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    Gamers - are you looking forward to PS5/Xbox x?

    I got the ps4 pro last year, so I kinda want to see how much better this thing is. Plus, the games they're making now might not take advantage of the new processing power. I dont really know if thats a thing but makes sense to me. But, with that being said, I still might pull the trigger on...
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    Dunlop picks...

    Switched from Tortex to Ultex 5 years ago. They seem to last longer and they seem to have a smoother edge to them.
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    Guitar store riffs

    I have to admit I do practice before going to a guitar shop. If I go in cold, I get lost and can't remember anything I've ever learned on guitar. Its like going to a record store, as soon as I walk in I forget every band I've ever heard. I dont understand the Stairway hate, its a good...
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    If a guy's standing there, facing you...

    I'm certainly not going to let some guy who watched a YouTube video tell me the validatity of wearing a mask. I trust the Fauci.
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    My entry for the Kiesel Solo Contest 2020

    Sounds great my man. Good luck!
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    Winter NAMM 2021

    Maybe the so called Herd immunity will kick in by then or a vaccine. Kinda too early to tell
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    What would you do if your brand new custom shop had a teeny, tiny, little scratch

    Unless your going to sell it. Keep the blemish. I never want a guitar that I don't want to take out of the case. I've done this myself. I sold a beautiful classical guitar because it was too nice. I played my cheap one all the time. Later in life, i bought another expensive classical and...
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    Reverb.com can be good for a laugh at times

    25% price drop!!!! Let's go!!!
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    I think my Les Paul is a dud

    I've had a few guitars that just never felt right. I got rid of them. If im not inspired or a guitar doesn't scratch that itch, than whats the use. Just collects dust.
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    Guitar & Vocal training

    I know it comes naturally to some people. I think I'm somewhere in between. If its a busy guitar line I literally take it one bar at a time. This can take hours, days or even weeks but after I get thur a few bars I get into the flow. Obviously you have to know the guitar part and the vocal...
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    If you were to buy a Taylor acoustic

    I have a Taylor GA-k. It was almost twice what I wanted to pay but soon as I picked it up I knew it was coming home with me. I played a bunch of acoustics at the time and i noticed that the CE's and the ones with the electronics changed the tone of the guitar, so for me, I don't like any of that...
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    Strandberg TT Strings

    What the... I'm intrigued but very confused.
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    Who are your biggest musical influences?

    In order. Ace frehley Jimmy Page Randy Rhodes Jim Coche Kerry King / Jeff Hanneman I'd say that was my top 5 early influences. Even though I don't play or sound anything like those guys, they are in there somewhere.
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    Looking for the thread that talked about supplements for fingers, hands, joints

    Yeah I'm 51 and I'm noticing stiffness and joint pain. I play video games too, which doesn't help. But I just use Ibuprofen and heat to get rid of the inflammation and go easy for a few days. My problem is this cant be good for the long haul.
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    BREAKING NEWS: Kirk Hammett Loses to Mrs. Smith in Wah-Off

    Yeah, maybe, but to me you cant compare EVH to Kirk. Eddie's tone and phrasing are just too good. I think that's where I loose it with Kirt. Even old guys like Billy Gibbons or Iommi, they still have great tone and phrasing. They don't make that great of album's anymore but I still think...
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    Presets kill inspiration......interesting take

    I think it might kill inspiration if your trying to write your own music. But if you just like to rock out in front of a mirror, than presets can be real fun. Wait, am I the only on the plays in front of a mirror? Awkward
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    BREAKING NEWS: Kirk Hammett Loses to Mrs. Smith in Wah-Off

    I say he "kinda" sucks mostly because of his live performances. His vibrato is not real pleasing to my ear, keep in mind I'm being super picky here, his tone is flat and tinny, all his solos have just about the same theme and structure and that gets boring for me. I just think he has...
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    BREAKING NEWS: Kirk Hammett Loses to Mrs. Smith in Wah-Off

    This is a funny thread because I agree with both sides. I agree that Kirk is done great things and is a part of one of the greatest bands around but also he kinda sucks. Oh well, it's only an opinion
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    BREAKING NEWS: Kirk Hammett Loses to Mrs. Smith in Wah-Off

    I'm not a big fan of Kirk's tone and his technique is sometimes sketchy but his solos on the album's I like are cool. I kinda feel the same about Lars, on the album's that I like, he sounds and plays great. Now Hetfield's voice....that's an other issue. Its not bad or off pitch, just not the...
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    You gotta fight.......

    That's alright most Americans don't know where Kansas city is. Haha
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    I want my FM3!

    I was 13...good times. Hormones just started kicking in just in time for Modona. My socks were never the same. Haha
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    Best geetar solo ever recorded in history!

    Is this a joke or something? I don't get it.
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    How to play “Bark at the Moon”

    what a great guitar player. So Good! Too bad Ozzy kinda screwed him over, saying that Jake didn't write the songs on the albums. Ugh. I remember watching the live DVD of Ozzy Bark at the Moon tour over and over.
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    Picked a hell of a day to stop sniffing glue.
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    New Axe

    Thanks for the review. Does Sam Ash give you a full refund on guitars?
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    Line 6 POD GO at NAMM

    For me, most of the Line 6 stuff I bought, I've been disappointed in. It's been a few years since I've tried anything from them, so maybe I shouldn't judge. I like heavy distortion and I don't think that's their strong suit.
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    Ooh... New Ibanez Vai models!

    that's a no for me, the Jem is cooler.
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    How many of us are have trouble holding your pick or switching to fingers and then switching back to your pick? Check 2nd page for pictures and info.

    I don't have a problem with dropping picks, mostly because I'm kind of a hybrid picker when playing electric guitar. On acoustic, I'm just fingerpicking.
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    Eating Chicken Notebook

    It's got to be good... look how expensive it is!
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    2019 Grammy Nominations!

    51. Good times. I would hate to be a kid now a days. Does anybody at the Grammy's even play an instrument?
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    Heavy heaters / down tune users, what gage?

    I'm no heavy heater but I use 11-52. It also depends on what guitar I used. The scale length makes a big difference.
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    Harley Benton - have I been living under a rock?

    If they're anything like Jay Turser guitars, than I'll pass.
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    Oh what a wonderful hobby!

    Well, I've been playing for 37 years and I've got so much more to learn. Love this hobby!
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    Things you sold, then bought again.....

    Cordoba C10.
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    Things you sold, then bought again.....

    4 POD XT live, did you forget how bad they sound? Lol. Just trolling a bit. I had all the POD stuff myself
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    Led Zeppelin isolated tracks

    Everyone is making a good point but we're not saying we should go back to reel to reel? I do love Zepplin's studio albums but do you think that if Zepplin had todays technologies it wouldn't be as good? I wonder. At least we wouldn't have that stupid drum bass pedal squeaking thue the...
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    NGD: 2017 Fender American Professional Stratocaster

    I like what I see. Nice
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    Intonation gone sharp - old strings or up-bowing neck?

    I would check the bridge. If the neck doesn't look bowed, then I would adjust the bridge. I live up north and it gets cold and dry so I have to adjust the necks of my guitars all the time, and to me, you don't have to wait after adjusting the truss rod. My 2 cents.
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    Some last words

    Good luck my man. I know my Axe ll is collecting dust but I have a hard time letting things go.
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    Let’s see those guitars

    Please stop!!! This will only make me want one more. Lol
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    Have you ever been embarrassed for an artist?

    I seen Ace Frehley do a jam/interview and it was bad. Really bad. I really did feel bad for him. He was the reason I started playing guitar.
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    Arthritis and gold

    Well, I've hear great things about silver. And I'll tell you what, for the low price of $19.98 I'll sell you two silver dimes and you can tape them to your forehead and you won't believe the results. ....but wait, there's more!!!
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    Explorer Strap Button Location

    I have an Explorer with the button on the back and to be honest I don't really think about it. I like the balance and all that. My only thing is it's heavy. After a hour or so I start to notice the weight. I still really like that guitar thou.
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    Iconic song <-> movie associations

    "Stuck in the middle with you" will never be the same after Reservoir Dogs.
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    What's your hobby?

    Video games. COD and Apex. But, as I get older, I've noticed my hands are stressed out. I'm probably going to have quit playing videogames before i cant do either.
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    Look forward to welcoming you here

    I look forward to welcoming you too.
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    Live confirmation your tone rocks

    Yes wheels. Still, the horror when you arrive at a club and see STAIRS. UGH! Nice set up btw.
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    Couch Straps 2019 Summer Sale

    That's a cool I idea, reusing old materials that are just going to landfills anyway. Thanks. I just hope my strap doesn't smell like patchouli oil. Haha
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    You know you are spoiled

    I'm glad I'm not the only one. Updating got old quick. Half the time it would sound weird and i would have to search out the forums to find whats different. I guess if your into hitting buttons and turning knobs then updates are great. I'm a little old school and just want to turn it on and...
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    NGD Solar S1.6ET LTD FSBM

    Nice guitar! Congrats
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    Another should I sell my....

    I'm not into getting rid of music stuff anymore. Some stuff sits for years and then one day I'll plug it in and remember why I love that amp or guitar. Once it's gone, it's gone.
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    That sinking feeling.......

    It's fun when your at one of these pay to play places, and you have 7 minutes to set up and then the sound guy starts threatening to boot you off if you don't get it fixed now...ugh. playing out it so over rated. Haha
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    There's always time ...

    Be careful, I've heard that the moon hits your eyes like big pizza pies over there.
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    Guitar Opinions $400 to $600 Range

    Those guitars you mentioned are all pretty good. If it was me, I would take my daughter (congrats btw) and see what she was into. The only thing I would be concerned about is the bridge. I would do a hard tail, just because the cheaper whammy bars have tuning issues.
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    Axe Fx II Final Update - Breaking News!

    I haven't updated mine in years. I got so sick of redoing all my patches every update. I love the way it sounds and I guess that's all I can ask for.
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    5 hours looking for escaped young cat

    I think I would just loop the sound of me opening a can of cat food, my little bastard can hear that for mile and come a running.
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    Does anyone else not gel at all with acoustic guitars?

    I would love to discuss the Taylor guitar thing too but I don't want to hyjack my mans thread.
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    Does anyone else not gel at all with acoustic guitars?

    I love my electric guitars. I have about 10 right now. Some cheap, and some expensive. But if I think if it came down to having an electric (with amps and all that) or just an acoustic, I think I would have to go with an acoustic. I've always loved the pure sound and sounds that come from...
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    Yngwie blues album

    That video had me cracking up the whole time. I don't think that's what the Y had in mind. And who the hell is singing the blues in a ****ing Ferrari. Haha.
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    Aerosmith "Blue Army Tour" Last Night

    I seen them 7 or 8 years ago and didn't get into it. They played 75% newer stuff and just the old radio hits. Never again for me.
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    Well...there's EVH, Randy Rhoads, SRV, Zakk Wylde, Slash, James Hetfield, Richie....

    Now i'm not trying to be a buzz kill but this is impressive to watch but i would never listen to most of these guys in my car. Its kinda boring. I liked Stanley Clark not just because or how he was playing but his incredible phrasing and note selection. Maybe its just me but it seems like a...
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    FW19 Good Sounding Metal Zone ?!

    unicorns, loch ness, and good sounding metal zone...no such thing
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    How do you adjust your presets for headphones use?

    that sounds right but there is an obvious difference in the two different methods. Do you think its just a matter of the Fletcher-Munson thing?
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    How do you adjust your presets for headphones use?

    I wonder if it has anything to do with what style of music one plays? I cant believe that you don't have to adjust anything when switching to headphones. I play pretty heavy drop tuning though Mesa 50/50 power amp and 2 Mesa 4-12 cabs. My live sounds so great and takes me 5 minutes to dial in...
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    John Petrucci's wife using an Axe Fx

  66. S

    It's been (mostly) fun...

    thanks for everything Chris. You videos help me out a lot. I'm mostly surprised that cliff or anybody didn't acknowledge your contributions. Kinda weird. So i get why your doing what your doing. Good luck and thanks.
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    My Mistake Axe Me

    +1 on Chris@KatsuKuriMedia. Check out his videos great for beginner to expert.
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    I'm a bigger idiot

    i think your statement "don't put this guy and a screwdriver anywhere near the Strat" is correct.
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    Who made you start playing guitar?

    Air guitar to Kiss Alive!!! I wanted to be Ace so i asked my mom for a guitar and she got me a 3/4 student acoustic guitar. Not cool mom... oh well, i fell in love with playing guitar anyway.
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    Gibson Price Increase

    Maybe this is a positive step toward Gibson regaining there name again. Their going to be making less guitars so maybe their quality is going to be better? I, for one, would like to see Gibson be known as a great guitar company again. They really lost there way the last 20 or 30 years. I'm...
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    What made you pull the trigger on the Axe?

    I came across Chris Broderick's rig demo on youtube. That was it. Had to have it.
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    Your favorite pickup combo and why?

    EMG's 81 + 85. loved them ever since i put them in 7yrs ago. I was changing pickup all the time and all had pro's and con's but for my style, EMG's are a great all around pickup. Very clear with heavy distortion, i can hear every note even with drop tuning and a nice clean sound too. Every...
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    Zappa plays Zappa

    I seen Zappa Plays Zappa a few weeks ago and thought i would post a couple of pics of his setup. How many pedals does one man need?:D I'm not a huge Zappa fan, I like a few studio albums and a few live ones but don't really know all his stuff. But, i was completely blown away by his...
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    Kiss using Axefx?

    I totally agree rod....68 and you can tell that they really appreciate the fans. Which i think is really cool. They kinda invented the big, over the top shows. They could have put all that money in there pockets but they really wanted to be the best live band of all time. Whether that is...
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    Dilemma: should I return my AFXIIXL?

    As hard as Fractal tries to make the Axe-fx a plug and play, it really isn't. You have to spend a little time and do a little homework to get the best out of it. And if you do decide to sell it, at lest the Axe holds its value really well.
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    who here loves their jobs?

    I really like what i do. I'm a mold maker for an aerospace company. There are so many aspects of my job that i need to be proficient at, so it really never gets boring. I do design work on NX for CAD/CAM, I run CNC machines, EDM, grinding, general bench work, and lots of other little things...
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    Schecter KM7

    and thats how a company gets repeat costumers. Good for them, good for you!!!
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    Need help choosing an Ibanez guitar and maybe their Zero Point System

    I have a s5470 and i really like it but i did notice that they are not putting the ZR bridge in them anymore. There is a few people on the interwebs saying that they have sustain issues. I don't notice that with my guitar but its worth checking out.
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    Fractal Audio slogan :)

    Fractal Audio: That wasn't a fart, you just shit your pants.
  80. S

    How Does Fractal Make Money...

    How does Fractal make a profit? I don't know...maybe he can build a axe fx for 1000 dollars and sell it for 2300?
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    Drilling hole for pots larger??? Help

    i don't think your problem will be the drill bit but your going to try to drill this by hand. If you had a drill press i would tell you to put some masking tape over the hole and go slow but with a hand drill it might be a little tricky.
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    What is the best poweramp / speaker cabs for the Axe Fx?

    I agree with Cagey 100%. I have Mesa 2-90 power amp into 2 4x12 cabs. I don't really care what amp my setup sounds like, i just want a great amp. I absolutely love my sound right now and i've never had a problem dialing a good tone with almost every amp model. Does it sound just like a Vox...
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    SKB injection mold machine time elapse

    well, you have injection pressure. In order to form a nice surface and get all the plastic in all the right spots you need injection pressure. If you add up 200 pounds per square inch it starts to add up quickly. If you don't have enough clamping pressure the mold will actually open up the...
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    SKB injection mold machine time elapse

    2.25 million pounds of clamping pressure, crazy. It can handle a 27,000 pound mold. I've worked on 5 to 10 thousand pound molds and thats pretty impressive but 27000, wow. And 3D printers are not even close to being cost effective just yet. They are really slow and tolerance are high...
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    Which of these two SG's would you prefer?

    purely a superficial vote. I've played SG's before and they play and sound wonderful but i just dont like the looks.
  86. S

    Poll, Would you buy a relic, or distressed looking new guitar

    Not really for me. Try explaining to somebody about relic guitars. I was a GC with my brother and we walked by one fender relic and he thought i was some old use expensive guitar. And then i had to explain to him that it was a brand new guitar. The baffling look on his face said it all for...
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    Best Songs to Learn for Developing Technique

    +1 on Scarified - Racer X or technical difficulties for the same reasons. I still warm up with parts of those songs. You cant get much better with technique than Paul Gilbert.
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    Power Conditioner

    tried and true Furman PL 8 C
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    The "My First Digital Guitar Recording" Thread

    I have to laugh because i have about 10 tape cassettes all sounding just about like that. I had a Tascam 4 track recorder and Peavey backstage and random pedals with a mic i got from radio shack. My, how things have changed.
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    Looking for Amps on Craigslist and Found This

    I guess i'll never understand why somebody would go through all that work to basically say "you are all morons because you like this and you should the other thing". Why is it so important to some people tell me what i should like?
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    First Gig ever coming up!

    me personally, i like to play an easy song first. I still get a little nervous before the first song, even know i know the songs like the back of my hand. After the first few minutes, my muscles start to relax and my breathing loosens and i'm ready to go. I also bring water too, because i...
  92. S


    well, i know they are 10-32 button head phillips screw. Pretty easy to get in the US but don't know about the UK.
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    Guitar "mojo"?

    I kinda did the same thing a few years ago. Mine was a RG 320. I had to put a little more work into it, like redress and crown the frets (my first time doing that), and changed the pickups to EMG's, and block the Floyd rose because it went out of tune so bad. but, after that, it played and...
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    How to Djent

    How can a guy with Speculum in his name NOT be a cunt?
  95. S

    How to Djent

    if "And the Mountains Rising Nowhere" was playing in an elevator, i would take the stairs. HAHA. I'm messing with ya of course, but it is a little odd when it comes to music, which i'm guessing we all love, that people try so hard to convince other people why they shouldn't like it.
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    Gibson making more government guitars.

    I get what your saying about Gibson's quality but i don't agree that the low end entry guitars are trash. But, I also don't like the whole entry level stuff. It used to be that when you seen i guy with a Gibson, Fender, Martin, Taylor, PRS, ect, it meant something. Now you need to know the...
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