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  1. sopachrga

    Axe-Edit III 1.08.08 (supports fw 16.00 public beta)

    Ah, it was Chrome being "helpful"...
  2. sopachrga

    Axe-Edit III 1.08.08 (supports fw 16.00 public beta)

    Has the download been removed? Those links don't work for me...
  3. sopachrga

    TUTORIAL: In depth MFC-101 programming guide for the Axe-Fx III

    Hey all Not sure if people are still looking for a Mark III backup, but I've finished setting up my MFC Mark III with the axefx III and it's all working well. You'll need to setup the axefx as per the instructions in the tutorial. I've set this up to use the lower 5 buttons as 5 scenes and the...
  4. sopachrga

    Communication timeout problem with Q.8

    Awesome this issue has been slowly driving me mad.
  5. sopachrga

    Having to reboot axe to get axe edit to run!

    The first thing anyone is going to suggest is to get a new USB cable and try again. Faulty cable is the usual suspect in this sort of situation.
  6. sopachrga

    Axe-Fx USB Audio Interface question

    Any chance input 1 or 2 is set to USB. So rather than just being a passthrough the computer audio is being processed as an extra input??
  7. sopachrga

    Weird issue, anyone care to double-check?

    Cab sims turned on or off (which ever is the wrong one) in the global settings?
  8. sopachrga

    Need help with recording with AxeFXII XL+ as interface and monitoring issues

    Issue 2 sounds like your monitors are out of phase with each other. Check on the back for a phase switch. Otherwise check your cables are both wired correctly.
  9. sopachrga

    Q5.00 Legato 100 Bad Horsie Demo

    Thanks guys. Yeah. Sadly, having Vai's tone doesn't allow me to play like him.
  10. sopachrga

    Q5.00 Legato 100 Bad Horsie Demo

    Did a quick demo with the new Legato 100 model on the naked backing track from Vai. Both Rhythm and Lead guitars done on my Ormsby SX GTR. For just a really quick patch, I think it's surprising accurate. Wants a little more time spent on the EQ, but the 'soul' is definitely right.
  11. sopachrga

    Advice, if your touring/gigging, or just impatient, order a spare PS

    I had just assumed they don't have them as there is nothing on their web site about them. But I could give it a shot.
  12. sopachrga

    Advice, if your touring/gigging, or just impatient, order a spare PS

    I wish I could get one (EPROM) shipped to New Zealand. They aren't available to us here. And I know it'll take at least a week to get one sent (if I could even order one) which will be a killer if I need it while on a tour. Come on fractal, how about letting some of the spare parts be sent...
  13. sopachrga

    AC20 and Tone matched Mark V, Video demo and presets.

    Should have mentioned in the first post. The clean is AC20 and the dirt tone is tone matched to my Mesa Mark V.
  14. sopachrga

    Satriani Preset Update

    Awesome, can't wait to try this one out.
  15. sopachrga

    Anyone else enjoying the new Satriani Amps?

    Agreed. Sounds great!
  16. sopachrga

    AC20 and Tone matched Mark V, Video demo and presets.

    Hi I was working on getting my AxeFx tones sorted for playing the new songs on our EP. Thought a great way to test them was to do a playthrough of the song I was working on. Have a look and see what you think, I'm really happy with how the tones have come out. I've included a download link to...
  17. sopachrga

    Using my Axe-FX II in a Mesa Boogie Mk 5 effects loop.

    Yeah I sold my mark V and just went with the AxeFx on it's own because of this. The Fx loop on the mark V is not great. Using it with anything colours the sound a lot, and unfortunately, going through a digital unit exaggerates the problem.
  18. sopachrga

    Can't get good recording tones, what am I doing wrong?

    I'd stick with just two tracks. But pan them hard left and right. The tone sounds pretty close, I'd think that you should be able to get it there with that.
  19. sopachrga

    Bug? MFC troubles after Quantum 1.01 update

    I had this issue too. With AxeFX II Mark II, MFC101 Mark III connected by Ethercon. I updated to the latest firmware on the MFC and disabled TotalSync. This seems to have stopped it (I never had a fool proof way to reproduce the issue, so I can only say it hasn't happened again yet.)
  20. sopachrga

    Ownhammer MES-Trad 4x12 V30 clippage! Best cab ever? Quantum crunchies!

    Awesome! Definitely trying these patches when I get home. Thanks.
  21. sopachrga

    Mesa Boogie Mark IV vs Axe-Fx Quantum USA Lead

    Awesome sounding demo! Have you updated this for the Quantum firmware by chance?
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