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    Stereo setup with FRFR and guitar cab

    Hi: Is it possible to do a stereo setup with one guitar cab with power amp and one powered FRFR speaker? What will be the routing? Thanks
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    Which amp to get the sound of a Henriksen amp?

    I am trying to get the sound of a Henriksen The BUD. It is a clean amp used for Jazz. Which amp do you suggest could be used to get a similar sound?
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    Which amp could i use to get the sound of a Henriksen amp?

    I am trying to get the sound of a Henriksen The BUD. It is a clean amp used for Jazz. Which amp do you suggest could be used to get a similar sound? Thanks!!
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    Amp channel switching with MFC-101 and Mini Amp Gizmo

    Hi: I'm trying to program channel switching in a Mesa Mark V with a mini amp Gizmo and MFC-101 Mark 1. I want to set it up so that in a particular preset, i can change amp channel with scene change (ex; scene1= channel 1, scene 2= channel 2, etc). Do i have to connect the mini amp Gizmo to the...
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    Out1 and Out 2 clipping

    Hi: I am setting a new Rig with Axe Fx and amp in 4 cable method. Everything is working great, but i am converting some frfr presets adding the fx loop. Some of this presets cause clipping in out 1 and out 2 when used in 4 cable method. How can i correct the clipping? Thanks!
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    [solved] No post FX loop sound in 4 cable method

    Hi I am trying to setup my Axe FX II with an amp head. Th pre fx sound without any problems, but the post fx loop effects (delay, chorus), i activate them and they don't sound. I only get the clean signal. What i am doing wrong? i Connected all the cables as the Axe manual recommends and...
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    MFC 101 name timeout

    Tonight i was sending an edited sysex data from MFC edit to the Axe fx II. I sent it by MIDI cables. After sending the sysex data, my Axe fx shows Name timeout message, I updated to the latest version of MFC 101 firmware, resent the sysex data, reset all sytem parameter on Axe fx, but still it...
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    Problems with 15.06

    I just updated to 15.06 anf=d everything sounds great, but now i can't acces the global volume of preset through the front panel. When i push the page button it moves only to edit or move, no other pages show. Now i cant adjust the level of presets. Is this a bug? I allready reinstalled the...
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    Changing order of scenes

    Can the order of the scenes in a preset be changed, once the preset is saved. For example , if i download a preset from Axe chnage that has a specific order of scenes, can i change that order?
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    Problems with effects levels anf frfr

    I use studio monitors for home practice with xlr cable going out of out 1. When i use an frfr speaker, using out1 1/4 cable (unbalanced), the volume of the effects, specially delay , is lower than what i was hearing on the studio monitors. Any recommendations of how should i connect to frfr...
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    Connecting to FRFR and mixer

    Can i use the out 1 XLR to go to the mixing console and FOH, and the OUT 1 1/4 outputs to a powered FRFR speaker for monitoring on stage? Or what will be the best way to go to FOH and have a FRFR monitor on stage? Thanks
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    Van halen type flanger request

    Does anybody has a good Van Halen type flanger block or settings suggestion they can post, to get that "Unchained", "Cradle will rock " kind of whooshing flanger sound?
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    How to use FX blocks individually

    I found in my files a file that was posted a long time ago with different fx blocks only. I tried to open them with Axe edit new version, but it will not recognized them? What do i have to do to use them? I recently downloaded an user wah block and AE recognize it, and it shows the adequate fx...
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    Merging presets into scenes

    What will be the easiest way to make a preset with scenes where i can merge 2 or 3 presets that i already have ( simple amp and cab layout). I tried copy and pasting the amps and cabs blocks from the original presets, but i have to be opening and closing the scenes preset and opening and closing...
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    How to setup FOH with FRFR monitor

    What is the best way to setup the axe ii for going out to FOH and monitoring with a FrFr powered speaker?
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    For those having problems with v10, there, hope

    I was having thevsame problems with v 10 that many forum members have described. I even went back to v 9.02. I reinstalled v 10 and did a system reset, and the monster was unleashed. The factory presets now sound awesome and even my 9.02 patches now sound great again with only minor tweaking...
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    Best way to connect to FOH and monitor

    What would be the best way to connect to FOH and have a monitor onstage?. I use a powered speaker (EV live x). I go from axe ii out 1 to speaker with 2 xlr,s. Should i use one xlr to speaker and on to FOH out of out 1? or should i use out 2 for FOH? Thanks
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    Problems with tuner

    I recently updated to the latest MFC freeware and now i hear when i,m tuning and the mfc screen shows "waiting for tuner" although inthe axe fx screen the tuner shows. Shoulf i reinstall the update or what should i do?
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    x/y switching with MFC 101

    Could somebody help me set up an x/y switch in the MFC 101 ? I am new to the programming of the MFC 101 and will appreciate a step by step tutorial to program this switch. Something like Chris at Katsukuri media or CCROYAlsender will do in their thorough tutorials. Thanks
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    Scenes and downloaded presets

    Is it possible to use one preset for a scene and a downloaded preset from Axechange as it is without the need to enter the parameters manually? Like just dropping the downloaded preset in scene 2, that is different from the base preset. If this is not possible the it could be a suggestion for...
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    Axe fest 2012 patches

    I was wondering if the patches from axe fest would be available at axechange. One of the hosts said in the video that all the patches used would be available in axechange. I would really like LPD Green Day tone match and Scott's JCM 800. Thanks
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    Axe fx 2 sounding with lower gain than expected

    My axe fx is sounding with lower gain than usual, even changing guitars. I dont know if it is related to some bad connection or setting that i,m doing or it could be after updating to fw 9. Some presets sound like the volume knob is rolled down, even in stock presets. Any suggestions of what...
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    Gibberish with 9.0

    I,ve just installed FW 9.0 and when using axe edit , the cabs names al look like gibberish, random characters. I can change presets, and otherwise everything else is working fine, but in a new patch i don,t know which coronary artery disease s/p CAB to use because i can, t read the name. Is it...
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    Alto ts112 vs ts115

    I want to know which of these 2 are better for the AXEII in terms of sound definition ( highs, mids ,lows), and if there is a difference with the speaker sound in terms of sound definition. Also I would like to know if anyone have had experience with any of these two models in terms of using it...
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    Are FRFR active speakers loud enough?

    I am about to buy an active FRFR system and use it as a backline, like amp -speakers setup. Are they loud enough to play in a small club? Some clubs don,t have a PA and my band has a keyboard, drums ,bass an voice. Will i be heard loud enough with just the active FRFR speakers. I,ve read many...
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    Problems dialing power amp-guitar speakers setup

    I have been playing through studio monitors (KRK 8) and patches sound great, but i tried the same patches with power amp-cab setup , and they sound thin. I tried factory and axechange patches and they sound the same. I disabled the speaker sims globally. Are there any recommendations from the...
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    Expression pedal programming

    I was wondering how do I program my expression pedal (ext1) so it could change parameters in downloaded presets from other forum members. For example , firemen patches have a lot of functions for ext 1, but when I audition the preset is does the default volume control. Do I have to reprogram...
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    Auditioning presets from Axedit using MFC 101?

    How can i use MFC 101 while auditioning presets with Axe edit in my computer, without the presets being into the Axe II hardware? When i audition the presets from my computer , the MFC does not shows the same prset as the screen in the AXE II shows. How can i do this without actually...
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    The search is over

    I just got my AXE II and i have to say is the best piece of equipment i have bought for guitar in the last 30 years. I have had amps and other modellers. I was skeptical about the reviews, because the majority were good, it sounded to good to be true, but it really is. I have been using some...
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    Problems with power amp sound

    I just got my new AXE FX II and it sounds awesome, through studio monitors, but when i connect it with a solid state power amp with guitar cab, it sounds without as much gain as with the monitors, it sounds almost as the volume of the guitar is rolled off. I tested connecting it to the power amp...
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    Requesting Ratt's "Lay it down" tone match

    Can somebody do a tone match of the beginning of "lay it down" and post the patch? Also a great tone match will be Extreme's "Decadence Dance" after the solo when the guitar is heard alone. Thanks
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    Control 2

    Can the Axe FX II be controlled with a Digitech Control 2 now that the Axe Fx II has a CAT5 Ethernet port ?
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