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    My "OMC9" setup

    Some people have asked me about my setup using the FM3 and MC6 in an 'OMG9 like way' in another thread. I have made a video showing how it works, and I will add an explanation on how it is set up later. Thought it would be best to make a seperate thread, so people might benefit. In the video I...
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    MIDI: Scene increment/decrement

    I have assigned scene increment and decrement to CC's 127 and 126. However, when I press the according button on my MC6, it increments and decrements in steps of 2 scenes instead of 1. What am I missing (I'm sure this is user error)?
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    Wish MIDI: change Layout/View

    Change Layout or View using external midi commands (#CC's) next/previous Layout/View Recall specific Layout/View As there are only 128 possible CC's, to minimize the amount of CC's one would have to assign to these functions, a possible solution could be, for example : #CC 1 = Layout 1...
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    Question for MC6 users. Expression pedals

    I don't have the FM3 yet, but I am thinking about my setup already (I'm sure this is relatable for the majority of you :D) I am contemplating: FM3 + MC6 + Mosky dual switch + 2 expression pedals. Mosky: stand-in switch (tuner/tap + scenes/preset) (selection of scenes/preset via FM3) MC6...
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    Suggested Chorus settings

    Hey guys, I am having trouble getting a lush swirly chorus sound. Even with mix set at 100% the effect is not as dramatic as I would like (I've tried several types, and also tried running it in parrallel). Are there any settings I should be looking at? Do you guys have any favourite settings...
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    New User..well, not so new perhaps..

    Hey all, After having sold my Ultra a couple of years ago, I had gone back to a 'normal' Amp/FxRack/Cab setup. As time went by, the lugging around 30+ kilo's of gear grew old very quickly. I read about the Ax8 and put myself on the waiting list. Then, quite unexpectedly, a nice deal for an...
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    Hey, I think this is the most appropriate forum? Made a Patchbay taking all the connectors from the back of my Ultra to make them easily accessible. (Left out the rear input) It works like a charm, and makes my life quite a bit easier (as I normally have the rack with the back lid closed...
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    FCB1010 Labels

    Hi, I've been reading about the custom labels for the MFC, and wondered if there were any such labels for the mighty FCB1010. I found that Shasha had some labels for the FCB, so I took those and tried to make 'm with a bit of colour. I've made a mockup and I think they might work well. I'm...
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    Brian May (ish)

    click Modified stock #12 preset with RedWirez Blue 1 inch cap. Also, I added a little phaser which really helps to get that...pfft dunno how you call it, but it helps. Should have adjusted the noisegate a bit , but let's just say a little sizzle adds authenticity ;) Guitar: musicman Luke ...
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    dB Technologies Opera M12-4 Plus

    Hi guys, I got this thing yesterday (just in time for rehearsal) and wanted to do a short (totally non-scientific) review of it. Our practice room is about 4x4m, carpetted, but hardly any acoustic absorbtion on the wall. Just so you know the setting in which this was tested. My band consists...
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    Default Midi Configuration (#CCs on AxeFX)

    Guys, Does the Axe have a default assignment of #CCs or does one need to assign the #CCs individually for each effect (I know you can assign any CC to any effect, I just want to know if it comes pre-loaded with some kind of standard configuration) (I'll give an example of what i mean, because...
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