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    Back Up MFC

    I have spent many hours programming my MFC for it's maiden gig next weekend. Much of that is because I'm using the MFC to control my amp's channels plus all my analog stomp boxes through a Voodoo Labs GCX. I've also saved all my patches in all 3 formats. Preset, Song, and Set List. I wasn't...
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    Bank Up/Down without changing patches

    In Axe Mode, how do I set up the MFC so that I can bank up or down but my patch doesn't changed until I step on the 1 - 5 preset button? For example, I'm in bank 1 patch 3. If I bank up one I automatically switch to preset 8. What I'd like to be able to do is bank up one, (or several) and NOT...
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    MFC controlling AMP and a few stomp boxes

    I've had an Ultra for 7 years. I've used it FRFR, straight up with IEM's and FOH, and to a guitar amp. Call me crazy, but I prefer it with an amp and a few stomp boxes, using the Axe FX mostly for time based fx's but also some distortion when called for. I'm thinking of rebuilding my rig with...
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    Thoughts on upgrading from version 5.19 to 10.2

    I'm upgrading my Ultra from firmware version 5.19. Support at Fractal has suggested an incremental upgrade. Perhaps 7.x and then 10.x running "update presets" in between. Has anyone out there done this or heard of this before. I gig with the Axe-FX almost every week and have created lots of...
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    Is this patch in the factory presets?

    There is a sample on the Fractal Site, the 5th one down; Reverse delay, reverb, kitchen sink etc. Is that in the factory presets? If so what number or what is it called. I could find a use for that patch. If not is it in the exchange? Thanks!
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