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  1. gitrbldr

    H9 midi question

    I have FM3 and have been trying to incorporate a H9. I have been using a midi block to change presets on the H9. I have found that the H9 changes presets even though the preset on the FM3 doesn't have a midi block. has anybody else had any funky glitches with the H9 or the Midi block? I'm using...
  2. gitrbldr

    fixed possible 6.01 bug

    Just installed 6.01 in the Ax8 and went to play a gig. I was in scene 2 on 2 different presets and could hear my wah pedal engaging for a second then turning off. it is typically set on auto wah. will be checking all cables and double checking presets for change.
  3. gitrbldr

    couple weird bugs

    I have not had my Axe FX plugged into my computer since recently upgrading to firmware 19. today I go to tweek a patch and my computer (windows 7) won't connect to the axe fx so far I've tried to reinstall the drivers (wont complete the install), restarted my computer several times, did a system...
  4. gitrbldr

    lower volume in scenes 3+

    has anyone experienced a decrease in volume in scenes 3 and higher?
  5. gitrbldr

    axe edit doesn't "see" the axe fx [SOLVED]

    I just upgraded to axe edit 3.09 firmware 14.02 and now axe edit doesn't detect the axe fx I restarted a couple times. I re installed the drivers for axe fx. I changed usb inputs the drivers seem to be correct. fractal bot see's the axe just backed up my axe to install 15 beta any ideas?
  6. gitrbldr

    Issue with tuner and FW2.18

    just upgraded from FW 2.16 to 2.18 I have my Tap and Tuner together so when I hold down the Tap IA16 the tuner comes on after upgrading the tuner comes on the Axe but the MFC has a MSG "Waiting for tuner..." any body else? Help!
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