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  1. dukemcrae

    “What is and what should never be” - Live at the Hard Rock Cafe Toronto

    Axe FX direct into the house because I forgot my fancy-ass powercon connector for my RCF monitor, but that didn't matter, just asked for more me in the monitor... Wasnt really rehearsed, so it was a bit sloppy for my liking, but I love my Fractal so much, I thought I should post it. I messed...
  2. dukemcrae

    Looking for suggestions on a piezo-equipped electric

    As the title suggests, I'm looking to take advantage of the great acoustic patches on my rig, without having to change to an acoustic guitar in the middle of my set. I currently play an Ernie Ball MusicMan BFR Silhouette as my main guitar, and it is set up with two humbuckers and a single coil...
  3. dukemcrae

    Tragically Hip - Little Bones

    I was asked to play guits for a friend of mine at a show we produce in Toronto, went with my AxeFXII Direct into the house, the usual from the sound guy trying to mic my RCF NX10-SMA monitor.... and commented afterwards at how great it sounded for plugging direct into the system...he said it...
  4. dukemcrae

    Axe FX Summit - Canadian Edition - Toronto!

    Hey all, I was at Mike Vegas's Nice Rack shop last week - he's the guy that made this beautiful monster: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/lounge/91997-you-gotta-see-rack.html Nice Rack Canada :: Guitar Technician & Tonesmith Service :: Custom Cable, Racks & Pedalboards He's always done...
  5. dukemcrae

    Mesa Boogie Electra-Dyne

    So - a very good friend of mine is always buying and selling amps - his latest acquisition this week was a Mesa Boogie Electra-Dyne -and he said 'ya gotta come over and try this thing out!'. Went over to try it out, and I love Boogie amps, always have. BUT - the whole time i'm trying this...
  6. dukemcrae

    MFC Bank changes not working after update to 2.15

    Hi y'all, updated to FW10 last week, and 2.15 on the MFC, using Fractal-bot, loved it/ worked like a charm. I backed up my AxeFXII presets and Global settings prior to upgrading, so it went perfectly as well. I didn't think of backing up my MFC/don't know if there's a way to do it ( too...
  7. dukemcrae

    PedaLTrain 2 with ATA Hard Case

    Hey all, I'm selling my PedalTrain 2 and hard case on this post: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/sale/61330-pedaltrain-2-ata-road-case.html#post763165 but, while I have it here, I thought if anyone was looking for any questions on how well the MFC fits, i'd be happy to answer any...
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