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  1. strat714

    Axe-Fx overriding tone characteristics?

    Your opinion is a fact?
  2. strat714

    NGD 2020 50s Les Paul Standard

    Beautiful! Enjoy!
  3. strat714

    Sleepwalk Santo And Johnny

    Sweet! Great tones! I love this song! Well done!
  4. strat714

    Fender Strat single coil (bridge) favorites

    Love SD JBjr for bridge.
  5. strat714

    Best Guitarist of all times

  6. strat714

    My wife passed away today

    My condolences. Sorry for your loss.
  7. strat714

    Axe-Fx III vs Helix

    My opinion is better than your opinion because my opinion is my opinion and your opinion is your opinion...FACT!;)
  8. strat714


    Thank You Edward for all that you did for us as guitarists. You changed the playing field immeasurably. RIP!
  9. strat714

    Anyone using Graph Tech Ratio tuners?

    I put these on a Godin LGXT. Absolutely love them. Stable and precise. They also dropped right in, no drilling. I didn't need the plates either. They improved the sustain too.
  10. strat714

    What's your hobby?

    Nude ping pong.
  11. strat714

    Your house is on fire!.....

    My Gibson Lifeson Les Paul.
  12. strat714

    Vendor ZenRigs is dead...

    You scared me for a moment. See you soon!
  13. strat714

    Guitars: how many and brands?

    3) Fender Stratocasters (1)American Deluxe, 1) American Standard, 1) Japanese) 1) Fender Roland Strat 1) Gibson Les Paul Lifeson 1) Fender Telecaster Player 1) Parker Fly Supreme Midi 2) Godin LGXT 1) Brian Moore iGuitar9.13 1) Gibson SG Pro 1) Jackson DK-2 3) Ibanez RG-550 1) Ibanez RG-570 1)...
  14. strat714

    MFC-101 and CAE 3+ SE

    Hello Julien. I know the CAE is a preamp. Does theCAE3+SE have a MIDI input?
  15. strat714

    Set Up For Axe Fx II At Home : Earphones? Monitors? To Get The Best Results

    Monitors. You can great sounds out of the AxeFXII at very low volumes. These great sounds don't translate well to loud volumes, but you can tweak those sounds when you're in an environment that allows you to crank up.
  16. strat714

    Sustain without compression?

    Sustainiac pickup.
  17. strat714

    Unwanted Breakup

    I have my input drive on some clean presets as low as 0.7 ... I compensate by increasing the level. I like crystal clear cleans.
  18. strat714

    Axe-Fx 2 recording video promo

  19. strat714

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    Wow! Thanks to all involved! Woot!
  20. strat714

    Ares 1.03

    The presets will work with Ares 1.03, but the sounds may be changed. Usually for the better, but some may disagree. If you save a copy of all your presets before updating you will be OK either way.
  21. strat714

    Little bit of help (Patches w/MFC101)

    Download the manual. Extreme knowledge imparted therein.
  22. strat714

    Hooking up Talk box - Which one and best routing?

    No, by putting the Banshee before the Axe when you step on the Bansheee to turn it on your guitar signal goes through the Banshee to a mic and totally bypasses the Axe. This is the way I have run it for years with no problems.
  23. strat714

    [solved] Need help setting tap tempo to Tremolo please

    TOESMIDGER !!! I love it!
  24. strat714

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    Give them 25.4 millimeters and they take 1.61 kilometers.
  25. strat714

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    Kudos to all at Fractal! Thanks for all of your hard work. Your dedication to your craft is inspirational! I can't wait to update to the III and get back on the update carousel! Woot!!!
  26. strat714

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.02 Firmware Release

    WooHoo. Thanks for all your hard work!
  27. strat714

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    Indeed! Thanks to Cliff and all involved for all your hard work!
  28. strat714

    Tone Triangles

    I tried to use something different, but I learned how to play using either Fender Thin or Medium standard celluloid plectrums. I've been using those for 40 years (damn I'm old) and if I use anything else my "auto pilot" no longer works. It is what it is.
  29. strat714

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    Thanks Fractal!!! The Apex of values and value!
  30. strat714

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    INDEED!!! Thanks Cliff and Company!!!!
  31. strat714

    Thoughts on ‘chasing tone’

    I always have and always will chase tone. Trying to be the best me I can possibly be. I never try to absolutely nail an artists tone, because I'm trying to nail the notes so i can learn the song.
  32. strat714

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    How freakin' cool is this!!!!!!!!!!! Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  33. strat714

    Boss Od-2 Turbo Overdrive

    Try these settings: Type Super Drive 8 Tone 5 Level 3.5 Mix 58% Clip Silicon Slew 4.8 Bias 0.067 Low cut 60 High cut 1617 Bass 0dB Mid 0dB Treble 0 dB Bit Reduce 0 Sample Rate 48000 Keeping the mix below 60% is important Adjust the level to make it match the output you want.
  34. strat714


    B sounds like it has more bandwidth.
  35. strat714

    Why all the Metal??????

    No matter how thin you slice the bologna, you can always break a window with a brick!:p
  36. strat714

    Please help me decide buy or not to buy Axe FX ii

    Don't do it. The AXE FX stole my girlfriend and ate all my bacon.
  37. strat714

    Input Impedance question. What happens when using wireless?

    I never cared for the fuzzes either UNTIL I changed the mix control. Bringing the mix down to 50% ( I know this sounds counter intuitive) really brings these effects into my wheelhouse. Just my opinion. Try this and see if this helps.
  38. strat714

    MIDI Makes My Brain Owie

    Yes! Just go for it. If you muck it up you can go to page 26 and initialize and return everything back to square one. Learning sometimes just takes time and effort. That is a confusing manual though. Good luck!
  39. strat714

    Octave divider low cut??

    Just used fixed harmony set to an octave and set the second one at 0. This way you get the same result and the low cut will work.
  40. strat714

    Axe-Fx III Manual Update

  41. strat714

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Entered line 1-31-18 7:55AM central Got invite 6-6-18 12:04 PM central WOOT!!!!
  42. strat714

    Suggestion for next firmware- MIDI Setup

    May the fours be with you Cliff! And the fives and sixes too!
  43. strat714

    To All The Pundits

    I think 1,2,3, and 4 are one or the other.
  44. strat714

    Amp in a Room vs Studio Recorded Tones

    I prefer the "amp in the room" sound. This is why I use actual guitar speaker cabs driven by a clean solid state power amp.
  45. strat714

    Show us your MFC setups! (post your pics)

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/AnVmBrGwEQmhqnGn2 https://photos.app.goo.gl/YFGMvQmKBk7GL4tW2
  46. strat714

    Star Wars Imperial March Guitar Orchestra Stem Tracks

    Wow! Well done! Thanks for sharing!
  47. strat714

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    On got on the list 1/31/2018 7:55 AM. I'm sure I'll get my notification one year after SOON. LOL. It's all good, I'm still not quite rich enough to afford the II I got 6 years ago.
  48. strat714

    EV-1 bending

    Yes, you can do this by adding a pitch block and using a controller to bend the pitch. This way you can bend the note much more than you can with your fingers. Bend a note up an octave for example.
  49. strat714

    Cmon people, where the waitlist order thread lol

    January 31st 7:55 a.m. CST
  50. strat714

    Farty guitar tone? Ok don't laugh please

    Have you tried reducing the "Bit Reduce" parameter in a drive block?
  51. strat714

    AXE-FX III Rush Cover YYZ

    Wowzers! Fanfrickintastically magnificent!
  52. strat714

    A real overdrive pedal

    I didn't have much luck with the drives in the AXE until I reduced the mix down to 50%. This made it sound much more realistic IMHO.
  53. strat714

    Is it me or is the Axe fx 3 aesthetically unpleasing?

    The eyes of this beholder say "tis beauteous".
  54. strat714

    Can anybody tell me why my Axe Fx 2 xl+ Does Not Work

    Glad you got it sorted Toosday! Welcome and best wishes!
  55. strat714

    What Fractal gear is Sonny Landreth using?

    We saw Sonny open for B.B.King and Peter Frampton and WOW! What a great player. Totally unique!
  56. strat714

    A fun exercise in nostalgia

    ART SGX-2000 with the X-15 midi controller! I thought it was the best! I still have it. I should fire it up and reminisce.
  57. strat714

    Anyone find they don’t “need” drive blocks in most cases since getting the AxeII?

    I still use drives. I like amp distortion, but I still like a very clean sound. Adding an overdrive with 50% mix gives a different texture. Panning between a dirty and clean amp and adding drive to all combinations gives me a huge palette of sounds inside of one preset.
  58. strat714

    The Analogues - Sgt Pepper

    WoW! Unbelievable! Thanks for sharing!
  59. strat714

    First post... Hi and lots of questions.

    Yes, you will be happy if you choose to be.
  60. strat714

    New Tune after a week from Hell

    Nice! Thanks for sharing!
  61. strat714

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.02 Firmware Release

    Have you tried repowering MFC while holding down the 11 button. This resets the unit to factory defaults. It's worth a try.
  62. strat714

    Axe-Fx II & Rocktron Banshee 2 Talkbox

    Does the guitar into the AXFXII produce sound? What are you using for amplification and speakers? Did you plug in the Banshee to an AC outlet? There is a power supply that must be connected to 115VAC in order to work. Sometimes it's the simple things. Answers will come and as you solve each...
  63. strat714


    Deep breath. Reload firmware. Something went wrong. It has been known to happen. If everything "sounds like crap" then something went wrong during the update. I once thought I had hosed everything and it turned out the battery in one of my guitars (active pickups) had gone low. Deep breath...
  64. strat714

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.01 Beta

    On 1st impression. YEAAAAHHHHEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!! woot.
  65. strat714

    Probably lost my Axe FX II and my MFC101 :(((

    So sorry to hear this. A tragedy. I hope no one was hurt. Equipment can be replaced. People can't.
  66. strat714

    MLB POSTSEASON.........YOU IN???

    I'm a Red Sox fan, but this is the Cleveland Indians year. I don't see anyone beating them. I will root for Boston (and the Cubs), but I will be surprised if anyone takes Cleveland out.
  67. strat714

    How many scenes you really use? Is 8 overkill?

    Five is the most I've ever used.
  68. strat714

    Wah sounding shrill...

    Try running the wah in parallel. before the amp. Because there is no "mix" control in the wah block it is sometimes too "in your face" especially with a clean amp. I believe it was Scott Peterson that suggested this and it does help.
  69. strat714

    Show us your MFC setups! (post your pics)

    A great product Sukh! These hold a charge (light) really well and fit perfectly. Well done!
  70. strat714

    Expression pedal to control gain

    I use an expression pedal on some presets to pan between a clean amp and a dirty amp. I adjust the "level" of each. One going 0 to 100% (100% being the level that I would choose if that were the only amp and 0 being totally off, different values of course) and the other going 100-0%. I had to...
  71. strat714

    Thinking about getting an Axe

    dON'T dO iT! tHE aXE sTOLE mY gIRL!
  72. strat714

    How many expression pedals are you using?

    Four on the floor! Volume Wah Synth (external) volume Wildcard (pitch, delay mix, rotary speed, pan between 2 amps, pan between 2 distortions, etc.)
  73. strat714

    What External Pedals Are You Using With your Axe-Fx?

    Rocktron Banshee Talk Box. The Axe FXII can't do this for me. That's all
  74. strat714

    FXLoop = system mute? (Q8.02)

    Doesn't FX Loop block have an output control? Set it to 100%
  75. strat714

    Axe-Fx II Quantum 8.02 presets

    Thank you very much M@ !!!!
  76. strat714

    Different effects in one block/PC

    You could also have 2 blocks. Pitch 1 block set to 4ths and Pitch 2 set to 5ths and toggle one off and the other on. Easy if you have big feet!
  77. strat714

    Different effects in one block/PC

    You can attach a controller to change the pitch with an external pedal. whammy style. Just set the range from 4-5.
  78. strat714

    Fractal Bot Hanging on Bank C While Backing Up

    A "time out" situation?
  79. strat714

    80s Lead Tone with Roland JC-120

    Try reducing the mix on the distortion down to about 50-60.
  80. strat714

    Axe + FRFR users, how are you getting feedback?

    The angle of the throw is pertinent. Most speaker cabs direct the sound straight out, or at a slight angle. FRFR can be at different, more obtuse angles. Try adjusting this. Feedback is caused by guitar pickups picking up the sounds coming out of the speaker. Worth a try!
  81. strat714

    Calling all ART X-15 experts...

    The ART X-15 uses Midi controllers 70 through 79 to control buttons 1-10. You can change the Axe FX #'s to match these and it should work. Just decide which effects you want to control and change those. Just go to I/O CONTROL on the Axe and change the Default CC assignments. I always document...
  82. strat714

    MFC locks up

    Hello All, My problem is intermittent. Sometimes the MFC-101 will "lock up" meaning that regardless of which preset I am on pressing any of the 5 "preset" buttons (1-5) will keep me on the current preset. The only way to escape from this is to manually change the preset on the Axe FX II with the...
  83. strat714

    Why should I consider the Axe FX II? Help please!

    Don't do it. It will give you warts and steal your girl and eat your soup! Don't do it!
  84. strat714

    2007-2017: 10 Years with the Axe-Fx

    Happy Anniversary!
  85. strat714

    Is Axe Fx Viable?

    Of course it is Vai-able. Steve Vai uses it!
  86. strat714

    Live Setup - describe yours - direct or mic

    I'm retired from gigging. A hobbyist only: Out 1: to PA (L&R) Out 2: to Carvin DCM1540L power amp, left channel open back 2x12 (Fender Twin), right channel (Marshall 1960A 4x12)
  87. strat714

    Taming the Monster - Series and Parallel Routing

    Thanks for taking the time and effort to do this! Much appreciated! Informative and nicely presented! Kudos!
  88. strat714

    Expressive high-gain tone - your favorite

    I like the HBE. Liquid butter screaming panda voodoo mama kind of sound!
  89. strat714

    Any way to "measure" remaining life of the battery?

    I replace all my household batteries every 4th of July. Smoke detectors, alarm clock backups, guitar synth, and Axe FXII. I have done it with the power off and never lost a thing. I do it quickly and with a "vigorous circular motion hitherto unknown to the people in this area, but destined to...
  90. strat714

    Amp only overdrive...

    I like both. I found that the overdrives and distortions will behave better with the mix control at about 50. I know this is counter intuitive as drives are usually 100% engaged, but the drives really opened up for me when I started lowering the mix control. I love the "super OD" with the drive...
  91. strat714

    When will the updates stop?

    All products can constantly be improved. The only constant is change. Updates will stop when they come out with a new product to replace the II.
  92. strat714

    Which Amp Model is closest to Mesa Rectoverb?

    There are many people in here with much more knowledge than me about these amps!
  93. strat714

    Which Amp Model is closest to Mesa Rectoverb?

    Those are similar in sound to a Dual rectifier, but they don't have a tube rectifier. Try the USA lead and USA clean and lower the bass controls and change the rectifier.
  94. strat714

    New AxeFXII User Problems

    You will have to download the latest firmware and load it into FractalBot, then you can send it to your Axe FXII. Use Axe-Edit if you want to see programs, blocks, etc.
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