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  1. ownhammer

    Vendor Introducing the OwnHammer (r)Evolution Impulse Response Series!

    After a very lengthy, engaging, innovative, and productive development cycle, OwnHammer is proud and excited to return and announce the first of several significant next steps in the evolution of the brand's impulse response product line, the (r)Evolution series, available in traditional mono...
  2. ownhammer

    OwnHammer New Release: 212 VC30 BLUE MMMC!

    Available now on the OwnHammer website is the 212 VC30 BLUE Massively Multi-Mic Collection! As with all OH MMMC's, this elite library brings unmatched and unrivaled quality AND quantity, with several new twists to this classic gear combination on top of the already groundbreaking feature set...
  3. ownhammer

    Vendor OwnHammer New Release: 212 VC30 BLUE MMMC!

    Available now on the OwnHammer website is the 212 VC30 BLUE Massively Multi-Mic Collection! As with all OH MMMC's, this elite library brings unmatched and unrivaled quality AND quantity, with several new twists to this classic gear combination on top of the already groundbreaking feature set...
  4. ownhammer

    Vendor OwnHammer 412 ZLCS V30 Massively Multi-Mic Collection

    Happy Holidays! Now available from OwnHammer is the 412 ZLCS V30 Massively Multi-Mic Collection! Similarly featured to the smash hit 412 MRBW GNR M25, this monster of a library is based on and seeking to recreate the sound of a mighty, custom spec Zilla 4x12 cabinet loaded with 1999 made in...
  5. ownhammer

    OwnHammer Uber Duo

    Now available from OwnHammer is the Uber Duo impulse response library! Based on and seeking to recreate the sound of both front and rear loaded Bogner™ Uberkabs, the Uber Duo provides another comprehensive angle on the stock-configured dual speaker type 4x12 cabinet, this time focusing on a...
  6. ownhammer

    OwnHammer 412 FMAN 6-pack

    Available now from OwnHammer.com is the 412 FMAN! Based on the 4x12 from this legendary amp maker and modder for the stars, this pack is centered around the pinnacle of sound for hot-rodded British tones. The 6-Pack bundle library utilizes pairs of the most popular speakers for this...
  7. ownhammer

    OwnHammer Basketweave GNR

    Today I get to talk about something very special. This is not a product release announcement (yet), but just talking shop about some gear in the OwnHammer stable. As such, I can be a little bit more direct with my language and imagery as there is nothing being sold in this post, just a blurb...
  8. ownhammer

    OwnHammer Core Tone Bundle

    Hey everyone, Among many new libraries, I would foremost like to announce the release of the OwnHammer Core Tone Bundle! Based on the hardware in the image above, the Core Tone Bundle brings all the primary sounds and configurations that have electrified electric guitar over the years and...
  9. ownhammer

    Link to OwnHammer IR's Retired in Q7

    In the public release of Quantum 7, the following IR's were removed from the firmware and replaced by new OwnHammer offerings: FC057 - 4x12 SLM H75 (OH) FC142 - 1x12 DLX J12-PR MIX (OH) FC146 - 4x12 MAR-CB H-PR-55 MIX (OH) FC148 - 4x12 MAR-CB SB-75 MIX (OH) FC149 - 4x12 MAR-CB V30-CH MIX (OH)...
  10. ownhammer

    A big thanks to Cliff

    I am unbelievably behind on forum, social media, and email, and will continue to be so for a little bit longer, but just wanted to pop in for a quick interjection of praise. Wanted to thank Cliff and the FAS team on their accomplishment with the most recent firmware. I've been happily using...
  11. ownhammer

    OH 412 MES-OS and FAS Q3 HBE

    Mr. York busting out some chugs, among other riffery, for your listening pleasure. Q3 HBE amp model, new OwnHammer 412 MES-OS IR's. Enjoy! :)
  12. ownhammer

    OwnHammer 112 DLXVRB - FAS Q3 Deluxe Verb

    Mr. York is at it again, crushing some tunes using the Q3 Deluxe Verb model paired with new OwnHammer 112 DLXVRB IR's. Both the Normal and Vibrato channels were used. No post-EQ on the guitar tracks. Both speakers from the library were used in each of the clips as well. Hope you dig! :)
  13. ownhammer

    OwnHammer V4 Impulse Response Libraries

    Hello everyone, I'd like to proudly and officially announce the newest and final revision of the OwnHammer Impulse Response Libraries. The V4 IR's represent the culmination of the last 5 years of product development, both in terms of perfecting the capture process itself, but also in feature...
  14. ownhammer

    OwnHammer 212 VX30 (V4) - Quantum 2 Firmware

    Hey everybody! Here are some clips of the newly released V4 OwnHammer 212 VX30 Impulse Response Library, which contains not only the iconic Alnico Blue speakers, but also the venerable vintage 'black back' 55 Hz G12M-25's. This library also contains an additional microphone, the SM58. All...
  15. ownhammer

    OwnHammer 412 MAR-CB - FAS Quantum Amps

    Hey everybody! Here are some clips I made of the OwnHammer 412 MAR-CB Impulse Response Library, which contains a speaker type I have never shot for any OwnHammer library and have been looking for flawless specimens of for a long time - that I happened to come upon late this past fall - pre-Rola...
  16. ownhammer

    OwnHammer JYC - Mean to Clean - FAS Quantum Amps

    Here's a fresh clip from the OH crew for the Justin York Collection - "Mean to Clean". Using the MES 412 cab from that library for all guitar tones on display, mean and clean alike. All guitar and bass using FAS Quantum amps and OwnHammer IR's. Enjoy! :)
  17. ownhammer

    OwnHammer 112 DLX - FAS Quantum Amps

    Hey everybody, hope you enjoy these new clips of the OwnHammer 112 DLX IR's! All guitars and bass are using Axe-Fx II amps and OwnHammer IR's. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and has a great 2016! :)
  18. ownhammer

    Quantum Atomica High - OwnHammer 412 ORNG V30+H75 and M25

    Hey guys, thought I'd pass along a quick track JY put together demonstrating the new OH 412 ORNG IR libraries with the Atomica High model (Quantum FW). Most everything set to roughly noon on the amp model, the IR's are V30+H75 OH1-04 for the first half, and M25 OH1-04 for the second half...
  19. ownhammer

    Quantum FAS Brootalz and upcoming OwnHammer MES 4x12

    Before the forum goes into a week long hiatus, figured I'd drop this on you metal guys out there. Amp is Quantum FAS Brootalz. Next week look for multiple Mesa 4x12 libraries to hit the OH page, this is from one of them that got finished up yesterday. :) Fun times these are in tone town!
  20. ownhammer

    Quantum Class-A 30W TB - OwnHammer VX30 212

    Here's a raw guitar clip of the Quantum Class-A 30W TB (all three sounds) going through the VX30 212 in the new OwnHammer Justin York Collection - Volume I impulse response library. I will chime in and say that I am loving the Quantum firmware, all of the amps I've had time to try so far have...
  21. ownhammer

    OwnHammer - Vox AC30, Mesa 412, Mesa 212 - The Justin York Collection Volume 1

    Hello Everyone, I'm super excited to announce my first artist collaboration IR library, the Justin York Collection - Volume I This library was created in conjunction with Justin York, touring guitarist for Paramore, using his guitar gear you see in the image above. To this end, this is...
  22. ownhammer

    Marsh-UK Multi-Cabinet Collection - OwnHammer

    Hello Everyone, I am very pleased to announce the first entry in the Multi-Cabinet Collections series of impulse response libraries is now available, the Marsh-UK! The library can be purchased from the following location: Marsh-UK Multi-Cabinet Collection For a better look at the boxes...
  23. ownhammer

    OwnHammer - Testing Digital

    So one of the things I am finding my self in extremely short supply of these days is time. When it comes to gear set up, maintenance, mixing out of the box or at least processing tracks and stems in DA/gear/AD loops, I typically just don't even bother tracking any demos because it just takes...
  24. ownhammer

    OwnHammer AMPG BASS Multi-Speaker Collection

    Just wanted to start a public Question/Answer thread in the event anybody has anything to say or may be curious to some of the features of the AMPG BASS Multi-Speaker Collection, as there are some unique things going on. I'll do my best to be prompt in response. :)
  25. ownhammer

    Free OwnHammer 112 IRs

    I have been absent here a little while, and as a part of 'coming back to life' so to speak I wanted to hook you guys up with some preliminary alpha files from the mic preamp shootout stage in a new 1x12 configuration. These are similar to (but more haphazardly placed than the production files)...
  26. ownhammer

    Fun with Friends - CK + JY + OH - Paramore Cover

    Hey guys, In the spirit of fun and friendship, Mikko (Clark Kent), Justin (JustinYork), and I all chipped in on a fun recording. Mikko did the bass performance through OH V3 Bass IR's and mixed the track, and Justin did the guitars through CK Cab Pack 7 IR's. I just, well, I guess I just am...
  27. ownhammer

    OH SVT 410 & Mills 214 ROCK!!!

    So my friend Justin York just shot me a sound clip using IR's in beta now that about took my face clean off. Make sure you turn the little volume controller up on the embedded forum mp3 player there on the left, because this straight up KILLS!!! This is using a single IR (nope, not a...
  28. ownhammer

    Ballad of John Hammer

    Okay, so, first off - don't take this overly serious as an attempted tone clone. Tonight I received an email from a friend asking about a Bonamassa type tone, so I thought this would be a fun chance to ignore every other responsibility I have and just mess around with my Axe-Fx for a couple...
  29. ownhammer

    OwnHammer V3 Mix Libraries Now Available!

    Hello Everyone, I am ELATED to introduce the new V3 Mix Libraries! My initial offering I have put together in the last few weeks is a jaw breaker - 53 commercial libraries and 1 freebie: Commercial: OwnHammer V3 Mix Libraries Free: 412-GTR MAR-RI V30-EN-16 V3 MIX The freebie will help give...
  30. ownhammer

    Chiming In With The Choir

    I typically keep this kind of stuff to myself, but, I wanted to post something here that didn't just involve my IR's. :lol I got my Axe-Fx II earlier this year, and it came loaded with FW 13.07. I had a lot going on at the time, and in my brief messing around with it at first I only set up...
  31. ownhammer

    OwnHammer Low Gain Essentials

    Hi All, Just dropping by to mention the first entry in the Low Gain Essentials is now online (Diezel cab with Lynchbacks): Low Gain Essentials : OwnHammer.com - Store Is the first entry ideal for everything country, blues, jazz, etc? Probably not, but I'll be darned if you can't get a crazy...
  32. ownhammer

    OwnHammer Mid Gain Essentials

    Hey guys, These will be slow going to bulk up content, but thought I'd at least get the ball rolling: Mid Gain Essentials : OwnHammer.com - Store One cab/speaker to start, and they not to be underestimated! This will also be a treat for those who have snagged the High Gain Essentials version...
  33. ownhammer

    Announcing the OwnHammer High Gain Essentials

    Hello everyone, I am happy to announce a new set of library projects dubbed the High Gain Essentials. What is "essential" about them? They provision everything you need and nothing you don't for killer high gain tone in the studio, on stage, and at home - and, well, they sound so good you...
  34. ownhammer

    I really don't like being a tease...

    ...but I'm going to be one anyway. I got a chance to put up the R121 and SM57 on a Diezel rear loaded cab I recently acquired, and did so in the same positions they were at on the most recent Marshall release. Here's the A/B, with SoundCloud's bit-rate smash-down: Details (also on the SC...
  35. ownhammer

    OH Public Beta Redux! (more free stuff)

    Hey guys, I've had a lot going on, but this time around I've mostly been wise and kept it to myself except for a few random blurbs about the Mystery Meat (which I've since removed from the site in lieu of this). Now it's time to share some more files with you all, in a similar vein to the...
  36. ownhammer

    OwnHammer Mystery Meat!

    Open your mouth, close your eyes, because I'm gonna give you a big surprise! OWNHAMMER MYSTERY MEAT :shock Let me know how it tastes! :D
  37. ownhammer

    In Loving Memory: Lynn M. Oliver (1954-2012)

    Hello Everyone, It is with deep sorrow and a heavy heart that I break this information to you all. I have just come to find that Lynn Oliver, as you all know him here as LMO, has now departed from our world and onto the next. To come to know a little more about Lynn and his life, his public...
  38. ownhammer

    Which OwnHammer V2 Cab?

    Which of the new OwnHammer V2 cabs are you most looking forward to in full library form? Just curious, thanks!
  39. ownhammer

    OwnHammer Speaker Cabinets Public Beta (free stuff inside)

    ************** ***** Edit ***** ************** To anyone following this thread and aware of the potential Kickstarter campaign, I have decided to host that function myself so that I can get new files in people's hands immediately. While currently a little light on info, here is where to find...
  40. ownhammer

    OwnHammer Room and Far Field IR's

    Hi all, Just wanted to give everyone a sneak preview of the upcoming Room and Far Field IR's I'll be adding to the WAV and NEB libraries for free throughout the course of my updates. In the same fashion as the rest of the mics, there will be (generally) 5 positions each. The Far Fields will...
  41. ownhammer

    OwnHammer Impulses - Speaker Cabinets now available!

    ********** edit ********** To prevent clutter on the board, below is a list of current releases. January 15, 2011 - 412-GTR SLM V30-1 January 5, 2011 - 412-GTR SLM M75 December 22, 2010 - 412-GTR SLM H65 November 26, 2010 - 112-GTR Boogafunk 12L November 5, 2010 -...
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