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  1. gitrbldr

    FM3 Firmware Version 3.03 beta 1

    Thank you!
  2. gitrbldr

    H9 midi question

    yes this was required Thank You!
  3. gitrbldr

    H9 midi question

    worked like a charm Thank you!
  4. gitrbldr

    H9 midi question

    Right on I will try that!
  5. gitrbldr

    H9 midi question

    I have FM3 and have been trying to incorporate a H9. I have been using a midi block to change presets on the H9. I have found that the H9 changes presets even though the preset on the FM3 doesn't have a midi block. has anybody else had any funky glitches with the H9 or the Midi block? I'm using...
  6. gitrbldr

    Already thinking add an H9 to FM3... Anyone have or other good options?

    I have 2 h9's one bought new (works great) second bought used didn't work till I did a factory reset Maybe a H9 factory reset first then try the steps
  7. gitrbldr

    Already thinking add an H9 to FM3... Anyone have or other good options?

    this shows how to adjust the h9 "clock" to receive then you could use the tap setting in the FM3 and control both
  8. gitrbldr

    FM3 Now Shipping

    I put mine in Jan. 2020 I guess I'm looking at Christmas. fingers crossed! come on Santa!
  9. gitrbldr

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    Thanks! Awesome!
  10. gitrbldr

    A Gift from Fractal Audio! Free Cab Pack!

    Awesome thanks guys!
  11. gitrbldr

    AX8 V9.01 Public Beta

    Right on! Should I for the gigs this weekend? or play it safe till Monday? Humm?
  12. gitrbldr

    In the Cavern of Zen - A place with too much Reverb.... :)

    great playing and tone!
  13. gitrbldr

    FW 9.01 JTM 45 CabIR PIN 68 - Chrunchrock

    yes great sounding
  14. gitrbldr

    Sykes Whitesnake/Blue Murder Patch

    Man that is fantastic! thats my era of guitar sound.I love it thanks!
  15. gitrbldr

    AX8 V8.00 Public Beta

  16. gitrbldr

    AX8 Cello - Yo Yo M@

    that cool thx!
  17. gitrbldr

    AX8 V7.02 Public Beta

    cool Thx!
  18. gitrbldr

    AX8 V7.00 Released

    Right on thanks!
  19. gitrbldr

    AX8 Factory Presets Update 6p02

    Very cool thanks!
  20. gitrbldr

    New FAS Video w. Larry Mitchell + Free Presets!

    Thank you FAS and @Larry Mitchell!
  21. gitrbldr

    AX8 V6.02 Released

    Thank you!
  22. gitrbldr

    fixed possible 6.01 bug

    Problem resolved. thx everyone sounded great last night. no mystery wah sounds
  23. gitrbldr

    fixed possible 6.01 bug

    Ok I tried a few things. re-installed the firmware. removed then added the wah block, changed the wah type then back, recalibrate the foot controller and set all the auto engage speeds to medium. headed to the gig now if it does it again I will try and catch it on my phone so you guys can hear...
  24. gitrbldr

    fixed possible 6.01 bug

    ya i did that. the control page shows 0 and 10 calibrated the pedal the wah page shows a little bit engaged even if I manually set it to zero and save when I come back to the preset it shows a little engaged. different wahs have different amounts engaged as do different presets. re-installed...
  25. gitrbldr

    fixed possible 6.01 bug

    thanks for the advice still didn't work. for now I got it off auto engage and assigned an I/A to the wah if you hear a fix please let me know
  26. gitrbldr

    fixed possible 6.01 bug

    still doing it with new cable
  27. gitrbldr

    fixed possible 6.01 bug

    no I'm look at the wah with ax8 edit it is on auto engage with a mission spring loaded pedal in the off position it reads .01 instead of 0 and I hear a little wah on a random note or chord
  28. gitrbldr

    fixed possible 6.01 bug

    Just installed 6.01 in the Ax8 and went to play a gig. I was in scene 2 on 2 different presets and could hear my wah pedal engaging for a second then turning off. it is typically set on auto wah. will be checking all cables and double checking presets for change.
  29. gitrbldr

    AX8 Arpeggiator

    thats really cool! love the funk thanks for sharing that!
  30. gitrbldr

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Firmware Released

    Right on you worked it out for the mark II!! thank you!!
  31. gitrbldr

    AX8 V5.01 Released

  32. gitrbldr

    AX8 V5.01 Public Beta

    very cool thanks
  33. gitrbldr

    AX8 V4.01 Released

  34. gitrbldr

    VIDEO From Van Halen I to 1984 (PATCHES INCLUDED)

    sounds great Danny thanks!
  35. gitrbldr

    FireHouse Main

    Awesome Thanks Bill!
  36. gitrbldr

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    thanks will use and donate when I get the ax8 waiting on that email!
  37. gitrbldr

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.01 Public Beta

    It's nice to wake up at 5:00 with a couple extra hour to myself and find this! ya me! (where are my head phones?)
  38. gitrbldr

    ML Brit Collection: The Mothership!

    must have! will be scouring FB and the forum for release notice
  39. gitrbldr

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.01 Firmware Release

    chris I use the boost using midi output levels that you have a video tutorial of on your web site. I noticed it wasn't working properly any more. it seems that the presets change already boosted first time you hit boost light turns green but nothing happens. hit the button a second time it...
  40. gitrbldr

    couple weird bugs

    I updated when 19 came out just never did any tweekin after that. I figured out the present number thing that was pilot error. just hoping the usb issue isn't hardware
  41. gitrbldr

    couple weird bugs

    reinstalling 19 via midi I think I have the newest axe edit
  42. gitrbldr

    couple weird bugs

    just tried my laptop and a 3rd usb cable still nothing
  43. gitrbldr

    couple weird bugs

    I have not had my Axe FX plugged into my computer since recently upgrading to firmware 19. today I go to tweek a patch and my computer (windows 7) won't connect to the axe fx so far I've tried to reinstall the drivers (wont complete the install), restarted my computer several times, did a system...
  44. gitrbldr

    Axe-fest Germany 2015 | Marshall 1960AX Greenback loaded now available

    just bought. mad I have to go to work now!
  45. gitrbldr

    What is your philosophy when updating?

    I will update on the way to a gig maybe not a beta but a real update absolutely. if my presets tanks I'll just use a couple stock ones. I've been stuck playing through so many shitty or malfunctioning "real" amps it's a pleasure to have so many great amps and presets to choose from,play loud...
  46. gitrbldr

    Axe-Fest Germany 2015 | CAB-PACK Teaser

    beautiful sound. just great!
  47. gitrbldr

    Will this ever sound good in a live band setting?

    do you do this per preset or globally?
  48. gitrbldr

    lower volume in scenes 3+

    it was the outputs thanks for some reason scenes 3 and higher were -20 db on the output. rookie oversite love this forum!
  49. gitrbldr

    lower volume in scenes 3+

    roger that. thanks
  50. gitrbldr

    lower volume in scenes 3+

    has anyone experienced a decrease in volume in scenes 3 and higher?
  51. gitrbldr

    Bug? FW17.0.0 USB audio playback drop-out when switching patch [FIXED]

    I noticed it in the scenes 1 and 2 are fine scene 3+ are much lower
  52. gitrbldr

    New passive graphic EQ is the $hit

    Do you still pull frequencies out in your global settings?
  53. gitrbldr

    Axe-Edit 3.0.10 for firmware 15!

    Awesome thanks!
  54. gitrbldr

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 15.00 Released

    just back from vacation and this is like an extra gift! Thanks
  55. gitrbldr

    axe edit doesn't "see" the axe fx [SOLVED]

    I finally got it to see the axe fx by reinstalling the drivers it took like 5 times not kidding. I used it made some presets. played with 15 a while the turned it off. just checked it. it's working
  56. gitrbldr

    axe edit doesn't "see" the axe fx [SOLVED]

    went into general preferences changed both ports to none then back to axe fx it sees it but every thing is timing out.
  57. gitrbldr

    axe edit doesn't "see" the axe fx [SOLVED]

    I just upgraded to axe edit 3.09 firmware 14.02 and now axe edit doesn't detect the axe fx I restarted a couple times. I re installed the drivers for axe fx. I changed usb inputs the drivers seem to be correct. fractal bot see's the axe just backed up my axe to install 15 beta any ideas?
  58. gitrbldr

    Axe-FX II: Hendrix - Watchtower

    Awesome job!
  59. gitrbldr

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 13.02 Released

    awesome on my way to a gig now and have a double tomorrow. clear the shreadual for Sunday! Thanks!!
  60. gitrbldr

    High end too polite?

    I was thinking the same thing it took me a while to get used to the Sizzle now I kinda miss it.
  61. gitrbldr

    Top common mistakes when setting up the Axe FX??

    I double up on my presets ie.. if you use 10 presets to get you through a night i would have 1-10 as my presets then a copy at 21-30 in case something freaks just for peace of mind
  62. gitrbldr

    Announcing Axe-Fx II XL

    that looks great! some people (like me) who go direct to FOH and use QSC k12's could benefit from have XLR outputs on output 2 as well. just a thought
  63. gitrbldr

    Axe FX II and the Ernie Ball Volume JR

    I got one of these cables and the ernie ball works great Strymon Tech Corner #3
  64. gitrbldr

    Bagpipes Attempt

    cool Thanks! this is very fun to play with
  65. gitrbldr

    Do You Guys Always Upgrade

    always except on the way to a gig if i have an hour to check things out first yes
  66. gitrbldr

    FW12 Friedman HBE ***Sunset Strip*** (Ratt/Motley/Dokken/Skid Row…)/w/PATCH!

    very cool! thanks that sound brings back some ghosts. can't remember her name but still remember her perfume :) downloading!
  67. gitrbldr

    Fender Twin Dumble All Purpose Patch for Humbuckers

    thank you for sharing. looking forward to playing with this!
  68. gitrbldr

    Wizardry Drive Preset Creation (with soundclip)

    love the balance thanks
  69. gitrbldr

    iaresee's Gig Patches Monster Post

    Thanks! this sounds like it going to be a fun afternoon playing with these :)
  70. gitrbldr

    Cliff, can you please share this?

    there are 2 cabs in that preset. do you think they used #105 for both?
  71. gitrbldr

    Axe-Fest II

    ANDY WOOD! mind blown
  72. gitrbldr

    Van Halen preset - flexible usage

    :encouragement: nice
  73. gitrbldr

    Cover band guys!

    Care to share it?
  74. gitrbldr

    Yek's Presets for MkI/MkII (v15.03) and Blog

    Thank you! it is a nice gloomy rainy day and I will be playing with this all afternoon
  75. gitrbldr

    Larry Mitchell performs "Under the Bridge" on his Axe-Fx II

    Very cool! I am going to the Oct 17th show can't wait to hear his patches
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