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  1. Galgenwald

    Axe Ultra + Voodoolab GCP Midi connection Problem

    Hello people. I have a little problem in my setup. My rack is built up like this: Line6 G90 Wireless Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister 36 Axe Ultra (Wired with 4 Cable Method) It is connected via MIDI to my VOODOOLAB GCP it is wired like this: GCP Midi OUT Axe Ultra Midi IN Axe Ultra MIDI...
  2. Galgenwald

    Lil studio related question of the ultra

    Hey guys,... As I read the axe 2 always provides a dry DI track with it while recording. I was asking myself if the gen 1 Ultra can also do this. For the moment to track DI tracks as well I plugin my guitar into a Palmer BLue Di box and from there goes 1 output into my soundcard and one into my...
  3. Galgenwald

    Axe Fx Cab Sims

    Hey people, It might sound wierd for you but I just got a wierd idea in my head. ... can i plug the " amp out" of a tube head into the axe and make a ropeset just to use the cabs and the mics of the FA unit??
  4. Galgenwald

    Axe Ultra which Poweramp? (except Matrix)

    Hello people, I'm owning a FA Axe Ultra and I would like to use it with a Poweramop into my guitar cabinet. I know I have to turn off the Cab simulation. Now My question. Do you have experience with some Poweramps to use with? I 'm not searching for a tube poweramp. what I'm...
  5. Galgenwald

    4 Cable Method Axe Ultra + Framus Dragon

    Hello people, you might perhaps help me, because i'm dealing with an issue that cannot be solved by me myself and I =)... I will try to explain you my problem: I'm owning a Fractal Audio Axe Fx Ultra and a Framus Dragon. The axe alone is working well. As well as the dragon. I would like...
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