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    FX8-edit manual !?

    I am a relatively new user of FX-8. I just try the FX8-Edit, but I can not find a manual !!! only the release notes...meh....this is frustrating I have so many questions.... E.g. How to exchange or move presets? thanks a lot Sigi
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    Wish Rename the blocks/scenes

    My wish for the FX-8 (the only one!!!): it would be great to rename the blocks, or at least the scene-blocks. cheers, Sigi
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    Big issue with a new FX8 (v4.00)

    Hi everyone, I got a new FX8 MKII with fw 4.00. I should really be happy about it, but unfortunately there is a big problem. The footswitch 1 do not work as it should... :( It seems as it would be connected with footswitch 3. When I press (or hold) the footswitch 1, footswitch 3 reacts. I've...
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    Axe edit III & iPad?

    Hi there! Is Axe Edit compatible with iPad? I hope this question has not been asked. if so, I'm sorry... cheers, Sigi
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    How to assign the looper-functions with MFC-101?

    Hi! I want to remote-control the looper functions (rec, play, stop, stack, rev) with my MFC-101. I've tried it with CC#-Messages, but it didn't work. please help me :?: I'm a real Midi-Newbie!:oops thanks, sigi
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    John Mayer Patch

    I'm looking for a representative John Mayer Tone with my JM-Strat. I've tried it with Spec.OD, but I do not succeed. It's always a little bit too harsh. I found a Mayer-Patch in this forum, but it doesn't work. No idea why... Do anybody have a John-Mayer-sounding Patch? or Robben Fordish? thanks!
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    Preset names in edit-mode

    First...the MFC-101 ist absolut amazing!:D It would be fine if the MFC could adopt the preset names from the AxeFX also in the Edit-Mode. (when AxeFX-Mode is on)
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    Wah & Envelope Follower like XOTIC Robotalk

    Hi! I'm looking for funky wah-settings with envelope follower like the xotix robotalk envelope filter. could you please help me... my settings on the AxeFX are dissatisfying! btw: what about the AxeWIKI? Thanks, Sigi
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    Lightfoot Goatkeeper Effect on the AxeFX?

    Hi! Is it possible to make a rhythmic Tremolo-Effect with the AxeFX - like the Lightfoot Goatkeeper or the Empress Tremolo? And - if yes - how? Thanks Sigi
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