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  1. zerolight

    Closed Word Clock

    Can we have an option to set word clock to spdif as per Axe2/3 please? I’d like to use my interface as master.
  2. zerolight

    SPDIF Level Help

    Hi guys, hope you can help. First time using the SPDIF out on a Fractal. I expected the volume level to be fixed line level, but it is linked to output 1. If I crank the output 1 level on my FM3, and max the input level on my Focusrite 8i6, I'm getting my input level is low - it's around -7db...
  3. zerolight

    Gain Staging a headphone amp?

    So I have my FM3 plus an XLR to phono cable into my headphone amp. It'll expect a typical line level in - how do I get that from my FM3? Do I crank it or do I do some gain staging by setting the output at mid way and winding my headphone amp up a bit. Does it matter?
  4. zerolight

    FCB1010 UNO Confusion

    Hi folks, I've spent about 2 hours messing around with the FCB1010 and can't figure out to configure it. The Voes website suggests that to get stomp box mode you power on holding 1 and 10 down. This does nothing. The 1 and 9 to enable extended memory do work fine though - the countdown...
  5. zerolight

    AFS100 Cab Suggestions?

    I'm having a hard time getting a great tone out of the AFS model. I'm not sure there's much point pursuing it further as I really like the Plexi 50w High with the Sat Switch on, through the Ownhammer '77 G12M SP SS Mix. Also digging the BE and HBE models. So I guess Marshall is covered - but I...
  6. zerolight

    Do Axe II IRs work in the XL

    If I download some user IRs in Axe II format, will they work in the XL? Do they need conversion?
  7. zerolight

    Newbie XL Owner - Ultra Res - What needs installed?

    Hi folks. Sorry for the newbie question. I had an Ultra for a year and sold it when the II came out. Ended up unable to get a II due to long wait time and bought an amp instead. I've finally sold all that off again and have ordered a II XL which should come early next week. I'm preparing all my...
  8. zerolight

    Bought some Redwirez - Good Choices?

    Looking at the forum, and particularly at the stuff Scott's been recommending, I ended up grabbing for set's of IRs from Redwirez - hoping to cover everything from clean, bluesy, all the way to hard rock. Marshall G12Ms Uberkab V30s Twin D120s TweedDeluxe P12R I've seen some of the recipe's...
  9. zerolight

    It's Here!

    My Ultra arrived about an hour ago. It's amazing. Shame I'm ill. Could only spend 15 mins with it.
  10. zerolight

    Ordered My Ultra from G66 - what else do I need?

    Hi guys. Finally ordered my Ultra. This will be my sole "amplifier". I don't gig, sold my rectoverb years ago, and have only a POD XT for tone generation, so expect this to be a big step up. It'll be used in my "studio" and I use the term loosely. I need a set of good headphones at budget prices...
  11. zerolight

    Ultra + Interface = All I need?

    So I plan to get an Ultra - hopefully sooner than later - to replace my PODXT. I don't gig, so am looking for something for both computer recording, and for playing via headphones. I'd prefer the ultra over the Axe-PC so that I don't need to be tied to a PC (well Mac) whenever I wanna just play...
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