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    Axe FX II with Tech21 power engine 60

    Hi everybody. I had the opportunity to pick up a second hand tech21 power engine for cheap yesterday . As it is like brand new and it was in my village, I decided to purchase it , even if I don't really need it. Very nice built, looks great, not to big and heavy. I am a bedroom player. I play...
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    Midi problem with DIY controller.

    Hi, I have built my own controller for the axe FX, and I would have some more information on a small problem I encounter. Basically I send PC/CC for changing preset and scene. Until there, no problem. BUT, when I send CC for switching on/off FX (or looper control), my controller doesn't...
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    FXloop settings for preamp / ampsim pedals ?

    Hi. Before purchasing my Axe FX II, I had purchased and built some pedals, among them Catalinbread naga viper, SDD3000 preamp pedal, Joyo ACtone (liverpool tech 21), English channel (Vox AC30 ampsim pedal), ... As I play a lot of U2 music, I speak particularly about the SDD3000 pedal . (I...
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    DIY phantom power cable 7 pins Axe II to 5 pins to footcontroller

    Hi, Some months ago, I have built my footcontroller, based on a MIDI CPU platform. Now, I have in project to had phantom power to this footcontroller, just because it would be a cool feature :lol My footcontroller have a 5 pin female connectors wired as in the pictures below...
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    Help to choose an FRFR ; Bedroom player with studio monitors

    Hi I am thinking about purchasing a FRFR speaker for my music room. (only 10 sqm size) I currently play though Behringer B1030A studio monitors , which are already plenty loud enough for my needs as bedroom player. But of course, it is not like sending my guitar signal through a 10 or 12...
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    AXE FX II configuration as MIDI interface

    Hi everybody I love DIY projects, and this time I am thinking about building a midi controller for my AXE FX II. I know, MFC-101 is awesome, but it may have too much functions for my bedroom player’s needs. My goal is mainly to learn something during the build, and not to make something...
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