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    GRAND FUSION: TEXTURES album in the making with gear walk-throughs

    An album in the works, I'll be presenting the tracks with the gear I'm using:
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    BluGuitar AMP1 Iridium into FM3 question

    The IRs in the FM3 sound great with the BluGuitar Amp1 Iridium (Iridium direct into FM3). This is what I want to do... I want to place the Iridium into the FX Loop of the FM3, so that I can have wah or other effects before the Iridium. But it's not working. I can place any pedal in an FX Loop of...
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    Grand Fusion (recordings with FM3)

    I'm working on a number of recordings, and I love the tone I'm using in the composition Emotions in Motion (a Diezel amp with Cali cab). As I compose more, I'll be posting them here (other gear also listed below): I've done a bunch of stuff over the years, but just started putting some new...
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    Classic Rock (preset with 6 scenes & YouTube sound video)

    Warning... I'm using the latest firmware, which came out around mid Feb 2021. Here is the preset: https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8710 Here is the video demo:
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    Clean Machine (8 scenes with different effects)

    Thanks to Brett Kingman's recent clean tone, with a few modifications, this is an 8-scene preset with added chorus, phaser, tremolo, rotary and flanger. Here is the preset: https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8692 Here is a YouTube video that demos the 8 scenes on both...
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    Marshall Satriani Preset (4 scenes) + looking for feedback

    I don't think its anything new, for people to upload presets that you think sound a bit crappy... or that others rave as to how good they are, but you think they bite a little or maybe a lot. That may suggest how much playing style and guitar pickups contribute. On that note, I'm curious to hear...
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    FM3 (amp block removed) + Victory V4 tube Preamps

    A mix of analog with digital... the Victory V4 tube preamps running into the FM3 (amp block disabled):
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    Question about external footswitch operation

    I have a single button footswitch. I know it works as I used it as a mute switch with a different piece of hardware. I was going to use this single footswitch as an off/on switch for different purposes, e.g., turning on the 'Fat' or 'Cut' on the amp, etc. I have an expression pedal plugged into...
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    Closed Preset Quality

    With vendors offering presets that are BETTER than what you get with the unit, why not license those presets, load them on the unit and increase the price slightly to cover the cost? In this manner, the presets from the Vendors would cost less (since it would be purchased for EVERY unit), we...
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    Big 3 (clean, crunch + lead preset)

    Fender meets MESA... and for those who may have downloaded the initial preset, I made some changes (afternoon of Feb 11, 2021) to make it more amp-like and full. PRESET: https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8610
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    Free FM3 Preset - PowerBalls! (six scenes)

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    Free FM3 Preset - Heavenly Clean (with demo)

    PRESET LINK: https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8571
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    FM3 Drives vs. Analog Drives

    A short and fun video comparing digital vs. pedal ODs:
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    Band in a Box 2021 (review with demos)

    I have dabbled with guitar for several years, off and on, and the one thing that keeps bringing me back and has sustained my interest was and is Band-in-a-Box (BIAB). Never a band-mate (minus six months as a bass player in a basement band, age 14), if it were not for having my own band at my...
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    Fremen Presets (acoustic & rock-metal) review with demos

    Fractal Audio already has very decent presets in the FM3, which is one of its strong points. Previous versions of Axe products had some give and take among the critics, when it came to the presets and tone quality, but few are complaining about Fractal’s latest offerings. Consequently, when you...
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    FM3 Review with Demo (from Ambient to Hi-Gain)

    If anyone is familiar with the Axe-Fx rack unit, it’s easy to suggest that this can be a very lengthy review, since so much can be done with the unit. The FM3, which is s a floor modeler version of the Axe-Fx III (same amps, cabs and effects) certainly is no different, and so I want to focus on...
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    Using Power Amp only

    Hello. I'm using a Kraken V4 Preamp... running that into my Axe-Fx II for cabs, etc. I noticed that when I run my Kraken into a power amp and THEN into my Axe-Fx the overall sound and bottom end is superior. Now, to get rid of my hardware power amp, is there a way to use one of the amps in...
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    Using Effects Only (no sound)

    I want to use effects like delay and reverb with a particular amp (Taurus amp). I have the AxeFx II running into the effects in and out of the amp. If I have an amp or cab active in the Axe, you can hear everything... but when I remove them and have only the effects (and there are...
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    Input and Output Questions

    Sorry if the answer is on the forum... couldn't locate anything. I have an output issue: I want to have to amps in a patch... no problem there. But I want one amp to go the right speaker and the other amp to go to the left speaker. How is that done? Also, if I'm running stereo to the back...
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    MFC-101 Substitute

    Is there a recommendation 'switch' that can engage and disengage the looper function (so I'm not triggering it via a mouse on the software)?
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    Saving a Patch to a New Scene

    Let's say that you have a patch that sounds good with a particular guitar, but then you want to use a different guitar and need to change the settings (less bass, more echo, less drive, etc.). You don't want to 'save' that patch, which is Scene 1, but would like to save it to Scene 2. Is...
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    Using MIDI controller for expression pedal

    Hi. I have a 'voluum' pedal by Sonuus. It has MIDI in and out and I was wondering if I can use it as an expression pedal with the Axe Fx II (Mark II). Is it the pedal's OUT to the Axe Fx II's IN? And do I set it up as I would an expression pedal (e.g., go through the usual menu items and set...
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