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  1. ssmorga78

    Can't Change Bank Size in FC-12 with FW11 Beta #8

    As the title states .... I went to change my Bank size from 3 to 7 for an upcoming Good Friday service .... and while it saves it in the FC Setup section, it will NOT allow me to select any other option in Preset(Select in Bank) besides 1, 2, or 3 which is what my previous setting had been in my...
  2. ssmorga78

    Morgan AC20 Deluxe

    So, I just recently picked up an early Morgan AC20 Deluxe and noticed that the Cut control on the actual amp is completely opposite to how it operates in the Axe. Was this done like it is in the Axe for it to make more sense(the higher you turn the value up, the more the high end it cut) vs...
  3. ssmorga78

    What Say Cliff on Joe’s Comment?

    Just saw this earlier on the ol Facebook. Wondering what Cliff’s take is on this?
  4. ssmorga78

    Wish Matchless DC30 EF86 channel and Jumpered (channels) DC30 models

    As the title states ...... would love to finally have the EF86 channel of a Matchless DC30 as well as the 12ax7 and EF86 channels jumpered ..... if that's doable. Saw Cliff mention the EF86 channel has been on his To Do List in another thread ..... just wanted to make a request for the jumpered...
  5. ssmorga78

    Expression Pedal Controlling Different Things in Different Scenes

    Did I read something about this here or see something on YouTube from AxeFest talking about having the ability to set a single Expression Pedal to control, say a Way Block, in Scene 1 .... then have it control, say a Volume block, in Scene 2 .... the have it control Reverb mix in Scene 3, etc .... ?
  6. ssmorga78

    Deluxe Tweed Question

    So, is there any way to emulate jumping the channels like you could on a real world 5E3 Tweed Deluxe? Just curious as I have seen this done on the real world model ..... is there anyway to reproduce that in the Axe?
  7. ssmorga78

    SOLD Axe-Fx II XL & MFC-101 mk3

    I upgraded, so this needs to go. Axe FX XL loaded with the newest firmware, Ares 1.03, and set back to stock preset banks(A,B,C). Has a little bit of rack rash on the top and bottom from living in a rack case from the time I got it with a power conditioner and my wireless IEM system and wireless...
  8. ssmorga78

    FS Axe FX XL/MFC-101 mk3 package

    Looking to sell to upgrade to a 3. Still have the boxes they came in, so that is how they will be shipped. Both units work flawlessly. Axe XL has been upgraded to last Ares 1.0 Beta FW. MF will come with a variety of Stomp Labels. Asking $1900 + shipping to your door. Only shipping in the...
  9. ssmorga78

    New Tremolo Models on the II?

    So..... any chance the 2's will get the new Tremolo models that the 3 just got?
  10. ssmorga78

    Routing/MIDI Question

    Question for all those running the full Axe rack...... Let's say for instance, I was running an Axe FX II mk1 and using the little FAS converter box to run ethernet cable into XLR to run to a MFC mk3. Now, perhaps I thought of running a BigSky in the FX Loop of the Axe.....and the easiest setup...
  11. ssmorga78

    Thought for the day.....

    I'm sure someone has thought of and suggested this many times before, BUT..... how cool would it be for Fractal to come up with something about the size of a Strymon Big Box pedal with an Input/FX Loop/Output(XLR/TS Combo's) that just housed enough CPU for Amp/Cab modeling!!! That way you could...
  12. ssmorga78

    Matchless HC/DC/SC 30 channel 2

    Ok, has anyone figured out how to emulate the 6 position tone control on the 2nd channel of the HC/SC/DC 30 in the Axe??? I know all it is is a rotary switch with different value caps on it to shape the EQ curve, but I wonder if anyone has figured out how to emulate that with maybe a PEQ block...
  13. ssmorga78

    FX8 into AX8

    Ok, I need someone to talk me through the setup IF I wanted to buy a FX8 and run it into my AX8. I want to be able to do Preset changes and Scene changes from the FX8. Is that possible? And if so, what would the setup look like? Can anyone who has done this tell me how?? @Admin M@ @joe rogers
  14. ssmorga78

    FW 6.02 Scene Switching Delay

    Has anyone else had an issue with Scene switching delays? I haven't ever had an issue, but I was playing live tonight and had 1 preset that every time I tried to switch between Scene 1 and Scene 2 there was a 3 second delay in sound. I have never had this happen before......anyone else...
  15. ssmorga78

    Tone Match to IR conversion

    Ok, so who still has an Axe FX 2/XL/XL+ that wants to do a Tone Match to IR conversion for a fellow forum member? I found a killer Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit patch that the author uses a Tone Match block for a few Scenes inside the preset and I need it converted to an IR file so that I can...
  16. ssmorga78

    Levels Issue

    Ok, I need some help trying to figure this issue out. For some reason, on every patch I setup.... I end up with the Right output being about 5-8dB less than the Left output. I have checked everywhere that I know to check, but keep coming up scratching my head and at a loss. I can not figure...
  17. ssmorga78

    Bank Import/Export with AX8

    Is it possible to import/export a full Bank file of Presets with the AX8? I know you can do this with the Axe FX II, but unless I am missing something, I don't see how to do this with the AX8. Can anyone shed some light either way?
  18. ssmorga78

    Wish Fender 6G6 Blonde Bassman

    Man o Man o Man o Man how do I wish we could get one of these modeled in the Axe. I know it has been asked for for years now, but it's because it's just its own AMAZING kind of amp. There is just something about this thing that makes a NEED TO HAVE inside the little black magic box. I am sure...
  19. ssmorga78

    Wish Separate Controllers X & Y States

    I don't know if I titled this correctly or not, BUT..... what I wish is that you could assign an external expression pedal with different limits on the X and Y state of a Block. For example, when I have a Reverb Block running in parallel to my signal flow and want to control the Input Gain with...
  20. ssmorga78

    Bug? AX8 Freakout

    OK, well just had a freak out on the AX8. Allen Stone and myself we're messing around with it today because he is thinking about pulling the trigger on one. Well, he was tweaking a patch on the unit itself and everything was going fine, but after about 15-20 minutes of tweaking the AX8 went...
  21. ssmorga78

    AX8 and Cab Lab

    OK, I just want to make sure that there isn't something missing or that I am over looking something in this process. I know with the Rack units that you can run Cab Lab in Live Mode and hear real time changes to your mixes in Cab Lab, but I haven't found a way to do that with the AX8 yet. Is...
  22. ssmorga78

    AX8 FX Loop

    Ok, I am apparently an idiot. I have great plans to hook up a Timeline, BigSky, and Mobius through the FX Loop of my AX8. Timeline comes in today......I plug it in to the power, Run a cable from Output 2 L to the Timeline, then out of the Timeline back to Input 2 L. Throw the FX Loop block in...
  23. ssmorga78


    Ok, someone teach me how to use the Compressor block on the AX8. I have never really been a compressor fan, but lately I have been wanting to add one to my chain just to help level the sound when I am playing ambient type stuff. I want something that is just going to level the output of my...
  24. ssmorga78

    Livid Instruments Guitar Wing

    OK, I need the help of @Joe Rogers or @Admin M@. I am thinking of picking one of the Livid Instruments Guitar Wing wireless midi controller up to add some versatility to my rig. It only connects via a small wireless USB receiver(think wireless mouse/keyboard USB thing that you plug into your...
  25. ssmorga78

    Mic Type Not Available in the AX8???

    So, this was brought up in another thread and in the interest of not HiJacking that thread, I thought I would create a new one to get the skinny on the situation. @Joe Rogers stated that selecting Mic Type in the Cabinet Block was not available in the AX8. He said that it was wrongly left in...
  26. ssmorga78

    Love me some GigWrx

    Got my labels in today and now the AX8 feels complete. Been using these guys since I got my Axe 2 and MFC 3 years ago.
  27. ssmorga78

    Parked Wah with Auto Engage

    Ok, as the title says..... I have been used to running 2 separate expression pedals(One for Volume, One for Wah), but since the AX8 I have downsized to 1. I never use Wah and Volume in the same preset, so I need to know how to pull off doing a parked wah using the auto engage function. I...
  28. ssmorga78

    AX8-Edit Error

    Ok, what am I doing wrong???
  29. ssmorga78

    Possible Pedal Calibration Bug

    I have noticed that I am not the only one having an issue with expression pedal calibration. Is it possible that the calibration process is not saving the calibrating process? When I try to calibrate any expression pedal that does not have a full 0 - 100 sweep on the screen, it does not adjust...
  30. ssmorga78

    AX8 Expression Pedal

    OK, when I had my Axe II I made a dual expression wheel pedal. I used TRS jacks and 100k pots. I wired them up exactly like my Mission EP-1 pedals as far as where the wiring went between the jack and the pot. SO, I sit down to do the same thing for my AX8 last night, get it all buttoned up...
  31. ssmorga78

    Quantum 2.01 Public Beta

    ...gets released today and still not official Quantum 2.0 for AX8 users..... What's up with that?
  32. ssmorga78

    I'm going to ask this for the last time.....

    Am I the only one that is having issues loading Blocks from other models(XL, XL+, FX8, AX8) into a Mark 1 or Mark 2 device? I have been able to freely do this in the past, but now all I seem to get it Block Library Errors. I have asked about this multiple times, both in this section of the...
  33. ssmorga78

    Blocks Issue

    I have been able to download and use Block files from other devices(Axe 2, XL, XL+) on my Axe FX 2 in the past, but it seems lately that every time I have tried to use one from an XL or XL+ that I get an invalid file type when I try to load it. Did something change in the programming that...
  34. ssmorga78

    Blocks Issue

    I have been able to download and use Block files from other devices(Axe 2, XL, XL+) on my Axe FX 2 in the past, but it seems lately that every time I have tried to use one from an XL or XL+ that I get an invalid file type when I try to load it. Did something change in the programming that...
  35. ssmorga78

    AC30TB fw1.05 vs fw1.06

    Ok, well this has been a 3 week work in progress and I think I have it just about dialed in to how I want it. Thanks to all that have made suggestions in other threads and to all those who have posted clips and patches with how you run yours. You will have to pardon the playing as I have never...
  36. ssmorga78

    2 MFC's at once....

    Has anyone made a monster rig and used 2 MFC's at the same time on their board? I am curious about this because I really want to add more IA switches to control effects and x/y states on my patches. I am not even sure if this can be done......but it sure would be cool if it could be. I know...
  37. ssmorga78

    Block Error

    Can anyone help me out as to why this is happening? I am trying to load some blocks a friend sent me and I get this error when I do. "The block's device Id did not match the connected device's Id." I've never seen that before....whats going on with it?
  38. ssmorga78

    External Footswitch Trouble

    Ok, I added a 4 button external footswitch unit to my MFC to control my Axe FX 2 with. I've gone through the setup in the MFC and got all of the switches working but one. Now, I added this 4 button switch so that it would allow me to control more effects with it, but I also wanted to be able to...
  39. ssmorga78

    Heat Issue

    Ok, I am thinking that I might need to move my Axe to a larger rack case. I currently have it in a RoadRunner 4u Rolling Rack Bag and just noticed after playing around for about 4 hours tonight that the casing of my Axe is literally to the point of almost burning to the touch. Everything...
  40. ssmorga78

    Slash Tone

    OK guys.......I've been working on this for about a week now and I can get close, but something still just isn't right. Has anyone nailed that Appetite for Destruction tone that Slash had? If so, please share some tips on how you got there. I'm particularly referring to Nightrain and Out To...
  41. ssmorga78

    12 External Controllers???

    OK, I have been wondering this for a minute now and can't seem to find an answer. So, you have 4 expression pedal inputs on the MFC and 4 external switches on the MFC and if you have the XL /XL+ you have 2 pedal inputs on the back........that adds up to 10 controllers......where's the other 2 at?
  42. ssmorga78

    USB Direct Recording Issue

    Ok, I tried for the first time last night to record from Axe 2 using the direct to PC USB cable and recording into Reaper. I get this nasty static when I play the guitar. Is there something that needs to be adjusted in the Axe? I looked to see if the signal was clipping coming into the PC and...
  43. ssmorga78

    Volume Block Issue

    Ok, when I assign a Volume Block to my patch everything works as it should. I think go in and assign Expression Pedal 4(my volume pedal controller) to it and have a min of 0 and a max of 100. As long as my MFC is plugged in....everything works great. I unplug my MFC from my Axe 2 and I get...
  44. ssmorga78

    Loading a new amp block

    Ok, I'm sure that I have read this somewhere, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. If I have a preset saved as a template to make my life easier creating patches...how do you get the factory settings to load when changing amps? Whenever I try that now, a new amp loads but with the same...
  45. ssmorga78

    MFC mk1 Update Issue

    Ok, who can help me out? I have a MFC 101 mk1 that I have been using with my Ultra. Well, I just upgraded to the Axe 2 and I have upgraded the firmware in the Axe to FW 18.03. SO, Im trying to update the MFC and it goes through, says complete, I cycle the power and all that I get on my MFC is...
  46. ssmorga78

    Modulated Reverb similar to Big Sky

    OK, I am new to the Ultra. Picked it up about 2 months ago and I'm having some issues trying to get a sound like the Cloud and Chorale settings that I used to live on when I had my Big Sky. I used them for ambient stuff in the backgrounds during worship, but am having a crazy time trying to get...
  47. ssmorga78

    MFC mk1 Expression Pedal Input question

    I am a new owner of an Ultra/MFC mk1 rig. I am a bit confused though about something that is either programed into the MFC or Ultra itself. I am trying to utilize all 4 expression pedal inputs to control various parameters of my patches. I'm using 2 Mission pedals and then 2 small mini...
  48. ssmorga78

    MFC Expression Pedal 1 question

    OK, just bought an Ultra rig from a friend and on the MFC, expression pedal 1 is set to control global volume of the Axe Ultra. How in the world can I go in and change this? Or is this a default in the system?
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