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  1. strat714

    MFC locks up

    Hello All, My problem is intermittent. Sometimes the MFC-101 will "lock up" meaning that regardless of which preset I am on pressing any of the 5 "preset" buttons (1-5) will keep me on the current preset. The only way to escape from this is to manually change the preset on the Axe FX II with the...
  2. strat714

    MFC MIDI mayhem

    I am experiencing a strange phenomenon. I am controlling a Roland GR-30 guitar synth and an Axe FXII with my MFC-101 (mark 1). I am using Cat 5 to power and send info to and from the MFC from the AxeFXII. I have MIDI out of the Axe connected to MIDI in of the Roland. I am able to program the...
  3. strat714

    Played at a wedding with a real amp.

    I played at a wedding over the weekend and didn't bring my whole rig. Just a Les Paul, a tuner, and a Twin Reverb. I only played one song to accompany a vocalist so I didn't need bells and whistles. It sounded fine, but I really missed my sparkling clean sound preset that I use with my Fractal...
  4. strat714

    Seahawks or Patriots?

    Seattle 24 New England 23
  5. strat714

    MFC changing presets on Roland GR-30

    I'm using my MFC-101 to control my Axe FX II and also control a Roland GR-30 guitar synth. I have the hold function of the Roland controlled with XS-1 and it works well, but everytime I switch the program on the Axe the MFC also changes the program on the Roland. I've tried turning off Ignore...
  6. strat714

    The 5.07 experiment.

    I reloaded firmware 5.07 while I was off work over the holidays. It sounded OK, but I was astounded at how far we've come in (a little less than) 2 years. The definition, cojones and holy shit-balls that have been added over the numerous firmwares since is astonishing! I'm glad I saved all...
  7. strat714


    To all Fractalites: Best wishes for the holiday season! Deck the halls! Happy Hanukkah ! Happy Holidays ! Happy New Year ! Joyous Kwanzaa ! Merry Christmas! Peace on earth ! Season’s Greetings ! Warm wishes ! Happy Festivus! May the force be with you ! Live long and prosper!
  8. strat714

    Barbershop CPU

    The new barbershop phaser is quite the CPU hog. Anyone know how much it eats?
  9. strat714

    I got my moneys worth!

    I think the Fractal Axe FX II is worth every penny I spent. I have sold (and donated) more than 10,000 US dollars worth of equipment and not missed out on anything because the Axe fills all the holes left behind. I now have more room in my man cave for other unique and beautiful toys.
  10. strat714

    No output

    Hello all, I have NO output from my axe FX II at all. If I press bypass I get signal, but there is no output. I am running out of out 2 to a PA system and using an MFC. I haven't really changed anything since the last time I played (and it worked) so I'm not sure what to check. What have I...
  11. strat714

    Duplicate blocks within a preset

    I'm trying to set up an amp as well as out to FOH. When creating a dual chain preset as in figure 3.2 on pg.22 of the manual states "Duplicates of effects which follow the amp in the direct chain follow." Is it possible to create duplicate blocks within a preset without AxeEdit ???
  12. strat714

    Whammy Pedal

    I'm having trouble setting up a classic whammy for 1 octave down. Firmware 9.02. I'm using pitch 2 (I have pitch 1 set up for a dual harmony) and Mission pedals. I've set control up as external 4 and auto engage to slow and set my MFC-101 to controller 78 (I've also tried 19) and I can't seem...
  13. strat714

    Love the update

    I love this update. The banks now tell you the range. The total sync is great. The ability to recall a preset by re-clicking is wonderful. Thanks to all involved @ FAS for all their hard work. 6.0 is getting all the kudos, but 2.01 ROCKS as well. Thanks yawl!!!:D
  14. strat714

    Axe FX3 ???

    This band ALREADY uses the Axe FX 3 . Here's an entertaining vid of their gear. Best Gear Rundown Ever | Latest
  15. strat714

    Wish IA switches switch 1 and 2 @ same time

    I would like to see the ability to switch Delay 1 and Delay 2 on with the one IA switch. I'm running an onstage amp through FXL as well as out 1 to FOH. This means all FX after cab are copied to my second chain and can't be switched on and off with my MFC...or can they???
  16. strat714

    Program Message

    I have Roland GR-30 guitar synth and I'm using the MFC-101 to send Volume and hold info to it with the MFC-101 through the Axe FX II. The MFC-101 is sending program change to the Axe, but also to the GR-30. I don't want it to send program change info to the GR-30. Is there any way to prevent...
  17. strat714

    Dry output 2?

    I'm trying to send a "straight though" signal to output 2. I added a second row straight through cable from input to output. How do I tell it to go to output 2? I'm not getting any output from output 2 even though I have the out 2 level on the front panel turned up. Am I missing something?
  18. strat714

    Harmony Central LOL

    I posted a review of my Fractal Axe FX II on Harmony Central and they seem to have misread my review. LOL! Fractal does not make a Michael Atkins! Hah! That's my freaking name! I can't seem to change it so...
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