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  1. FantomasXD

    Headphone use... Volume of DAW not loud enough to compete with the Axe

    Hey guys, This might seem pretty basic for most people but I'm a bit of a noob with this stuff. I recently moved into an apartment so I'm strictly using headphones with my Axe FX. I use Logic Pro X. The volume of the click is ridiculously low, even at max volume inside Logic Pro X. I can't...
  2. FantomasXD

    The Haunted - Exit Wounds

    Holy Fuck! I seriously love Peter Dolving and he is one of my favourite vocalists ever, but this album is incredible!!! I would have thought they would have gone backward with so many line up changes but this band honestly never fails to amaze me. I pretty much love all their albums but i...
  3. FantomasXD

    EZ Drummer 2 users please read.

    Hey everyone, Just wondering if there is a way i can link the "tap 2 find" feature with the metronome and essentially the riffs i have written in Logic Pro X? The tap 2 find just runs on its own speed and i would like to play the drumbeat i like along to what i have written. Thanks in...
  4. FantomasXD

    Fender Deluxe Reverb RI, Help Please!

    To anyone knowledgable with these amps i have a problem... There is something not right with the reverb on my amp. With the reverb turned to zero, the amp is crystal clear so its definitely not a speaker problem. As i increase the dial on the reverb knob a buzzing sound comes and the...
  5. FantomasXD

    For those who have seen the Wolf Of Wall Street.

    This may have been posted already and some of you may have seen this, but i have been getting so many giggles from this. Enjoy! Meshuggah Face of Wall Street - YouTube
  6. FantomasXD

    Tricks to breaking through a wall in your playing...

    Hey guys... Just wondering what tips people have for pushing through walls and making guitar playing/learning feel fresh again. I know an obvious one would be to learn different things then what you're used to.. What have you guys found have progressed your playing the most? Learning...
  7. FantomasXD

    Axe FX 2 and Logic Pro X

    Hey guys, apologies if this is in the wrong forum. So i use my Axe with Logic Pro X, i was wondering if any other users of both out there could help me with something. I'll save my song, then when i re open it, it will go through all these files that are missing. ( even files that have...
  8. FantomasXD

    Another noob question... Scenes?

    Hey guys, I'm playing around with scenes to try and get the most out of a single patch slot and i wanted to do this... i wanted my first scene to be pretty heavily distorted with a rat pedal, and on scene two i wanted a lot less distortion and to add reverb on it. i can do the reverb bit...
  9. FantomasXD

    Hey guys just a quick query about running 2 cabs!

    Hey everyone, just wondering how many of you guys/girls run 2 cabs for your patches? It seems to make the tone a lot more full and big sounding. Just wanted some feedback on as to why and if any one else does this regularly Thanks a lot everyone.
  10. FantomasXD

    Can someone tell me how to do a profile picture?

    This should be blatantly obvious but i cant figure it out haha. Thanks in advance
  11. FantomasXD

    A few things regarding high gain tones.

    Hey guys, In my quest to make some brutal (sigh) tones i have come across a few things that get you in the ballpark pretty quickly. Many of you may already do this i'm sure (i am still reasonably new to this machine) but I'm hoping it will help someone. I am also hoping to receive a few tips...
  12. FantomasXD

    Anyone experienced this? Please help!

    Hey guys, this is an interesting problem I've come across and i need help figuring out if its a glitch or it's me being stupid. Here goes... When I'm creating a patch and place an amp in a vacant block then adjust the paramaters of the amp, e.g master level, drive, thunk, character, etc...
  13. FantomasXD

    Yamaha HS80M and AXEII query... Help a brother out please.

    Hey guys, i don't want to sound stupid but i have searched a lot for a answer for this. I plugged the out put 1 and 2 of the AXE into the intputs of a left and right speaker. I am plugged into the unbalanced outputs of the AXE and i'm using guitar type cables (phono i think) There is...
  14. FantomasXD

    Help with a few things for a noob!

    Hey guys, just a few quick questions i cant seem to find an answer for... Plugging my computer speakers into the L output of the axe Fx only plays the sound through the left speaker (same thing happens if i switch it to the R output) Same thing also happens if i plug my headphones in the same...
  15. FantomasXD

    Reaper and AXE FX 2 help please!

    Hey guys, i am a brand new owner of Axe FX 2 and have been using Reaper for a short while. I have searched for information on this but to no avail. Here is my problem: I can get the guitar sound to come through Reaper no worries, but its a bit delayed which is pretty annoying! can a fine...
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