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    FM3 Midi Block - Can I make it switch faster?

    Hey Everyone! I am loving the FM3 so far! I'm using the FM3 with an FC12 in 4CM with a Bogner Ecstasy 3534 amp. The FM3 sits on top of my amp to keep all audio cabling as short as possible. The Bogner uses Momentary switching that is "Pulse Only," for channel switching. I am using a Voodoo Lab...
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    FX8 Relay Question - Momentary Switching?

    Hey guys, Can the FX8 relays be set to "Momentary," rather than Latching? I sold my old FX8, but just bought a "B" Stock one today, great sale price! I couldn't find anything in the search or the manual, sorry if this has been discussed already.
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    Wish Scene Backtracking on FX8

    I've gotten spoiled with my Axe FX XL. I play guitar and sing in a 3 piece band. The ability to use Preset Backtracking on the XL is priceless! I had an FX8 Mark I for a few years and then sold it when I got the Axe. I just bought a Mark II for a grab and go rig. It's only missing one thing...
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    Rivera Knucklehead Reverb and FX-8 Midi Question

    I did a search but did not find exactly what I was looking for. I foolishly sold my Mark I FX-8 when I got the Axe XL. I use the XL with a Rivera S-120 amp and it sounds incredible! I am wanting to build another rig, consisting of the FX-8 Mark II and a Rivera Knucklehead KR100 amp. I would...
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    Wish Scene Backtracking

    I've been reading a lot about Delay Spillover between Presets. I use Scenes on my FX-8 and have great Spillovers with no lag time between the Scenes. I know the MFC does "Backtracking" between Presets. I think it would be a huge step forward if Backtracking could work between Scenes as well...
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    Backtracking between Scenes?

    I know the lack of seamless Preset changes has been discussed many times, but most of the threads are a bit old and I am hoping that some of this has been taken care of in firmware updates since those old threads....... I posted this in the MFC forum, but did not get a response. Perhaps I...
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    Scene Bounce Back or Previous Scene on 2nd Button Press?

    Sorry if this has been discussed before. I was not able to find it in a search. Is there a function on the MFC that would allow a 2nd press of a Scene button to return to the previous Scene? For instance...... I press Scene 5 for a solo in a song When the solo is over, I press the same button...
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    Wish FX-8 Rackmount & Made in the US

    Maybe I'm crazy, but I'd really like to see a US made FX-8 that is rack mounted. I use a heavily modded Mesa Formula preamp with a 20/20 power amp. My FX-8 (Mark I) sounds and works incredibly well with this setup, but I don't like having a ton of cabling involved with my setup. If the FX were...
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    List of amps that have ground loops with FX8

    Every processor has the potential to create ground loops with the amp that it is used with. That said, so far, the FX8 has been much more friendly with amps than most of the other processors I have used. The purpose of this thread is not to point fingers, but to provide a list of amps that may...
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    Looper Volume?

    I may have just missed this, but..... How do I control the volume of the Looper? I am using a volume knob in Expression 2 that controls the output of the Loop. It has no effect on the Looper, because I have Looper set to "Post Loop." My Loop, when playing back is way louder than my live...
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    Wish Scene Toggle with single button?

    It would be really useful if a Scene button was able to toggle between the selected Scene and the previous one? For instance...... If I am using 2 Scenes for a song and do not want to go back and forth on different buttons. I use Scene 5 for cleans, and Scene 4 for leads. I would love to...
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    Scene Toggle with single button?

    Is there a way to set up a Scene button to toggle between the selected Scene and the previous one? For instance...... If I am using 2 Scenes for a song and do not want to go back and forth on different buttons. My Digitech GSP1101 (actually the Control 2) has a function that allows me to...
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    Wish Rackmount Version of FX8?

    Maybe I'm being silly here, but I have a Triaxis. It would be great to have just FX, everything the FX8 has, in an easily rack mounted format so that I only have a midi cable on the floor. Not sure how popular this would be, but I'd buy one in a heartbeat!:mrgreen
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    Wish Easily Adjustable - Post Out Volume to Control Volume/Output

    Thanks to a few of the other forum members, I was able to figure out how to control the Post Out Volume with an Expression Pedal port. I built a little volume knob to control the Post Out Volume, works like a charm! Stereo jack and a 250k linear pot. Would it be possible to have knob C...
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    How do I access Factory Presets?

    Maybe I'm being stupid, I can never tell...... My FX8 doesn't appear to have any factory presets. I got it used, and all presets were blank. Do I need to do a factory restore or something?
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    Glogal Post EQ Gain as a Master Volume?

    My amps don't have overall Master Volumes. That is one thing I really miss about switching from Mesa to Rivera and PRS amps. It's barely 7AM here on Saturday morning. I wanted to jam, but it was way too loud with an amp for my sleepy neighborhood. I used the Global Graphic EQ's Gain...
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    FX8 with PRS Archon

    I've got my FX8 dialed in with my Rivera Fandango. I want to use the Rivera in stereo with my PRS Archon 25. I think it would sound really good, Classic Rock amp and over the top distortion amp together! Last night I unplugged the Rivera and plugged the Archon into the FX8. Once I got all...
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    Fractal Relay Switching w/PRS Amps?

    PRS is already closed for the day. 6 hour time difference between me and them, so I was not able to call when they were open. Does anyone here know if PRS amps will work with the relay switching on the FX8? I have an Archon 25 combo that I would really like to control from the FX8. It's a...
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    Mission Expression Pedal w/toe-switch with FX8?

    First post here, but I've been reading a lot about the FX8. I have a used FX8 on the way. It was a little more than a new one, but I needed something right away. I have a Mission EP-11-S expression pedal. It was all that Sweetwater had in stock when I bought my H9. This expression pedal...
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