I'm assuming thegearpage.net, any other favorites? I'll google some strat-specific sites but I'm intestested to see if anyone has personal experience or...
  4. Doug

    Back to the woodshed - Right hand technique

    I've decided to head back to the woodshed in 2013 to improve my picking technique, even if it means blowing up what I've been doing forever. I'm looking for either a video, book, article, whatever to help me return to proper technique. Any recommendations? I'm talking about everything from...
  5. Doug

    Upgrading Firmware

    I apologize if this has been asked and answered 300 times, I looked at the wiki and the manual as well as searching the forum and I couldn't find the answer. If I'm on firmware 7 and I want to upgrade to 9.02 do I need to install every individual firmware update between 7 and 9.02 or should I...
  6. Doug

    Periphery and Axe FX featured in Guitar World

    The issue doesn't hit the newsstands until April 5, but I got my copy in the mail today. There is a decent article on Periphery and the whole djent movement, and the Axe FX is very favorably portrayed. Misha speaks very well of the Axe, and there is also a small sidebar on one page called...
  7. Doug

    Atomics vs other FRFRs

    I'm interested in hearing the opinions of folks who have played both the Atomics and any other FRFRs. I've been tossing around the idea of replacing my Adam A7X's with Atomics, but outside of ordering Atomics and possibly returning them (which is a hassle), I need to rely on the experience of...
  8. Doug

    Suhr vs Petrucci Guitars

    I'm looking into buying either a Suhr or one of the EBMM Petrucci guitars, and I'm wondering if anyone has extensive (or even minimal) experience with both? I've heard (read) that Suhr is off the charts in terms of playability, but will I be able to create tones similar to what the EBMM can...
  9. Doug

    Apogee Duet + ?

    In a continuing effort to liquidate my checking account, I just hit "click" and ordered an Apogee Duet from Amazon. Now that I have the Duet, the Axe Fx, Macbook Pro, and a pair of Adams I think I'm about ready to focus on the important thing - playing the guitar. I do need one more thing...
  10. Doug

    New Axe-Fx - Input 1 level

    Just got the unit, had a chance to play for about an hour tonight (through headphones unfortunately), and I'm loving it. One thing though - I can't get Input 1 into the red even if I dime the Input 1 knob on the front of the unit and I dime my volume on the guitar. I can rarely even get it...
  11. Doug

    Studio Rack Recommendations

    I'm looking for a 6 or 8u rack, but I haven't been happy with the quality I've seen from companies such as Raxxess on the Sweetwater site. I'm not looking for a slant rack, and I don't gig. It will just sit in the living room tucked away, so I'd like it to at least look a bit presentable. Any...
  12. Doug

    Why two FRFRs?

    This could be a monumentally stupid question, but I haven't seen it discussed elsewhere. I read through Jay's quick overview of FRFR's, and it seemed to imply that the number of FRFRs isn't of major importance. If I'm sitting in my living room hooked up to an Adam A7X, do I need another A7X...
  13. Doug

    ADAM P11A?

    I just picked up an ADAM A7X this morning at Guitar Center, and I noticed they had used ADAM P11A's for just about the same price. I did an A/B, but it was difficult to compare because I didn't really know much about the controls on the back of the P11As. I asked the clerk if I could Google...
  14. Doug

    Best nearfield studio monitors

    Unlike many of you on these boards, I'm a bedroom (or living room if you want to be specific) player with no need for the type of volume necessary for gigging or band practice. I've searched and read through a lot of posts over the last few days, but I'm finding that most cabs recommended may...
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